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Sharon Goh’s Design works

Packaging design of Philips MP3 player 1. Packaging  trend  studies  

Defined the  target  market  as  women  who  like  to   run  and  listen  to  music  –  convenient  and  chic.  

Philips Singapore  developed  audio   devices  for  the  feminine  market.  My   task  was  to  design  the  packaging  to   make  it  more  chic  and  appealing  to  the   female  market.  

3. Sketch  explora:on  

2. Packaging  trend  analysis  

Studied the  trendy  packaging  designs  and   plas:c  molding  techniques  suitable.  

4. Design  concep:on  

Inves@gated the  different  materials  and  assembly   Created  a  ‘floa:ng’  Pebble  packaging  design,   to  see  how  the  product  can  be  packaged.   to  make  the  product  stand  out  on  its  own.  

Shell brand communications 1. Shell  Brand  consulta:on  

Shell is  a  a  global  oil  and  gas   corpora@on  in  the  Netherlands.  Aiming   towards  unifying  the  brand,  I  advised   and  strategized  the  designs  created   worldwide  in  our  Shell  Brands   Interna@onal  team.    


Provided brand  consulta:on  to  design   agencies  and  Shell  design  teams  worldwide  

3. Packaging  design    

Conceptualized new  packaging  designs  and   guidelines  for  new  lubricant  product  markets  

2. Brand  Design  policy  wri:ng  

Implemented brand  policies  for  different  Shell   communica:ons  to  educate  teams  worldwide.  

4. Print  &  Digital  Communica:ons    

Created promo:onal  materials  for  Shell  and   other  joint  partners  

Shell brand policies and prints - Unifying the brand across the globe

Press adver@sements  



Exhibi@on backdrop  for  Ferrari  

Campaign Posters  

We aimed  to  promote  a  ‘one  brand’   policy  across  all  the  countries.  So  we   Retail  shop  adver@sing   advised  and  co-­‐designed  with   various  crea@ve  agencies  to  work   towards  crea@ng  visuals  gearing   towards  one  Shell  brand.   Direct  marke@ng  voucher  designs   Reports  

Internal Communica@ons  Policy  

Shell packaging design - Revamping the packaging design of Shell Lubricants – Advance and Rimula

Rich brand  heritage  and  strong  colours   form  the  key  considera@ons  to  how   we  targeted    these  products  to  fuel   distributors  and  motorists  on  the   road.        

Shell retail communications - Designing the message through the customer journey

Packaging designs  

Understanding the  customer  journey   is  an  important  part  for  us  to  enable   us  to  design  retail  artworks  that  will   guide  a  customer  on  his  way  from   geQng  fuels,  paying,  to  saying  good-­‐ bye.    

Shell digital innovation - Creating apps to share the future of energy

Cover page  and  its   Interac@ve  inside   pages  to  show  the   “depth”  of  drilling  oil   in  the  deep  sea.  

Using the  3M  VAS  System,  we   analyzed  the  strong  points  of  Shell   adver@sing  to  create  the  “Inside   Energy”  App.  This  was  a  combined   effort  between  editorial,  design  and   digital  team.  


Brand commercialization to Asia 1. Consumer  research  tes:ng  

Conducted NetQ  consumer  studies  in  Taiwan,   Hong  Kong  ,  Japan,  China,  Australia  and  Korea  

Marke@ng itself  as  a  premium   umbrella  Dutch  brand  in  Europe,    I   helped  the  company  senz˚  to   commercialize  their  brand  to  the   Asian  Pacific  market.  


3. New  products  retail  branding  

Used SPSS  analysis  to  predict  possible  new   products  senz˚  can  venture  into.  

2. Website  design  

Designed the  Asia  Pacific  website  based  on  the   consumer  tests  with  online  consumers.  

4. Persona  photoshoots  

Created a  media  marke:ng  plan  aimed   towards  the  target  personas  in  Asia  

senz˚product marketing - Renewing senz˚ brand and communications

To create  a  senz  brand,  we  created   icons  that  show  the  unique  umbrella   design.  So  we  created  sales   brochures,  colours  charts  and   websites  to  inform  and  interact  with   consumers  of  its  uniqueness.  

senzËšmedia marketing - Marketing senzËš to asia pacific

Thank you for viewing my portfolio!

“Life is as high as the sky, You’ll never know what youMore can Details design, of unless you try.” my Design Research Experience … … sharon goh 0628617053

Sharon Goh Communication design  

This contains packaging and graphic designs I have done for Shell, Philips and Senz umbrellas previously.

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