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Laura Dixon and Eric Melin AUDIO TECHNOLOGY

L APTOP INTERFACE The RapcoHorizon Company ltiblox laptop interface is a scaled-down, compact, mono audio version of the company’s new Lti-1 stereo interface. It accepts stereo audio from portable audio devices, and it provides a mono, balanced-XLR output for input into professional mixing consoles. The unit also features volume control and a 3.5mm connector on a 3ft. cable. RapcoHorizon Company

PAGING SYSTEM SOFT WARE The 1RU Symetrix Integrator Series Zone Mix 760 paging and music-management system features microphone preamplification, compression, AGC, matrix mixing, feedback elimination, filters and equalization, and ambient-noise compensation for restaurants, hotels, sports bars, and nightclubs. Its new version 2.1 software integrates full support for a modular ARC-MIC built-in condenser mic and an ARC-XLR XLR-input source, and it allows each of the system’s wall panels to serve as a self-contained paging station with zone groups and pushto-talk functions. The new software also provides a third-party control protocol for control over IP or the hardware’s new RS-232 port, as well as the ability to create preset toggles. Symetrix |

SUBWOOFER The new SB2A powered 12in. subwoofer from Electro-Voice eliminates the need for external system processing and amplification. It features dual 350W amplifiers in order to drive either an external 8 passive subwoofer or a full-range loudspeaker. The subwoofer is easily configured with a variety of loudspeakers for use in a range of sound-reinforcement applications—including for use with the ZX1-90 loudspeaker, as a standalone PA that fits in the front seat of your car, in 70 |

clusters with the SX100 and SX300 loudspeakers, or with a passive SB122 subwoofer for portable lightweight sub extension to replace bulky 15in. two-way systems. The SB2A shares the same durable injection-molded enclosure as the passive EV SB122 subwoofer. Both use the EVS12S woofer, designed from the ground up for optimized performance within this small-footprint enclosure. Electro-Voice |

WIRELESS INTERCOM VCOM multichannel sof t ware from IntraCom Systems provides wirelessintercom functionality for use in professional applications. As with the PC system, the handheld version supports as many as 200 users on channels configurable for point-to-point, group calls, and party lines. Users can talk hands-free privately or in full-duplex conference. The wireless system easily interfaces with other communication systems, does not have frequency constraints, and runs on readily available Wi-Fi and/or cellulardata-network-enabled handhelds running Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher. IntraCom Systems

LOUDSPEAKERS The Peavey SP-series loudspeaker systems feature durable new Hammertex coverings and a newly redesigned exterior with full-front metal grilles. The new loudspeakers are engineered for optimal sound reproduction. Their enclosures feature patented, asymmetrical Quadratic Throat Waveguide technology that helps deliver pristine, precise sound; MARCH 2008


Black Widow loudspeakers with Kevlarimpregnated cones, 4in. ribbon wire voice coils, and exclusive fieldreplaceable baskets ; the patented Radialinear planar phase-correction system; and titanium compression drivers with ferrofluid cooling. Peavey |

LIVE SOUND CONSOLES The Soundcraft Vi series consoles offer new features—including support for multiple stageboxes and the Vi Offline Editor, which provides the ability to set up shows and configurations offline on a PC. These configurations can then be downloaded to the desk from a USB memory drive. The software will be downloadable free from the Soundcraft website beginning in March. It can be run standalone in any location, and the file can be transferred at any time. All routing, naming, EQ, and dynamic settings can be preconfigured offline. This also provides new engineers with a superb opportunity to test out the console on their laptops before getting hands on. Soundcraft |

DISTRIBUTION AMPLIFIERS The SADA-4 and SADA-6 (pictured) stereoaudio distribution amplifiers from FSR feature one input and four or six outputs, respectively. These professional-quality DAs accept balanced or unbalanced inputs

72 |

and outputs, and they can be configured for stereo or mono with the flip of a switch. Built-in features include individually buffered and amplified outputs. All outputs are short-circuit-protected, and they are configurable for multiple-output arrangements. Both units are ideal companion pieces for any of the company’s CVD and SVD video distribution amps. The units are manufactured using a green, leadfree process. FSR |

MIXER /AMPLIFIERS N e w 1 3 5 M A a n d 1 6 0 M A m i x e r/ amplifiers from Crown International

feature both 8 and constant-voltage outputs (70V and 100V), and they are easily configurable for a variety of uses— including paging, background music, on-hold music, security use, and safety/ evacuation announcements. Each unit is housed in a highly compact 1/2RU chassis. The 135MA is equipped with three inputs and a 35W amplifier output, and the 160MA provides four inputs and a 60W amplifier output. Both models provide priority muting that can be voiceactivated or triggered via an external switch, and both models are compatible with microphones requiring phantom power. Crown International

MARCH 2008


LCD FL ATPANEL DISPL AYS Planar Systems has introduced two commercial-grade direct-view LCDs for use in control rooms and digital-signage applications. The m40L is a 40in. flatpanel with WXGA native resolution (1366x768), and the m46L is 46in. with HD 1080p resolution (1920x1080). Other features

include built-in power management and automation, an intelligent light sensor that automatically adjusts the backlight, and an optional protective front faceplate. Planar m-Series displays are specifically suited to withstand intense ambient conditions in demanding environments. Planar Systems


EASIER. �� ��������������� ��� �������������������� industry terms and symbols �� ��������������������������� including graphics and logos ��� ����������������������������� formatting (wire wraps, flags, vertical, fixed-length, patch panel, and more) ��� ���������������������������� ��� ������������������������������ Award-winning RHINO 6000 now available at AVAD, Capitol Sales, and Milestek. For more information, visit w w w. r h i n o l a b e l i n g . c o m / s v c © 2007 DYMO - A Newell Rubbermaid Company 31619

31619_RHINO_SVC_Ad.indd 1 74 |

The Magenta Research Octet UTP/Cat-X distributive transmitter is optimized to deliver the display control and metrics desired in dynamic-signage applications. It distributes WUXGA video, stereo audio, and display-addressable control signals within a 2000ft. radius from the source, with no repeaters or booster units. The transmitter also supports DDC and the Windows Vista operating system, eight UTP outputs for signal distribution, and loop-through outputs for video, audio, and EIA-232. Magenta Research


Create labels on your PC and download to RHINO 6000. Or create and print labels at the worksite. Either way, the rugged award-winning RHINO 6000 simplifies labeling with advanced functions that are genuine timesavers.



Night-vision capability and a built-in omnidirectional microphone are two of the features of the new Zonet IP security cameras, launching with the ZVC7630 and its wireless counterpart, the ZVC7630W. With their own IP address and built-in web server, they connect directly to the user’s network, and they can be remotely accessed from a standard web browser. The cameras feature image quality up to VGA (640x480), with transfer rates of 30fps. Both models offer the ability to record streaming video with sound to a hard drive, schedule and upload images to FTP, or send images via email. Zonet |

INTERACTIVE TOUCH DISPL AY CI Lumen is offering interactive displays and all-in-one computer displays integrated with 3M MicroTouch Dispersive Signal Technology (DST) in sizes ranging from 32in. to 46in. DST gives display integrators an ideal solution for largeformat interactive applications that require fast, accurate, reliable touch response. 3M claims that the screen’s operation is unaffected by surface contaminants and that the included Dynamic Touch feature ignores static objects on the screen and allows for multi-user touch capabilities. CI Lumen |

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MARCH 2008


WIRELESS KEYPAD/ REMOTE CONTROL Universal Remote Control has introduced the KP-900, a keypad remote that controls all audio and video equipment in a home, simplifying and automating the operation of even the most complex home theater system. For maximum flexibility, it can be mounted on a wall or used as a handheld remote, making it ideal for retrofitting into homes with existing entertainment systems, as well as for new homes. The keypad is compatible with iPods and other portable music players, and it comes in three finishes: white, light almond, and black. Universal Remote Control

FL ATPANEL WALL MOUNT Video Mount Products has designed its new PDM-W universal flatpanel wall mount for varied on-wall applications. The 45degree ar ticulating mount can hold 42in. to 63in. flatscreens weighing up to 180lbs., and it features adjustable mounting rails. The shallow-profile PDM-W projects only 4in. from the wall when fully retracted, and it has a 24in. depth when its arms are fully extended. It comes with a silver or black powder-coat finish. Video Mount Products

AV FURNITURE Soundations has expanded its Designs Unlimited product offerings, including numerous flatpanel-TV and corresponding audio-andvideo component furniture from the South A f r i c a n d e s i g n e r/ manu f ac turer. T he products are an extension of an interior design’s aesthetic requirements. According to Soundations, the new pieces provide high-quality choices for consumers 76 |

to house their home theater system components. The multiple available flatpanelmount stands and corresponding AV and media furniture are created with real wood veneers available in seven finishes, including maple, redwood, cherry, wengé, black, silver, and glass. Soundations

INSTALL ATION KIT The new Elite Screens VMax2 in-ceiling screen-installation kit makes it easier to install the electric-projection screen for any conference or media-room project. The slotted-plate attachment protects an Elite VMax2

screen from beneath while cradling it securely in specialized fittings designed to accommodate screen sizes from 84in. to 150in. in either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios, with custom-sized options available. The framework is adjustable to standard spacing requirements, and it secures easily to internal studding. The enameled sheetmetal design is durable for long-term use, and it provides easy access to the screen itself from the ceiling space. Elite Screens

LOUDSPEAKERS/ AV SYSTEM High-end sound technology is proving to be a key element in the design of leading hotels, so the presence of an Artcoustic AV system at the Radisson Edwardian Leicester Square Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, perfectly complements the hotel’s luxurious standards. The Diablo monitors, together with Dfs 100-75 loudspeakers and Dfs 75-55 subwoofers, have been beautifully integrated into the hotel’s lobby, restaurants, and bars. The unobtrusive systems allow guests to dine or enjoy drinks in an elegant acoustic environment aligned with the aesthetic experience of the entire hotel. Artcoustic |

MARCH 2008


deter tampering and theft. Both models are 24in. wide by 18in. deep and can be adjusted from 26in. high to 42in. high by adjusting four screws. They offer enough room on the top shelf to accommodate a 20in.-diagonal monitor, and they are available with locking brakes and either 4in. or 5in. swivel casters for easy movement. Bretford |


HDMI TRANSMIT TER / RECEIVER The Kramer Electronics TP-551 and TP-552 transmit HDMI signals at 1080i resolution up to 200ft. over two Cat-5e cables without the use of intermediary reclocking devices such as signal repeaters. The TP-551 transmitter and TP-552 receiver offer a simple and inexpensive solution for HDMI signal transmission over long distances for use in home theater installations and presentation and multimedia applications. The units offer up to 1.65Gbps bandwidth per graphic channel, and they are HDCPcompliant and HDTV-compatible. They pass the EDID, HPD, and CEC signals from the source to the display device across the Cat-5e cables. Kramer Electronics

POWER FILTER The C2C wall-mount power filter by APC AV delivers clean, protected power to wall-mounted flatpanel displays. The compact, discreet filter includes two outlets that let through less than 40V to keep equipment safe from power surges; isolated input and output noise filter banks to help eliminate electromagnetic and radio frequency (EMI/RFI) interference as sources of AV-signal degradation; and 78 |

LED status indicators that alert users and installers to changing power conditions and filtering, protection, overload, and wiring faults. The unit includes an industrialstrength hook-and-loop fastener for fast mounting and dual power cords for simplified installation. APC AV |

TRANSMIT TER The UV1-S-16X transmission system from Hall Research Technologies is composed of one rackmount sender and one or more receiver units (sold separately). The basic sender converts VGA video inputs and phantom power signals into a format that can be transmitted using a single inexpensive and commonly available UTP cable with RJ-45 connectors. The sender can use UTP, shielded twisted-pair, Cat-5, Cat-5e, or Cat-6 cables. At the receiving end, a compatible receiver is used to convert the UTP signal back to VGA and power. Hall Research Technologies

The Da-Lite Screen Company Advance Projector Mount and Ceiling Plate Package includes the UPM-1 universal projector mount, the CPM-ACP aboveceiling plate, and the CM-P6 6in.-long pipe. A second package also includes the CPM-PLC plenum cover, which allows the CPM-ACP to be used in plenum ceilings. The UPM-1 mount holds projectors weighing up to 50lbs., and it features adjustable feet for micro adjustments. It also includes mounting and security hardware. The CPM-ACP mounts above a finished ceiling, and it includes a ceiling plate, sliding coupling, a mounting package set including four wires with Kwik Loc cable joiners for easy installation, and a black escutcheon finishing ring. The CPM-PLC plenum cover features a removable lid for easy access and side knockouts for conduit, as well as an electrical junction box. Da-Lite Screen Company

MEDIA CART The A2642NS and CA2642NS heightadjustable media carts from Bretford feature welded pullout shelving that provides a secure platform and reduces setup time. The A2642NS has three open shelves, while the CA2642NS includes a lower locking cabinet to store equipment and MARCH 2008



CONNECTOR The BTX MaxBlox CD-MX915HH half-hood functions as a full-size hood in a smaller footprint to provide installers with optimal strain relief in high-density applications for AV, home theater, and security, and to solve the problem of a full-size hood being too long to fit behind a wall when mounted to a plate. The new half-hood is the same width as the MaxBlox D-sub connector, making it ideal for any high-density application where numerous MaxBlox D-subs need to be mounted side by side. BTX |

The PolyVision Thunder Express realtime collaboration system is designed to allow small groups to share information in realtime, regardless of location, facilities, or time zone. One or more displays and a PC can be combined with Thunder Express software to turn any meeting space, training room, classroom, or office into a Thunder environment which data can be edited by participants in the Thunderequipped space itself, or by remote participants connected from any computer. PolyVision |

MOUNT The Peerless Industries SmartMount 600 line of mounts features a forgiving openwallplate design for installation flexibility, and it can accommodate sets ranging from 23in. to 60in. The mount’s lowprofile outline provides plenty of space for a four-outlet electrical gang box to be placed within the plate’s perimeter, leaving sufficient room for cable management behind the mounted TV. Peerless Industries

CABLES Tripp Lite Easy-Pull cables enable installers to accomplish long cable runs for custom video installations in a wide range of applications—including home/business theaters, school and corporate training facilities, and retail video signage—while

80 |

maintaining compliance with stringent building codes. The cables feature molded, detachable connectors and threaded-end caps with integrated pulltabs that tolerate up to 30lbs. of pull force. Because bulky connectors are added on after the cable is run, Easy-Pull cables can be installed through conduit and drop ceilings. Tripp Lite |

CROSS CONVERTER The Doremi Labs GHX-10 cross converter features HDMI, DVI, and SDI connectors, and it allows for any input to be converted to any output format or scan rate. It supports both SD and HD video and features audio support, sync output, and genlock. The GHX-10 can be used as a computer DVI-to-HD-SDI converter, an HDMI resolution converter, or an HD-video upconverter or downconverter. Doremi Labs |

HDMI CONNECTIVIT Y PRODUCTS Tripp Lite’s new HDMI version 1.3 certified connectivity products include the B119-303-R 3-to-1 HDMI switch with remote, the P166-001-A HDMI active wallplate, the P166-001-P HDMI passive wallplate, and the B123-001 HDMI signal extender. The switch permits users to select one of three HDMI sources to display on a single monitor. The wallplates permit efficient and hidden connection between an HDMI source and a display device. The signal extender or the active wallplate with its built-in signal booster can be used to connect an HDMI source to a display device up to 150ft. away. Tripp Lite |

IP GATEWAY The Cabletime LAN-Caster digital terrestrial or satellite TV-to-LAN (IP) gateway delivers live digital-terrestrial broadcasts (DVB-T) or digital-satellite broadcasts (DVB-S2) directly to any networked PC or display device, such as a plasma or LCD, via a LAN. A 3RU chassis allows users to mix and match digital-terrestrial TV ( DVB -T ) and digit al - satellite T V (DVB-S2) and MPEG-2/-4 streams from local sources. One LAN-Caster blade can be connected to a digital video terrestrial or satellite source to deliver up to 11 channels of live TV and radio, while up to eight additional MediaStar Evolution blades can be added to allow users to receive up to 99 channels. Cabletime | MARCH 2008

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WIRELESS INTERCOM AUDIO TECHNOLOGY W H AT ’ S N E W The RapcoHorizon Company ltiblox lap- top interface is a scaled-down, compact, mono audi...