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Where the Journey Began… In August of 2010, the Shakopee School Board appointed a 24 member Facilities Task Force to make recommendations on the following: 

Options for a long term strategy to house the projected student population

Grade organization patterns to fit current educational philosophy and facility capabilities

Understanding of existing Shakopee High School facility

District enrollment projections were studied and presented to the Task Force by Hazel Reinhardt.

Summary Statement by 2010 Facilities Task Force: It was a clear consensus from the group that creating one very large high school, eventually in excess of 3,500 students, is not the preferred direction for the District.

A second High School with capacity for 1,600 students be constructed as the next major building for the District. For the short term the Junior High School and Middle School would each house grades 7-9 The group decided to recommend using one of the six elementary buildings as a 6th grade center and the other five buildings as K-5



Recommend that the District seek out temporary building space to house Kindergarten students until a second High School opens.

When a new Second High School is opened in 2017 a grade shift should occur, relieving capacity at the elementary level. The Middle School and Junior High would each shift to grades 6-8, and the two High Schools will become grades 9-12. Grades K-5 would then have full use of the six elementary buildings

“When a second high school opened,

freshmen would attend the two high schools and students in sixth grade would return to the middle-level buildings, according to the task force's plan.�

Superintendent Rod Thompson reviewed the short and long term recommendations from the 2010 Facilities Task Force. Chuck Berg/Kathy Busch moved to reconvene the 2010 Facilities Task Force to review their previous recommendations based upon current enrollment information and directed administration to proceed with planning as presented; motion passed unanimously.

Researched: Two 9-12 HS Buildings (TOURED LAKEVILLE)

Research Framework: 

Two (9-12) HS buildings opening with a capacity of 1,600 students Two (6-8) MS buildings opening with 1,050 students each Six K-5 Elem buildings with 655 students each

Researched: Two HS Buildings “Stacked Model”: 9/10 & 11/12 (TOURED WHITE BEAR LAKE)

Research Framework:  

 

One 11/12 building opening with a capacity of 1,600 students One 9/10 building opening with 1,400 students each Two (6-8) MS buildings with 1,050 students each Six K-5 Elem buildings with 655 students each

Education Week, October 13, 2013

 In

the past 10 years, enrollment increased by 2,597 students or 53.9% in the last 10 years.

 “Don’t

fear emptiness; these kids are here.”

Current 10-12 high school has about 1,500 students

The 9-12 enrollment projection of 3,112 students will be two high schools of approximately 1,556 students per building – both larger than our current high school

           

Compass Datacenters Datacard Group Emerson Electric Co. FedEx Corp. Total New Jobs Imagine! Print Solutions Projected in Shakopee: Opus Development At Least 2,500 Jobs Shutterfly & Another 2,000 Spinoffs Recovery Tech. Solutions SanMar Corp. TE Connectivity Trystar Inc. Not Included: Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Retail & Entertainment Center & Canterbury Area Retail Enterprise

 We

use the Scott County Geographic Information System.  The formula used: For every home built in Shakopee, .55 children enter our school district.  For example: if 500 new homes are built we can project that our district’s enrollment will increase by another 275 children

 All

Day Every Day Kindergarten = 60 students  New Job Growth = 275 students  Estimated 335 additional students  Potential

2022-23 Enrollment = 9,785 students

• Regionally renown Market & Research firm • History of accurate referendum predictions in Shakopee Residential Survey facts: • +/- of 5% on reliability of results • Methodology included 400 “completed” telephone surveys based on needed demographics to assure sample size validity based on census figures • Telephone calls lasted on average of 30 minutes (cell & landline) 25

Findings & Recommendations:  Based on the findings of the survey our referendum has a 62% of being successful  $89 million was our threshold  Need lots of communication on plan  “Red Flag” – class size issue 30

* Average Home: $213K = $13 per month

Assumptions/Statistics:  Current High School 322,000 square feet  Current High School site 96.58 acres  

Second High School 322,000 square feet Second High School site 86.4 acres

* Continuing to explore additional land purchases for future building sites

   

 

Starts after March 11, 2014 (not before) One year to plan/two years to build Planning process similar to current HS Planning groups: Academics, Site, Activities, Athletics, Music, etc. User input from all stakeholders Extensive city planning process for site, annexation, infrastructure, roads, utilities, storm water, environmental impacts, etc.

 The

second high school would open in Fall of 2017

 Current

8-12 graders would graduate from a one high school system.

 Current

K-7 graders would graduate from a two high school system.

Within the walls the District will explore opportunities for Academic Transformation:  Expand

College in Schools (CIS)  Increase Advanced Placement (AP) Courses  Investigate International Baccalaureate (IB)  Explore AA degree in high school  Increase AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) opportunities for students  Expand technology preparedness

Within the walls the District will explore opportunities for Activities Transformation:  Intramurals  Increased

Community Booster Partnerships  Marching Band  Orchestra  Musicals & Plays  Multiple Clubs & Activities  Improved & expanded practice facilities

Serving as the main competition venue for Dubuque's two high schools, this complete update to the Dalzell Field complex will benefit the students of the Dubuque Community School District and members of the community at large.

Project Highlights: Reconstruction of football field, with synthetic turf playing surface New running track prepared for complete competition and also equipped for collegiate-level competition New press box and spectator seating areas Updated team room facilities An updated entry plaza that will serve as a gathering space New concession and restroom facilities

Project Highlights: A

synthetic surface playing field equipped for soccer practice and games, lacrosse practice and games, marching band practice and performances, as well as football practice and games.

 9-12

enrollment is projected to reach 2,600 students by 2017/2018, and grow to 3,100 by 2022/23 with continued growth beyond the next 10 years.

 Any

expansion of the existing high school building would be a “stop-gap” solution at best, and if 9th grade is not shifted to be part of the high schools, it does not provide the needed capacity for the additional elementary or middle-level enrollment growth that is also in the projections.

 Yes,

a 500-600 student addition to the existing High School was master planned when the 1,600 student capacity High School was designed. The 2nd High School as proposed will also master plan a similar addition.

 Additions

to both High Schools will be a future option as enrollment continues to increase.

 We

agree that enrollment projection numbers are hard to see and feel. Equally hard to see or feel is the size of our current 7th /6th/5th and 4th grade classes, as they will be the first full occupants of a two High School District.

 Today

these four grades total 2,380 students. By Fall of 2017, they are expected to total over 2,500 students. The students are not really projections, they are already in the seats at our schools.

 There

will not need to be a levy specifically to open the 2nd High School.

 Legislative

action in May 2013 adjusted school district general funding formulas which gave School Boards an option to replace a portion of current levy with an adjusted amount.

Thompson 4 two schools  

Superintendent Rod Thompson's presentation regarding the process for recommending two high schools for Shakopee.