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n my wall I have a little reminder which says, ‘3

months from now, you will thank yourself.’ The year has already begun and we are now in the second month already! More than 31 days have already passed us by. I have promised myself that this year I am going to live and embrace every day as it comes. I am going to go after the things I have had on my ‘to do’ list and ‘New Year’s Resolution’ lists for the last couple of years. This year will be different. One of the things that I am looking forward to is setting up a business (more about that later in the year!) While I was doing my research on setting up a business I realized that there are so many business models and businesses that women can start with little to no money (page 32). I am sure that many of us were so happy to see our very own Ruby Lyn launch her makeup products late last year. (page 10) She is a delightful woman and an inspiration to many women out there who wish to look good while running their own businesses. This year promises exciting things for those who have the courage to go out and chase their dreams. So once again I ask, where will you be in three months’ time? What will you have achieved in three months’ time? Let’s challenge each other to become the best women we can be. To become the lovely Runako ladies we were created to be. And in this season of love, to remember to love ourselves and those around us. Have a beautiful February and March ladies! Blessings,

Sharon 4


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E & SLAY 11

By Emeldah Takaona

‘Makeup is not a mask. Makeup is art. Makeup is passion. Makeup is expression.’ - Unknown Learning to love yourself, embracing

I would come home with more energy

your femininity and enjoying life are

and determination to formulate cos-

just some of the things that are very

metics for women of colour.

dear to makeup guru, Ruby Lyn.

RM: What is your philosophy regard-

RUNAKO Magazine caught up with

ing women and makeup?

the lovely Ruby Lyn to hear more about her life and her story.

RL: Makeup to me is like having finger paint for adults, with my face as a canvas.





RM: Who is Ruby Lyn?

‘mahumbwe echikuru’ (makeup is

RL: Ruby Lyn is a 32-year-old

child’s play for grown-ups). I strongly

makeup artist based in Australia. She

believe that makeup is one of the best

is a mom, wife and a cosmetic formu-

parts of being a woman; it is a power-


ful method of self-expression. Women

RM: What inspired you to pursue

should embrace makeup as a form of

makeup, seeing as you are a profes-

empowerment. I don’t think there is

sional in the nursing field?

anything more liberating than feeling

RL: I have always been very passion-

good about yourself.

ate about makeup and beauty ever since I was a little girl. Talking about makeup helped me build a very good rapport with most of my female patients on the ward. I believe makeup is therapeutic. In Australia where I live, the supermarkets, drug stores and beauty stores are flooded with cos-

I think women should wear whatever makeup they want for themselves. Makeup should be fun. — Emma Stone

metics for women of colour. Every time I would go shopping for makeup, 12

RUNAKO feature



‘I love natural

beauty, and I think it's your best look, but I think makeup as an artist is so transformative.’ Marina & the Diamonds


RUNAKO feature


RM: Growing up in conservative Zim-

go to bed upset. Oh, I could go on and

babwe have you always been a keen

on about all the things my mother has

fanatic of makeup?

taught me. My mother’s teachings

RL: My passion for makeup started

help me to run my Facebook page

when I was a little girl. I was born in a


family of 5 girls and 2 boys. I am the

130,000 women! Dealing with women

last born in the family. My sisters

is never easy but the principles that

would hide their makeup from me be-

my mother taught me, makes working

cause I was so young but that did not

with women easier.

stop me from making my face up. I

RM: How do you define success and

had to improvise and work with what I

how do you measure it?

had. Charcoal came in very handy as I would crush it and mix it with some Vaseline and boom!!! Hello eyeliner! I wore makeup from the age of 10 till now. RM: Who has inspired you in your life and why? RL: My mother influenced who I am. She did not raise me on a silver platter. She taught me how to work hard and always encouraged me to follow my dreams. I was not spoon fed. My mother is a preacher and she taught me that with God, nothing is impossible. She has taught me to give and not regret it. She taught me to love my neighbours as much as I love myself. She taught me to forgive and to never





RL: To me success is measured by the attainment of real joy or happiness, this is living a life that I am proud of. RM: How have people received your Ruby Lyn Makeup Brand? RL: It’s amazing, people love the products. They love the mineral powder foundation and how it gives a natural finish. They love the lip glosses which are highly pigmented and hence complement the African skin perfectly. The women love the 3D fibre mascara and the way in which it elongates and adds volume to the lashes. The brand has been well received and I thank God and all the Ruby Lyn supporters for that. 15

Image: courtesy Star Baptista Photography

RM: What three things do you need in

It’s very rude. You would never walk

order to be successful in this industry?

into Coca Cola and demand to know

RL: Patience is the most important as-

how they formulate their drink. The

pect needed to be successful in this

same principle applies to any business

industry. You also need to have a lot


of tolerance for people. Working and


collaborating with others in never a

makeup brands on the international

walk in the park. Finally you need to

stage. Are there any challenges and if

be passionate about makeup. You just

so, what have been some of the chal-

have to have passion for whatever you

lenges you have faced so far?

are doing.

There are very few African

RL: The challenges are there. Break-

RM: The beauty industry can be

ing into any market is never easy.

tough. What upsets you the most

People can be hesitant and wary of

about this industry?

new brands. The Ruby Lyn brand is

RL: When someone tries to take ad-

up against other more established

vantage of me, my hard work and my

makeup brands that have been on the

brand. An example of this would be

market for years. I have come to ap-

when people try and steal my makeup

preciate that time is a crucial factor

recipes by asking intrusive questions.

when it comes to people embracing 16

RUNAKO feature and trusting a new brand. Starting a makeup brand also requires a lot of money and that in itself is one of the biggest hurdles you have to overcome. RM: What are some of the positive things that you hope the Ruby Lyn brand will fulfill? RL: Women of colour are hungry for products made by other women of colour who understand and know the intricacies of dark skin. The Ruby Lyn brand is helping to feed that hungry market. It also makes me happy to see that I have an opportunity to build something on my home continent. I am from Africa and I will make sure that every town, city, and growth point in Africa has access to a wide range of makeup products that aren’t always supplied by the other bigger brands. RM: How do you handle criticism? RL: I believe that criticism gives me the opportunity to learn and improve


my work. I try not to take it personally. If the criticism is constructive, I weigh it and see how I can improve. If it is destructive I ignore it. RM: And finally, what are the three basic makeup items every woman should own or at least carry around for that emergency? RL: Lipstick, powder foundation or simply powder, and mascara. RM: Thank you for your time Ruby Lyn. RL: My pleasure.

‘My quick beauty tip is always have a tinted gloss of some kind to give you some color even if you have no makeup on.’ - Rachel Bilson



RUNAKO fashion

& style


Styled in Valentine, Dipped in Chocolate

by ThatDJ Daje (Miriam Deredza) 19

everyone is nicer than customer service representatives (lol). And thirdly - more significantly to me - it’s my birthday month!

As a lover of style and fashion, one of the many therapeutic things I like to do is come up with fit-the


-occasion outfits for the many different scenarios and atmospheres of Valentine’s Day. In my case, I tend to wear ‘birthday suits’ on February 14th. I like to call them birthday suits because I glam up and ‘slay’. It is an opportunity for me to showcase my dramatic side of fashion – being over-the-top and ‘extra’ with my dressing. Why not? You only turn each age once, right? However, for a lot of people whose birthday does not fall on Valentine’s Day, simple is preferable - with some exceptions. So I put together two simple but stylish

ebruary is a beautiful

outfits that anyone, any age, can rock this love season. Enjoy!

month for a couple of reasons. One - it’s short, but sweet. Two – it’s the most anticipated month of love and gifts; the month that

The first look is this burgundy cherry number. The ‘skirt’ is actually a pleather dress that has a lot 20

of cut out design on the torso area, and since I wanted these outfits to be ideal for even those who like to keep it conservative and classy, I paired it with this turtle neck crop pullover.

It is the softest and lightest fabric that just brings out the romantic in you. I love mixing textures to create a harmonious outfit. Because of the bold color, nude pumps best accessorize the outfit.

I don’t do

fashion. I am fashion.’ – Coco Chanel


But if you are really bold, you can definitely turn this into a monochromatic look by wearing burgundy cherry heels. This look is especially for those who like to keep it traditional by wearing the red family color.

The second look is for the semi -rebels, who do not necessarily want to wear the traditional Valentine’s colors but still want to keep it relevant. White is a lovely basic color that still speaks love, but can be safe to pair with any other color, rebellious or not. This white flower textured mesh top is so

airy, light and great for warm weather. It is definitely one of my classy staples. I coupled it with this mauve cotton slit body -con skirt. Just to glam it up a notch I paired the outfit with these shiny silver cutout gladiators and the clear aviator glasses that scream sophisticated. I would definitely wear this out for brunch with the girls or a lunch date. If the weather is a little chilly that day, you can easily throw on a taupe or coffee leather jacket, a denim jacket, or a pink light coat – feel free to play with colors, because this fit is that neutral!


RUNAKO fashion

& style

I would have come up with more outfits, put this article would probably have been longer. I hope you could take some inspiration from these two and create fits that fit your personal style, no pun intended.

For the girls who are like me and are not afraid to be bold and over-the-top, follow me on my social media platforms and come along on my style journey that progresses and evolves with each day!

Follow Miriam on Social Media 

ThatDJ Daje (Miriam Deredza)

Instagram: @thatdjdaje

Tumblr: @thatdjdaje

Snapchat: @ThatDJDaje YouTube: ThatDj Daje

Photo credit: Lonestar Makeup and Styling: ThatDJ Daje


How to Build a 4C Natural HAIR CARE REGIMEN

By Brenda Chirata By Brenda Chirata




uilding a hair care regimen doesn’t

Characteristics of this hair:

have to be difficult. The basics are

Products sit on your hair, hair takes

pre-pooing, detangling, cleansing/

longer to dry, hair has little elasticity

shampooing, conditioning, moistur-

and volume, cuticles are closed so

izing and styling.

moisture doesn’t enter easily into

Before we begin, you need to know

the hair (in other words your hair re-

what your hair porosity is. Knowing

sists moisture).

your hair porosity will allow you to

How to look after low porosity hair:

know which oils and products to use. This is probably one of the first things you need to do as you start your natural hair journey.

Here is a hair porosity test for you:

Using heat helps to open the cuticles so that oils and moisture can get into your hair. Use heated towels, hot water and hair dryers if you can. Don’t use heavy oils. Use lighter ones like grapeseed and argan oil.

Take a few of your hair strands and

You will want to keep this hair as

place them in a bowl of water. Al-

clean as possible as buildup reduces

low them to sit in the bowl of water

the penetration of moisture.

for 2- 4 minutes. Observe what’s

Normal porosity hair:

happening to the hair. If your hair is floating on the water it means you have low porosity hair. If however

Characteristics of this hair: Absorbs the right amount of mois-

your hair is sinking slowly it means

ture and keeps it as well

you have normal porosity hair. If

Hair appears shiny, has excellent

your hair sinks immediately then

volume and is healthy

you have high porosity hair. So this

If this is your hair, continue doing

is what it means:

whatever you are doing because it’s

Low porosity hair

clearly working! 26



High porosity hair Characteristics of this hair:

into 4-6 parts. Saturate your hair with oils such as coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. Another

Easily absorbs moisture but doesn’t

way of saturating your hair is to

keep most of it, hair appears and feels

mix conditioner/DIY condition-

dry, hair easily tangles, hair dries

ers (banana, mayonnaise, honey)

quickly and you can experience torn

with the oils in a cup and then


apply it to your hair.

How to look after high porosity hair: Coconut oil and aloe vera gel both love high porosity hair. Egg washes are perfect as they help to restore the damaged cuticles. A note of warning is not to do too many egg washes as protein can cause the hair to become hard and break. Don’t be afraid of using heavy products and creams on this hair, go for it! Don’t skip deep conditioning because it goes a long way in restoring damaged cuticles.

Image: Olive Oil

Pre-pooing your hair is important because shampoos can strip your

Great, now that you know what your

hair off natural oil (sebum) and

hair porosity is, here is a step-by-step

nutrients. It also helps when you

hair care regimen to look after your

start detangling your hair.

natural hair. 1) Pre-Poo Your Hair This is simply preparing your hair for shampoo. Section your hair

Now cover your hair with a shower cap and let it stand for at least 30 minutes. If you have a hair dryer, you can sit under it. 28

RUNAKO hair This maximizes absorption of the oils into your hair.

2) Detangling Use your fingers to detangle your hair

tioner is important because it restores moisture that was removed during the shampooing stage.

5)Deep Condition Your Hair

first. Then follow with a wide-toothed

Deep conditioning is the most im-

comb. Keep it in its sections for easy

portant step of this entire regimen.


You can skip pre-pooing your hair on a lazy day, but you can never skip out on shampooing and deep condition-

3) Shampoo your hair

ing. It is simply a must.

Avoid sulfate based shampoos, and

Deep conditioning provides much

look for moisturizing shampoos. The

needed nutrients to your hair follicles,

shampoo will be written ‘moisturizing

gives that natural shine, elasticity and

shampoo.’ Using a deep cleansing


shampoo can also be done once a month to ensure that all the hair buildup has been thoroughly removed. Deep cleansing is harsh, so it is not recommended to do it often.

There are a variety of deep conditioners out on the market e.g. deep conditioners for volume, deep conditioners for elasticity, protein based deep conditioners, so how do you know the

Shampoo your hair section by section.

right one to use? In a nutshell, the

Avoid shampooing your hair all at

choice of deep conditioner depends

once as it might lead to tangling of

on what your hair goals are and also


your hair porosity. If you don’t know where to start, you can never go

4) Condition Your Hair Apply conditioner to your hair. Leave the conditioner in your hair for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing it out. Condi-

wrong with a moisturizing deep conditioner. Apply the deep conditioner to your sectioned hair. Cover your hair 29

with a shower cap and sit under a

6) Styling Your Hair

hair dryer for 30 minutes to allow the

Styling natural hair works best when

conditioner to penetrate the hair

your hair is damp. In this state, if

shaft. If you don’t have access to a

you have low porosity hair you can

hair dryer you can take a towel, dip it

use the LCO method (liquid e.g.

in hot water and wrap it around your

plain water, cream e.g. sheer but-

covered hair. Leave the hair covered

ter and oil e.g. jojoba oil). If

for 30 minutes. After deep condition-

your hair isn’t low porosity, use

ing your hair, rinse out the deep con-

the LOC method (liquid e.g.

ditioner and proceed to style.

plain water, oil e.g. jojoba oil, cream e.g. sheer butter). The only difference between LCO and LOC is the order of which you apply the liquid, oil and cream. If you wish to put your hair in a protective style, whether braids or cornrows, you can do it after the LCO or LOC method.

And that’s it ladies!

About the Writer Brenda is an avid naturalista who loves sharing with others how to to take care of their natural hair. 30


top 5





By Sharon Washaya


“You're either making money or you're not. If you're not making money get out of the business and find another business to start.” ~ Meredith Whitney In today’s world, it is not uncommon

If you are skilled at braiding hair, this

to find a woman juggling multiple

is also something that requires little

roles - wife, mother, and career wom-

to no startup capital to do. If you can-

an. For many women in Zimbabwe, it

not do hair, offer to find clients for

has become a way of life. We have to

someone who knows how to do hair,

put food on the table. We have to

and form a partnership for a commis-

‘hustle’. We have to find new ways to


make money. In this article we are going to take a look at some of the businesses that women today can start with little to no money.

Businesses that require $0-$50 to

Online Work If you love writing, and have access to a laptop and an internet connection then the world is at your fingertips. You can sign up to legitimate work


sites such as Upwork, Fiverr and

Set up a tuck shop and sell fruits, to find writing jobs.

vegetables and small goods. You can

For those willing to stick it out and

do this by setting up a stall right out-

learn the ropes of working online, it

side your gate. You can include things

may prove to be a good side income.

like Maputi, Freezits, Sweets, Bubble gum to your assortment of merchandise. This model is basic, but with efficient and proper management of money, you can start saving to move onto the next type of business. Marketing for others/Braiding & Doing Hair 34

RUNAKO business

Businesses that require $50-$100

The most notorious business model

to start:

that has taken Zimbabwe by storm is that of buying and selling pre-loved clothes (bales). Most bales for mixed clothes can be purchased from $150 $300. For those not shy to showcase their marketing skills this business models proves that it can be profitable. The trick is to purchase quality bales and find the best places to sell them from. Businesses that require $500+ to

If you already have your own yard,

$1,000 to start:

starting a chicken project might be something that is viable. Day old

Selling New Clothing/Handbags

broiler chicks can be purchased for $0.70-$0.80/chick, so you will ideally need $70-$90 to purchase 100 day old

Sourcing things to sell has never been

chicks. This isn’t to say you have to

easier today thanks to the presence of

start with 100 chicks; you can start

local ‘runners’ and personal shoppers

with less and build up. Approach Pro

based in neighboring countries and

Feeds, Feedmix and AgriFoods to

the diaspora. Runners and personal

find out the cost of broiler feeds in

shoppers based in South Africa, Chi-

you intend to scale up your operation.

na, Botswana, Tanzania and Zambia

Businesses that require $200+ to start:

can easily show potential buyers via mobile platforms such as Whatsapp the merchandise they can source for

Buying and Selling Pre-loved Cloth-

the buyers in Zimbabwe.

ing 35

If you prefer to go and source your own supplies, buses to South Africa cost on average $60 one way, so budget at least $120 for bus fare. Take into account that you will need somewhere to stay as well if you are new in the business. Better yet, find women who regularly travel and join them when they go so that at least they show you ropes of the business.

Purchasing online If you are comfortable with online shopping, sites such as Aliexpress and Alibaba are great for finding merchandise such as handbags, shoes, and clothing. Payments can usually be made to the supplier in China via Western Union, Bank Transfer, Alipay, and Paypal. The only possible disadvantage to ordering in bulk something you haven’t physically seen is the potential poor quality. A general rule of thumb is, the cheaper it is, the poorer the quality.

Things to remember if you are importing from China (or anywhere else): calculate everything so that you won’t be surprised by the fees. If you spend $100 buying goods, expect to spend another $100 on shipping. Anything that arrives by cargo (i.e. anything that arrives at Harare International Airport), has to pay the relevant duty. 36

RUNAKO business For shoes duty is as follows:

Brake fluid, radiator caps, spark plugs, coolant, engine oil, high pres-

40% duty,

15% VAT,

$1 per pair.

sure pump, engine cleaner.

For handbags the duty is as follows: 

40% duty,

15% VAT,

$2.50 per kg.

One of the easier ways to go about

Clearing of your goods can be done

raising the startup fees is to join to-

through a clearing agent. Budget $150

gether with trustworthy women and

for agent fees per entry.

form a business group. Women all over Zimbabwe are doing it and have furnished their homes, put groceries

Businesses that require $2,000+

in their homes, started agriculture

to start:

based projects together because of these community initiatives. If there

Motor parts and accessories Rental space in Harare’s CBD will set you back by at least $500/month. Buying the spare parts to kick start

isn’t one in your area – find two or three women and start today!

If you have a business story you would like to share with other

your business will cost on average

Runako women, please feel free

$500-$1,000. Leave a fraction of your

to share it by sending it to the

money for emergencies when running

following Whatsapp number:

your shop. Things to stock up on that

+213 672 389 214, or send an

sell like hot cakes include:

email to




LET’S TALK HEALTH With Dr. Tafadzwa Gambinga, MBChB


LET’S TALK WOMEN’S CANCER It is a common misconception that

passed on from a mother to child

cancer is a disease of the elderly.

during child birth when the child

Cancers are also common in the

passes through the birth canal if

young population.

the mother has any genital lesions. Most women and men who





are sexually active will be infected

amongst African women are cervi-

with HPV. The likelihood of HPV

cal cancer, breast cancer, uterine

causing cervical cancer is further

cancer, and lung cancer.

increased by HIV co-infection.

Many factors play a role in the de-

The good news is that cervical

velopment of cancer - your diet,

cancer is almost completely pre-

highly processed foods increase

ventable simply by vaccination.

the risk; a sedentary lifestyle; your

The vaccination is against HPV

genetics and the diseases you al-

and is most effective when done

ready have.

before a person becomes sexually active. It can be given to both

In this article I will focus on cervi-

women and men. The Zimbabwe-

cal and breast cancer.

an government currently has a free vaccination program for wom-

Cervical Cancer

en mainly under the age of 18.

Fortunately cervical cancer is one

There is also a screening test

of the cancers with an identifiable

available to detect cervical cancer

cause; human papilloma virus

even in its earliest stages. This

(HPV). This is a virus that is main-

screening test is widely known as

ly sexually transmitted. It can be

the Pap smear. 40

RUNAKO health It's painless, simple and if done

you developing breast cancer in-

correctly it is highly accurate. Re-

creases. There is a gene mutation



that a woman can be tested for if

woman needs a pap every 3

there is a family history of breast

years from the time she is 21

cancer. It's called the BRCA1 and

years old.

BRCA2 gene mutations. Such



mutations can increase your lifeThe following are some warning

time risk for breast cancer by 40-

signs of cervical cancer: abnormal


vaginal bleeding in between menstruation,


Ladies, regular self breast exams



can save your life. No one knows

pause, pain during intercourse

your body and its little changes

and abnormal vaginal discharge.

better than you do. Get to know


heavy bleeding




if anything

changes you will be able to notify

A woman needs a pap smear every 3 years from the time she is 21 years old.

your physician quicker. So what should you be looking for on your breasts? 

Any changes and I mean any small change whatsoever in your breast

Breast cancer


An irregular skin surface: this can be dimpling of your skin,

The main factor resulting in breast

pitting like an orange peel, in-

cancer is genetics. If your mother

dentation, lump on the sur-

had breast cancer, the chances of

face of the skin, sores on the skin and inflammation 41

RUNAKO health of the skin. 

Any discharge from your nip-

A lump that is growing in size

A breast lump that seems

ple (unless of course you are

fixed and you cannot move it

breastfeeding and milk is the


discharge--that's normal)  

Any abnormal lumps in your

A retraction nipple - When

armpits. It's important to know

the nipple is pulled in and

that breast tissue extends into

points inward instead of out, it

your armpits and it can also

is termed nipple inversion

develop cancer.

or retraction If you notice any of these abnor

Any lump in your breast that

mal symptoms ladies, please con-

has a different texture from

tact your regular physician for a

the rest of your breast tissue

check up. And remember prevention is better than cure.

About the Writer Dr Tafadzwa Gambinga (MBChB, Pret) is a medical doctor practicing in Limpopo South Africa. She has a keen interest in women's health, with a desire to empower women.



Top 5 Car Basics to Have to Avoid Getting Fined!

By Innocent Kusotera


RUNAKO lifestyle Hello dear reader. I hope I find you

taught as part of your learner’s li-

well. Today I am writing about car

cense and whatever you do, make

basics to have to avoid getting

sure that your ride is insured and

fined and or getting a ticket.

licensed. You can get your car licensed at any Zinara or Post Of-

The sight of a policeman or police-

fice near you and insured at any

woman in a lime coloured vest at





a roadblock along any of Zimbabwe’s major highways is enough


to strike fear into the heart of any

Statutory Instrument 129 of 2015

motorist. While the following list is

makes it illegal to drive without a

not exhaustive, it gives you an

spare wheel. Although arguments

idea of the kinds of things police

arise on this issue as some cars

officers will fine motorists for. Ob-

imported into the country come

serving and following the advice

with the "biscuit" spare wheel

below will help you when you next

whilst traffic officers are some-

get stopped. So without further

times arresting motorists for driv-

ado, here are the top car basics to

ing with one as they say Section

have when driving along the roads

14(6)(a) sites that 'no person shall

of Zimbabwe.

drive on any roads a vehicle if (a) any tyres on any one axle are of

1) Radio License and Insurance

the vehicle are of a different size, type or construction.

This is one of the most basics things to have and should be dis-

3) Jack and wheel spanner

played on your windscreen. No

It is also now a very serious of-

car should be in the road without

fense to drive without a jack and

these two. This is something

wheel 45

RUNAKO lifestyle spanner.





should be able to remove the wheel nuts of the same car Although motorists try to negotiate on not getting a fine, in the even of a flat tyre they do come in handy. Always carry your spare wheel, jack and wheel spanner.



This is one of the first tools any

lights, park lamps and the tiniest

officer will ask to see. A very im-

of them all, the number plate light

portant tool and should be found

at the rear of the car can get you

in the cab of the car. It is a car

in trouble. Your exterior lighting

saver perhaps a life saver too in

has to be in tip top condition. The

the event of a car fire. Light mo-

ideal would be to check every

tor vehicles are to carry a fire ex-

morning or just before you start

tinguisher of a minimum weight

your car. If one or more of these


is not working, find your auto-




electrician as soon as possible. In conclusion, I advise all motorists to buy, borrow or download the Road Traffic Act. It will lead to happy driving, knowledge of the expected and will bring a smile on the driver when approaching a roadblock. Happy driving. 46


PUBLISHER Magnitudo Media Email:

RUNAKO Magazine is published by Magnitudo Media The views expressed in RUNAKO Magazine are not necessarily those shared by Magnitudo Media. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication’s content, neither Magnitudo Media, RUNAKO Magazine, nor the editor can be held responsible for any misrepresentation or errors of any kind. Neither RUNAKO Magazine, its editor nor Magnitudo Media can be held responsbile for any misfortune, injury or damages which arise from information contained within this publication. All rights reserved. Copyright Magnitudo Media. No part of this magazine may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photo copying, recording, or any information storage or retrieval system, without the prior written permission from the editor. Images used in this magazine are used with permission from Pixabay. Special mention to Pixabay photographers Sagoodie2, Adina Voicu, Unsplash. Ruby Lyn products image courtesy of Star Baptista Photography. 47



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