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Sharrow Today February-March 2013

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Save Our Adventure Playground

Over 2500 people signed the petition to keep Highopen and staffed. The Friends of Adventures community group presented the weighty petition to Full Council on February 6th and delivered a passionate speech about the value of the playground. The council is proposing to withdraw staff, close the building to free public access and remove the gates to keep Adventures open day and night from 1st April. The Sharrow community is doing a fantastic job of opposing the council and talking to local agencies about how they can be more involved. People are afraid that leaving the playground unstaffed and open will result in increased crime. Will anti-social behaviour increase? Will the playground stop being family friendly? We think so.


The Friends of Adventures community group was set up in December, fearing the Council cuts may reach this vital service in the heart of the Sharrow community. The Police, Sharrow School, King Ecgbert School, Sharrow Community Forum, Madina Mosque, Landsdowne Flats TARA and many others have endorsed the campaign to

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keep the playground open and staffed. A letter from the Police expresses how real the potential effects on the community are. Sharrow is one of the most diand an area that has some of the poorest living environments in the UK. Those that use the of this mixed community. People locally know that the Adventures is more than just a playground: dren and families.


after school to run off steam and play freely with their friends. munity cohesion in an informal setting (parents having a cuppa together whilst watching their children play). ing’s indoor space is used by older children who hang out with the staff, playing table tennis and pool.

you and the wider community.

b. Copy the email and send it to Isobel Bowler, Cabinet Mem

c. Send a copy to Councillor Mohammed Maroof on

from the high levels of anti-social behaviour in the area and prevent them from getting involved. the structures in the playground helps the children to play and develop skills in a unique way.

ety of children to play sports and interact together.

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join in the discussions about how the community can save the playground. Visit and ‘Like’ the ‘friends of adventures’ Facebook page and tell us your memories & feelings about the playground. list. Be my Valentine

Digital Media Centre



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Views expressed in Sharrow Today are not necessarily those of Sharrow Community Forum.

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Contact Sharrow Community Forum on 0114 250 8384.

2 Sharrow Today

February - March 2013

Your Local Café - Three Bears Kitchen

For tasty food that is “just right” By Simon Tillotson The concept of three bears making porridge is hard to grasp; the lack of an opposable thumb is a major issue for starters and I’m pretty sure that bears tend to eat things like berries and salmon.

diately brings back fond childhood memories which complement their branding perfectly.

When asked why they chose the name, Ian responds with the perfectly rehearsed “it’s not too simple, not too pretentious, but So when I heard that the Three Bears Kitchen had opened at the just right” – a line the modern Old Junior School on South View day Goldilocks might have been Road, I decided to put this theory heard to utter. He’s right though to the test and disregard every bit of advice that Attenborough has Kitchen’s committed attitude towards tasty seasonal menus that ever dispensed by confronting the owners on their own territory. support locally sourced produce, promote a healthy way of eatImagine then, my surprise when ing and the lads’ genuine desire I met not bears, but real people to have a positive impact on the - Ian and John - two enthusiastic local community. chaps from the local area. With Currently, the Kitchen is open the help of Sharrow Community every Wed, Thurs and Friday from Forum and the Digital Media 8am until 3pm, with plans to open Centre they have been able to indulge their passion for innova- full time in the near future. tive and freshly-made European Arrive early and you’ll be greeted food by starting up their own by a hearty breakfast menu catering business. (complete with porridge, of Having set up shop in the school’s course) and from 12pm, a varold dining hall, the Kitchen imme- ied lunchtime menu featuring

Sharrow Today sharrow community forum


excellent sandwiches and salads ‘dirty fries’, home-made burgers and a DJ playing classic tunes – alongside daily specials. all washed down with ‘Wu-Tangy’ As it turns out, John is a natural sauce – tickles your fancy, be pastry chef and puts these skills to good use by baking lots of (facebook/threebearskitchen) temptations fresh each day; think and Twitter @3bearskitchen for baked vanilla cheesecakes, up-to-date news. salted caramel macaroons and a to-die-for peanut butter brownie, Ian and John are fresh talent delivering just what Sharrow has and you’re on the right lines. been crying out for with their So what’s next for the Three Bears modern approach to accessible Kitchen? and delicious dining. The lads plan to run regular themed evenings at the Kitchen, starting with their hip-hop inspired burger night - The Bear Pit. Keep an eye out for it. If the thought of

They say you should never feed a wild bear but, on this occasion, turn the tables on convention and pay them a visit – I promise, they’re very nice chaps.

Your local representatives in Sharrow and Nether Edge

Cllr Jillian Creasy Cllr Rob Murphy (Green)

Sharrow Today is a free community newpaper, with 3000 copies distributed to local services, libraries, & residents every 2 months.

Views expressed in Sharrow Today are not necessarilly

Tel: 0114

Email: The regular monthly Green councillor surgeries are at Cllr Mohammad Maroof

those of Sharrow Community Forum. Contact Sharrow Community Forum on 0114 250 8384. If you have something to say, or have a comment to make about anything you have seen in this edition, or if you have an event you would like to advertise, please get in touch. News and Editorial Team Jonathan Roberts, Steve Fryer, Connie Chapman, Charlotte Brazier

The Councillors for Nether Edge ward are: Cllr Qurban Hussain Cllr Anders Hanson Cllr Nikki Bond

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February - March 2013

Sharrow Today 3

Have Your Say

Poet’s Corner

The reality of the Big Society

Unemployment By Richard Henderson

Living in Sharrow for the past 20 years I, and others, welcomed the long overdue investment in the area - from the refurbishment

goes on. These are not luxury services to our area, but are vital in reaching out to the most vulnerable in this community. These cuts will have many negative build, Sharrow Community Forum, social consequences for Sharrow. Sharrow School, the Library refurbishment, the Mount Pleasant Across the country Council budget cuts average out at 4%, with a further 9% cut from April 2014. Park/ School extension to name a few. These, along with the new The scale of the cuts to achieve Madina Mosque, the Adventure such targets is beyond belief, with Playground and the Arts Centre, huge job losses and service cuts. The bedroom tax and massive have all played a huge part in building a diverse community co- ready hitting many families hard. ing all families in one of the most The Coalition government is usdeprived areas of the city. ing this economic crisis to force local authorities to move away from delivering democratically accountable services, towards wholesale outsourcing and privatisation. Whilst bankers and the rich rake in their bonuses and tax cuts, already hard-pressed communities are being asked to take over the running of services on At the end of February Sure Start a voluntary basis, or face seeing goes out to tender. The capacity them disappear. This is the realto reach vulnerable families is up ity of their ‘Big Society’. Sadly, it in the air with a minimal number of outreach/support workers hav- prepared to go along with these ing to cover the supporting of attacks - albeit with a ‘heavy over 1,000 children under the age of 4 in our area, 900 of whom live - We cannot let the most vulnerices, which provides vital support able in our communities pay for a crisis we did not cause and, given to the unemployed, elderly and young families might be reduced, the likelihood of greater cuts to if not closed. This is on top of the come in Sharrow, we must campaign to save all these vital servloss of our park ranger, vital to ices. We must bring all in Sharrow keeping the park a welcome space, and the threat of the cuts together to defend our diverse, vibrant and cohesive community. But this capital investment cannot hide the savage funding cuts to the services they provide. SureStart, the Libraries, Citizens Advice, Heeley swimming pool, After-School funding, Community ture Playground are under threat.

The views expressed in our “Have your say” column are not necessarily those of Sharrow Today or Sharrow Community Forum. Send your comments in to us at Our approach is one-to-one listenings to give everyone an opportunity to voice their concerns regardless of how long they’ve By the Community Organisers lived here, or how active they are The city council’s budget cuts of £50 million will have severe con- Everyone with ideas and thoughts sequences for people in Sharrow. for the community should get In times like these the power and in contact with us. We can supcohesion of the community can port you in turning your ideas into actions, and link you with people really make a difference! who have similar concerns.

Sharrow’s greatest resource? Its people

Now is the time to act and keep Sharrow the active and vibrant area it has always been.

about the area and what things -

Anna, 075 6052 6581 Sarah, 075 6052 6591

The community organisers are

Chris christopher.tremblett@corganisers., 075 6052 6572

your opinions and create a network of people ready for action.

Facebook: Sharrow Community Organisers


The darkness does not ask questions. You can hide here safely until dawn, until the morning sun attacks you with questions:

And when the night comes it does not ask you if you did enough, it does not demand you get up. It simply lets you lie there, shell-shocked from what the sun has done to you today. It leaves you there lying there knowing that tomorrow will be the same. But for now, the night will quietly keep you company. The stars will not complain, for tomorrow is another day the day the sun brings that needed pay. Richard was born in the Sharrow area, in a little 2 up 2 down house just off London Road, and stayed in Sharrow until he was 22 when he moved to the S8 area of Shef-

If you are a budding poet and would like to see your poem in print, send it in to us at

4 Sharrow Today

February - March 2013

From Gatehouse to TAO-N house By ArkDM Ltd. Architects

‘Life is a Beach’ concept section sketch

Ark Design Management Ltd. is Sharrow. Seen from Cemetery Road a roof top edged with

often been there to be counted

is more than a bog standard ArkDM’s ‘Life is a Beach’ Team. Montague St or the Porter Brook. Rosie Carnall, Blazej Zemleduch, Katarina Rozvadska, Adrian Hallam, Jason Hayter. Not everyone knows that the Waitrose (it can be seen through the fence at the side of the Baan Thai restaurant and under rose car park entrance). ArkDM focused on this in a recent com-

ArkDM during winter time

‘forgotten spaces’ in the city. unit fronts Napier Street with a -

to transform a bit of Sharrow to‘Life is a Beach’ concept view Ray Dickenson directors of Den-


creative work within. Since 2001 ADM have conducted a continuous investigation -

how quite a chunk of this part of Sharrow has turned out: the

up in S11. The garden designed by Adrian

for which ArkDM produced the Historic Landscape Survey and ration with various researchers


gardens up and down the country.

over 3 months by ArkDM in the basement car park at Napier

ArkDM is about to embark on a

Department of Landscape.

Lottery Funding to restore the -


The ‘Future Nature’ garden was

provide a reinterpretation of the

priate for each character area. -

the current housing need to be ‘Sharrow Today’.

‘Future Nature’

Stone Spiral Rock Garden

Kate kits out for St Wilf’s

More information at -

By Kevin Bradley

der to support the Centre which -


door where she was met with


and was sponsored by friends project. Anyone interested in supporting friends promised to give money

0114 2555720.

February - March 2013

Sharrow Today 5

By Brendan Warburton -







Nohmaan Hussain



Patrick Meleady, Development Manager, serving the dinners

Launch of the Roshni New Carers Project By Farzana Camran -










6 Sharrow Today

February - March 2013

Sharrow’s Digital Media Centre

We are a team based in Sharrow and dedicated to providing support for new enterprises. We assist businesses, or groups and individuals who think they might like to get into business, or even turn a hobby into an enterprise. that were thrown our way.

February - March 2013

Sharrow Today 7

Launch Event - 1st February, 2013

We had our fair share of inspirational talks, videos and dialogue, and some amazing food, provided by the Three Bears Kitchen, which made for a relaxing but nonetheless productive and rewarding time. Isaac Hall - a local street artist - was there, and Action in Motion and really get stuck into what we have to offer.

8 Sharrow Today

February - March 2013

Get Healthy Lose Weight in 2013

Healthy Recipe Stromboli

By Bea Jefferson

By David Baldini

Personal Trainer Bea Jefferson ½ tbsp dried yeast; pinch salt; pinch caster sugar ; 200g/7oz

A: The bad news is that starting a programme of exercise will not necessarily help a great deal in losing weight. The problem is that when a person starts taking more exercise they often end up eating more – either because their appetite naturally increases, or because they feel the need to treat themselves when they’ve been ‘good’ and gone to the gym. Unfortunately, exercise burns fewer calories than people tend to think, so eating more very quickly cancels out weight loss Nevertheless, if you watch your calorie intake, exercise can contribute to your efforts to lose weight, and be an effective way of keeping the weight off.

A person who is on their feet all day and moving around burns far more calories in a day than somebody who sits at a desk for eight hours then spends and hour working out in the gym. getting up and walking around. Buy a pedometer (these only cost a few pounds) to track how much you move each day, and try to increase your daily average by ten percent each week.

running, cycling or swimming, try to up your speed for between 30 seconds and a minute a few times during your exercise session.

Many women steer clear of weight training as they think it will make them ‘bulk up’. This fear is totally unfounded – it body to build large muscles. Weight training can really help in developing a slimmer, more toned physique. It also reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, strengthens joints and bones and can help improve posture (which makes you look slimmer). It’s best initially to go to a gym

lukewarm water; Mozzarella cheese x 1; 2 Fresh tomatoes; 1 bunch of Fresh basil; 1 pack of Parma ham; 1 Red pepper; 1 egg.

1. Mix all of the dry ingredients together in a bowl, along with the olive oil. slightly sticky dough. 3. Knead the dough for 5 minutes and put in a warm place for anything upto half an hour. 4. Role out the dough and place a selection of the pizza topping ingredients onto the dough. 5. Role the dough into a swiss role shape and put onto a greased baking tray. Brush the outside with beaten egg and bake in a preheated oven till the outside is golden brown and the Stromboli is cooked all the way through.

Shipshape Health & Wellbeing Centre, the Stables, Sharrow Lane,

the right techniques and get a balanced programme of exercises. Once you know what you are doing, weight training can be done at home with minimal equipment (a mat and a couple of adjustable dumbbells).

When it comes down to it, the most effective form of exercise is whatever you enjoy most – as this is the exercise you are most likely to keep doing. So, try out a few different things,

In the past it was recommended that in order to burn fat you had to do hours of cardiovascular exercise (such as jogging or cycling) at a moderate to easy pace.

commit yourself to sticking at it!

Current thinking is that it’s just as effective to do shorter periods of exercise at a harder pace – faster. The ultimate expression of this new thinking is High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) which involves exercising in very short fast bursts. So, whether you are walking,

ShipShape, a project run by Sharrow Community Forum, is funded holistic health service for everyone in the community, helping to improve the quality of life.

February - March 2013

Sharrow Today 9

How do you celebrate St. Valentine’s Day?

Ian Stewart

Elizabeth Skerritt

Ali Saricicek

I keep it pretty stand- I always make sure ard with little touches my (grown-up) children have a little gift of personal charm. on Valentine’s Day.

Amanda Millward

I’m a member of the I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. local parkour (freerunning) team: Action in Motion. But I’ve never used these skills And I make Valentine to pull off any romancup cakes for the tic tricks. whole family. I’ve been with my My brother and I go out with twin sisters, so partner for 12 years we usually end up on but I don’t believe in I’m a chef so I cook all the hype – espea double Valentines a special meal for my cially the price indate together. girl friend and give creases on the day. her a hand-made One year I forgot card. We might buy each to buy my girlfriend other something the a card. Luckily, she As to my most embarweek after though, found it funny. rassing Valentines mowhen all the fuss has ment, I daren’t say! Phew! died down.

James Chapman

Fiona Brown

We don’t do anything different on ValenBecause it’s also my tine’s Day because wedding anniversary. my boyfriend says every day is ValenWe often stay at tine’s Day. home and pick another (cheaper) night to celebrate. Expensively!

On Valentines day we’ll just open a bottle of wine and watch He won’t take me to a video. a restaurant where Having kids affects the food is overthings. priced. He says I’m “too special to be treated like everyone else.”

Sharrow SureStart Dads Group – does what it says on the tin By Phil Eddyshaw SIMPLE Now in its 7th year, perhaps the success of Sharrow SureStart’s Saturday Dads Group is its simplicity. It is a group where dads can come to spend time with their children and other male carers. Not such an amazingly new idea these days but a popular one. RELIABLE The other secret of its success may be that Dads Worker Phil Eddyshaw and the volunteers open up the centre EVERY Saturday during school term time. NORMAL Children paint pictures and listen to stories and men drink coffee and talk about fatherhood and football and sometimes our jobs, culture, religion, the children’s education,, who’s going to win Britain’s Got Talent, etc etc

cook delicious food with Chris from ShipShape, where disabled children enjoy the sensory room, where fathers may learn baby massage, where advice is always available on a wide variety of issues. Or if you just want to relax and ignore other people that’s no problem either. No one will mind. AVERAGE In the Summer we put a team into a football tournament and came 3rd out of 5 teams. So that proves we are totally AVERAGE men too! We are lucky to have the Dads Group in Sharrow as it is the only remaining group of its kind in we would welcome all dads and male carers from the local community. As with any famous product you need to keep up the advertising.

BRILLIANT So it’s simple, reliable and normal but also brilliant because it’s a place where play and learning happen, where children get on well together, where you can

You are welcome to come and join us on Saturday mornings 10.30am – 12.30pm at Sharrow SureStart, Sharrow Lane, S11 8AL 07977565518

10 Sharrow Today

February - March 2013

Church to help people become savvy with their cash as households feel the squeeze By Sara, Trevor, and Liz A church is set to run free sessions to help people in the Shar-

is one of over 1,200 churches

Baptist Church (CRB) in SharThe CAP Money course has


About Christians Against Poverty

About CAP Money – the debt prevention course The CAP Money course is the -

people how to chart their house-

work - so they can plan for the

Money Coaches Sara, Trevor




The courses will take place at 7pm from March 6th in the church hall, Napier Street,

The CAP Money course isn’t

book your place on the CRB

lies - because we’ve seen that

for more information telephone 01142722179 or e-mail capmon-

of the local church to offer free


or telephone 01274 761924

February - March 2013

Sharrow Today 11

Lu’s Page

Sharrow Lantern Carnival The lantern-making workshops begin By Luisa Golob Creative Action Network is putting on over 30 FREE lanternmaking workshops during February and March. There is no need for any experience - you don’t have to be an artist to make a great lantern, and all the materials you’ll need are provided. The workshops start on Saturday 2nd February, 12-4pm and continue weekly on Saturdays until the 6th April. These will be run in 2 venues: smaller lanterns can be made at the Old Junior School, South View Road, Sharrow, and the larger lanterns can be made at our new venue, The Hub, Sharrow Lane (behind Mount Pleasant on Sharrow Lane). This year there are also extra big lantern making sessions on Thursday evenings at The Old Junior

School from the 7th February until the 4th April 7-10pm. This will be a great opportunity to create huge willow structures with friends and family. All these workshops build up to the annual Sharrow Lantern Carnival; On Sunday 7th April 2013, thousands will raise their lanterns high and process through the streets of Sharrow, creating a fantastic carnival atmosphere. This year the theme is Roots; whether its nature, history, or and make a free lantern with your local community. For more details pampering for Mums in the Big Mothers Day Out eral form of massage and henna.

By Luisa Golob

It’s that time of year again when we ponder for weeks about exactly how we can let our lovely Mums know just how much we love and appreciate them. Well why don’t you bring them down to The Old Junior School on the 10th March and let us do the entertaining? From 3pm til 6pm there’ll be activities aplenty - with afternoon tea, scones, cake decorating lessons, music, games and gen-

Entry is charged at £2 per person or £5 per family, which includes food. Go on, treat her (and yourself!) down at the Old Junior School, South View Road, Sharrow. For any other information, please contact Luisa at: creativeactionnetwork@googlemail. com or phone: 07854983197. For more information please take a look at our website: www.

12 Sharrow Today

February - March 2013

‘It’s not just pots!’

Artist of the month: Sarah Vanic

By Charlotte Brazier


















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