Sharp Women | July 2020

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Have you ever been outside after a rainstorm? Do you remember the feeling, the smell and freshness in the air? Have you noticed how the colors in nature seem so vivid? Feel the energy that’s shifted in nature, close your eyes take a deep breath, smell the clean air with hint of sweet summer grass. When you stop and think about it, odds are you have walked into a room or a space, business, office or other room and been innately aware of the energy in that space. Whether good or anxious, you can FEEL the energy. When there has been a disagreement or after an emotional trauma, you intuitively know, you sense something has happened. I am sure; you’ve walked into functions and felt the joy and celebration or the sadness after a loss. Everything is energy, as a human species we feel and connect to that energy.

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I can only assume, you’ve experienced many emotions at various times of your life, but may not have equated them to the energy in a given space or at a given time. Even though most people haven’t honed the ability to see the energy, there are those that can physically see the energy inanimate objects give. Since everything is made up of energy, including our furniture, possessions, clothing, of course plants and animals too. Maybe, just maybe, when we look at wanting to shift the energy in a room, we can start to see that everything in that space has living energy. Then we will start to see

and feel how adding in or removing something can affect how that space feels, energetically. Ranchelle and Danielle had asked me to be a part of the first “Sharp Women” event. The intention was to create an “experience” unlike any other event. Utilizing my innate organizing abilities and Feng Shui training, the layout, décor and the table centerpieces were specifically designed. The end result was an elementally balanced space, eliciting the feelings of “WOW”, when attendees walked in the room. These examples show how Feng Shui has the ability to shift the energy in a space.