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Winter 2013, Volume XXIX, No. 2 Published by Peterson Middle School PTSA • Santa Clara Unified Council • Sixth District • California PTA Susan E. Harris, Principal • Leslie Kloes, PTSA President • Margit Look Henry, Editor

Principal’s Message Dear Family and Friends of Peterson Middle School, One of the great joys of my job is watching the success of our students and staff. It seems as if each day something new happens here at Peterson that is worthy of recognition and celebration! For me, this ranges from the direct work I get to do with students, such as working with our ASB Officers in their preparation to meet with Dr. Rose, our Superintendent. I’ve also been able to celebrate with the PTSA Reflections participants and parents, meet with students interested in starting a new Latino Club, cheer on our student athletes at sporting events, and work with our amazing teachers and staff as we develop Common Core-aligned curriculum and new approaches for assessment. I love coming to school each day! This year’s Red Ribbon Week carried a strong message to our students and community. Each day the Leadership students organized events around what life could be like drug/alcohol-free! We thank the 17 parent volunteers who came to Peterson’s 2nd Annual Career Day to share their daily life and careers with students. We had an architect, national coast guard officer, nurse, water fitness trainer, NASA Ames and Research scientist, paralegal, police officer, software engineers, and more! There were very interesting careers and the students' questions went very well. Kudos to our Leadership class! Stay Drug Free!

Mrs. Harris

Happy Holidays from the Latino Club

We had a very successful 2nd Annual Turkey Trot, and it was great to see our whole school participating! Raising over $6,000 for new PE equipment and support for charity, it was a “feel good” day and event. Congrats to Mr. Gillmore and our PE staff for putting it together, and thanks to our parent volunteers, community support and staff for making it a great event! See the PE article for more details on the event. Have a wonderful holiday season, and as always feel free to contact me if you have any thoughts or concerns about our school. Yours truly, Mrs. Harris 408-423-2801 Email, Website:

Peterson’s newest club decorating cookies and writing holiday cards for seniors

Red Ribbon Week Career Day

News from our Vice Principal If you are reading this, it means that you are thinking about what is best for your student, family and our community during this festive season. As we shift into this season, we start to celebrate traditions. From carving pumpkins at Halloween to celebrating the New Year, we contribute to our national culture Mr. Masur by being a part of something. Holding neighborhood barbecues and New Year’s Day potlucks provide us opportunities get to know our neighbors. Baking special birthday cakes and setting the table with a birthday tablecloth create a sense of belonging in families. These are all traditions that help us build support, connection and caring in our families, neighborhoods, schools and communities. Celebration of traditions creates a common bond and builds community. Traditions can be created by intentional words or deeds to value a person or event in our life. If you want to learn more about older traditions, consult with elders to find out about the traditions of their childhood. Think of what they say. Would it be fun to start a new-older tradition? Reviving something old will link older generations to today’s youth. Celebration of traditions gives us a positive sense of self. Traditions that are based in our cultural heritage give us a sense of who we are and where our ancestors came from. Weaving cultural heritage activities throughout our daily lives roots us with a sense of purpose and promotes family togetherness. Working together with grandchildren, children, and parents to cook special foods, to sing songs, to dance ceremonial dances, and to hear family stories connects family members and preserves their heritage for future generations. To preserve your traditions or to start new ones, follow these guidelines: • Keep your traditions simple. • They should be fun, inexpensive and not time consuming. • Provide opportunities for all to be involved, from the youngest to the oldest. • Look at your interests as a group and create an activity based in this interest.


Turkey Trotting Teachers!

Discuss your thoughts with all family members including the children. Ask for their suggestions on what to do or how to improve something you are already doing. Rituals don’t need to be complex to be meaningful. Finally, you may also want to start a traditions journal with your family to record the current traditions you celebrate all year long. In your journal, write all about it. Include recipes, pictures, and a brief description of your activities. Future generations will maintain and continue the tradition if there is a written record. Families with a strong sense of traditions and special celebrations are more likely to raise kids who have a strong sense of identity, remain healthy, have close ties to family members, and succeed in school. This is a great time of year to focus on traditions, either experiencing them through the holidays or including them in a New Years’ resolution. May your holidays be filled with your best traditions! 2

Planning tab on the left side of the page, and selecting Parent Guide.

Traffic Safety Reminders Hello Pirate Parents! I am writing to thank you for respecting and supporting our safety focus at school this year. A lot of what we do on this campus to protect students begins with a partnership between community members and school personnel. With that in mind please understand that high volumes of traffic at Peterson during arrival and pick-up times can lead to poor traffic circulation and often unsafe conditions for students. For example, our vehicle congestion and queuing during drop-off and pick-up times can conflict with pedestrian and bicycling circulation access to sidewalks. That is why it is good to go slowly and be aware of your surroundings. Also, we don’t want parents to engage in a variety of illegal or unsafe behaviors, including parking in a crosswalk, double-parking, speeding, parking in NO PARKING areas or fire lanes, ignoring turn restrictions, or parking in locations that encourage their children to cross a travel lane. I thought that I would reiterate some general rules that we all should follow. 1.



Be patient and go SLOW! The most important thing is the safety of the students. Be aware of the cars in front of you, as well as those behind when you are dropping off and departing.


WATCH OUT for the students on bikes!


If you are a driver please remember that the bus circle is used for buses. Parents should pick up and drop off students either in the big parking lot or on Rosalia Avenue in front of the Administration building.


8th grade is a time when students are preparing for high school and beginning to look toward their future. To help students in career exploration, counselors introduced a career assessment program called NAVIGATOR to all 8th graders during their Tech Literacy or AVID classes. The program helps students look at various career options by asking them to respond to questions regarding their interests and skills. Following their assessments, students were able to use their results to explore various careers. During the second semester, counselors will be meeting with 8th students to help them decide what classes in high school may be a good fit to help them reach their career goals. Please ask your child about this process, what their assessments have shown as possible career field “fits” and what their thoughts are on the options in high school and beyond. We hope you enjoy talking with your student about these topics. If you would like to register for a NAVIGATOR Parent Account and see the results of your child’s assessment results, please visit our district’s website at Once there, select the 4 Year Planning tab on the left and then select How to Sign Up, or you may contact your child’s counselor. #3 MS 2012-13 Heidi Runolfson SB70 Grant Coordinator Santa Clara Unified School District 408-423-2103

Peterson Students of the Month Congratulations to the following students, from their teachers and Peterson Staff! Be sure to check out their pictures and student profiles on the display board in the quad!

Students need to be extremely careful when crossing El Camino Real.

Thanks, Andy Masur Vice Principal Peterson Middle School 408-423-2802

SCUSD College and Career Planning “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” Confucius Our Parent Night was hosted on November 21st at Peterson Middle School and it was a huge success! We were able to present useful information to parents about the 4- Year Planning process, our career and college research tool, NAVIGATOR, and the differences between the middle and high school academic setting. We provided many opportunities and tools to help your child successfully meet the challenges of moving to high school. All of the Parent Night information can be accessed by visiting our district website at, clicking the 4 Year

8th Graders: Paulina Hernandez, Sophie Goodman Abi Glazov, Elvira Martinez and Brianna Morales 7th Graders: Justin Fortino, Derek Kassem, Jacob Ram, Caroline Kloes and Skylar Hilgersom 6th Graders: Deena Pederson, Eder Martinez-Cruz, Matthew Zazkowski,Medha Kini, and Elise Corwin Mrs. Clark Guidance Counselor, 6th and 7th Grade 3

Goodbye to Mrs. Cassidy and Welcome Mrs. Gallegos!

Safe Routes to School

Congratulations to Mrs. Bev Cassidy, who recently decided to retire from SCUSD this month! Mrs. Cassidy has been a member of the Peterson community for the past 15 years as our Health Assistant, but has been part of SCUSD for 20 years! Mrs. Cassidy is not only is a wonderful person to work with, but will be sorely missed around the office. Thanks for the many years of taking care of our ill or injured students, handling the germs during flu season, and for being part of the team here in the front office! Best wishes for a long and happy retirement! In her place, Mrs. Elisabeth Gallegos will be our new health assistant. Coming from Hughes Elementary School, Mrs. Gallegos has seven years of experience in working with parents, students, and staff, speaks Spanish fluently, and is a proud parent in our school district. Welcome Mrs. Gallegos!

Walk and Roll New Year’s Resolutions Incorporate walking and rolling to and from school as part of your New Year’s Resolutions! You can start off small by committing to walking or rolling one day per month! Or maybe you already walk and roll to school one day a week so try bumping it up to two or three days per week! Whatever you decide to do challenge yourself and make a commitment to walking and rolling to and from school. You won’t regret it!

Rain or Shine We Walk and Ride

A Word From Our ASB President As Peterson’s ASB President, I am happy to share our accomplishments so far. Going into the winter season, we are starting a lot of fundraisers. Last month we had the Turkey Trot. Surprisingly, we made over $6300 from donations! Also, in the student store, we are selling foods and drinks such as Arizona, Caprisun, Snickers bars and Pirate Booty. The student store is open every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In order to help out the community, we having a second harvest food drive and Brandon Washington we stationed barrels in the cafeteria. The nonperishable food will be donated to the food bank. Just bringing in $1 or one can will help make a difference. Another fun activity going on is the Variety Show. Auditions are being held currently. The night show will be on March 27th and the day show will be held on the 28th. We are hoping for a large variety of talents. The 7th/8th grade dance was held on December 6th. We had a big turnout with 115 tickets bought. Our next dance will be the all grades Spring Dance on April 11th. In addition, Jamba Juice is being sold Tuesdays after school in the quad. One drink costs $3, and part of that money is given to our school. Currently, we are selling winter grams. Students can “build a bag” with items such as candy canes, chocolate kisses, unicorn pops, snowman erasers, and lots more! Winter Grams were sold from December 2nd to the 19th during lunch and distributed to their 3rd period classes on the 20th. For the rest of the year, we hope to grow as a community and make a difference. Thank you, Brandon Washington, President Vice President, Lindsey Laughlin Treasurer, Mayank Killedar Secretary, Rachel Ratnam Member at large, Stephanie Chee Leadership Teacher, Ms.McCole 4

Thankfully, “bad weather” in the Bay Area is pretty mild. Therefore, don’t let the weather determine whether or not you Walk and Roll to school. The key to walking or biking in the rain is being prepared. So grab your rain coat, umbrella, cute boots and walk/bike as a family or walk/bike group. Choose bright colored clothing and rain gear that will improve you visibility with drivers. Did you know that students who walk and bike to school, come more alert to class and therefore ready to learn! Don’t let “bad weather” hold you back from walking and rolling to school. Make a commitment to walk and bike to school all year round!

School Site Council Update Recently our School Site Council reviewed and approved Peterson’s 2013–2014 SPSA (Single Plan for Student Achievement). This 60-page document focuses upon seven school-wide goals for Peterson: Improvement of Instruction and Academic Achievement in English-Language Arts, Mathematics, History-Social Science, and Science; Improving Technology and Educational Media Opportunities at School; Providing Support for English Language Learners, and Focus Upon Closing the Achievement Gap. For most of our goals, we use CST scores as a baseline, with the goal of improving our test scores between 3– 5% each year. We also use CELDT scores (for students who speak English as a second language), benchmark assessments, PBAs in English and Science, as well as report cards to monitor our growth and progress. A lot of our funding is targeted towards improving student achievement, including but not limited to the purchase of ALEKS licenses for our SOAR students, new atlases for our social studies classes, Homework Center support, Read 180 support, new technology, staff collaboration time, new opportunities for students such as the Latino Club, parent education and community involvement. Go Pirates!

AB 484: Changes to California’s Standardized Testing 5. What are the benefits of participating in the spring 2014 FT?

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Field Test Assessment Update Dr. William Conrad, SCUSD Coordinator of Assessment

By participating in the Smarter Balanced FT, students, teachers, and administrators will receive valuable exposure to and experience with the California’s future assessment system. Students will gain hands-on experience with the functionality of innovative technology-enhanced items and newly designed performance tasks with related classroom activities. Teachers and administrators will gain valuable experience with administration logistics, which will help them better prepare for a smooth and successful participation in the operational assessments, which will begin in the 2014– 15 school year. School districts will benefit from learning where their technology gaps may be, enabling them to fully prepare for the operational assessments. California will benefit by having the diversity of its student population included in the analysis of test and item quality and development of achievement level scores and descriptors.

Purpose of the Field Test (FT) 1. What is the purpose of the spring 2014 Smarter Balanced Field Test (FT)? Field testing is critical to ensure that assessment items are accessible to all students and produce results that are valid, reliable, and fair. The spring 2014 Smarter Balanced FT will assess the performance of over 20,000 newly developed test items and evaluate the test delivery system. Items deemed suitable for use on the live (i.e., operational) tests, which will begin in the 2014–15 school year, will be used to populate the test item bank. Also, the FT will help ensure that the Smarter Balanced assessment items are placed on an accurate scale to determine final achievement levels (i.e., cut scores) as well as their corresponding descriptors.

Administration Logistics 6. When will the Field Test occur?

2. Will individual student, school, or district score reports be generated from the FT?

The FT will take place April 7th–May 16th.

No. A field test is not designed to be a valid and reliable measure of student achievement; rather, it is designed to help the test developers evaluate whether the tests, individual items, and the technology platform work as intended before the first operational administration. As a result, neither a state nor its LEAs (aka Santa Clara Unified School District) are required to report field-test results— either individual student results to parents and teachers or on State or local ESEA report cards. In addition, AB 484 specifically prohibits the production of individual student scores from the FT unless they are determined to be valid and reliable.

7. What content will be tested in the FT? (recently updated) The 2014 FT will engage students in online assessments in mathematics and ELA aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Most students will take a FT that contains both mathematics and ELA items, but a small percentage of students will be assessed in only one content area. 8. What item types will the FT include? The FT will engage students in a computer-based component and performance task component. Item types will include those that will be found on the operational assessments beginning in the 2014–15 school year: multiple-choice, matching, fill-in tables, drag and drop, graphing, short text, long essay. Each FT will include a performance task.

3.What role will the FT play in meeting state and/or federal accountability requirements? None. The data resulting from the FT will not be factored into any state or federal accountability calculations.

9. Will there be a paper-and-pencil version of the FT?

School District and Student Participation

No. The FT is meant to “test the test” mimicking as close as possible the operational testing conditions. Therefore, the FT is strictly a computer-based modality. However, for the operational assessments that begin in the 2014-15 school year, a paper-and-pencil version will be available for up to three years to provide ample opportunity for school districts to build their technology infrastructure.

4. Who will take the FT? (recently updated) AB 484 requires all California School Districts to participate in the FT. Student participation requirements are as follows: Grades 3–8: All students are expected to participate. Grades 9–10: Only students selected for the scientific sample are expected to participate. Grade 11: All students selected for the scientific sample are expected to participate. All other students are encouraged to participate. (Please note that all grade eleven students, including those who participate in the FT, will participate in the Early Assessment Program.) The only students exempt from participating in the Smarter Balanced FT are students who will take the California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA) and, for English learners who have attended school in the United States for less than 12 months (ELA FT only).

10. Which accommodations will be available for the FT? The Smarter Balanced Usability, Accessibility, and Accommodations Guidelines provide a list of the available tools, supports, and accommodations for use on the FT. The Guidelines also include guidance on the recommended use of each tool, support, and accommodation for specific student access needs. For More Information: Questions about the FT should be directed to the CDE Statewide Assessment Transition Office by phone at 916-445-8517. 5

• Go to and sign up • Group Name: Peterson Middle School, Group ID: 6628503 • Already signed up for eScrip? Make sure your account is up-to-date and you are supporting Peterson! • Go to and sign in to your account (you may need to click “My eScrip” in the footer) • Click on Schools or Non- Profits • Search for Peterson Middle School and add to your account

Open Enrollment Window: January 9th–February 6th For those 8th Grade families who are interested in attending a high school in SCUSD that is NOT their home school, you must apply online for Open Enrollment. For example, if you live in the Wilcox High School attendance area, but would rather attend Santa Clara High School (or vice versa), you need to apply online between January 9th and February 6th.

Jamba Juice - Sip to Support

Santa Clara High School Tours for Parents of Incoming 9th Graders and Open Enrollment Applicants January 10 & 21 10:00–11:30am Limited space available. Please call Sylvia Iwanaga at 423-2634 to reserve a place on the tour. Wilcox High School Tours for Parents of Incoming 9th Graders & Open Enrollment Applicants January 7, 14, 21, 28 10:15–11:15am at Principal’s Conference Room, A130 Limited space available. Please call Pam Pewitt at 423-2414 to reserve a place on the tour. Check out the district website at http:// Parents may complete the application online (for any grade) by clicking the Open Enroll Now link beginning January 9th at 9am and concluding February 6th at 4:30pm. The link to the application form will appear on the home page and will be active only during the Open Enrollment period. You may access the website from anywhere—home, a friend's computer, an Internet café, the public library or at the district office where a computer is available for applying online.

If your family loves Jamba Juice, be sure to participate in the new Sip to Support program. • Go to • Select “Sign up for your card” and register You’ll then receive a debit card in the mail that you’ll load with dollars to spend at Jamba Juice. Marqeta will also give you FREE bonus dollars to spend! Use your card every time you buy a yummy smoothie and 10% of your purchase will be donated to Peterson Middle School PTSA! Note: The old “PTA School Appreciation Cards” are no longer valid.

Target Red Card If you have a Target Red Card, be sure to designate Peterson Middle School and Target will donate 1% for Target purchases and 0.5% for other purchases. Go to At the bottom right corner you will find “Red Card” and underneath click “Card benefits”. ! Scroll down to “Take charge of Education”. Click “Enroll” and then you have several options. Look up Peterson Middle School (ID 35742).

Support Peterson Middle School! Attention all Peterson Families! Sign up or renew your participation in the following programs that contribute a percentage of your purchases to Peterson Middle School every time you shop! With eScrip, merchants contribute a percentage of your purchases to Peterson. Register your Safeway Club Card to earn contributions from Safeway and register your credit cards to earn from other merchants!

Office Depot 5% Back to Schools Program

Important Program Change: As of Nov. 1, 2013 Safeway no longer contributes when purchases are made with a credit card. In order to continue earning from Safeway, supporters need to pay for their groceries with one of the following payment types: debit card , check, cash, fast forward debit card, SmartCheck, Safeway gift card, WIC, CalFresh


Peterson will earn credits equal to 5% of your qualifying school or office supply purchases. Give our school ID# every time you shop at an Office Depot store or online. Peterson’s School ID: 70015626

Earn With Your Holiday Shopping! When you shop online for the holidays and throughout the year. Start your shopping from to earn contributions from hundreds of the biggest online retailers including Amazon, Apple, Pottery Barn, Gap, Nordstrom, See’s Candies! New to eScrip? Follow these simple steps to register: 6

PTSA News General Association Meeting

President’s Message

General Association Meeting (including election of Nominating Committee) has been moved to February 6th at 6:30pm followed by Parent Education program (Susan Stone Belton). This meeting, originally scheduled for January 30th was moved out a week in order to avoid a schedule conflict with a SCUSD/ SCUPTA co-sponsored workshop on Common Core and Smarter Balance Assessment that is scheduled for January 30th. Details about this district-wide program will be coming soon!

Dear Peterson Families, During this very busy time of year it’s easy to get lured into or perhaps even deflated by the frenzy: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, endless cycles around the parking lots at Valley Fair and Target searching in vain for a non-existent parking space, cranky drivers running way behind schedule; the list goes on. Sometimes the “spirit of the holidays” seems to be a million miles away. All I need to do to re-center myself, though, is to look no further than our very own Peterson family. The generosity of time, resources and energy among our community members is admirable. We are a school community that exceeded its goal of raising $15,000 to support technology purchases. Last month our PTSA wrote a check to the school for over $17,000 and the money continues to come in. (It’s still not too late to contribute as PTSA will be writing another check to Peterson later in the school year.) Additionally, many of you have made arrangements for your employers to match funds, which will stretch our dollars even further. You may wish to enquire whether any volunteer hours you provide will be matched–– just think how much you could “earn” for our school if you chaperoned an all-day or, better yet, an all-weekend field trip! As I reflect back on 2013, I am thankful for the incredible teachers, administrators and staff who take care of our children each and every day, for a PTSA board that is cohesive, professional, competent and just plain fun to be around, and finally for our larger parent community which supports all of the “extras” that round out our kids’ school experiences and give them so much more than six classes a day. As I look forward to 2014, I want to wish Peterson Middle School PTSA a Happy 48th Birthday (January 25th)! I would also like to continue to work on the goals set by our board last summer, particularly our commitment to “provide parent education and community building opportunities for all Peterson families”. To that end, I want to let you all know about our General Association Meeting and Parent Education program on Thursday, February 6th. Details are below. I hope to see you there! I wish you all a safe and restful break. Best wishes, Leslie Kloes Peterson PTSA President

Peterson Parent Education Night Featuring: Susan Stone Belton February 6th at 6:30pm following the PTSA General Association Meeting Join us in the Peterson Library for a special presentation by Susan Stone Belton. Susan’s extensive experience with parents and children and her gift for understanding human nature have made her one of the nation’s fastest rising parent and kid coaches and motivational speakers. Her humor, her communication skills, and her confident voice contribute to Susan’s professionalism and effectiveness. The topic for the evening will be “Preparing for High School and Beyond”. Any questions contact Kelly Discher at

Reflections Congratulations to the following students for participating: Literature: Jessica Procaccia, Florance Thomas, Danielle Procaccia, Emily Cameron, Rachel Ratnam Musical Composition: Anjali Bathula, Urvi Bajaj Visual Arts: Medha Kini, Katie Leong, Juhi Bhatia Photography: Paul Strehlow, Mizuki Kobayashi

Save the Date! We are proud of each of our artists for sharing their creativity. Jessica Procaccia, Anjali Bathula, Katie Leong and Paul Strehlow were selected to represent Peterson at the council level (Santa Clara Unified School District). It is with excitement that we share the fabulous news––ALL FOUR will represent Santa Clara Unified Council at the 6th District Reflections Program. The 6th District is comprised of PTAs in a Santa Clara County. They will select one entry in each age group for each category to represent us at the state level. Congratulations to all and check the newsletter for further information on our budding artists. Jolene Soares Reflections Committee

SCUSD/SCUPTA Parent Workshop: Common Core State Standards and Smarter Balanced Assessment Thursday, January 30th Details to Follow


Department News Seventh Grade Field Trip

English Language Development

Calling All Chaperones! Save the date: Wednesday, April 2nd

The English Language Development (ELD) class is a unique combination of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students whose first languages include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese, but share the common goal of strengthening their skills in reading, writing, and speaking English. The class recently spent some time in November learning about the American holiday of Thanksgiving. This included reading about the very first Thanksgiving of the Pilgrims, writing about what they are thankful for, and learning about traditional Thanksgiving foods, such as cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, turkey, and stuffing! The whole class enjoyed an up-close look at fresh yams and sweet potatoes, as well as their very first taste of cranberry sauce! Mrs. Fullerton EL/Read 180 Teacher

To supplement our 7th grade science and social studies curriculum this year, we have arranged for a field trip to visit the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. There will be plenty of time to tour the museum and experience its many hands-on exhibits as well as attend a special showing of the IMAX feature, Rocky Mountain ! Express. Chaperones will be necessary. We estimate that we will need four to five chaperones per class responsible for 8 students each. Chaperones will be able to tour the museum free of charge. The time commitment will be approximately five hours based on a departure time of 9am. Transportation will be by district school bus. All chaperones will be required to provide ID to the school secretary plus documentation of a current TB test. We strongly encourage any guardian who would like to share this experience with their child to take advantage of this opportunity. It will certainly be a memorable one. Permission slips will be going home in January. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Martin by email at or phone at 423-2925.

Physical Education On November 26th, the Physical Education department hosted Peterson's 2nd annual Turkey Trot to raise money for new fitness equipment and for charity! It was an absolutely gorgeous day with the sun shining bright and the students buzzing with excitement about the upcoming holiday break. Once the last class ended, the only thing left to do was get down to the basketball courts to mingle with friends, listen to music played by DJ Mr. Advincula, and get pumped up and warmed up for the 2-mile course that Ms. Yee laid out just hours earlier. Thanks to the efforts of Mrs. McCole's Leadership class, the start and finish line looked great! At 1:30pm, over 900 Peterson students and staff began the trot, and about 35 minutes later they completed the course.

English Peterson Loves Reading! In sixth grade, a number of classes are finishing Literature Circles this month. This includes The Circuit by Francisco Jiminez (Mr. Funcheon, Ms. Lawlor, Mrs. Harris), and Ms. Tito’s class is reading the sequel, Breaking Through, as part of a study analyzing sequels. Others include Mr. Schomberg’s class, which has been reading Korman’s No More Dead Dogs and writing persuasive essays, and Mrs. Ash’s class, which is reading Flipped. There has also been some grammar review and literature responses (Ms. Joyner), and some interesting work rewriting the science textbook (Mrs. McCole and Mr. Ghirladucci). Ms. Fullerton’s EL class has been doing literature circles as well. In seventh grade, Mrs. Curtin’s classes have been working on nonfiction. In her Honors classes they are finishing Diary of Anne Frank and recently participated in a simulation of some of the issues experienced by Anne, such as racism. In her other classes, they are finishing informational texts and working on multiple-paragraph summaries. Mrs. Heidig’s classes have finished fiction, including a fun project comparing the screenplay of Rod Serling’s The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street to the actual Twilight Zone episode in which it appeared (a new Common Core standard—comparing written text to visual!). Now her classes are working on figurative language and poetry. And in eighth grade, Mrs. Johnson’s classes have just finished John Steinbeck’s The Pearl and A Break With Charity and are starting the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol. Ms. Kier’s classes have also just finished reading The Pearl and literature response essays and are moving into persuasive writing next. Mrs. Heidig Department Chair

All Pirates participants did an outstanding job finishing, but we want to recognize the top three runners of each grade: 6th Grade Girls: Audrey Lee (1st), Catalina Rao (2nd), Erica Machida (3rd) 6th Grade Boys: Ivan Cvjetinovic (1st), Christopher Pearson (2nd), Oscar Avendano (3rd) 7th Grade Girls: Hannah Warner (1st), Fran Harrison (2nd), Claire Dong (3rd) 7th Grade Boys: Matthew Scott (1st), Tyler McNierney (2nd), Andrew Klinkrodt (3rd) 8th Grade Girls: Seraiah Alexander (1st), Hayley Yount (2nd), Jessie Geiger (3rd) 8

8th Grade Boys: Meika Beaudain Rousseau (1st), Rafael Tolosa (2nd), Eugene Baldonado (3rd) Peterson Staff: Mr. Asekomeh (1st), Mr. Ghilarducci (2nd), Mrs. Heidig (3rd)

8th Grade: A lot is happening in 8th Grade science. Chemistry is in full swing. Students are studying atomic structure and reactivity and completed a research project on elements. Did you know Pb, the element symbol for lead, is short for Plumbum as in plumber? Students will be conducting experiments, which include chemical reactions. They'll be looking for signs of a chemical change such as color change, gas production, temperature change, a new odor or formation of a solid. This unit promises to be a gas! Ms. Robbins Department Chair

Overall, the event was a success for Peterson and the PE department! In two weeks time, over 200 students and staff did an amazing job raising over $6,300 in donations! On the day of the Trot, over 900 students and staff exercised, laughed, cheered each other on, ate over 900 bananas and Clif bars, enjoyed great weather and upbeat music! We know the day could not have Top Trotters been possible without the generous support and efforts of the Peterson community and sponsors. The PE department would like to thank the students, friends, families, and staff that donated to our cause, which was school-wide health and fitness, and also charity. We would also like to thank Safeway for donating turkeys and gift cards, Sports Basement for donating bananas and coupons (coupons are 10% off and 5% of total purchase goes back to Peterson PE), Mr. Fedalizo and the Culinary Arts program for baking and donating seven pumpkin pies, Golfland for donating mini-golf passes, Jamba Juice for giving back a share of the smoothie proceeds to Peterson, and the awesome Leadership class and super outstanding PTSA parent volunteers for their presence, help, and enthusiasm! Again, without your help, none of this would have been possible! Everyone involved in Peterson's Turkey Trot really came together for the second straight year and we couldn't be more proud to be part of such a great community! Big thanks again to everyone and may health and happiness be with you! GOOOOO PIRATES!!! Mr. Gillmore Department Chair

Social Studies It’s Coming! Peterson Middle School’s Fourth Annual GEOGRAPHY BEE For the 27th year, the National Geographic Society is holding the National Geographic Bee for students in the 4th through 8th grade across the United States. So now’s your chance to join in the fun! Sign-ups and preliminary qualifying rounds took place in Social Studies classes in December. There will be awards for top performers from each grade level as well as a grand prize for the overall winner who will then have a chance to qualify to compete in the State then National Bees. Good luck! Ms. Joyner Geo Bee Coordinator

Electives: Art


Clay Arts: Clay Arts students have been learning so much about ceramics and creating a variety of projects this semester. We started the semester learning basic slab-building techniques and made natural scene tiles and natural scene structures that are currently on display in the main office. After, we finished glazing and firing those pieces, students created coil bowls based on Mimbre black on white art. Students painted symbolism from traditional Mimbre culture on their bowls representing their personalities. Finally, students ended the semester by creating a cup duo using the building technique of their choice.

Basic Science and EL students have completed units on graphing and measurement. Fun was had when learning the relationship between diluting food coloring by ten then ten again and so on and moving a decimal point to the left by tens when numbers get smaller. Currently students are practicing the Scientific Method through hands on inquiry activities. They're learning to ask good testable questions and to conduct experiments that prove or disprove their hypothesis. 6th Grade: In Ms. Teng's class, students finished researching specific biomes using different resources. They've produced very creative and thoughtful biome projects of imaginary organisms and travel brochures.Ms. Henderson's students are finishing their natural disasters project. In the process, they're learning good note taking strategies including making bulleted notes and learning how to cite resources using the proper format. Thank you Ms. Piscionere for all your help and support. 7th Grade: Science, English and P.E. teachers are having students take part in a Deficiency and Diseases research project. Students are collecting their own nutritional and fitness data for three days then using to analyze it. This collaborative effort proves to be fruitful!

Make sure to take a look at the beautiful art on display in the office. Students who are exhibited in the office are Ashley Cole, Jessica Geiger, Julianna Hakopian, Paulina Hernandez, Blake Hodson, Grace Ichinaga, Malath Kamaluldeen, Cheyenne Korfman, Katelyn Lam, Katie Leong, Alondra Martinez, Michaela Russo, Arundhuti Sanyal, Yue Tong Tsen and Celeste Vargas.


Woods Class

Intro to Art: This semester beginning art students learned a lot about basic art concepts such as the elements of art that artists use, and how to apply those elements to works of art they created. Most recently students finished a month-long project for the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead. Students created Calacas, which is a papier-mâché skeleton structure depicting a loved who passed away doing something they enjoyed in their afterlife. Day of the Dead celebrates and honors those we love who have passed away, celebrating their life and who they were. Be sure to take a look at the amazing and creative works of art on display in the library. Featured student artists are: Ostian Drees, Natallia Zhamaitsiak, Luna Conrad, Sylvia Ou, Lukas Chang, Maddie Zvalo, Julianna Hartley, Unnati Singh, Ella Thomas, Olivia Wallace, Elisa Salazar, David Su, Maya Freeman and Ella Jevtic. Beginning student artists finished the semester by learning basic color theory where they learned the fundamentals of mixing paint to create a basic color wheel. When fall semester ends, selected fifth period students will move onto the advanced art class offered in the spring; Clay Arts, which is exciting because this is the first time that Clay Arts has been offered for two semesters. Emily Branch Art Teacher Electives Dept. Chair 8th Grade Team Leader

There are so many great projects being completed right now. Look for the skateboards to come flowing out of the classroom and home. In Woods 2 there are several seriously big projects being completed, a couple benches, a huge box and a "fun box." The fun box is for skateboarding; it allows you to jump, grind, etc. The kids in both classes have worked hard and put a lot themselves into the work and I am very proud of them. I look forward to my next set of wood workers in the spring. Mr. Joliff Woods Teacher

Nature Area The Peterson Nature Area is about to enter a period of reawakening. For the last six months, since the 21st of June, the amount of sunlight striking the northern hemisphere has decreased. The reduction of light energy results in a number seasonal environmental changes. Furthermore, the long summer absence of precipitation has allowed the soils in the Nature Area to become depleted of significant available moisture. As a result, most of the plants and trees have either died, become dormant, or reduced their growth rates. As of the winter solstice, December 21st, sunlight energy will increase, and winter rains will add moisture to the soil. Within weeks, many plants and animals in the Nature Area will respond with new germination and reproduction. Annual seeds germinate in response to the warming soil and the increasing soil moisture. We often find the first Anna’s Humming bird nest just after Christmas break. The colder the winter, the greater the chance of successful fledging. Mild winter temperatures allow the tree squirrels to roam the tree canopies in search of food, Anna’s Humming bird eggs and young. Cold weather, on the other hand, keeps the squirrels in the nest in a state of hibernation, thus allowing the hummingbird young to reach adulthood. Winter brings many transient visitors to the research facility. For the fourth consecutive winter, a flock of hooded mergansers is reducing the fish population in the Nature Area marsh. The mergansers leave by March and head further north to their breeding habitat. We have completed a number of major improvements to the Nature Area. A small lawn has been installed next to the picnic table area that will allow students to sit down on the ground without getting their clothes full of seeds and dirt. It will also reduce the amount of dust generated when classes are visiting the facility. Two new live streaming Western Bluebird boxes have been installed on the Nature Area network. The additional nest boxes will allow the district schools to monitor the relationship between light, temperature and nesting response from any class within the school district. Additionally, landscaping has been added around the new Nature Area classroom. Considering the current drought ! conditions, only native drought resistant vegetation was used, creating habitat that will attract and help propagate hardpressed native solitary bees and butterflies. Bryan Osborne, Nature Area Curator

Japanese I Our Japanese I students have made two projects so far this semester. The latest one was My Family. They introduced their family by saying their names, birthdays, ages, and their likes/ dislikes. After much preparation writing project speech drafts, creating visual supports, and practicing the oral presentation, they finally presented the final product in class. We exchanged critiques for each presentation performance and visual, while indulging in some of the traditional Japanese foods, such as rice crackers, mochi, persimmon, and barley tea! Our final project will be a calendar. Students will write days of the week and dates using Kanji letters. They will be decorating it in a Japanese theme of their choice. It will be a perfect holiday gift for their family and friends. Just before the Thanksgiving break, a group of J1 students started practicing Taiko drumming, traditional percussion instruments, looking forward to perform at our Variety Show in the spring. Our instructor is Alicia Yee, a former Peterson student and currently a senior at Wilcox. Alicia also belongs to San Jose Taiko. None of the J1 students had experience in Taiko drumming before, but after a few practice sessions, they are now beating the instruments like pros. Their Taiko drums are made of plastic buckets and sound awesome. After only five practices, they rehearsed in front of the class for the upcoming tryout. They are now enjoying the encouragement and full support from their class peers. If you hear rumbling sounds coming from room B1 after school, it’s the J1 students practicing their Taiko drumming. Stop by and have a look to see how fun it is to beat buckets in unison. Sensai Ushimaru Japanese Teacher 10

Peterson Staff Profiles Meet Andy Masur Vice Principal

Meet Linda Fullerton Read 180/EL Teacher

Birth Month:September Where you were born? Denver, Colorado How many years have you worked at Peterson? Four months What do you like best about Peterson? From my perspective the emphasis that we as a school community place on academic achievement, school safety and listening and talking to the students about their issues is what makes this school GREAT! Favorite Color: Caribbean Blue Favorite Subject in School:

Birth Month: December (21st!) Where you were born? Chicago, Il. How many years have you worked at Peterson? This is my first year. What do you like best about Peterson? The staff and students and the very nice clean campus. Favorite Color: Blues and browns Favorite Subject in School: Reading and English. Favorite Book Genre: Suspense/mystery Favorite Food: Ice cream Who makes it best? Baskin Robbins Where did you attend college? Undergraduate--Wisconsin; graduate-Simpson University, Redding, CA Your favorite place and why: Maui for the beautiful scenery and weather. Your favorite school memory: An awesome 8th grade English teacher Pets? Small terrier mix, Buster. Anything else you’d like to share? I have a wonderful husband and two great kids, a daughter and a son. Family is the most important part of my life.

Science Favorite Book Genre: Travel Favorite Food: Anything with duck fat. Who makes it best? Nick’s Next Door Where did you attend college? SFSU, SCU, SJSU Your favorite place and why: Bonaire for the fantastic shore diving and a constant 82 degrees year round! Your favorite school memory: I went to the Superbowl XIX at Stanford stadium and the 49ers beat the Dolphins 38-16. Pets? My dog is Baja the silly pug Anything else you’d like to share? I am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful array of administrators, teachers, classified staff, students and parents.

Meet Davide Ghilarducci 6th Grade Teacher

Meet Devon Morgan 6th Grade Resource Teacher

Birth Month: September Where you were born? San Mateo How many years have you worked at Peterson? This is my first year. What do you like best about Peterson? Awesome staff and the students are great! Favorite Color: Red Favorite Subject in School: Math and P.E. Favorite Book Genre: Action Favorite Food: Chicken noodle soup. Who makes it best? My Nonna (Italian for grandmother) Where did you attend college? Fresno State Your favorite place and why: Italy! The amazing food and it’s very beautiful. Your favorite school memory: Mr. Lucia’s 8th grade science class. We got to play with Legos and build things Pets? One rabbit named B-Dawg, one fish,named Kevin, two cats--Pebbles and Marley Anything else you’d like to share? I am super excited and looking forward to a fun and awesome year!

Birth Month: July Where you were born? Palo Alto How many years have you worked at Peterson? One What do you like best about Peterson? The diversity Favorite Color: Green Favorite Subject in School: History Favorite Book Genre: Fiction (Steinbeck, Kerouac/Emerson) Favorite Food? Pizza Who makes it best? Pizza My Heart Where did you attend college?

SJSU Your favorite place and why: The central coast because it’s quiet and beautiful Your favorite school memory: wrestling tournaments Anything else you’d like to share? I love hip-hop.


After School Clubs Book Clubs

GAINS Club: Girls Achieving in Non-traditional Subjects

Love to read? Come and join other students with the same interest as you! All book club meetings are announced over the morning announcements each week and are updated on the Library Website Calendar. Book club meetings take place during SSR and/or Lunch.

GAINS "Hangs Out" with Female Engineer, Melinda Henry The GAINS girls just had the first ever GAINS Google Hangout! We visited long distance with Melinda Henry who was in the Cincinnati area, actually in Kentucky. She is a chemical engineer who works for a flavor company. She most recently worked on a popcorn flavoring Caroline Kloes that tastes like Werther's candy. Her college experience was very interesting. She went to school at the University of Waterloo in Canada where they had a co-op program. In this program, students go to school for a few months and then before returning for their next term, are sent out into industry to work and learn about the requirements and culture of various work environments. And they get paid to be there! Her education made it easy for her to find a job when she was ready. Thank you to Beatrix Henry for setting up this interesting and informative experience with her aunt.

Maya Freeman

Book Vs. Film- Read the novel. Watch the film. Discuss the two! F.A.D.S.S.: Are you into: Fantasy, Adventure, Dystopia, Science Fiction, or the Supernatural? If so this club’s for you! They read them all! Guys Read: Each month we pick a new genre- recently we checked out horror and then decide on a cool book to read from that category The Book Detectives: We LOVE Mysteries! This club investigates the mystery conventions––looking for suspects, clues and formulas to crack the cases. One of the main goals of the club is to write their own mystery book or graphic novel! Contact: Ms. Piscionere at 408-423-2840 or email

Days of the Week: 7th/8th Grade lunch on early-out Thursdays, 12:10–12:45 (meet in the library) Contact: Mrs. Fohner (7/8th Grade) 408-423-2941 or email Ms. Lawlor (6th Grade) 408-423-2952 or email

Chess Club Chess Club is having fun Thursdays after school in room D-5. Stop in and enjoy a game or two. Students are playing traditional chess plus chess that involves multiple players at the same time! It's intense fun.

New Club: Green Team REDUCE, RECYCLE, REUSE: PETERSON'S GREEN TEAM PROMOTES CHANGE! Did you know that 80% of the waste that goes in garbage bins can be recycled? The Green Team is a club that meets on Fridays at SSR and lunch. We meet and discuss ways to clean up our school and be more green. We have already thought out our goals for this. For example, we plan Katie Leong to reduce waste and make recycling more important on our campus. The problem is that garbage is being tossed into recycling bins, people are uninformed about what happens to garbage, and students don’t know what to recycle. Right now, we are making reusable paper for posters, making presentations, looking for recyclable items in the garbage can, and finding ways to promote reducing, reusing, and recycling at our school. We hope to see positive changes on our campus soon! Contact: Mrs. Fohner (7/8th Grade) 408-423-2941 or email Ms. Lawlor (6th Grade) 408-423-2952 or email

YueTong Tsen Thank You, Ms.or Mrs. Robbins Days of the Week: Thursdays, from 2:40– 3:40pm (meet in Rm. D-6) Contact: Mrs. Robbins at 408-423-2940 or email Mrs. Hulsey in Rm. F-7 or call 408-423-2843 or email


Japan Club

Days of the Week: Fridays, 2:45-3:30pm (meet in Rm. D-4, Mr. Asekomeh’s) Host: Mr. Ross La Fetra Contact: Mr. Asekomeh, call 423-2938 or email

Japan Club is in full swing and we have been busy with some language lessons, learning helpful Japanese phrases. Additionally, club members started making paper cranes to take to the Nagasaki Peace Park, as well as creating and feasting on candy sushi. The Japanese students will be coming in March (current dates March 4th-17th), and we will be Arundhuti Sanyal taking interested Japan Club members to Japan in April. There was an informational hosting/ going meeting on December 10th. Yoshi, from WISH International told us more about hosting a student and also the planned trip.

Woods Club There have been only a few meetings that have occurred and yet we still have some kids that are showing some serious progress. Looking forward to seeing what gets done in the new year. Days of the Week: Thursday afternoons from 2:40–3:40pm (meet in Rm. E-1)

Beatrix Henry Contact: Mr. Jolliff in Rm. E-1, call 408-423-2876 or email

Days of the Week: Mondays from 2:45–3:45 (meet in Rm. D-4) Contact: Mr. Asekomeh in Rm. D-4, call 408-423-2938 or email Mrs. Johnson in Rm. B-9, call 408-423-2927 or email Mrs. Ushimaru in Rm. A-2, call 408-423-2822 or email

Sports Corner 8th Grade Girls Volleyball Champions! On October 1st the 8th grade Girls Volleyball team won the CHAMPIONSHIP in dramatic fashion! Even though they lost as many games as they won during the regular season, the kids came through when it counted most, in the play-offs! During the season, we lost to both Cabrillo and Buchser, but in the play-offs, with everything on the line, we beat them both. The first match was #2 seed Cabrillo who we defeated 25-23 and 25-19 in two games. Then, we played #1 seed Buchser. We fell behind by 9 points in the first championship game before Hayley Yount made 11 straight points. Hayley showed amazing toughness and heart playing with a painful injured collarbone. We ended up losing that game 30-28 in a crazy back and forth overtime game. The girls came back and pulled out the second game 25-23. Finally, they finished off a great Buchser team 15-13 to win another Peterson CHAMPIONSHIP! League MVP and our captain Audrey Wolfe was simply unbelievable. Audrey became the first kid in Peterson history to win three 8th grade championships in the same sport. Audrey has played for the 8th grade team while she was in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. I think Audrey is the best girls volleyball player Peterson has ever had. Brianna Sekhon and Nicole Hamblin had awesome play-off games. Hannah Smalley was a key starter all season long, as was Ashley Cole. Jordan Tachibana always gave the team a spark with her hustle and positive attitude. Other members of the title team were Alex Stock, Viviana Velazquez, Gisela Garcia, Anuvir Sekhon, and Joyce Huang Ooi. My favorite part was watching the kids celebrate after the game, and enjoying their moment. Their smiles, laughter, and excitement were priceless. Brianna wanted to let everyone know we were the champs and we did some damage.

Science Club This fall Science Club has been all about straws. Well, if we buy 5000 straws we got to use them, right? And we have been! We have always found that projects involving flying things are great fun, but sometimes the accuracy isn't so good. This was particularly true for our first project where we had a Florance Thomas small crossbow that shot straw arrows. Being the target was particularly safe this time. The object was accuracy. You would get one point for hitting the bucket, and three points for getting the straw arrow in the bucket, and had three attempts to do this (with lots of practice before hand). The bucket was standing up, so you had to find a way to get the arrow to come down into the bucket -- flying over the bucket at high speed doesn't work. Alas, no one got it into the bucket. The task was to build a bridge from drinking straws and tape to span a 22 inch gap. First we reviewed various types of bridges, then each team tried their own hand at making bridges. We discouraged bridges from being taped to the supports, and we learned why. At the start of the competition, we demonstrated a piece of tape spanning the gap, and it supported 3.5kg. That was better than most of the bridges, and it didn't even use any straws, and so avoided the point of the problem. Our last project this calendar year is the straw glider. Here we take the ever-present straw, attach a paperclip and paper wings, and try to make it fly. How far can we get it to fly? How long will it stay in the air? We'll find out, if we can make this straw based project fly. Our goal for the rest of the year is to use no more straws…

“Sports remain a great metaphor for life’s more difficult lessons. It was through Athletics that many of us first came to understand that fear can be tamed; That on a team, the whole is more than the sum of it’s parts; and that the ability to be heroic lies, to a surprising degree, WITHIN” Susan Casey


Boys Volleyball Champs!

while making key passes, and also playing outstanding defense. Other members of this special CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM are Joyce Huang Ooi, Alex Stock, Anuvir Sekhon, Mariah Riddley, Kim Mori, Cadence Fiaui, and Emily Pinto. I am so extremely PROUD of these kids. I feel it is the most unselfish team I have ever coached and the team chemistry was magical. The laughs, smiles, and moments we had throughout the season is priceless. When all is said and done, it’s not the shots that won the championship we will remember, but the bond we all made, and the friendships that will last a lifetime. I also wanted to let my team know that they wrote the perfect ending to their story. They did it, and accomplished everything that we all wanted as a team. Nobody died at the end of their book.The ending was perfect just like their record. He will miss seeing your smiles everyday in the gym after school, and that was always the highlight of his school day! It’s sad knowing our season is over, but being a CHAMPION makes it a lot easier to handle. CONGRATS KIDS! Coach Rich Narcisso

This year's boys volleyball team are now BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONS!!! The boys dominated Crittenden in the semifinal match, which led to a rematch against undefeated Don Callejon. The Pirates shocked the Cougars, winning 2 of 3 games for the championship match! Rafael Tolosa, Nick Tran, and Shalin Shah all had their serves working masterfully! Joe Gee emerged as the teams most powerful hitter, dropping bombs on the opposition! President Joe Choe held the team together with his solid play and unique motivational strategies. Jagos Jovanovic played great, and even saved the ball with his FOOT!, as Matthew Tolosa was solid all around. Other members that contributed to this year's championship are: Aditya Sriram, Arpinderjeet Singh, Aditya Jangid, Nick Corridan, Noah Gallegos, Vivek Suthar, Michael Crouch, and Anish Donepudi. Coach Gillmore is extremely proud of this team for learning how to be true champions. They played hard, motivated each other, stayed positive, and were always willing to learn. Congratulations on an outstanding season boys! GOOOOO PIRATES!!! Coach Gillmore

6th and 7th Grade Girls Basketball Champs! 2013 8th Grade Girls HOOPS Champs!

Peterson Pirates Defeat the Cabrillo Cougars in this Year’s Championship Game

On December 3rd, 2013, our 8th grade girls finished off their season with a phenomenal defensive effort. The game could not have started out worse. Five minutes into the game, the kids were down 0 to 5 and seemed flat, and not full of spirit. Well, that sure changed! The rest of the game, we outscored Cabrillo 27-2. The kids showed their amazing heart, desire, and their superior defensive effort was simply amazing. The girls ended their season with a perfect undefeated record of 9 and 0 outscoring their opponents 277 to 126. That is an average score of 31 to 14 per game. Co-Captain Audrey Wolfe was our heart and soul all year long. Audrey was a great leader, and the glue to this team. She led us in assists, and played awesome defense all year. CoCaptain Brianna Sekhon was the league’s best shooter, and scored 84 points throughout the season to earn the nickname “MACHINE”. Adriana Martinez was the league MVP while leading the league with 102 points. She also led the league in rebounding and was named the “BEAST”. Speaking of beast, Hayley Yount simply plays the game with so much toughness, and heart, the way it is supposed to be played. She also started dipping her free-throws “LIKE HOTCAKES” making 3 of 4 in the Championship. Nicole Hamblin rounded out this starting five 14

Calling all 8th Grade Parents: Show Us Those Cute Baby Faces! In this year’s yearbook, we will be including our ever-popular “Baby Photo Section.” If your child would like to be included, please send in a baby picture by Friday, January 17th. If you choose to send it by email, please send it to Please put “Baby Photo” with your child’s full name in the subject section. If you choose to send in the original photo, there will be a box at the office. If you would like the photo back, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope; otherwise the photo will not be returned. Please include your child's full name. Thank you, Ms. Teng, The Yearbook Committee

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Yearbook Order Form Please ask your student to turn in this form with payment (cash or check payable to Peterson Middle School) to the bookkeeper in the office. Questions? Contact Ms. Teng ( Name of student (Please Print): _______________________________________________________ Contact #: _________________________________________________________________________ 6th Period Teacher: _________________________ Room Number: __________________________ Cost of Yearbook: $35.00 x Qty: ____________ = $________________________________________



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January 14th

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All Grades Spring Dance: April 11th

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January 16th

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Newsletter #2 2013 2014  

Peterson MIddle School - Newsletter #2 Dec 2013

Newsletter #2 2013 2014  

Peterson MIddle School - Newsletter #2 Dec 2013