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Customer Research Portfolio Sharon Goh

My Core Competencies Customer Journey Cultural Studies Consumer Insights Packaging Design Technology Research Brand and Persona Mapping

About me A Strategic Innovation Expert with 9 years of international marketing and customer research experience in the Netherlands and Singapore. Experienced in designing customer research, statistical analyses and digital engagement marketing.

Customer Journey Performing online analytics and event interactions for Shell globally

Employer: Shell International BV, The Netherlands and Imagination, Singapore

My Role Working in a team of 4 in Shell, we reviewed and advised over 1000s of Shell design branding strategies. I was in charge of developing brand policies regarding our digital advertising, as well as retail station customer experiences. In Imagination, I managed the creative and digital marketing campaigns of Shell Eco-Marathon.

Shell digital innovation - Creating apps to share the future of energy

Cover%page%and%its% Interac1ve%inside% pages%to%show%the% “depth”%of%drilling%oil% in%the%deep%sea.%

Using%the%3M%VAS%System,%we% analyzed%the%strong%points%of%Shell% adver1sing%to%create%the%“Inside% Energy”%App.%This%was%a%combined% effort%between%editorial,%design%and% digital%team.%


Shell Eco-Marathon 2015 Interactive Design Highlights

Digital and Physical Interaction Design The aim of the Shell Eco-marathon (SEM) Asia event was to inspire new ideas to address the complex issues posed by the energy-water-food nexus in the Philippines and across Asia. I implemented digital marketing campaigns using RFID technology and Twitter advertising in large scale events, which generated 80,000 RFID interactions and Twitter reach of 7 million. The total on-site registration was over 35,000 people over the 4 opening days.

Customer Journey Messaging Understanding how our customer visits our Shell retails stations is important, therefore the customer journey is mapped out to understand how the customer can receive the best experience from the first point of visiting the petrol kiosk, to entering the shop to pay, and finally leaving. The next page illustrates the advertisements we’ve designed according to the customer journey mapped as above.

Advertisements designed to guide users to buy V-Power along the customer journey

Shell packaging design - Revamping the packaging design of Shell Lubricants – Advance and Rimula

Rich%brand%heritage%and%strong%colours% form%the%key%considera1ons%to%how% we%targeted%%these%products%to%fuel% distributors%and%motorists%on%the% road.%% % %

Cultural Studies Designing a Philips shaver from understanding how men of different races shave their beards

My Role I did a qualitative video study of how men of 4 different races shave their beards. Because of different heritage backgrounds, it was found that non-Asian men experience longer, quicker hair growth and like to shave more frequently. An infographic was done to summarise the comments expressed by our respondents in the next page.

It is seen that men often shave





Customer Journey




Ernesto “The little whirlpool in the sink plug hole there, where the tiny hairs always catch, and it's an enormous hassle to clean it out, so I always try to watch out for that to make sure it gets Cleaning after shaving washed away all right.” is perceived to be the most common problem, besides other personal problems



Leon “Well, it's kind of different if you shave in the evening, when you go out, or into town, or when you go out to a party. Then it's really different . Then you have more time, you are more careful.”


There are various individual habits and rituals of shaving influenced by the time of the day and the occasion.


other than in front of the mirror, using a razor, then it is maybe, because it is an automatic thing. I think it is quite a relaxing thing to do.”


Time availability strongly affects a good shaving experience. Men often rush with the shaving but would like to spend time on it.



Shaving is only enjoyable in the right space, with enough time and the right tools.

Depending on the due to external pressure. Men are often cultural background, impelled to shave Much can be done to make shaving and having a because of their shaving more enjoyable, rather beard is experienced environment (job, than just a chore. differently e.g having a social norms etc).And beard can be a specially the opinion symbol of masculinity of women. Leon “ about Moroccans in some cultures. and Turks 'they don't shave Leon “ I think that because they do not feel a women like it if a pressure from their personal man's skin is smooth environments, because they so do many men.” are not influenced by their womenfolk. P E Ernesto “I cannot shave


Leon “But it's warm, so your skin opens up in the shower. Some men shave themselves in a sauna, and that's allowed. Sometimes it's allowed, sometimes it's not. But your whole skin is just real warm and then shaving is the nicest thing there is.”

George. “ Well, when I don’T have an opportunity to shave, It's like a chair with one leg missing, well, that's Men feel how I feel then.” comfortable about themselves after shaving.

Men like to start their day with shaving in order to feel good. They like the warm water and the touch of their skin.


Combining the insights gained from different aspects of shaving can lead to many innovative ideas.


Philips massage design ARIES massage shaver

Customer Journey

Consumer Insights Designing a OTO foot massager for the Asian feminine market

Client: OTO Bodycare, Singapore

My Role I did a qualitative interview on the problems ladies face with their feet. Amongst the different types of shoes women wear, many fed back that feet odour and heel pain pose the biggest problem in their everyday lives.

Feet Massager Wings Designing a foot massager to address odour and heel issues

Packaging design of Philips MP3 player 1.!Packaging!trend!studies%

Defined%the%target%market%as%women%who%like%to% run%and%listen%to%music%–%convenient!and!chic.%

Philips%Singapore%developed%audio% devices%for%the%feminine%market.%My% task%was%to%design%the%packaging%to% make%it%more%chic%and%appealing%to%the% female%market.%



Studied!the!trendy!packaging!designs!and! plas2c!molding!techniques!suitable.%


Inves1gated!the!different!materials!and!assembly! Created%a%‘floa2ng’!Pebble!packaging!design,! to%see%how%the%product%can%be%packaged.% to%make%the%product%stand%out%on%its%own.%

Technology Research Researching on popular gaming methods and technologies to market Intel’s gaming laptop Client: Intel Corporation, The USA

My Role Intel wanted to break into the gamer’s laptop market. I designed and researched the ways users play with their game consoles and keyboards, taking into consideration the most popular genre of online games that people like to play too. The next few slides illustrates my research studies and sketches I created for Intel.

Online game technology and playing studies

Brand and Persona mapping Launching of Dutch luxury brand Senz Umbrellas to new region - APAC through consumer research

Employer: Senz Umbrellas BV, The Netherlands

My Role I pioneered the regional commercialisation launch of luxury brand Senz Umbrellas in the APAC region. Performed consumer research on 300 consumers from South East Asia, to fine tune the online marketing strategies to target Asia.

Brand mapping techniques

Understanding the market brand and competitors To target the Asian markets, brand personality and mapping tests were done among 300 consumers to see where Senz umbrellas best fits. 5 domains are identified: Urban & Youth, Business & Travel, Outdoor & Sports, Fashion & Lifestyle, Design & Innovation, where Senz Umbrellas was found to be most suited for Outdoor & Sports and Fashion.

Persona mapping derivation

Persona mapping We did a umbrella colour study on 300 consumers and deduced that there are 3 main Asian persona who will buy the products. Taiwan was found to be the best place to launch this product as they face typhoons which require umbrellas such as Senz very much. We also deduced the brands they would buy and shops they frequent to buy a Senz umbrella.

“Pioneering creative and technology innovations from the art of customer experience research �

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