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Editor’s Note: It is not an overstatement when we say that we started to anticipate the 2014 Winter Olympics as the ice was cleared after the men’s thrilling gold medal finale in Vancouver. It seems that the ShattuckSt. Mary’s hockey Olympic story just keeps getting more fascinating as more Sabres contend for spots on their countries’ rosters. In anticipation of the Sochi Olympics, we asked our alumnus Al Daniel ’07 to write a “generously long” piece about the SSM alumni vying for placement in the 2014 games. Al is a graduate of Providence College and among his freelance writing assignments, he is a featured columnist focusing on the Boston Al Daniel ‘07 Bruins and the NHL for “Bleacher Report.” Once Al’s piece arrived but before the Olympic teams were finally settled, we decided that we should create a special 2014 Winter Olympics “coffee table” piece would that keep our readers entertained and informed during the Games. We hope you enjoy this special Winter Olympic edition. All we can say from here on out is, Go Sabres!! You all make us proud.

See You in Sochi

Photo courtesy of Chicago Blackhawks

The fact that the Shattuck-St. Mary’s hockey alumni have a chance to augment their presence in the Olympic Winter Games between 2010 and 2014 amazes almost everyone. That includes even those who combine to make the expansion possible. “That’s unbelievable. It’s a huge number,” Zach Parise ’02 said when informed that a total of 10 Sabres were candidates to represent their countries in Sochi, Russia as of the start of the 2013-14 season. “I didn’t expect that,” he admitted. Not that this development is an unwelcome surprise by any means. As another testament to the School’s widespread qualitative and Photo courtesy of MN Wild quantitative representation on the international landscape, Jocelyne Lamoureux ’08 said, “There were some other SSM girls (trying out for the Olympic team) and we wish they would have been able to join us.” But, she added, “That’s why we went to Shattuck-St. Mary’s. It would get us to where we wanted to be.” Now Lamoureux and her host of world-class company are keeping their alma mater where it wants to be. Zach Parise ’02 NHL-Minnesota Wild Photo by Paul Swenson in 1999

Jonathan Toews ’05 NHL-Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Paul Swenson

A Dandy Dozen Leading up to the January 7 deadline for final roster selections, there were four former SSM Sabres apiece on the men’s and women’s sides of the United States program and two for the Canadian men’s team. With Jen Schoullis ’08 and Alyssa Gagliardi ’10 both attending the initial women’s tryout, there were originally a combined 10 former Sabres (11%) among all 89 prospects at the U.S. men’s and women’s summer camps. Canadian men’s candidates Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews ’05 rounded out a total of 12 former Sabres who started seeking a ticket to Sochi over the summer. When the two North American rivals faced off for the 2010 men’s championship, there were a total of five “Shads” between the contesting rosters. The most widely represented college program in the tournament and title tilt was the University of Wisconsin, which had four alums on any given Olympic team. Crosby and Toews won the gold with Canada, defeating an American squad that featured Jack Johnson, Ryan Malone ’99 and Zach Parise. The U.S. women, who had twin sisters Jocelyne Lamoureux ’08 and Monique Lamoureux ’08 on their

roster, also claimed silver at the Vancouver Games. Although they were tied for the distinction of the secondyoungest player on the team at age 20, trailing Hilary Knight by nine days, Monique finished third among the Americans with 10 points, Jocelyne fourth with eight. While Crosby and Toews hope to defend their title, Parise will be joined by first-time Olympian Derek Stepan ’08. Also in contention for spots on the U.S. team were Jack Johnson and Kyle Okposo ’06. The Lamoureuxs have the same objective with the U.S. women’s team and will be joined by Brianna Decker ’09, and Amanda Kessel ’10. Decker, Kessel, and Stepan all have prior experience representing Team USA in several varieties of the IIHF World Championships. For both former Sabres and total players on the women’s roster, the ratio of Olympic returnees and newcomers is roughly the same. The Lamoureuxs are two of 12 Vancouver competitors while Decker and Kessel are two of 13 aspiring first-timers, a distribution that lends the former pair a noticeable veteran status. The situation is nothing new for any of them given that the Lamoureuxs were juniors and two-time defending national champions when they first played with both Decker and Kessel in 2006. “It’s a different kind of pressure,” said 24-yearold Monique. “Last time I just wanted to make the team,” she continued. “Now that I’ve been on this team for five years, it’s a matter of being in shape and being a little bit better than the last time, and then there’s the leadership aspect.”

Decker for three seasons and Kessel for two on the Girls’ Prep team under Head Coach Gordie Stafford. The memories, however, never grow stale. Neither does the craving to pen more stories as renewed allies in the national program. Already, all four forwards in question have teamed up for the U.S. in the last two Women’s World Championship tournaments, which have merely served to hone their appetite for a Russian rendezvous. “It’s always fun to play with those two. They’re worldclass players and impact players,” said Jocelyne. “It just speaks volumes to what Coach Stafford has been able to do with the girls’ program at Shattuck-St. Mary’s. “We always make sure we get our Shattuck picture in when we do team pictures.”

Matching the Men Nearly a decade has passed since the enrollment of the Lamoureuxs, followed immediately by Decker and Kessel in successive seasons. In that time, the girls’ program and its contingent of quintessential alums have blossomed beyond the point where its international reputation for bringing in and churning out ideal team athletes mirrors that of the boys’ program. Jocelyne cut straight to the point when she recalled her enrollment, along with her twin sister, in the fall of 2004. “The goal when we came in as freshmen was to make the girls’ program like the boys’ program,” she said.

The Long Road to Sochi Every prospective Olympian spent a portion of the summer of 2013 at an orientation camp sanctioned by their respective national programs. The Lamoureuxs brought those elements of seasoning to a tryout of 41 players in June while the American and Canadian men joined groups of 48 and 47, respectively, in August.

Monique Lamoureux ’08 Photo by Paul Swenson

The USA Hockey camps for both genders, in particular, gave all participants a feel for the quantitative and qualitative density of SSM alumni in the hockey world. “It seems like it always comes up. It’s almost like a cult,” Parise quipped. On the women’s side, the four Olympic hopefuls lived many of the same stories together. The Lamoureuxs overlapped with

Photo courtesy of USA Hockey

Nine years after their arrival in Faribault, the twins have joined two other world-class players, all keen on matching the impact of their male counterparts on the ultimate international platform. “You think back to high school and realize how good of a team it was and how good Shattuck was for us in our development as hockey players” said Monique. “You kind of realize how special Shattuck is, so it’s pretty cool that we’ve all been on different journeys (and are now playing together again).” While the Lamoureuxs are both veterans of the 2010 silver medalist Americans, Decker and Kessel made a solid case to double SSM’s Olympic presence with their output on the collegiate and international platform.

Brianna Decker ’09 Photo by Paul Swenson Photo courtesy of USA Hockey

Decker’s 82-point junior season with the Badgers earned her the 2012 Patty Kazmaier Award, given annually to the top NCAA women’s player. Kessel claimed the same accolade the next year and was the leading scorer with 101 points on a Minnesota team that went a perfect 43-0-0 en route to its second straight national championship. The way they have all evolved into Olympic-caliber competitors in the seven years since lends extra, retroactive evidence to the breadth of talent the program is capable of recruiting and emboldening.

Hockey’s Home@SSM Minnesotans love hockey. At ShattuckSt. Mary’s, the love affair with hockey emerged in the 1920s when games began in earnest and were played in the brisk Minnesota air on a sheet of ice.

In 1991 locker rooms and permanent siding were added to The Barn.

On February 16, 1968, the first hockey game was played in the newly constructed shelter which would come to be known affectionately as “The Barn.” The Sabres lost to Minneapolis Blake School 10-1.

Welcoming a return to occupying the same bench rather than opposing sides, Decker said over the summer, “To finally train together again for the next six months, it’s only going to make us better. We’re going to push each other.” That, she implied, is one aspect that distinguishes the Olympics from the ex-Sabres’ previous international alliances. Whereas the World Championship teams hastily assembled for the tournament after the college season and late in the academic year, the Olympic tune-up is a virtual recreation of the long road to Nationals they once ventured upon together at Shattuck-St. Mary’s.

Amanda Kessel ’10 University of Minnesota Photo by Paul Swenson

It is several months of gelling and gearing up for a prestigious tournament in the name of a cherished entity―first their school, now their country―with the backing of a fervent fan base. The only missing element just might be the academic workload to juggle with the ice and gym time. They are doing more than striving to represent SSM whilst representing Team USA. They are making a point of enjoying the throwback to their Faribault days that comes with the tour and the tournament.

Photo courtesy of USA Hockey

“I just thought it was an amazing experience,” Jocelyne Lamoureux concluded. “It’s such a great community. Everyone has always been so supportive and wishing us the best of luck and I was very lucky to have that support and experience that firsthand.”

As to the future, SSM will continue to dream big!

In December, 2011, the 85-foot studio rink opened.

In 2005, the new ice arena opened featuring geothermal technology, seating capacity for 800, and additional locker rooms.

Spring of 2014 will see the opening of new athletic training facilities at the Sports Complex and a connecting walkway between The Barn and new rink.

Leaders All

An additional “can’t-miss” common thread among nearly every Sabre seeking a trip to Sochi is their experience with a form of captaincy. All four SSM alumni seeking a spot on the men’s teams have held at least one leadership position, either captain or alternate captain, on an NHL or international team. Three have won a championship, whether that was a Stanley Cup or an IIHF gold medal, while serving in that role. In addition to the various NHL captains and alternate captains, last season saw three of the four SSM alumnae now with the U.S. Women’s National Team earn a leadership letter with their respective college teams. Brianna Decker ’09 • Captain of University of Wisconsin women’s hockey team, 2012-13

“Being a good person off the ice. I think that was the one big thing that I took away (from my Shattuck experience). Just being a good role model to other people. They (the coaches) place such importance on being a good person off the ice and around campus. The coaches teach you a lot about being leaders, the players are humble and hard-working and they do, I think, set really good examples.” – Zach Parise ’02

• Assistant captain of University of Wisconsin women’s hockey team, 2011-12 • 2012 Patty Kazmaier Award recipient, given annually to the top NCAA women’s player Amanda Kessel ’10 • 2013 Patty Kazmaier Award recipient Jocelyne Lamoureux ’08 • Captain of University of North Dakota women’s hockey team, 2012-13 Monique Lamoureux ’08 • Alternate captain of University of North Dakota women’s hockey team, 2012-13 Sidney Crosby, SSM 2002-03 Named captain of 2014 Canadian Men’s Oplympic Hockey Team • Current captain of NHL Pittsburgh Penguins (past seven seasons) • Youngest captain named in NHL history • Captain of 2009 Stanley Cup team • Alternate captain 2010 Winter Olympics

Photo courtesy of USA Hockey

Zach Parise ’02 • Current alternate captain of NHL Minnesota Wild • Captain of NHL New Jersey Devils 2011-12, • Team USA alternate captain, 2010 Winter Olympics and 2008 World Championships Derek Stepan ’08 • Captain USA U-20 team at World Junior Championships in 2010 Jonathan Toews ’05 Named alternate captain of 2014 Canadian Men’s Olympic Hockey Team • Current captain NHL Chicago Blackhawks (since 2008) • Captain of 2010 and 2013 Stanley Cup teams • Selke Trophy as the 2013 NHL best two-way forward Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh Penguins

Sidney Crosby NHL-Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Paul Swenson

Viewers’ Guide Women’s Ice Hockey Preliminary Round 3:00 a.m. 5:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m.

Saturday, February 8 Monday, February 10 Wednesday, February 12


USA vs. Finland (LIVE) USA vs. Switzerland (LIVE) USA vs. Canada (LIVE)

Women’s Ice Hockey Quarterfinal Round 3:00 a.m. 7:30 a.m.

Saturday, February 15 Saturday, February 15


Quarterfinal (LIVE) Quarterfinal

Women’s Ice Hockey Semifinal Round 7:00 a.m.

Monday, February 17


Semifinal (LIVE)

Women’s Ice Hockey Final Round Thursday, February 20 Thursday, February 20

7:00 a.m. NBCSN 12:00 p.m. NBC

Bronze Medal Game Gold Medal Game

Derek Stepan ’08 NHL-New York Rangers Photo by Paul Swenson

Jocelyne Lamoureux ’08 Photo by Paul Swenson

Men’s Ice Hockey Preliminary Round United States

Thursday, February 13 Saturday, February 15 Sunday, February 16


Thursday, February 13 Friday, February 14 Sunday, February 16

7:30 a.m. 7:30 a.m. 7:30 a.m.


12:00 p.m. USA 12:00 p.m. USA 12:00 p.m. USA

USA vs. Slovakia USA vs. Russia USA vs. Slovenia Canada vs. Norway Canada vs. Austria Canada vs. Finland

Playoff round - All 12 teams advance to the playoff round. They are

Photo courtesy of MSG Photos

seeded one through 12 based on their preliminary round performance, with group position, number of points, better goal differential, number of goals for and their 2013 IIHF World Ranking (in that order) determining the final ranking.

The top four overall teams earn a bye to the quarterfinal round. The 5th seed will take on the 12 seed in the qualification round; the 6th seed will take on the 11th seed, 7th vs. 10th, 8th vs. 9th. The playoff games take place between 3:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 18 and will be aired on NBCSN.

Men’s Ice Hockey Quarterfinal round

The playoff games take place between 3:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 19.

Men’s Ice Hockey Semifinal round Friday, February 21 Friday, February 21

7:00 a.m. NBCSN 12:00 p.m. NBCSN

Game No. 1 Game No. 2

Men’s Ice Hockey Final round Saturday, February 22 Sunday, February 23

10:00 a.m. NBCSN 7:00 a.m. NBC

Bronze Medal Game Gold Medal Game

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