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Common Issues And Fixes for Acer Aspire Common Issues And Fixes for Acer Aspire Series R5-571T-59DC

Acer Laptops are known as the one of the best as well as affordable laptops of 21st century. In addition to this, it offers additional features as compared to other laptops in the similar price range. The laptops by Acer are used by Professionals as well as Gamers. They offer high quality features and updated software for each of their laptop. Keeping up with the tradition of offering high quality laptop with better specification, Acer launched Acer Aspire R5-571T-59DC in June 2016 as part of the R15 series laptop. The most interesting feature of this laptop is that it is convertible laptop i.e, it is laptop to tablet PC. But somehow, some people faces some issues with this laptop. Those issues are very common in nature. Those issues and their fixes are as follow : 1. Laptop Crashes or Freezes Constantly

This issue crops up when laptop constantly shut down or it become unresponsive. Any user tends to overreact when it happens. But it’s a small issue. It happens due to :

Ø Faulty Hard Drive : This happens when your data becomes scrambled, laptops takes long time to open files or folders and clicking/grinding noise coming from hard drive. If this happens copy all the data into another location from laptop and don’t turn off the laptop. As this problem may cause laptop never to start again. Next, you need to replace the hard drive. Ø Improper connected Hard drive : If above given things are not happening then the hard drive is not connected properly. The only fix for it is to properly connect the hard drive or contact our service provider. Ø Virus : This issue crops up when unwanted pop-ups come across during constant freezing of laptop. The fix for this issue is to install a good antivirus software which will help you to erase the virus from laptop and make it work properly. 2. Short Battery life Issue

This issue arises when the battery of laptop takes too long to recharge back or in other cases doesn’t hold back the charge for long duration. It happens due to : Ø Dead Battery : For this first you need to check if the charger or the outlet is not the issue. Firstly plug your laptop into different outlet and if it works then outlet is the issue. Secondly, if still doesn’t work you need to try wriggling the cable and if the laptop starts, then the cable is the issue. If still laptop doesn’t start the the battery is dead and the fix for this issue is to simply replace the battery with the new one. Ø Background programs draining Battery : If the laptop passes the above test and none of the above issue is the problem then it’s the time to check the software on the computer. As there may be some program or service running in the background without permission which is draining up the battery. For example, some laptop comes with pre installed bloatware software which consumes the great amount of energy while running. 3. Display Error Issue

This happens when the laptop display shows as blurred or black. It can be fix by : Ø Reset the visual by Restarting the laptop : The distorted or blurred vision in a laptop can be fixed by turning off the laptop and holding the power button for at least 30 seconds. If it still shows some graphic issue, remove battery and reinstall it. If the situation persists, press F2, F9 and F10 keys in succession and then press enter. It will help in resetting the visual of the laptop.

4. Overheating Devices

It happens when laptop becomes too hot while in use or it shut off suddenly. Also, laptop making continuous loud noise while working and shows blue error screen. This happens due to : Ø Running too many Programs at once : By running too much programs on the laptop, it causes laptop to be more active and thus results in heating it up. It can be fixed by reducing the number of program open in the window. Ø Dust in Fan and Cooling Feature : Another reason for overheating is the fan not working properly. As it causes cooling feature of laptop to not work properly. It can be fixed by regularly cleaning the device. Also, some times fan stop working suddenly then the best fix is to replace the fan with the new one. 5. Fault in Motherboard

This can be understand when entire system of the laptop stops working and only normal functioning is happening like fan spins or led lights comes on but screen doesn’t start. This issue can be fix by : Ø Replacing the Motherboard : If after testing all other components, everything is working fine and laptops still doesn’t start then the issue most probably will be the motherboard. The fix for this issue is to replace the motherboard of the laptop with the new one.

Acer Support UK  

Call at Acer Laptop Support Number at 0800-046-5242 UK for Acer Support, Acer Customer Support, Acer Technical Support, Acer Laptop Support...

Acer Support UK  

Call at Acer Laptop Support Number at 0800-046-5242 UK for Acer Support, Acer Customer Support, Acer Technical Support, Acer Laptop Support...