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Day Skills Training

The Grange Centre for people with disabilities, is a registered Charity No.207740

The Grange

Welcome to The Grange. We are a modern, forward thinking charity based in Bookham, Surrey, providing a range of high quality services to adults with disabilities including training in life and social skills and opportunities to work. We are recognised as an Investor in People. In the brochure, we’ll take you on a journey covering: • the different skills courses • testimonials from people who use our services • how you can use those skills to help achieve greater independence and fulfilment in your everyday life • work experience and potential employment opportunities. We offer ASDAN courses (in certain skills) for those who wish to take them.

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Day Skills Courses

Here at The Grange we pride ourselves on the quality of the skills training. We adopt a person-centred approach to our teaching, with an overall aim of enabling our people to learn to take part in adult society. The working environment is welcoming, friendly, team-oriented and, above all, focused on your development. Courses available vary widely from woodwork to cookery to basic skills such as I.T. and literacy. Flexibility to pick and choose training courses is key to our people’s learning. All our sessions generally operate on a ratio of 4 clients to 1 staff member. We also have a large number of volunteers from the local community, who assist our staff in providing training. This enables us to be flexible in meeting people’s needs. In order to allow service users to gain the most from their experience, session durations are either a half day or whole day. Our sessions usually run from 9.00am to 12.30pm, and 1.30pm to 4.00pm. We hope that what we offer is of interest to you.

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This is a popular course on offer at The Grange. Our clients are given the opportunity to learn how to cook their own food. Cooking skills intends to draw out the creativity in our clients with the aim of them then being able to take home their favourite recipes to prepare food for themselves, as well as friends and family. These sessions have proven to be a very engaging and enjoyable way for people to achieve more independence when at home. The cookery kitchen is divided into four working areas, which are adapted to different heights. Sessions are often centred around themes (e.g. countries) which allow people to learn about new foods, cultures and tastes. Many of those who have enjoyed their cookery experiences are able to move into catering sessions, and learn from a more professional approach, should they want to.

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Catering training allows people to transfer their knowledge of cookery into a working environment. People within the group are able to develop their professional catering skills, including food hygiene, bulk cooking and presentation. There is the opportunity to apply these catering skills at our very own ‘Simply Scones’ tea room as well as at other events that take place in the local community. Service users are fully involved in the tea room and at events, being able to interact with customers and in the preparation of food.

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Gill’s Story Gill has been a part of The Grange for over 20 years, and has recently moved into her own flat in Bookham village. She has her own scooter and is enjoying the increased independence she has, which would not have been possible without the skills she has learnt at The Grange. Gill’s main training has been in textiles, and she is an expert in weaving, sewing and embroidery. Gill’s hobbies include horse riding, swimming and cooking. Gill works at The Grange at No. 5, where she serves customers, writes labels and operates the till. Gill collects stamps to take to other charities, fundraises for Canine Partners and helps organise charity afternoons. Gill has learnt a lot from her time at The Grange, but the main benefit is the increased independence, more choice and a better quality of life.

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We encourage people’s creativity in this environment and grant them as much responsibility as possible in order to ensure the best possible learning experience. This includes the use of screwdrivers, hammers, saws and electric drills, all under close supervision. Many of the items produced are made to order, meaning that the person making it is able to have a set goal in mind and feel a sense of achievement on completion. We also encourage people to come up with their own projects as well as assist in the making of orders as part of a team. Examples of items that we produce include bird boxes, bird tables, bug houses, bat boxes and planters. The goods are sold at The Grange and at various stalls.

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Horticulture & Gardening

We have a large Victorian walled garden in which we teach much of our horticulture. Activities include planting and growing vegetables and flowers and trimming and watering plants. With many volunteers on hand to provide support, this session provides a great opportunity for people to feel very independent in a safe environment. There are raised flowerbeds available for those who are less mobile, and people are given the opportunity to grow their own fruit and vegetables. All of the produce is sold at our onsite Walled Garden shop. Some of our clients have chosen to study for accredited certificates. We currently have groups working towards their ASDAN Workright and we have recently begun to offer the Employability award, which follows on from Workright. We also offer the ASDAN Towards Independence in Horticulture.

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Matt’s Story Matt has been at The Grange since 2005. Having attended sessions in horticulture, woodwork, creative arts and textiles and, more recently, bee-keeping, Matt has gone on to enjoy some external work placements. These have mainly been in the form of gardening contracts, which has included collecting leaves and using the wheelbarrow. Matt’s interests vary from following his favourite football team, Chelsea FC, swimming and playing football at the Swans Sports Centre. Matt also likes to be involved in many other sports such as cricket, golf and cycling. Matt states that his main learning from The Grange is to take an interest in others and to care for them.

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Creative Arts & Textiles

We aim to give each person the opportunity to develop their creative strengths and have the opportunity to learn new skills by coming to sessions in our department. People can work individually or as part of one of our teams, working on a current project. Whilst learning and improving a variety of craft skills we encourage the use of I.T. and promote a good work ethic. At our shop, The Grange at No. 5, we offer retail skills and training on computerised sewing machines to fulfil customer orders. People within this session design and make a wide variety of Art and Textiles items which are available to buy in our shops. We also run accredited courses in ASDAN Towards independence. We aim to follow a person centred approach with each individual, enabling them to learn skills transferable to the work place.

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The Grange at No. 5

The Grange at No. 5 is our shop in Bookham where we are able to sell many of the goods produced by people at The Grange. Open Tuesday - Saturday from 10.00-16.00, the store is staffed by up to six people from The Grange plus two supervisors. The shop provides a working environment for our people to put their skills into practice, such as meeting and greeting customers, as well as serving them, taking orders and answering the telephone.

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Basic Skills

We provide basic skills training within all of our sessions to develop some of the most important skills required to expand our clients’ learning experience. This can help lead to work experience and employment opportunities for our people. We find that by including basic skills training within our sessions we enable people to retain knowledge gained in an educational environment. I.T., literacy and numeracy training enable an understanding of how to apply these skills into areas of life.

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Social & Leisure Sessions

In addition to the core sessions that are on offer, we recognise the importance of other areas of development which can not only supplement learning, but help with life as a whole. For this reason, we are now developing our social and leisure sessions. Currently we offer sailing, drumming and swimming, to name a few. The drumming sessions takes place on site at The Grange with our bi-weekly visiting tutor. Swimming sessions are held at The Grange in our own pool. Sailing takes place offsite at a local reservoir. This is an area we are currently developing and we hope to have many more social and leisure activities available in the near future.

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Work Experience

At The Grange, we fully support and encourage people to undertake work experience to help achieve greater independence and fulfilment. We aim to grow the confidence of our people to inspire them to undertake external work placements with one of the 30 local employers with whom we collaborate. Clients are able to approach our work experience coordinator, whose aim is to enable people to achieve their potential in a working environment. A range of experience is available to suit differing interests and abilities. The time taken to find a suitable placement depends very much on the individual. All clients complete a risk assessment before starting work experience and will receive appropriate support to help them adapt to their work environment.

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A day in the life of Jo I have been a part of The Grange for two years and am enjoying life here very much. Each day of the week varies, as I like to get involved in many different activities, but I’d like to take you through my typical work experience day. It’s Monday morning. I wake up early, get dressed and make myself breakfast in my flat. I am then taken by The Grange minibus to a local Salvation Army charity shop. My first task is to sort out the clothing donations that people have brought in over the weekend. They all need to be cleaned and then sorted into their sizes. I like speaking to and helping the customers who come into the shop and sometimes teach them to sign using Makaton. I hope to work on the tills there soon. Once the morning shift is over I head back to The Grange, where I attend a cookery class. We learn how to make spaghetti bolognese, which is one of my favourite foods. In the evening I decide to make the same meal for my friends. After clearing away the dinner and washing up, while listening to Westlife, I go to bed ready for another busy day ahead.

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The Future at The Grange

Just like the people we serve, The Grange is always looking to grow and develop the range of sessions and activities on offer, so that we can continue to provide meaningful activity for the people who come here. Our plans for the future include expanding into areas such as beekeeping, communication classes, walking groups and accessing a variety of sports and team games. In addition, we are creating our own sensory garden which is located within the grounds of The Grange. This has been built with the help of local volunteers as well as those who visit The Grange to take part in Day Skills training. To further enhance the catering courses which we offer, an exciting new venture is taking place. We will be opening a new cafĂŠ in Dorking, which will be run by The Grange and its clients with the aim of providing more people with the opportunity to gain experience of a working environment, possibly leading to paid employment opportunities.

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Prospective Day Skills Clients

If you are interested in applying to join The Grange’s Day Skills Training, or would simply like to find out a little more about the charity and what we have on offer, there are a number of actions you can take. Next Step: We have 4 Visitor Days per year. The dates of these are available on our website at Alternatively, please call reception on 01327 452608. If you are interested after the Visitors’ Day and would like to join then we will ask you to submit an application form. After receiving your application, if we think that The Grange is suited to you then we will arrange for you to come along to a taster day. If at any point you have queries or questions then please do not hesitate to call us on 01327 452608, or email us at

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Contact Us

The Grange Centre Rectory Lane, Bookham, Leatherhead, Surrey KT23 4DZ

Getting here

Telephone: 01372 452608 Fax: 01372 451959 Email:

We are 1 mile from Bookham railway, 3 miles from Leatherhead, 5 miles from Dorking and 8 miles from Guildford.

The Grange is 1/2 mile from the centre of Bookham and there is a regular bus service from Guildford and Leatherhead which stops two minutes’ walk from our door.

If driving from the M25 come off at junction 7 and follow signs to Bookham, The Grange is off the A246.

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Courtesy, dignity and respect

Personal responsibility


Promote full independence

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Partnership Working

Rectory Lane, Bookham, Leatherhead, Surrey KT23 4DZ Tel: 01372 452608 Fax: 01372 451959 Email: The Grange Centre for people with disabilities, is a registered Charity No.207740

Grange Centre Day Training Brochure  

Grange Centre Day Training Brochure

Grange Centre Day Training Brochure  

Grange Centre Day Training Brochure