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Sharrow Today October 2011

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It’s Your Paper - Join Our Team By Joanna Swain

As you may know, since Colin Havard left Sharrow Community Forum, Sharrow Today has been written, collated and edited by a new group of volunteers, some of whom are pictured …. This will be the third edition we have put together collectively and though we are still very much finding our feet, we feel we are starting to get to grips with some of tasks necessary in putting a community paper together. However we are a very small group and consequently each member ends up having to do a lot of work. • We need your help. • We need to know how you think we are doing. Is there anything you think we should change? • We need articles- did you

know that Sharrow Today has a press run of 2000 and you can advertise ( preferably in the form of an article) your event, community group, local business etc for free? Or maybe you just want to write about something that interests you. Anything is considered and most used! Once we make the paper it still, then, needs to be delivered and this at the moment is falling to the same team. • Can you help with distribution? • Do you have a business that could do with some reading material.

your community.

Any thoughts and constructive Each month we have to write a criticism will be gratefully relot of the articles and spend a lot ceived. of time chasing others. We are a team of 3 or 4 volIt is a community newspaper and unteers. If this number doesn’t should reflect what you see in increase we fear the paper will

eventually fold and we don’t want to see this happen! Have your say. E-mail or pop in to the Old Junior School and leave a message.

Call for Witnesses Police attended the Crowther Place area of Sheffield at 12.45pm on Friday 30 September, after a report that a man had been assaulted.The man was treated by a paramedic at the scene before being taken by ambulance to the city’s Northern General Hospital, where he died an hour after the incident.Meanwhile police have sealed off the area, which includes part of Abbeydale Road, and have begun investigations.Anyone with information about how the man was injured should contact South Yorkshire Police on: 0114 2202020 and quote incident number 520 of 30 September.

Inside this issue: Meet Munir

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Grow Veg in your garden


From Youths to Youthworkers Page 4

Views expressed in Sharrow Today are not necessarily those of Sharrow Community Forum.

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Contact Sharrow Community Forum on 0114 250 8384.

Meet Munir - Our Cosmopolitan Corner Shop King By Joanna Swain I love our corner shop!

After some time in refugee camps ested. Besides, he speaks three in Hamswell and Bexhill they were languages and his wife speaks When I lived in Scarborough - by helped by family friends who gave two. The boys only speak English! mistake for six years - if I was left in them a house to rent in Sheffield. the lurch for want of tea ingrediThe demographic of the shop has ents, the best I could procure from His older siblings all worked at Vin- changed radically over the years. the corner shop there was a tin of ers and eventually, about 25 years ‘Originally it was mostly white beans and a white sliced loaf. ago, his father managed to get families that shopped here; there enough money together to buy Not so if you live anywhere near the building that is now the shop, were no students at all. Then the South View Road in Sharrow. area became more multi-racial and Munir, his sister and his parand I started stocking more contients moved into the flat above. Now if you drop by uninvited for nental foods. About 18 years ago tea I can whip you up many a My Dad wanted me to have the students came and now there delight from around the world us- something for me to do when I left is a real mix round here.’ ing a variety of fresh ingredients, school. I think He had a good idea herbs, spices and dried goods just I wasn’t going to do too well with He is gearing up for a major refurby popping down the road for bishment at the end of the year. my qualifications!’ says Munir. two minutes! ’I’ve decided i’m not going to be Sure enough he left Silverdale retiring any time soon so I want Munir arrived in England from when he was 15 and immediately to give the shop a really modern Uganda in 1972 with his Indian started working along side his Dad look and make it a more comfortborn Dad his Kenyan Mum and 8 in the shop. able place to work’ siblings. I ask him if he felt lost working After all he is there most of the They were forced to leave when alone there after his Dad died time being open from 11.30 till the then president, Idi Amin, or15 years ago. ‘You’re kidding! As 8pm every day! dered the expulsion of the coun- soon as I was 17 and old enough try’s Asian minority giving them just to drive to the suppliers I was left So if you’re new to the area or 90 days to leave! to it’ He’s now been running it for have never yet popped in and had a look, go and visit, Like many of the Ugandan Asian over 25 years. population his parents were British Munir actually met his wife Tina, You’ll be amazed at how much citizens and emigrated here, leav- who is half Chinese and Half they sell. And you can of course ing their home and business to be Scottish, at school where he was get that tin of beans and white ‘handed over’ to Amin’s support- friends with her brother. They have sliced loaf too! ers. Even the £50 they had in their been life long friends but only pockets was taken off them at married 8 years ago. They have the airport. two boys who are 4 and 7. They arrived here with nothing, not I wonder if he will be passing the even any milk for 2 year old Munir. shop onto them and he says he doesn’t think they will be inter-

Munir’s Mini-Market South View Road open 364 days/yr

Community Growth = Vegetable Growth By Ben Allen

I love living in Sharrow.

There is nothing like working together, sharing and helping There’s such a wonderful mix of each other out to build compeople and a really positive vibe. munity. In the process we also However one thing I used to think get an abundance of free food Sharrow lacked was places to to pass around to all involved. grow food; open space or near- We also make our streets more by allotments. beautiful and something to be proud of. Then one day whilst walking past the often flourishing weeds in Life is so much more rich, positive some gardens I thought ‘these and safe when we have a strong could be flourishing blackcurcommunity spirit around us; when rents, or potatoes, or tomatoes?’ we share, help, rely on and call And why not? on each other. There IS loads of unused land in Sharrow-peoples gardens! There are also lots of people in Sharrow who do love gardening and often have allotments they drive to. Why not connect those who do enjoy gardening with people with gardens they don’t want/ can’t cope with/ don’t use!? Why not grow food in those gardens? 2

I’ve long believed that most of us strongly desire it. However breaking out of our independent, self contained lives, breaking down barriers and opening doors initially takes more discomfort, courage and time than most of us are comfortable with. But if you do think it’s worth it then start having more chats on your street, or bake an extra cake to take round (who doesn’t like cake!) or even invite some neighbours to a house party.

All gardens are useful as we can Or, of course, volunteer yourself or your garden in return for some grow in pots. Between us we can choose what food we enjoy. If free food! you’re up for it get in touch. If I’ll be fliering/ knocking on doors you live on a different road and on Vincent and South View road fancy starting one yourself you over the winter scoping interest. can also get in touch. Happy growing! I’m keen myself to keep it local with the emphasis on neighbours Ben Allen- 07515 128551. meeting one another.

Bonfire Night By Margaret Daly I was chatting to my brother, on a bleak November morning, Speaking of the weather, which we hoped would turn out bright, When he touched upon a memory, of a time I’d quite forgotten, A time when we were children and it was bonfire night.

We only had a backyard, but our dad made us a fire, In a bucket stood on bricks, with its sides all punched with holes, He filled it up with wood, that he carried home from work, Then he went to fetch a shovelfull of red hot coals.

Parents Together By Emma Parmakis As many of you will know, Sharrow Surestart, along with other Children’s Centres across the city, have faced massive financial cuts since the Liberal Democrat budget earlier this year. As part of its pre-election promise, Labour stated that it would reverse the cuts to Surestart if it reclaimed administrative power of local government. However, even though Labour are back in office, Surestart has had to meet the cuts put in place by the previous administration – and has lost staff and services as a result. As Chair of the Advisory Board at Sharrow Surestart, I have heard from many parents in the area concerned that Surestart is reducing its opening hours, activities, even facing closure.

We were so excited, when our mum made us some toffee, A jar of boiled sweet-fishes were the usual sweets we had,

I would like to reassure parents that this is not the case. But what

She scrubbed some big potatoes, which we ate while in their jackets, In the oven by the fire she made some parkin for our dad.

By Emma Parmakis

A little box of fireworks had us sitting round the table, Roman Candles and the Catherine Wheels, brought endless great delight, There was Golden Rain and Rockets and Jumpers, even Bangers, We looked and read each label, then they were lit and set alight.

I was suddenly transported to those times when we were children, Remembering just how close we were and all the fun we had, We never had a lot, but we had a bit of most things, And I wish I could say thank you, to our mum and to our dad.

Margaret Daly is a grandmother from Sharrow who has been an active member of Highfield Trinity Church, on London Road, for many, many years.

Surestart does need, is for all of from so many of you. us - mums, dads, grandparents and carers – to use our local chil- In response, Surestart would like to set up a parents group called dren’s centre. Parents Together, to meet once All the activities are free except a month to discuss Surestart and Pregnancy Yoga, and you don’t keep it offering the services we need to book in advance. In ad- want for parents and young childition to midwife and Health visi- dren. tor appointments, there are Stay There isn’t a parent out there and Plays, Breastfeeding Cafe, who couldn’t do with some Weaning group, arts and craft support, friendship and advice group, and Dad’s group, plus adult and family learning classes from time to time, and for many, being able to meet with other throughout term-times. parents, carers or grandparents As a community, Sharrow is won- can make all the difference. derfully diverse – there are over 60 languages spoken in the area! So if you have any suggestions about what you think Surestart It is also an area where people get involved with the community should be offering, or better still, have any time to volunteer and are keen to contribute towards local activities, events and at Surestart, then get in touch. Afterall, Sharrow Surestart is your festivals. Children’s Centre – Use it - Lets So when Sharrow Surestart held not lose it! a meeting to invite local parents For more information on Parand carers to say what they wanted from their children’s cen- ents Together please call 01142 507373, or Emma on 07910 tre, we were delighted to hear 699928

What’s happening at Sharrow Surestart every week?


Wednesday Baby Clinic with Health Visitors 9.30 - 12.00

Weaning Session - 10.00 -12.00

Yoga for Pregnancy - 7.30 - 9.30pm - charges apply. Booking is essential - call 01142 678948



Stay & Play at highfield Trinity 10.00 - 12.00

Midwives Drop-in Group (individual consultations by appointment) - 10.00 - 12.00

Stay & Play at Broomhall Centre Breastfeeding Cafe - 10.00 - 12.00 (Broomspring Lane) 10.00 - 11.30 Midwives appointments - from 9.00 onwards Tuesday Crawl & Climb - 10.00 - 11.30 (for children aged 1-2)

Arts & Crafts Group - 1.00 - 3.00 For parents and Children (Term time only)

Ready Steady Go - 10.00 - 12.00 Tuesday Suprise (activity & lunch) - Drop in if you are concerned 11.30 - 1.00 (term time only) about your child’s development Baby Time Drop-in - 1.30 - 3.00 (Term time only) (Birth - 1 year)

Saturday Dad’s Drop-in 10.30 - 12.30 - Fun activities & support for dad’s and their children

Health Champions By Tanyat Basharat Congratulations to ShipShape Health champions, who received a certificate at a health champions award ceremony at the Town Hall on Tuesday 20th September 2011. Also congratulations and good luck go to Connie Chapman and Val Pico in their new jobs. Best of luck for the future! Shipshape would like to thank all the Health Champions for their hard work and commitment.


A Tale of Two Theatres By Joanna Swain Last month I was lucky enough to attend two very different, but equally enjoyable theatre experiences. The first was at the Crucible, which is 40 this year and as part of their celebrations they have staged an incredibly impressive production of Othello with ‘the wire’ mega-stars Domonic West and Clark Peters. I was invited to the press night: third row seats, and a packed audience electric with expectation. The performance was riveting and beautifully executed, both in its performances and its direction. It’s wonderful to see a show in a full auditorium, especially in your own city and the big stars certainly help to draw in the crowds: the production is nearly sold out to end of its run! If I had any criticisms they would be of the plot, not the production its self. Sometimes it is a little bit difficult as modern audience to make the leap of faith necessary to accept that the characters behave in such erratic and violent ways. But Shakespeare is Shakespeare: not everyone’s cup of tea and you can’t mess about with it too much! Not so the second show I saw this month. In ‘Two Brothers and One World Cup’ the audience actually gets to choose the sequence of events -making 720 different ways to tell the story! No mean learning feat for the two strong cast. This show could not have differed more from Othello. No big names, no set other than a chair or two, an irreverent relationship with the text and sadly only ten people in the audience. Every single one of us though had a really good night out and I don’t even like football! The theatres themselves could not be more different either. The crucible holds around 750 and is in the center of town. The Lantern is in the heart of our own community on Kenwood Park Road and holds only 84. The Lantern Theatre, originally known as the Chalet Theatre, was built as a private theatre by 4

From Youths to Youth Workers By Keith Ward

William Webster. He lived in a large adjoining property in Priory Road and the land on which the theatre stands was used for his carriage and horses. The part of the building now used for the dressing room, wardrobe and scenery store was Mr. Webster’s stable and coach house. However, by the 1950’s the theatre had fallen into disuse and the neglected building rose from a forest of undergrowth. It was Dilys Guite, an actress and drama teacher, who approached the then owner, Charles Richardson, FURD (Football Unites - Racism Diwith a view to restoring it. vides) is proud to report that four In May 1957 a nominal rent was young people closely involved agreed and Dilys and her small with the project have successfully group embarked on their mamgained a NVQ Level 2 qualificamoth task. Mr. Richardson was so tion in Youth Work, delivered by impressed with their enthusiasm Sheffield Futures. and sheer hard work that he presented the theatre to the players Amjid Hafiz, Sandro Vashakidze, Sajida Bibi and Sajaad Rauf all in memory of his wife, Annie. started as participants in FURD’s This year under the stewardship young people’s programmes of the Dylis Guite Players the the- and progressed to do voluntary atre’s foyer has an amazing face work with FURD. Amjid, Sandro lift and they have an impressive and Sajaad are all now emprogramme of professional small ployed part time with FURD scale touring shows on offer. They even have a very reasonably priced bar with locally brewed ales and beers.

Amjid as a youth engagement officer, Sandro as a football coach and Sajaad as volunteer support worker, while Sajida is working for Sheffield City Council. FURD’s volunteer co-ordinator Mehrun Ahmed said, “we are delighted that FURD has been able to help these young people to develop to a point where they can support and mentor other young people, from a position of understanding, and to make a positive contribution to the community”.

Yet hardly anyone knows it exists. See our vox pop in this issue. Not one of our interviewees mentioned having been there. If you fancy a trip to theatre then I think in Sheffield we are really lucky. The Crucible is producing world class shows at the moment and they try very hard to offer deals: it’s often not as expensive as you think. And in Sharrow we have the added bonus of being able to just wander round the corner to the cutest little theatre imaginable and watch innovative and massively enjoyable performances with really small ticket prices. So check out the seasons for both theatres and see if you fancy anything. I bet you have a great night out. box office 0114 249 6000 box office 0114 2551776

The Lantern Theatre (top)

The Crucible Theatre (bottom)

Sharrow Community Forum


The company is limited by guarantee. The objects are the regeneration of the Sharrow area of Sheffield. The trustees, who are also directors for the purposes of company law, and who served during the year were: Tim Chester resigned 5/1/11, Hafren Williams resigned 5/1/11, Linsey Taylor-Auad resigned 15/10/10, Jill Lancaster resigned 18/09/11, Anne Davies, Tim Bathatchet appointed 22/11/10, James Chapman, Steven Owen appointed 18/1/11, Bea Jefferson & Maggie O’Neil Appointed 18/09/11.

Objectives and Activities The principal activity of the company is that of facilitating the social, economic and environmental regeneration of the area by encouraging and supporting partnership working between and within the community, voluntary, statutory and business sector. There has been no change in this activity during the year.

Achievements and Performance Examples of some of the activities, work and partnerships SCF have been involved in during 2010-11:


Sharrow Community Forum


Activities 2010-11

ShipShape has gone from strength to strength again this year, with the development of the Health Trainer service and hosting low level mental health workers. We have increased our health checks in community settings, started healthy eating Cook Along courses, and had success in getting Health Champion volunteers into employment. The Stop Smoking Service has not only met all its targets but continues to increase the numbers of clients it supports; seeing 75 clients between April 2010 and April 2011 with a 48 % increase on client access since then.

We focussed on attracting other providers to use the space and secured 7 regular U3A courses as well as regular ESOL provision from several different organisations.

In managing the Old Junior School we have continued to provide a community facility used by a wide range of local groups, including regular youth clubs, City of Sheffield Amateur Boxing Club, Community Choir, Side by Side theatre group, Lai Yin Association, Parent & Toddler group, a sewing group, conversation class and African dance classes. In addition we have rented out space for weddings, parties and other events. We now have over 500 people per week using the building, not including staff.

Our proactive community engagement work during the year was limited due to the end of all funding related to it. We focussed on supporting key resident groups around Lansdowne Estate and Abbeydale, but we also took the opportunity to become involved in supporting faith organisations through partnership working with Sheffield Faiths Forum. This led to a joint research project with Highfield Trinity Methodist Church and the Usmania Mosque as well as the production of a faith group directory for the area.

During the year we continued a UKOnline service at the Old Junior School, with over 50 regular users accessing online training courses, as part of a series of training courses on offer.

During the year we started to work in partnership with Creative Action Network to run a series of social events and fun courses to attract people to use the space, and we also started a lunch cafe two days per week.

2010-11 saw us stopping the provision of cleaning staff for Sharrow Primary School but we extended our facilities management service to included St Peter’s and Highfield Trinity as well as Sharrow SureStart, increasing the amount of local employment we can offer.

Sharrow Community Forum ANNUAL REPORT 2010-11 We have continued to produce Sharrow Today regularly, with significant amount of volunteer input, especially in delivering the paper door-to-door.

During the year we have improved our volunteering support, both at ShipShape and at the Old Junior School, so that we can offer structured volunteering opportunities as well as the more informal opportunities to get involved with projects.

Distinctive Sharrow has developed its various projects during the year with huge amounts of volunteer input. In addition we started to support tenants of Portland Works to develop a response to proposed redevelopment of the Works by the landlord. This has led to us securing high level support from across the city and the input of several professionals to help create a business case for retaining the works as an important place of local employment that supports historical Sheffield trades.

Our partnership working during the year included being part of the Sharrow Children’s Centre Advisory Board, continuing to have a place on the Sharrow CAB Board, and helping to secure community input into the Central Community Assembly Partner Panel. Our involvement in Sharrow Programme continued, albeit more arm’s length than previously, although the development of a new community hub has not moved forward as quickly as we hoped.

We have also taken over the coordination and chairing of the Central Area Learning Partnership, which looks at joint working between training providers as well as making recommendations to Sheffield City Council around monies spent on training activity across the Central Assembly area.

With the end of Sharrow Partnership in March 2010 we took over the running of the Shine on Sharrow local grant scheme and gave out 6 small grants for activities that encouraged people to meet their neighbours. We also continued to support Team Sharrow and host events for workers from local organisations.

Staff Team 2011-12 Jonathan Roberts Development Manager, Chris Hanson Community Health Development Manager Tanyat Basharat Community Health Development Manager Manal Lotfallah Finance Worker (part-time), Natalie Gregory Receptionist/Administrator, Elaine Nightingale Community Health Development Worker, Saima Ahmed Health Trainer, Charlotte Duckmanton, Health Trainer, Ruth Passey Health Trainer, Waqas Hameed Health Trainer, Susannah Brewer Information Worker, Adrian Mackey Caretaker/Cleaner, Ridouan Smikil Cleaner

Sharrow Community Forum ANNUAL REPORT 2010-11 Future Plans

In terms of work SCF is determined to continue a varied programme of engagement based around health, the built environment, and training & skills, whilst making the most of the Old Junior School facility. We may need to adjust the amount of work we do in each area in line with finances however. We will continue to undertake work that brings people together and strengthens communities in Sharrow. More people and organisations continue to use the Old Junior School site in what is becoming the cornerstone of SCF strategy going forward – not only in the expansion of what is on offer and increased numbers using the site, but also with refurbishment plans about to be realised in January 2012 . Alongside this, SCF continues to explore options for the re-opening of the Nursery + Infants building on the site with a feasibility study and business plan currently being written. SCF are also talking to local partners to discuss options for the site as a whole.

Another key example of current and future strategy going forward is Shipshape’s healthy eating work. As a result of the success of the community food work, Sharrow Community Forum, Shipshape and Creative Action Network have set up our community food project, Blend. The main aims of Blend are to run a range of activities and events that encourage people learn to cook, bring people from different local communities together and provide a range of volunteering opportunities for local people. Blend currently has a team of 10 people working on various parts of the project doing everything from web site design and maintenance to running the baking club and cook along sessions. The project has plans to continue to expand the offer in the future with an emphasis on health related activity, community engagement and community cohesion.

Sharrow Today continues to be published with a volunteer editorial team proving to be very effective and making the newspaper more reflective of the community’s voice. Although these are challenging times for organisations of all types across the country, SCF will continue to explore new avenues for income generation and fundraising. The potential to continue to work with and for the community are still at the forefront of our strategy. We have also increased our skills base at a strategic level with the co-opting of Trustees throughout the year. The new trustees have brought a range of skills and experience that will be crucial for SCF moving forward. SCF will continue to undertake activities with the express aims of facilitating the social, economic and environmental regeneration of Sharrow.

Acknowledgements Sharrow Community Forum wishes to thank all of its stakeholders for their input into the work of the forum. The work of SCF is only possible through the support of members, both individual and organisations and the active involvement of our trustees. In addition SCF wishes to thank its funders and contractors throughout the year which have included Sheffield City Council, NHS Sheffield and Sheffield Well-being Consortium.

Contacts Sharrow Community Forum The Old Junior School South View Road Sheffield S7 1DB 0114 2508384 shipshape 222 London Road Sheffield S2 4LW 0114 2500222

Sharrow Community Forum 8

Theatre Vox Pop: This month Steve Fryer went out and about around Sharrow to find out what you think about going to the theatre in Sheffield. Here is what you said

Will Larter

Charlotte Duckmanton Mohammed Ali

Joe Gregory

Jeannie Pryce-Davies Chris Hanson

Which Sheffield theatres have you been to?

Which Sheffield theatres have you been to?

Which Sheffield thea- Which Sheffield thea- Which Sheffield theatres have you been tres have you been tres have you been to? to? to?

I’ve only been to the Crucible

None. I have been to the theatre, but not to Sheffield theatres – I’ve been to the theatre in Retford , and a few in London.

I’ve been to the Crucible Theatre and, years before that, to the Octagon Centre to watch a musical drama. I enjoyed it. The most recent one we went to was the Abbeydale Picture House – to a Punch and Judy type show with the kids.

What would make you more likely to go to the theatre? I’ve only been to the theatre when someone’s said “lets go to the theatre” and we’ve gone. I’m not really an active theatre goer. I do see posters in the street and think that looks interesting, but not to the extent that I go out and buy a ticket. What do you think of the Crucible Theatre and the performances they put on?

What would make you more likely to go to the theatre? If I got a list through the post about what was on, rather than having to look for it. So the publicity is the important thing? Yes. You can have a ‘What’s on’ sent through the post which tells you what’s on about 6 months in advance. That’s a good way of publicising it more, with a bit of a blurb to go with it.

Those are the only three times I can remember in my whole life.

I’ve been to the Crucible and the Lyceum. I went to see Lenny Henry at the Crucible. But I’ve been to the Lyceum more – I’ve been to the pantomime there a few times and I went there to see Grease, a long time ago. More recently I went to see the Rocky Horror Show.

I’ve been to the Crucible, and the Lyceum, and the Merlin, and the Drama Studio. So I think I have been to pretty well all of them. What would make you more likely to go to the theatre? I don’t think anything really.

You go enough alWhat would make ready. you more likely to go Yes. I think I do. Yes. to the theatre?

What would make you more likely to go More of the stuff I’m to the theatre? interested in – more comedy and music. Definitely more time on my hands. Does the cost put you off? I know that the cost can be pretty steep Not really. If I’ve got and you’re sat there the money I’ll go. thinking you could What do you think of use that money at the Crucible Theatre home. and the performancI like cultural plays es they put on? with a story line The only performance based on different cultures, that type of I’ve seen there is Lenny Henry. thing

What do you think of the Crucible Theatre and the performances they put on?

I love the Crucible. I love the fact that Richard Wilson is The performances one of the associI’ve seen there have ate directors there been most enjoyable. What do you think of because he’s such a nice guy. You’ll the Crucible Theatre It’s a good theatre. often find him sitting and the performancI think theatre in the in the audience, if round is a good way es they put on? it’s one of the plays of doing drama – it’s I only know the Cruhe’s directed, and got a sort of intimacy cible for the snooker. then he mingles with about it. I nearly went there everybody during I prefer the Lyceum to see the snooker the break. He chats What do you think of You feel much closer - it’s brighter and championship last with people and talks the Crucible Theatre to the actors, even if there’s more space to time. to them about what and the performancyou are still 30 yards move around. they think. It just feels es they put on? from the stage, and I’ve never been inside really nice. It feels because you see the building, but it I’m going back about very appropriate for them from all sides doesn’t really do any- 20 years years now, Sheffield – very sociathe actors seem thing for me. when I was at school. ble. It sums up Shefmuch more like real We liked the atmosWhat do field really. people rather than phere more in the you think? just performers. Crucible than the Let us other ones. know.

Which Sheffield theatres have you been to? The Lyceum and the Crucible. What would make you more likely to go to the theatre? We go to the theatre two or three times a year anyway – to probably more of the really good London Shows. We went to Spamalot earlier in the year. More of those. Cost puts me off to an extent. It could be cheaper. When you compare it with going to see a band - you are paying £5 or £10 to see a band and then it’s £20 or £30 sometimes to go to the theatre. What do you think of the Crucible Theatre and the performances they put on? Very good. There’s a good atmosphere. Do you like the open layout? It depends what you’re watching really. Certain plays are probably better in a more conventional theatre, while other ones need a bit more interaction between the audience and the actors.


Health & Social Care Are you interested in a short introductory course in Health & Social Care? Level 1 an introduction to Health & Social Care Covering a Variety of area’s including:  Equality, diversity and inclusion  Introduction to the role of the Social Care Worker  Awareness of Safeguarding Ask at Sharrow Community Forum Old Junior School Reception for details 0114 2508384

The Level 1 certificate to Health & Safety is 2 and a half hours a week, over 15 weeks. We hope to run the course in January ‘12

CHILDCARE Are you interested in a short introductory course in Childcare? Level 1 Certificate in Caring for Children Covering a Variety of area’s including:  Encouraging Children to Eat Healthily  Books, stories, Poems and Rhymes for Children  Creative Activities  Keeping Children safe Ask at Sharrow Community Forum Old Junior School Reception for details 0114 2508384 The Level 1 Certificate in Caring for Children is 2 and a half hours a week, over 15 weeks.



Folk Club Sells Out!

Howard has left the building...but not for good!

By Michael Tinker

By Ruth Johnson Howard Holmes, the Project Director of FURD (Football Unites, Racism Divides) takes semi-retirement this month after 15 years at the helm.

Belonging?’ research project, the new Arthur Wharton Heritage Project, preparations for FURD’s move to the U-Mix centre next year and fund-raising.

What do you like to do on a Sunday evening? Put your feet up for one final weekend chill before the working week begins? Watch a bit of TV? Go to bed early...?

One of FURD’s founders, he has steered the project from its beginnings as a local initiative tackling problems of racism in the Bramall Lane area of Sheffield, to its current position as a multi-faceted organisation with a local, national and international profile working in the areas of youth inclusion and community cohesion.

After a re-structure, from October, FURD will be led by two joint co-ordinators, Mehrun Ahmed and Simon Hyacinth.

At least 60 people had different ideas on the 25th September 2011.

Howard will continue to work part-time on specific aspects of FURD’s work, specifically the ‘Football: A Shared Sense of

Your local representatives Cllr Jillian Creasy (Green)

Cramming into the side room at Mehrun will lead on FURD’s com- the Lounge Bar, on Montgomery munity cohesion, youth work and Road, a sell-out crowd settled in education work, while Simon will for an evening of folk, ale, singing and much fun. manage the project’s football development work. The event was the first ever NethBoth are long standing members er Edge Folk Club and Lucy Ward was the star of the evening. of the FURD team and will conWinning the crowd over with tinue with their current project amusing stories, a great cover of work alongside their manageSheffield-born star Jarvis Cocker’s ment roles. ‘Common People’ and a depth of voice that had everyone on the edge of their seats, Lucy got the club off to a flying start.

Tel: 0114 272 7886 (Home)

And it came as no surprise. Lucy has been playing to crowds up and down the country, performing at numerous festivals and alongside big folk names such as Seth Lakeman and Jim Moray.

Email: Cllr Rob Murphy (Green)

Tel: 0114 274 7752

Email: The regular monthly Green councillor surgeries are at Highfield Library, London Rd, 10.30 – 11.30am, third Saturday Cllr Mohammad Maroof (Labour)

She was a finalist at the 2009 BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award, and on the evening’s performance many were left wondering why she didn’t win it.

Tel: 07790 017 298

Email: Monthly surgeries at Highfiled Library, 12.00 - 1.00, first Saturday & Madina Mosque Community Room, 2.30 - 3.30, first Sunday

The next Nether Edge Folk Club is on the 9th October and the award-winning Ian Stephenson will be performing with Sarah Hayes.

The Councillors for Nether Edge ward are: Cllr Qurban Hussain (Labour) Tel: (Town Halll) 0114 273 5588 Email: Cllr Anders Hanson (Liberal Democrat) Tel: (Home) 0114 303 0064 Email: Cllr: Ali Qadar (Liberal Democrat)

Tel: (Home) 0114 258 5395


Ian Stephenson will appear at the Nether Edge Folk Club on the 9th October.

Tickets are £10 on the door (£8 advance, £6 concessions) and can be booked from the Lounge on 0114 255 4363. Given the fact that I couldn’t get a seat at my own folk club this time around it’ll be worth booking early.

Paul Blomfield is the MP for Sheffield Central ward, which covers Sharrow. He can be contacted on 0114 272 2882 or via His consituency office is Unit 4, Edmund Road Business Centre, 135 Edmund Road, Sheffield S2 4ED. His website is Regular surgeries are held on: 2nd Friday of each month between 4.30-5.30pm and 4th Saturday of each month (except April and Dec) between 9.30-10.30am. Please tel. 0114 272 2882 frst to check the dates and book your appointment.

More details at www.

Lucy Ward was a sell-out.

If you have something to say, or have a comment to make about anything you have seen in this edition or you have an event you would like to advertise, please get in touch: Sharrow Community Forum, The Old Junior School, South View Road, S7 1DB 0114 250 8384

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Artist of the month: Mark Maclean, Local Photographer By Joanna Swain If you went to Highfield Trinity Church, on London Road, during the Sharrow Fringe Festival you may have come across the beautiful photographs of Mark Maclean, a local artist who takes stunning shots of subjects as diverse as the cooling towers, concentration camps and puffins! Take a look at his website, he really does take amazing shots and although he does play around with some of them to achieve special effects artificially, most of the stunning creativity is achieved by using old fashioned techniques such as long exposure and special lenses. But Mark didn’t always want to be a photographer; he left school wanting to be a pilot in the R.A.F! However when asthma put paid to this ambition he followed a stint of work experience at T.C. Harrisons with a Btech in motor vehicle engineering. He found it difficult to find any work in this field, having no experience but meanwhile had done a GCSE in photography just to learn how to take better holiday snaps. It turned out he had a natural flare for the medium and followed a Btech with a degree from Blackpool and the Fylde College, whose photography course has the best reputation in the country. When his job as a graphic designer in Preston came to an end he moved back to Sheffield where his lack of dark room prompted him to start experimenting with digital photography, and he hasn’t looked back, launching his website in 2009. He has taken photographs for weddings - ‘I prefer the more candid, socio-documentary style shots, but obviously people want the more formal stuff as well’ - and one of his wildlife shots ,’puffin flying’, has ended up on the BBC Springwatch website!

ex-jewellers shop front opposite Debenhams in February. ‘But if you want to see my Tinsley Towers work and other local stuff, that will be on display in one of the other empty shop fronts on Pinstone Street from the 17th Of October.’ The picture of the towers, shown here, is in extraordinarily high definition. Although it obviously looks beautiful reproduced in our high quality newspaper it’s worth checking out on the website and zooming in for it’s clarity of detail. He also takes a photo group once a fortnight, on a Saturday, at MHAGS (mental health action group Sheffield). ‘We meet in their day centre above the castle market but often we go out around town or parks or the canal, taking photographs. It’s about the pictures but it’s also a social thing’ So does he regret the fact that he never got to fly? Funnily enough photography recently helped him to realise his dream. Whilst taking shots at Waddington Air Show one of the air cadets saw his photos of the squadron’s departure day and was so impressed that he took him up on a flight where he was even able to take the controls for a while! Up and coming projects include a calendar and a photo book he would like to create from photos he took on a trip with St. Mary’s Church to the stunning island of Iona. ‘I’ve been meaning to do it for ages but I just keep taking more photos and it gets left on the back burner’ ‘What I love about photography is it open’s your eyes and makes you spot things you don’t normally see, I always have a camera on me, even if it just the one on my phone!’

He helped to curate the art exhibition at Highfield Trinity Church and organises art exhibitions with other enthusiasts at the place where he works - the civil service - creating a giant advent calendar for Christmas last year.

Much of his work is for sale and one of his large prints recently achieved £150 at a charity auction, ‘So I reckon I’ve got the pricing about right!’

In fact he and a couple of colleagues will be exhibiting in the

Check him out on


Perfect for a Christmas present?

Sharrow Today | October 2011  
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