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Sound and Vision


Artcoustic and Lime Green TV are blurring the boundaries of high-end audio technology and design


n nearly every modern home, music, films and television play an important role – and the systems we use to enjoy them make all the difference to these experiences. The best systems will give excellent performance, with breath-taking sound quality and beautiful images, so that you get lost in the music or immersed in a film. The appearance of the system, when not in use, is an often-forgotten aspect. A system that is designed and installed to give the highest performance but also looks beautiful is what we should all expect. Gone are the days of the black bulky invasive box speakers. Now more options are available for those who wish to pay more respect to their interiors. Today, audio technology is about providing top sound with stateof-the art design to create the right mood and perfect living environment. Artcoustic loudspeakers are the perfect solution and are designed with interior design and quality performance in mind. So, when you buy an PAGE 48> Artcoustic speaker, you get the best of both worlds.

Sound and Vision

FEATURE complete interiors are frequently being designed with Artcoustic as the central sound system. The business concept for Artcoustic evolved from the idea of providing an exclusive loudspeaker system to consumers that shared a passion for superb sound quality and a preference for design that reflected their own personalities and tastes. The Artcoustic loudspeaker range has been designed for today’s diverse interiors for the home, home cinemas, corporate boardrooms, professional recording studios, restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels. The loudspeakers are flat – only 6cm and 12.7cm deep. Home and commercial interiors have always been very important and in the past few years this has become a top priority and Artcoustic builds loudspeakers with this in mind Going back to the roots of Danish loudspeakers design, Artcoustic has transformed the conventional speaker with a modern look. They strive for



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‘You choose how your speakers look, so they always complement rather than conflict with any interior design’

The speakers are unobtrusive and beautiful to look at. They sound great because the company’s acoustics, art and design expertise have brought years of knowledge and experience to bear on designing speakers that reproduce music and movie soundtracks faithfully, accurately and in breathtaking detail. And they appeal to the eye because of the unique interchangeable screen options. You choose how your speakers look and you can have a new look whenever you want. There is a wide portfolio of beautiful patterns and designs, as well as pictures from artists and photographers, including an array of iconic images from the Getty Images Gallery. Artcoustic also offers a bespoke printing service where you can provide an image which can be produced in to screens for your speakers. As the screens are interchangeable, the image can be changed whenever you like. You choose how your speakers look, so they always complement rather than conflict with any interior design. High-end audio systems play a central role in today’s modern residential and commercial setting and

perfect sound reproduction, using only the most advanced technology available. From a flat screen TV in the lounge, to a music system or even dedicated cinema, there is an Artcoustic model perfect for every situation. Artcoustic work with only the best installation partners across the world as expertise and system design is crucial to ensure that you get the very best from your products. Lime Green is one such partner who takes care and pride in fulfilling their clients dreams. Lime Green work extensively with property developers and interior designers and consult on many developments in the residential and commercial sector, from the planning phase down to the installation. fact file Lime Green TV Unit 11, Portway Business Centre, Old Sarum, Salisbury,Wiltshire SP4 6QX. Website: Telephone: 01722 333231

fact file Artcoustic Website: Telephone: Rachel Beeching on 01245 400904 Email:

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I n nearly every modern home, music, films and television play an 47 PAGE 48&gt; fact file Lime Green TV Unit 11, Portway Business Centre, O...

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