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Publicist: Sarah Soards

The Namers Marketing Plan

Title: The Namers Author: Louise Erdrich Publisher: Harper Perennial (Imprint of HarperCollins) Publication Date: October 21, 2013 Publisher Contact: Sarah Soards Director of Publicity 503.819.8973 Description: Following the violence and mystery of The Round House, The Namers extends the branches of the families who inhabit Louise Erdrich’s earlier novels. This time Erdrich digs her Ojibwa roots deep into the heart of Canada, where myth, magic, and mayhem plague the small town of Duck Pond. George Kirsch has moved to the Saskatchewan town to escape the monotony of the Oklahoman landscape, and the blood he cannot seem to wash off of his hands.


While exploring his new surroundings George meets Lena Pillager, a mysterious Ojibwa woman who lives with her sisters in the woods, and has a knack for levitating inanimate objects. As George and Lena embark on a strange relationship, it becomes clear that Lena is no ordinary woman. After a child disappears from Duck Pond, it is up to George to grapple with his greatest fear —his torrid past. As family history and violet, bloody, deeds come to light, the Pillager sisters help George obtain the one thing he never thought he deserved—forgiveness.

BISAC Categories & Codes: Fiction/Literary: FIC019000 Fiction/Thrillers/Suspense: FIC030000 Fiction/Native American & Aboriginal: FIC059000 Fiction/Occult & Supernatural: FIC024000 Ship Date (Warehouse Date): September 21, 2013 Publication Date: October 21, 2013 List Price: $27.99 US, $29.99 CAN ISBN-13: 978-0062065264 Trim Size: 6” x 9” Format: Hardcover, Deckle Edge Page count: 406 Book Title Abbreviation: TN 2

Initial Print Run: 50,000 copies st

Edition: 1 Edition Comparative Titles: •

Flight Behavior: A Novel, Barbara Kingsolver. Hardcover: 448 pages. Harper Perennial; November 2012; 978-0062124265; $28.99

The Light Between Oceans: A Novel, M.L. Stedman. Hardcover: 352 pages. Scribner; July 2012; 978-1451681734; $25.00

Canada, Richard Ford. Hardcover: 432 pages. Ecco; May 2012; 978-0061692048; $27.99 Audience:

Adult women, ages 26 to 60.

Adult men, ages 35 to 60, (due to the male protagonist going through a mid-life crisis.)

University students, (male or female) taking literature classes, Native American studies classes, or majoring in English.

Readers of Mystery/Suspense/Thrillers.

Adults who read literary fiction, and adults who read literary fiction featuring Native American characters. Specific Audience: Louise Erdrich began building her literary fan base back in the 1980s. She has fiercely loyal and steadfast fans that span the US. Many of her readers will purchase The Namers simply because she wrote it. Whether Native or Non-Native, readers tend to be either of collegeage or adults who are literate and well educated. Canada has a high literacy rate, and Erdrich will likely develop a large audience there with the release of this novel.

Strongest Selling Features: •

Cross-cultural—features Ojibwa First Nation, Canadians, and people of the US. 3

First novel Erdrich has ever written that takes place outside of the US.

Features elements of suspense and mystery, which will pull in readers that read more mainstream mass-market paperbacks.

Erdrich has just won the National Book Award, which has already increased sales for The Round House.

First novel Erdrich has written where the protagonist is an adult male. Key Selling Points:

Due to the new Canadian setting, the market will expand to include two countries, Canada, and the United States.

Appeals to Mystery/Suspense/Thriller readers, but also to the Occult/Supernatural readers due to the content of the novel.

Appeals to literary fiction readers, and to readers who enjoy literary fiction with Native American characters.

Coincides with Halloween, which fits perfectly with the supernatural/occult elements. Also comes out just before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Features an older male protagonist, which has the potential to expand the readership from predominately women to include adult men.

Oprah Winfrey and Toni Morrison have reviewed many of Erdrich’s novels. Markets:

Bookstores in Harper Perennial’s distribution both in the US and Canada (Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, McNally Robinson, University bookstores, indie bookstores.)

Birchbark Books, Erdrich’s independent bookstore in Minneapolis.

Online Retailers (Amazon, B&N, iTunes, !ndigo, McNally Robinson.)

Libraries in the US and Canada. Focus specifically on University and High School libraries.

Gift Shops, Nature Shops, Native American Art (Galleries, Museums.)

Native American Organizations, Societies, and Associations in the US and Canada.

Native American Studies/Literature classes at Universities and High Schools.

Author puts on writer’s workshop every year at the Turtle Mountain Community College. Also includes general writer’s workshops given by the author. 4

Specifically Native American bookshops/gift shops.

Book Clubs both in the US and Canada. Non-Bookstore Locations:

Gift Shops, specifically those shops slated toward gardening or Native American culture/art.

Museum gift shops, specifically those with exhibits featuring Native Americans. Ex: The National Museum of the American Indian.

Wiccan/Pagan gift shops, as the novel features women who practice the occult.

Online & Social Media: Harper Perennial will feature the following on their website: •

Audio of Louise Erdrich reading an excerpt from the novel.

Book Trailer featuring the Canadian landscape, a cabin in the woods during fall, and a man meeting a beautiful woman. Random flashes of two people struggling, and the man waking up with bruises on his neck. Song will be written and sung by The Civil Wars.

Link to Erdrich’s blog on her Birchbark book website about her writing process, inspiration, why she decided to switch her setting to Canada, and how it has changed her writing.

Link to Facebook contest—the first one hundred people to “Like” The Namers page, receives a signed copy of the hardcover book.

Media appearances, interviews, blog entries, and articles with and about Erdrich. Featured on Oprah, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Ellen DeGeneres, and NPR.

Links to Facebook, Twitter, and Edrich’s author page.

Louise Erdrich will feature the book trailer, audio, Facebook contest, and interviews on her author site, bookstore website, and her Facebook page. Marketing Events:

Book launch in New York City at the National Museum of the American Indian. Hors d’oeuvres and drinks provided. Emcee is Toni Morrison, and Erdrich will read and do a book


signing. Six-course dinner and cocktails to follow at the Death & Company bar in the East Village. •

Book launch will also happen in Saskatoon, Canada, at McNally Robinson bookstore. Reading and book signing by author, followed by a traditional First Nations dance, food, and beverages.

Mini-Launch and Reading at Birchbark Books in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Erdrich will teach a weeklong writer’s workshop at Turtle Mountain Community College. One day will be reserved for signing books and reading from The Namers. The special event will only be open to Turtle Mountain community members and attendees of the college.

In Spring 2014, Erdrich will give a lecture series at Dartmouth College for the Native American studies classes and programs. She will also guest teach a Native American Women in Literature class.

Attend Annual Dartmouth, and University of Minnesota Pow Wows, including book signing and speeches.

Vancouver (Canada) Writer’s Festival booth, including teaching a daylong writer’s workshop. Marketing & Publicity Highlights:

On October 20, 2013, Book launch in New York City at the National Museum of the American Indian.

Event at the Turtle Mountain Community College on the Manitoba border including a reading, and a writer’s workshop.

Official Canadian book launch/reading at McNally Robinson bookstore in Saskatoon. Author tour of Canada, including the town of Duck Pond. Author will attend the Spirit of Our Nations Cultural Celebration and Pow Wow at the Legislative Library in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre puts on the event.

The Vancouver (Canada) Writer’s Festival in October.

Interview in O Magazine. Interview on NPR Books, Fresh Air, and This American Life.

Book Expo America in May 2014. Alternative Marketing Tactics: 6

Guerilla marketing with buttons and stickers placed all over Duck Pond, and nearby towns with the phrase: “Duck Pond: Where the Deer are Delicious and the Women are Witches.”

Large welcome sign placed at the entrance to Duck Pond with the above slogan, and a bunch of little picket signs around the town.

Hat and t-shirts with the slogan above will be available for purchase at gift shops in Canada, and select bookshops and gift shops in the US. Promotions & Promotional Materials/ Collateral:

Pre-pub date, Twitter and Facebook blasts about possible endings to the novel. Readers know George has committed a terrible crime, but they are unsure what it is. Fans can guess and comment on the novel’s Twitter and Facebook pages. The correct, (or most creative) answer wins a signed ARC.

Magnetic clamp bookmarks in the shape of the vase that Lena levitates will be available at all events.

“Duck Pond: Where the Deer are Delicious and the Women are Witches” t-shirts, coasters, stickers, picket signs, and hats will be available at all events and some gift shops. They will also be utilized as giveaways for Twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook contests as well. Review Copies: Free review copies will be sent to Harper Perennial’s media contacts, both online and print. To secure interviews, appearances, book reviews, and media coverage the following will be contacted:

Time Magazine Media Contact: Lev Grossman, Chief Book Critic/Senior Writer

While this magazine does not focus solely on books, its reviews are frequently read and respected. A review from Grossman would reach a variety of audiences—from people who read about politics, to sports, to literary fiction. Especially after Erdrich has just won the National Book Award, it would increase her visibility if the novel were mentioned in the 7

magazine. Lev Grossman is a well-established book critic, has worked at Time for years, and has published two New York Times Bestselling novels. •

Dartmouth College Media Contact: N. Bruce Duthu, Native American Studies Chair

Dartmouth College has an extensive Native American Studies program, and Louise Erdrich was a graduate of the college in 1976. The program is dedicated to exploring Native American culture, history, and their status within politics. Dartmouth also features a Native American Program, which is designed to assist Native students in their social, personal, and academic lives. Dartmouth’s strong connection to the Native population makes them a prime candidate to receive a press release. Their close connection with Erdrich will enable an easy relationship with the college, and automatically opens up a wider audience for the novel. •

O, The Oprah Magazine Media Contact: Lucy Kaylin, Editor-in-Chief Around 80% of book buyers are women, likewise, most of O’s consumers are women. However, millions of people subscribe or purchase this magazine every year. If O reviewed The Namers, there would be an explosion in sales. It would also potentially get Erdrich on Oprah’s show, or perhaps chosen for Oprah’s Book Club. Being part of the Book Club would also create excellent word of mouth—after Oprah, the book almost markets itself.

Star Tribune Media Contact: Laurie Hertzel, Senior Editor for Books This newspaper is one of the bigger newspapers in Minneapolis. Louise Erdrich lives in Minneapolis, so it seems natural to send the local paper a press release about her latest exploits. The Star is also read by a wide demographic, so Erdrich’s book has the potential to get a ton of exposure. This newspaper is also available online, so that also increases The Namers’ ability to reach a large audience. 8

ASAIL Media Contact: Margaret Noodin, President The acronym stands for Association of the Study of American Indian Literatures. By sending a press release to this organization, they can introduce the novel into their curriculum, and it has the potential to reach a wider Native population. Writers, activists, teachers, and scholars make up this prestigious organization. They have a “Must Have Books for 21


Native Lit” section that could easily feature The Namers. Other Organizations for media contact include: NPR Books Publishers Weekly New York Times Book Review Los Angeles Times Washington Post USA Today Kirkus Review School Library Journal University of Minnesota Newsweek Blurbers/Reviewers: •

Toni Morrison, Author Company: Vintage Books Media Contact Info: Toni Morrison is not only a literary icon, but she is an expert in the minority fiction genre. Her blurb would give The Namers validity—people recognize Toni Morrison, and respect her as an author. The novel also deals with many of the same themes that are in Morrison’s novels, so it would be easy for Morrison to connect to The Namers. Morrison has also previously written blurbs for Erdrich, so it wouldn’t be difficult to ask for one again. 9

Philip Roth, Author Company: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Media Contact Info: Philip Roth’s work is also very similar to Erdrich’s, in that he enjoys blurring the lines of reality and the fantastical. While he has previously written a blurb for Erdrich in the past, he is famous for rarely writes blurbs for authors, so it would be an excellent way to boost marketing and sales for The Namers. He is a well-respected author, and the novel could definitely benefit from his blurb.

Elizabeth Taylor, Literary Editor Company: The Chicago Tribune Media Contact Info: Elizabeth Taylor has served as the literary editor for The Chicago Tribune for seventeen years. Her extensive knowledge as an editor, and her passion for literature would make her the perfect candidate to contribute a blurb. She serves on the Board of Directors for the National Book Critics Circle, and has also served on three Pulitzer juries. Her experience as an editor would also round out the blurbs from the authors. She is well respected in the literary community, and Erdrich would greatly benefit from her positive feedback.

Oprah Winfrey, Owner Company: O, The Oprah Magazine Media Contact: (Drop box) Oprah is an incredible resource—she has a magazine, a television show, and a nation-wide book club. She has an enormous audience, and is greatly esteemed by the book community. The Namers would have the potential to reach new audiences through Oprah’s praise. Her contact information was difficult to find due to her celebrity-status and monetary worth. I settled for a form that is given to magazine subscribers where they can write Oprah fan mail or submit stories.

Winona LaDuke, Owner 10

Company: Honor the Earth Media Contact Info: 218-375-3200 Winona LaDuke is an Ojibwa, like Louise Erdrich. She is a political writer and activist for the Native American population. She is well versed in Native history, and is exceptionally well respected in the environmentalist community. Her blurb would also reach out to a wider audience due to her expertise in areas outside of the literary community. Websites: Free DRC accessible through Edelweiss to be sent for review to the following websites and newsletters: Shelf Awareness Media Bistro/GalleyCat The Millions Publishers Weekly Bookslut The Rumpus The Awl The Shakespearean Rag Bella’s Bookshelves EarlyWord The Bookshop Blog Budget Calculations: Print Run: 50,000 copies 27.99 (list price) x 50,000= 1,399,500/2 (distribution cost)= 699,750 699,750 x .12 (author royalties)= $83,970 699,750-83,970=615,780 50,000 x $3 (per book)= 150,000 615,780-150,000=465,780 x .03 (net)= 13,973.40 Total Marketing Budget: $13,973.40


*The $13,973.40 is for the hardcover release. When the trade paperback is release nine months later, additional profit will be added to the marketing budget. Erdrich’s backlist will also continue to sell well, contributing an additional sum to the budget. The film rights will also supply additional income, which is explained more in-depth below. Film Rights: •

Film Rights acquired by Focus Features for 1 million dollars, with Johnny Depp slated to play George Kirsch. Screenplay adaption to be written by Louise Erdrich. Compare with: 20th Century Fox for 1.5 million acquired Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Focus Features “makes original and daring films that challenge the mainstream to embrace and enjoy voices and visions from around the world that deliver global commercial success.” Anna Karenina, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Brokeback Mountain, Atonement, and Possession, are just a few of the novels that Focus has turned into films. Marketing/Publicity Costs: Cost: $10,000

Book launch in New York City at the National Museum of the American Indian. Hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be donated by Scalini Fedeli. Toni Morrison will emcee the event, via her speaker’s bureau. She is a good friend of Erdrich’s, so she is doing it for trade—a blurb and review for her next book from Erdrich. Morrison will also receive a stipend for accommodation and transportation for $1000, (included above.) Four course dinner and cocktails to follow at Scalini Fedeli—an invitation only event. Cost: $7,000

Official Canadian book launch/reading at McNally Robinson bookstore in Saskatoon. Author tour of Canada, includes accommodation, flight, food, event costs. Cost: $1,000

Vancouver Writer’s Festival Booth, including author workshop fees. 12

Cost: $100 •

Mini-Launch and Reading at Birchbark Books in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cost: $400

Turtle Mountain Community College Annual Writer’s Retreat and Workshop Cost: $4,000

Lecture series at Dartmouth, guest Professor, and Pow Wow Attendance. Cost: $1,500

Collateral for launches, events, bookshops, and gift shops. Hats, t-shirts, stickers, small picket signs and large picket sign, beer coasters, and buttons with the phrase: “Duck Pond: Where the Deer are Delicious and the Women are Witches.” They will also be utilized as giveaways for Twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook contests as well. Cost: $100

Additional collateral for special deckle edged editions—magnetic clamp bookmarks in the shape of the vase that Lena levitates will be available at all events, bookstores, and gift shops. Cost: $300

Pre-pub date, Twitter and Facebook blasts about possible endings to the novel. Readers know George has committed a terrible crime, but they are unsure what it is. Fans can guess and comment on the novel’s Twitter and Facebook pages. The correct, (or most creative) answer wins a signed ARC. Approximate marketing costs: $24,400 (Will use additional revenue gained from paperback sales, around $11,000 to make up the difference in cost.) Possible Award Nominations: 13

National Book Award

Pen/Faulkner Award

Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction

Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards

Anthony Awards

Oprah’s Book Club

Canadian Book Awards, such as The Giller Prize or the Governor General’s Literary Award.


The namers marketing plan  
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