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SHATFORD CHRONICLES Summer Edition ~ June 21st to September 21st, 2011

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Week long Creativity Camps at the Shatford Centre will run through July & August this summer. A team of teen mentors provide creative activitites, games and fun for children attending! Half day or full day camps are available.

Strings the Thing 2011 was a tremendous success with faculty Joel Stobbe, John Suderman, Calvin Dyck and Liz Lupton. Sign up for Strings the Thing July 9 - 13, 2012, for a week long program of varied string playing with private, chamber, master class and orchestra experience!


~ OSA Summer Programs ~ Colours of the Shatford Opportunities ~ Update on Phase II Initiatives ~ Coming Events ~ People & Place

SUNDAY’S INDOOR COMMUNITY MARKET 760 Main St - 11 am to 3 pm

The Okanagan School of the Arts is celebrating its 50th Anniversary and you are invited to participate! Do you have stories, photos or images to share? Now is the time to come forward as we prepare for the festivities on September 23rd and 24th. Jackie Wendenburg of POTS OF FUN made history as the1st ArtistMerchantattheShatford on June26th, 2011

Engage with artists, artisans, musicians, wellness practitioners & more at the Shatford every Sunday this summer!

Shatford Centre/Okanagan School of the Arts ~ 760 Main Street, Penticton, BC ~ 250-770-7668 ~


Welcome to the Shatford, Your Creative Centre and the 3rd Edition of SHATFORD CHRONICLES! Summer is here and the Shatford is officially OPEN! Open for visitors and residents to discover; open for creative adventures and open for engagement. If you are looking for something meaningful to connect with this summer, then the Shatford Centre is calling. Whether you are an artist looking for a space to work in, a visitor wanting to connect with the community or an individual wanting to contribute as a volunteer or donor, this project is made for you.

OSA Director, Russ Stasiuk We are very pleased to feature RussStasiukinthis publication. Russ is an award winning teacher at Pen High and a Director of the Okanagan School of the Arts/Shatford Centre.

Russ Stasiuk recently completed the Colours of the Shatford video to share the story and explain how everyone can participate in this legacy project. Russ is also interested in assisting with the exterior of the Shatford, getting the boards off the windows, getting some painting and outside work done. YAY!

“I graduated from the University of British Co-

Shatford Centre is dedicated to Creative Well-Being. It is an icon for Creativity, Innovation, Heritage, Wellness, Environment and Community in the South Okanagan.

lumbia with my Bachelor of Education in 1979, married Christine that summer and headed up north to my first teaching job in Prince Rupert. I taught full time art in Booth Memorial Junior Secondary school and raised a family of two We are working on a new initiative and hope you boys, Tylor and Jesse. After ten years the rain participate. It is the indoor Creative Community had finally taken it's toll and I asked my boys Market Place that runs from 11 am to 3 pm on where they would like to live. We had recently Sundays. This event is a creative convergence in a spent a great summer in the Okanagan so they relaxing and engaging setting. Enjoy the art exhibit, both chirped "Ogopogo Land". Luckily School artisans, artists, music, food and more in delightful District 67 was advertising a full-time maternity heritage surroundings! leave art position; and I've been working at Pen Hi ever since. After about another eight years The Shatford has a variety of programs, events and of full time art and photography I happened to workshops that will take place during the summer be in the hallway during a lunch break when I season. As the Shatford begins its role as the creativ- heard two girls crying in our one-and-only comity centre for the South Okanagan, there are oppor- puter lab. They were trying to put together our tunities to engage. For ongoing information, go to school yearbook and were so frustrated that they There you can subscribe were about to quit; so I told them to move over and receive our weekly newsletter! and asked them how to turn on the computer. That was about 1992 and I then spent the next The Colours of the Shatford Founding Contribu- 13 years creating Pen High’s yearbook. By tor Program has been launched and we invite ev- 1997 I found myself accomplished at both deskeryone to participate. Find out more about this top publishing and Photoshop and realized that initiative, that will assist the Shatford Centre with the digital world was fast approaching. I dePhase II enhancements of the Shatford. cided that I needed to spend more time in both animation, film and television. There Are Stories to be Told and Moments in Time To Be Captured! In the summer of 1998 I did two things that would change my career. First I went to a two Shatford Chronicles is a publication of week workshop with BackStreet Studio ProducShatford Centre and Okanagan School of the Arts, tion in Brookswood Secondary in Langley. Lat760 Main Street, Penticton, BC V2A 5E2 ter that same summer I met Nikos Theodosakis Email: and he introduced me to a new program that he Tel: 250-770-7668 designed called 'The Director in the Classroom'. Websites: Both programs have heavily influenced my ap proach to teaching the digital arts. Design: Jane Shaak, Larry Hunter Graphics: Larry Hunter When I first started teaching thirty-two years Contributors: Jane Shaak, Niki Hylins ago I used pencil, brush, paper and canvas. ToPhotography: Jane Shaak, Larry Hunter, Ted day everything I teach involves a computer. In Farkas 1993 I received the BCATA Excellence in Art Cover Photo: Photo of one of the three Romp Education Award, and in 2008 the Premier's figures that have been reinstalled on the shores of Okanagan Lake by Ted Farkas. Award for Teaching Excellence.

OSABoard of Directors: Cal Meiklejohn, Christine Stasiuk, Jennifer Mlazgar, Nywyn Jefferson, Randy Manuel, Richard Evans, Rob Mackenzie, Russ Stasiuk, Walter Huebert 2

To see ‘The Colours of the Shatford’ Video by Russ Stasiuk, go to: watch?v=hcOjZRT2OZw

Shatford Centre is the Okanagan School of the Arts’ new bricks and mortar home and the ideal venue for its 50th Anniversary. The Penticton & District Community Arts Council also has a 50th Anniversary Celebration, with many of the same pioneers to thank for our beginnings so we are partnering with the PDCAC to bring this event to fruition. Please mark your calendars for September 23rd and 24th for the 50th Celebration of Arts and Culture in the South Okanagan. If you would like to be on the committee, please e-mail!

During the last twenty years I found less and OSA Director, Nywyn Jefferson, took a lead role in less time to draw as I was challenged to mas- this year’s 24 Tych Banner Project with the City of ter the skills of the computer world. In just two Penticton. Nywyn, along with Georgia Krebs, headmore years look for me in the future Print Mak- ed up the team of artists that painted the colourful ing Studio of the Shatford Centre, rekindling designs on 2’ x 3’ banners. These banners are hang my passion for drawing! ing on Main Street and will create a 12’ x 12’ mosaic later when brought back together!

Shatford Centre/Okanagan School of the Arts ~ 760 Main Street, Penticton, BC ~ 250-770-7668 ~

Founding Contributor Program This special program during the inaugural year of Shatford Centre, invites participation and offers recognition to everyone who contributes a minimum of $500 during the first year of the centre’s development. The program runs until December 31st, 2011.

Contribution Levels

Welcome to the Shatford Centre, Where History Meets Innovation! This 90 year old heritage building is a community treasure in the heart of the city of Penticton. It is being discovered for the first time for many however it has been patiently waiting for us to help restore it and bring it back to its place in our community. There is a sense of history in the making when you walk through the tall recycled artisan doors at 760 Main Street. Then you enter the 300 seat auditorium and realize how important this is. Phase One Renovations were completed with funding by the Federal, Provincial, Municipal Governments and School District 67. These funds not only saved the building, they were essential to get the building up to code and operating again. The Shatford Centre is now open and working on Phase

To offer accessiblity for everyone to this special program, in addition to cash contributions, it is also possible to make inkind and volunteer donations. Please contact our office at 250-770-7668 for details

Two, which is the upgrading and enhancing of this innovative creativity centre for the South Okanagan. If you are wondering, how can you be part of this historic project then consider the Colours of the Shatford Founding Contributor Program, which runs until December 31st

Update on Phase II of Shatford Centre The Shatford building’s renovations to bring the building up to code and to allow it to open were successfully completed in Phase I. That phase included installing the elevator, the new accessible front entrance, the south emergency staircase, the new washrooms, new electrical service and upgrades throught out. Phase II focuses on enhancements to the building, studios and facilities and securing the furniture and equipment needed to provide quality programming and community events. A piano is one important item that is needed. There is a space for one on the back stage. It will require a humidifier. Enhancements to the building include painting, cleaning and upgrades to the flooring. Each room has its own requirements and there are opportunities to greatly improve its usefulness. The recital hall has already had some enhancements made to it through the Schools Community Connections Grant through SD 67. There is still much that can be improved!

Special Thanks to Penticton Okanagan Rotary of this year. It has been designed so that everyone can Take the energy/movement/green room for instance, for their recent contribution of $5,000 for en- participate. You can make a direct donation to the project where mirrors, bars are needed along with plumbing hancements to Shatford Centre’s Recital Hall! or make pre-authorized monthly donations. If you own a for the bathroom. We also have a design for excellent business, you may be able to provide products or services portable, temporary make up tables from set designer, Eugene Levesque. and if you would like to volunteer, we have developed

a strategy to recognize you for community building. Whichever way you support the Shatford Centre, your contribution is appreciated and will be recognized on a permanent plaque that will be installed at the building. The Colours of the Shatford includes the creative community, the artists and artisans that will flourish

Penticton Okangan Rotary Club We are a local service club that has our goal "to do good both locally and internationally". The club has been involved with the supply of water filtration systems for Haiti, international student exchanges, and books for the Philippines. Locally we have supported youth activities, sport, social services programs, health initiatives, education, and the arts. Many of our club members have a strong connection to Pen High and the decision to save the Shatford Building; including former students, school personnel, building committee members, a council member, and a principal architect of the new school. The club is very pleased to to assist with the current evolution of the building as a cultural centre. Barry Reid, President

with this new community facility. They will be challenged with a palette of colours established through the generous support of the community. This palette will provide a framework for works of art to be created for a Founding Contributor Celebration being planned for next year, when the true colours of our community will be expressed for all to see!

Note: The colour palette is a work in progress. visit for the details.

The pottery studio in the south-west corner of the basement level will be a favourite in years to come. At this moment in time, it is in the planning stages. Dennis Evans, who has a significant background in designing and building pottery studios, besides being an accomplished artist, has submitted a Pottery Studio Proposal. This proposal illustrates the design and equipment needed to create the ideal production and instructional studio. It includes all the drawings and a budget. This information is very useful for planning for the future. In the meantime, we will work with whatever we can to begin what we think will be a cornerstone at the Shatford Centre. Dancing is one exciting possibility for the Shatford however there are many forms of dance to consider, each with its own unique requirements. Ballet requires a specific type of floor, ballroom dancing requires large spaces and smooth flooring surfaces and tap dance is in a class all on its own. Ideally, we would like to see the Shatford be able to accomodate as many forms of dance as we can. The Colours of the Shatford Founding Contributor Program runs until December 31st, 2011.This is an ideal time for everyone to participate in whatever way they would like to.

Shatford Centre/Okanagan School of the Arts ~ 760 Main Street, Penticton, BC ~ 250-770-7668 ~


Classes & Workshops July 25th - 29th Jam Camp is facilitated by a group of musicians who play a diverse range of instruments from several cultural traditions. The role of the facilitators during Jam Camp is to build bridges between cultures, age groups, and various levels of musical development. The facilitators create a space where, as musicians, they can collaborate with the participants in creating new, original and improvised music, art and theater. Lead musicians: Bobby Bovenzi, Thomas Tumbach, Chris Ward. July 25th, 27th, 29th, 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm - $150.

‘Artists’ Way’ Classes ~ An Experiential Workshop and Interactive Art Class with Instructor/Facilitator, Niki Hylins This series of classes offered to individuals with any artistic skill level and anyone who wants to free and nurture the creative spirit within all of us. It is my belief and my experience as a teacher that all of us are healthy enough to practice creativity. It is not a dangerous endeavor requiring trained artists. It is our human birthright and something we can do gently and collectively. Creativity is like breathing – pointers may help, but we do the process ourselves. Creative clusters, where we gather as peers to develop our strength, are best regarded as tribal gatherings, where creative beings raise, celebrate, and actualize the creative power which runs through us all. Classes for term one will begin on July 28, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm and will continue through to August 25. Summary: Niki will facilitate and guide students though creative projects based on the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. This is the first of three terms of four weeks plus one extra week for celebrating our creative achievements. Price for 5 classes is $75. There is an additional charge of $50 for all the materials you will need! Register at www.


For information and booking of all classes and workshops, contact or visit www. 250-770-7668

Okanagan School

of the


Assisting the awakening & expression of the Creative Spirit Discover! Nurture! Express! creative well-being at this year round destination art school.

Shatford Centre’s

Judith Rackham

Classes, workshops, private & semiprivate lessons for students of all ages & stages in ~ drawing, painting, sculpting, potting, writing, acting, and crafting. Enjoy life - get creating!

Shatford Centre

250-770-7668 ~

Rock ‘N’ Roll School

Rock Music at its most fun is when you learn to play Guitar, Bass or Drums ini a real Rock ‘N’ Roll band. This course will examine all types of Rock Music from early Rock to the new high energy Metal and punk. Students will have an opportunity to try all the instruments, sing and play the most popular Rock songs. The instructors are very experienced and professional musicians, William Leggott, Thurein Myint, Ryan Lawley. Learn some great tips and tricks, learn all the great shortcuts, with a huge emphasis on having fun. If you are a complete beginner or have been taking lessons for a few years, this will be your greatest summer fun!

Summer Creativity Camp July &August 2011

Monday to Friday, Aug 15th to 19th - $150 9 am to 12 noon; This course has been part of OSA’s Summer Sessions for many years and is an exciting program.

Richard II

Josephine Patterson These sessions will first explore Shakespeare histories and then roles will be assigned. At the second session, participants will read the play as performance. Sept 13th & 15th, 1-7 pm. $50

Sacred Union

Sat, Sept 24th, 2011 10:00 am – 4:30 pm A lively, one-day workshop with Ann Mortifee & Paul Horn

Canadian arts and culture icon, Ann Mortifee and husband, jazz legend, Paul Horn, bring together their unique and shared life experiences. You will love this day and come away with: • Tools to integrate mind, body, emotion and spirit • The ability to use your physical body as an ally in staying grounded in the present moment July 9 - 13, 2012 • A better understanding of your spirit’s reason for being here at this time and place Through music, story, improvisation and meditation, you will find yourself expanded and joyous. After a very successful ‘Strings the Come ready to dive deep and to have Thing’ 2011, we are pleased to an- a lot of fun along the way. Lunch is nounce next year’s dates for this week included $100. long program - July 9th to 13th! Early Editor’s Note: Ann Mortifee bird discount by July 31st, 2011! Book instructed at OSA in 1989, 1991, today and save. 1992, 1994 and 1996.

Join the Okanagan School of the Arts at historic Shatford Centre for Creativity Camp ideal for children ages 6 to 12. Each week activities are tailored to the interests of the children attending, which may include music, dance, arts, crafts, writing and theatre. Children are encouraged to explore their creative nature in this supportive environment. This is a great opportunity to make friends, have fun and learn new skills in a beautiful setting.

The daily adventures are led by our talented group of teen mentors who bring their experience, enthusiasm and energy to Creativity Camps throughout the summer! To register, go to https://cityweb. ActivitiesAdvSearch.asp at the City of Penticton Recreation Department. Look under Children’s Programs to find Creativity Camp. Full week $185, runs 9 am to 4 pm. Half days 9 am to 12 pm or 1 pm to 4 pm are available upon request at $125.

Shatford Centre/Okanagan School of the Arts ~ 760 Main Street, Penticton, BC ~ 250-770-7668 ~

Shatford Centre’s Artist in Residence Returns:

Learn About the Fascinating World of Documentaries

According to Pepita Ferrari, an acclaimed Montreal-based documentary filmmaker, interest in documentary film is at an all-time high. “This year at Toronto’s Hot Docs, one of the top international documentary festivals, attendance broke all previous records with more than 150,000 entries.”

Many digital camera models these days have a one-hour built-in capacity for filming, and even cell phones are capable of recording live action. Suddenly everyone can have the potential to make movies. As people learn from their hands-on experiences to appreciate what the professionals are producing for the silver screen, is it any wonder that documentary films are so popular? People also appreciate documentary films for the insights they give, and for the peek into other worlds they afford, because – as the old adage says – truth is stranger than fiction. For those who want to know more about documentary filmmaking and what goes on behind the scenes, Ferrari will be at the Shatford Centre in Penticton July 26-Aug 4 to share her knowledge from 20-plus years in the industry. In addition to being a highly regarded filmmaker whose films have received worldwide recognition, she is a sought-after presenter who has given workshops and master classes in Quebec, Ontario, Pennsylvania, California, and South Africa. The workshops Pepita offered here last year, as Shatford’s first Artist in Residence, were a hit with attendees, and this summer she is back by popular demand with fresh material. “The class offered by Pepita was filled with so much sound knowledge, passion, expertise and experience,” says 2010 participant Caleb Titus. “I highly recommend Pepita to anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the creative process in filmmaking.” Ferrari’s workshops are open to people who simply love documentaries and want to know more about them, as well as those who are involved in making documentaries. Being offered this year are Art of the Interview ( July 28 at 7-9 pm), A Cornucopia of Ideas ( July 30 at 9 am-4 pm), Twenty Years in Documentary (August 2 at 7-9 pm) and State of the Art of Documentary in 2011 (August 4 at 7-9 pm). Attendees can sign up for one, or all four of the workshops. In an attempt to suit attendees’ work

schedules, they are being offered in the evenings and on the weekend In addition to the workshops, the public is invited to the screening of one of Ferrari’s films on August 2 at 2:00 pm. Joseph Giunta: A Silent Triumph, follows a once-famous octogenarian Quebec artist as he balances his passion for painting with his struggles to care for his Alzheimer’s-afflicted wife at home. This poignant film was a finalist for a Gemini Television Award, won the Golden Sheaf awards for Best Direction in Documentary and the Best Arts & Entertainment Documentary at the Yorkton, Saskatchewan film festival, and was a finalist for the International Health & Medical Media Awards (category: Alzheimer’s). “It is first and foremost a film about the power of love,” says Ferrari, “Secondly, it is about the fact that creativity is undeniable, as Giunta manages to create amazing paintings under conditions that are highly stressful.” The making of this film is also a beautiful example of how intertwined the lives of documentary filmmakers can become with that of their subjects. After spending so much time with the Giuntas during its production, Ferrari was adopted as one of the family. Some of Ferrari’s films have been made in collaboration with the National Film Board, and others are independent productions. Information about the NFB collaborations is available online by going to There you can search for the historical documentaries, By Woman’s Hand (1994), and The Petticoat Expeditions (1998), and the self-explanatory Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary (2008). For a complete change of pace, On July 26 at 2 pm Ferrari will be hosting Meet Trevor Evans. Evans is a producer/director/writer, who now resides in Penticton. From his early years as a stagehand, and then a clown with his own television show, Evans later enjoyed a 20-year relationship with the Wayne & Shuster show. “It should be a lot of fun,” says Ferrari. “He has an incredible wealth of fascinating stories to tell.” Trevor’s next wish is to burst into the docu-drama scene. Look out world! For further information about any of these offerings at the Shatford Centre or to sign up for a workshop, please go to or call the Shatford Centre at 250-770-7668. Photo top left: Pepita Ferrari directs the cameraman on-set for one of her films.

Workshops With Pepita MEET TREVOR EVANS – 2 pm – Tues July 26th–$15 entry/$10 seniors Pepita Ferrari in conversation with writer, director and oncepopular clown, Trevor Evans on the subject of his varied and exciting travels in the world of comedy and television. Trevor has worked with such household names as Wayne & Shuster, Rich Little, John Candy and Gilda Radner and has many wonderful stories to share. The audience will be treated to a selection of clips from his many shows including ones with Air Farce, Robert Klein, Lorne Greene, Paul Williams and Doc Severinsen. ART OF THE INTERVIEW – 7 pm, Thurs, July 28th–$20/$15 students Pepita Ferrari, director of Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary discusses her experience of interviewing more than thirty filmmakers - including Albert Maysles, Errol Morris, Alanis Obomsawin, Michel Brault, Nick Broomfield, Kim Longinotto Jean-Xavier de Lestrade – and how she encouraged them to share their insight into the craft. Using excerpts from Capturing Reality and other documentary works, Pepita Ferrari will offer an in-depth exploration of some of the key areas impacting the successful use of interview material in documentary: different visual approaches to interviewing subjects, selecting interview subjects, building the director-subject relationship, the impact of camera and dealing with various situational or psychological dynamics. DOCUMENTARY: A CORNUCOPIA OF IDEAS–10 am to 5 pm, Sat, July 30th - $80 Pepita Ferrari returns for a second year with a repeat performance of her popular insightful and inspiring look at documentary films. This one-day workshop offers both the non-filmmaker and the filmmaker alike a chance to take a look at the wide variety of styles and approaches being used today in documentary. Throughout the day you will screen an exciting selection of excerpts and trailers and learn about the different types of documentary. Find out more about what goes on behind the scenes as Ferrari shares her insights on both classic works by established filmmakers like Errol Morris and Michael Moore and some of the new hybrids and innovative work from filmmakers like Kevin Macdonald’s daring global internet compilation, Life in a Day and Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop.

If you love documentaries and simply want to know more about them, or if you’re already involved in making a documentary, this is an eye-opening experience not to be missed. JOSEPH GIUNTA: A Silent Triumph – 2 pm – August 2nd - $15/$10 seniors A Silent Triumph is the story of the frailty, as well as the triumph, of the human spirit, of the steadfastness of relationship and the undeniability of true creativity. At the heart of the story is a reclusive artist, a house full of remarkable paintings and a woman who is slowly but surely losing her mind. It is a story that leaves us feeling enriched by an encounter of a rare and special kind, reassured that such humanity still exists in this often harsh world of ours. Screening of the film followed by a discussion with the director on a very special filmmaking experience. MASTER CLASS: Twenty Years in Documentary – 7 pm – Tues, Aug 2nd - $20/$15 students Have you ever wondered how people get started as a director or what it’s like to be a documentary director? In this rare inside glimpse of her varied and dedicated career as an independent documentary director and producer, Pepita Ferrari shares her answers to these and many others questions. Her twenty-year career has included directing everything from episodes of Dogs with Jobs, to an elaborate performing arts program for CBC and the landmark National Film Board production, Capturing Reality: the Art of Documentary. She will also reveal what thirty-word excerpt in her most recent film triggered the ire of a Canadian television hostess whose attitude inspired more than 4,000 complaints to the CRTC. CAPTURING REALITY: the Art of Documentary – 7 pm – Thurs, Aug 4th – free admission To make Capturing Reality: the Art of Documentary Pepita did months of research to find her film’s final selection of more than thirty internationally known documentary directors. The interviews she did with them are edited together with intriguing excerpts of more than 60 different documentary films to illustrate what each of the interview subjects are saying and to show the wonderful variety of documentaries out there. Pepita will share her own incredible experience of putting together this major work and what it was like to have conversations with such well-known documentary directors as Errol Morris, Werner Herzog, Nettie Wild, Kim Longinotto and Albert Maysles.

Shatford Centre/Okanagan School of the Arts ~ 760 Main Street, Penticton, BC ~ 250-770-7668 ~


People and Place

John Kelly of Jack Kelly Coffee is generously contributing coffee and supplies as part of the Colours of the Shatford Founding Contributor Program! Special thanks to John for his comunity spirit.

Kim Conway and Chris Clark have S h a t f o r d ’s been hired for the summer through the A r c h i t e c t , Canada Summer Jobs Program. YAY! Chris Allen in the new elevator, which was one of the last items on the Phase One list! Special thanks to Artisan WoodworkD e n n i s er, Irwin Hobden, who has created a Evans has wood mail box to sit between the two an exten- new front doors! sive background and education in fine arts. We really appreciate that D e n n i s Jane Shaak - Shatford Centre, Tom Laws u b m i t - rence - True Colours, Aaron McRann ted a comprehensive Pottery Studio CFSO, Ken Sewell - Summerland TimbrProposal and that he is willing to act mart, Michelle Stefan - SADI on the front in an advisory capacity to develop a steps of the Shatford, receiving the Benjaproduction and instruction studio at min Moore award to assist with the exterior painting and clean up of the building. the Shatford!

Triptych George Traicheff putting on the finishing Bill Hibberd & Jack touches! Deppish

hanging with the new system donated by the FCA!

BEAD TRAILS LEAD TO THE SHATFORD “Where there is a bead there is a story” says Karen Griggs, the entrepreneur who has designed the ‘Bead Trail’. Karen has two trails this year, Summerland and Naramata/Penticton. The Shatford, Your Creative Centre, has its new bead, which is a lovely 5 pointed istar with a little diamond-looking centre.

Brian Hughes smelling these magnificent roses after the TEDx Okanagan College completed. “TED ~ Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world!” Yasha Pushak has been with the Okanagan School of the Arts and Creativity Camp for over 5 years! He is the leader of Creativity Camp and a terrifically fun guy! He graduated from Pen High with scholastic honours too! Jakub Kaiser says “The recital hall has ideal acoustics for Chamber Music. The entire hall resonates and is an extension of the instrument. You just hear the sounds.”

JaneShaak,ShatfordCentrebeinginterviewed by Peter Ord, Curator, Penticton Museum through Peach City Community Radio on temporarylocationattheMuseum.

Carol, Robert and Sara Genn with their family dog Emily!

Dona Smithson, Thea Haubrich, Barb Hofer & Kate Kimberley received the paintings!

Triptych ends July 27th The Shatford Centre was very pleased to work with the three Federation of Canadian Artists’ Chapters of the Okanagan to bring this historic exhibition together! 74 paintings were selected through a jury process! Congratulations everyone! The Federation of the South Okanagan Similkameen and the Penticton Arts Council donated Shatford’s new hanging system! 6

Deb Thorneycroft is part of the Transition Initiative for Penticton. Learn more about some exciting ideas that would enhance our community.

Chris Allen & Brad Gibson applying tung oil to Shatford’s new front doors on July 1st. This has to be done each year. June 1st was moving day for the Okanagan School of the Arts to the Shatford. Jack Johnson of Jade Line Moving provided the manpower, truck, equipment and generousity to get the job done!

Donavan Schwarz, Philip Bradley, Shane Strong, Ryley Stroet and Madie Morgan created a short video at the Shatford called Ghost Crushers. Maureen Stroet has some scary Halloween ideas emerging for the community!

The OSA tent was a fun place to be with enthusiastic volunteers assisting children through fun and creative activities. Special thanks to Danah Phillips for coordinating this volunteer effort.!

Shatford Centre/Okanagan School of the Arts ~ 760 Main Street, Penticton, BC ~ 250-770-7668 ~

Recent Events at the Shatford Water Warrior Maude Barlow Opened Meadowlark Festival at the Shatford Centre

iTromboni Concert In association with Junesse Musicale, popular iTromboni played the Shatford on May 2nd to an appreciative crowd!

Masks of King Lear, Green Show was held on May 17th!

Shakespeare’s first apprearance at the Shatford Centre was a wonderfully informative event. Penticton Chamber Theatre, under the direction of Josephine Patterson, provided entertaining scenes of the tragic tale of King Lear.

On May 19th, international water advocate Maude Barlow was the keynote speaker for the 2011 Meadowlark Festival Kick Off! Water, its conservation and sustainable use, was the theme for this year’s festival. The evening was a great success with 300 people attending.

Robert Genn Opened the Shatford’s 1st Exhibition - Triptych! Renowned artist and writer, Robert Genn, made history as he opened the exhibit then gave an informative & interesting leacture on June 17th!

Taylor Cook Jazz Quintet June 24th

Pen High Grad Taylor Cook came home to play with his quintet. Taylor’s BC tour wound up in Penticton to an appreciative crowd, with many fans who have been following his music career!

Joel Stobbe, John Suderman, Calvin Dyck and Liz Lutpon before the Faculty Concert!

We were royally entertained by the Strings the Thing Faculty at the TEDx HEADQUARTERS concert held on July 5th as part of AT THE SHATFORD, June 25th the week long quality program! The X marked the spot for a lovely wrap up acoustics in the Shatford is perfect dinner at the Shatford! It was perfect for for chamber music and Joel, John, Calvin and Liz did a superb job! the 80 guests to all be at the same table!

Upcoming Events

An Intuitive Arts Concept Entitled 'What's In Your World's Going On?'

7:30 pm, Fri, July 22 & 10 am to 4 pm, July 23. This 3 part series will be presented by Diane Harrison, Laurie Delia and Kathrine Lucier, delving into recognizing personal patterns of sabotage and the responsibilities involved in creating our choices as we journey along our life paths. As well, we'll be investigating the potential challenges and confusion that we may be experiencing as we find ourselves 'Living in Two Worlds' represented by an overlap of the value systems of an ending Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age which has been influencing our lives since the early 1500's. The intention is to present a creative, intimate, lighthearted offering of probabilities, possibilities, and potential of what might be going on at this time in history.

Friday's introduction is free and the cost for Saturday's seminar is $30.00, with a portion of proceeds donated to the Shatford Centre.

‘Living the Creative Life!

Exhibition from Aug 4th to Sept 11th, 2011 The next exhibit at the Shatford Centre brings together three communities and locates them in three defined spaces at the Shatford. Artists, primarily with studios will set up their displays at the Shatford, providing a glimpse of their work in a collective setting. There are broad paramaters however each community will determine their own installation process. Artisans and artists, like many others retiring here, are attracted to the lovely climate and life style of the South Okanagan. Come and have a look at people who are living ‘the creative life style!’ Opening at 7 pm, on August 4th with light refreshments ~ Everyone welcome!

Plan Your Next Event At the Shatford! Whether you are having an

Annual General Meeting, a lecture, a reunion or wedding, the Shatford would be the ideal place to be. Call 250-770-7668 or visit www. for the details.

An Evening with Ann Mortifee and Paul Horn- Sept 23rd Accompanied by world renowned flutist Paul Horn, Ann Mortifee will communicate the words, feelings, and music of her new book and companion CD, IN LOVE WITH THE MYSTERY.  Ann’s voice & Paul’s flute transport the listener to places where one can meditate on the wisdom within one’s own heart. This is an inspired musical offering, a marriage of two visionary souls traveling together. “This will be an amazing evening with two renowned and loved musicians, vocalists, authors, and humanitarians. They are gracious and kind to support the Shatford Centre with a presentation and presence we are delighted to host. ” Evening ~ $10 Ann and Paul are facilitating a full day workshop, on Saturday, Sept 24th from 10 am to 4:30 pm named “Sacred Union”. The $100 fee includes a light lunch.

The Okanagan Thompson International Sculpture Symposium was held in 2002. There were 20 monumental sculptures created in 8 communities. Penticton has four of these 20 scultpures. This project was a large collective effort spread over several years and a large georgraphic expanse! Founder, Jock Hildebrand and his wife Carmen, are discussing a 10th Anniversary to be held at the Shatford Centre in early October 2012. There is discussion about creating a map illustrating the 20 sculptures and telling their stories and perhaps writing a book. We are working on gathering the names of the the sculptors, the participants and the volunteers to invite them to come celebrate this significant achievement.

Shatford Centre/Okanagan School of the Arts ~ 760 Main Street, Penticton, BC ~ 250-770-7668 ~


24 Tych Banners

2011 24 Tych Project Paticipants:

Georgia, Larry & Nywyn

Linda Worman

Larry Hunter, Jane Shaak, Nywyn Jefferson, Georgia Krebs; Angie McIntosh, Kaitlin Kennedy, Chris Strand, Linda Worden, Lorrie Myers, Lynn Defossier, Sydney Boultbee & her granddaughter.

Summer city banners created at the Shatford!

Artists have been working together to create the latest in a series of 24~tychs, which celebrates the Shatford Centre in its new role as a creative community centre. Larry Hunter was the ‘visual interpreter’, bringing the ideas together into a comprehensive design. Nywyn Jefferson & Georgia Krebs worked with volunteers and Creativity Camp Teens to complete this project.

Larry selected a bright palette of colours for this summer season. This summer, look up at the 2’ x 3’ banners on Main Street and imagine how they might come together to create a colourful, bright 12’ x 12’ mosaic!

Icons, depicting a wide array of disciplines to be offered, are part of the design for this year’s 24 tych. These playful icons help us appreciate the diversity of our collective creative nature.

INDOOR SUNDAY MARKETS, 11 am - 3 pm, 760 Main St




Sunday Markets

Artists & Artisans


Calling all Pen-High reunion committees, alumni, teachers and staff to assist with the festivities for Pen-High’s 100th anniversary! You are invited to participate in this wonderful event as we get the word out to Pen-High Alumni, letting them know that May 18th, 19th and 20th, 2012 are the dates for the festivities. This is the perfect weekend with popular Meadowlark Festival showcasing field trips & special events for our returning alumni! Shatford Centre is the official headquarters for Pen High’s 100th Anniversary Celebration. To learn more, go to, e-mail or call the Shatford Centre at 250-770-7668.


Marlane (Light) McMaster is on the organizing committee. We are ready to call a meeting the autmn to bring individuals and committees who want to help!



Casey Conway, Deena Clark Conway and Kim Conway’s family are part of 4 generations of Pen High grads! We wonder if there are families with 5? Let us know if you know!

Grade 11 students had the honour of kicking off Pen High’s 100th on May 18th, 2011. They will be the grad class for 2012!


Pen High 100th!


The Sunday Summer Markets began as an idea in the spring and it is unfolding into a delightful, relazing, innovative creative community gathering. You are invited to bring your creations, your talents or your good spirits. Whatever you have to bring, please come to the Shatford and engage with others in this lovely historic setting! See you at the Shatford this summer! Bring others and everyone is welcome!

Shatford Centre/Okanagan School of the Arts ~ 760 Main Street, Penticton, BC ~ 250-770-7668 ~

Shatford Chronicles  

Summer Chronicle of the Shatford Centre. Penticton, BC.

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