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Marian College Resource Centre Annual Report 2013

Highlights 2013

1. The successful implementation of Access It, our new web-based library management system. 2. The transfer of old pathfinders to the new web-based LibGuides. 3. The purchase of several online databases and ebooks enhance the library collection.

4. The Clickview library goes online, giving staff access to over 1,000 videos. 5. Another successful Book Week with record student participation. 6. Jane Godwin, author of Falling from Grace, addresses all Year 8 students. 7. AJ Betts, author of Zac and Mia, presents a writing workshop to Year 10 students. 8. Valanga Khoza entertains all Year 7 with his witty storytelling and musical performances. 9. All Year 9 Themes and several Year 10 English classes join Good Reads.





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32 The Resource Centre team eagerly embraced this user friendly web-based library management system. The excellent support staff from Access It in New Zealand, through the use of Skype, helped set up our new system ready for the start of the school year. The transfer of library cataloguing records from Bibliotech to Access It was quite smooth and problem free. Staff quickly embraced and used all facets of this system. The library technicians have commented on the ease of access, the intuitiveness, the user-friendliness and the overall presentation of Access It. The system links to Synergetic and allows the automatic update of all borrower records saving the staff a lot of time spent on record keeping. Being web-based, the library catalogue is now available to the school community from anywhere. We are now using Access It to host the library web-site. It is easy to use, attractively presented and provides the school community easy access to all online resources, including databases, reference material and ebooks and keeps them up to date with all that is happening in the Resource Centre. BORROWING Access It has allowed us to explore statistics that reveal the borrowing habits of our school community. This can help us to make decisions regarding future purchases for our collection and the deselection of items in the collection.

MOST ACTIVE CLASS BORROWERS 1. 7 Kinsella 2. 7 Delany 3. 10 Cecilia

The statistics also give us an indication of where wide reading classes have been most successful, notably at Year 7, and which classes we should target in 2014 to encourage them to participate more fully in a wide reading program. 4

Lib Guides & Online Databases

LIB GUIDES This year we subscribed to Lib Guides. Lib Guides are a portal to research information on a variety of topics, specific assignments and resources created to guide student inquiry. The teacher librarians have been transferring the old pathfinders into Lib Guides, providing a resource list encompassing relevant books, ebooks, online databases, websites, images and videos that support the school curriculum. We have produced 21 guides in total. Our focus this year has been to create Lib Guides to support the VCE English and Literature texts, though we have also produced Lib Guides in other learning areas including Religious Education, SOSE and Science in response to requests from teachers for suppport material on a variety of topics. ONLINE DATABASES AND EBOOKS The Resource Centre collection reflects the changes in technology in libraries by the incorporation of online databases and ebooks. This year we have purchased access to several online databases to add to the Reference collection. Databases include Health Reference Centre, Issues and Controversies, Modern World History Online, Science Online, Today’s Science, World Geography and Culture Online, World News Digest and World Religions Online. Usage statistics indicate 1,595 Sessions/Searches in total on the databases. The most popular online database has proven to be World Religion Online with 755 sessions; the most sessions (432) were in June which coincided with the VCE Religion and Society SAC on this topic. Science Online and the Health Reference Centre have also been very popular providing excellent support material to the teaching of Science subjects and health and Physical Education subjects. The teacher librarians have promoted the use of these databases by including them in Lib Guides. We have also presented them to Learning Leaders in a Teaching and Learning meeting and to teachers in relevant Learning Area meetings. We now have a collection of 204 ebooks, of these; 82 are Fiction and 120 are Non Fiction. These are all accessible via the catalogue. Our most popular non-fiction ebook is ‘Living in the Middle Ages’, used by year 8 students with their medieval Webquest. Fiction ebooks can be borrowed by students and downloaded to their own personal device or laptop. The provider of our fiction ebooks is the Wheelers ePlatform accessed from the Resource Centre Webpage. 5

CLICKVIEW Online &Curriculum Support CLICKVIEW ONLINE Changes to Clickview means that this video library has expanded considerably and is now managed by the library staff from the library workroom. We now have 1,211 videos in our library. Access to the Clickview Exchange now means that we have access to a huge range of free to air programs that can be added to our collection as part of our subscription. All staff now have password access to Clickview Online which means that staff can access Clickview at school and at home. They can embed links into the Moodle or an email so students can access the videos. A representative from Clickview will present a workshop on Clickview’s features to the whole staff.

CURRICULUM SUPPORT The Resource Centre has continued to meet the curriculum needs of the school community by providing relevant quality resources, both print and digital. The teacher librarians have collaborated with staff to develop research tasks, create Lib Guides to support research and been involved in team teaching. We began with orientation lessons targeting all year 7 groups. Following their orientation lessons we made sure that with their first assignment we again worked with year 7 on their research and conducted a lesson on bibliographies. Year 7 classes have continued to come to the Resource Centre for research and utilised Lib Guides (Australian Biomes, Ancient civilisations), particularly in their SOSE studies. The teacher librarians presented the Web 2.0 Tools Lib Guide to all year 7 students to help them with their Skellig presentations. The Teacher Librarians have also worked with the Year 7 English team to introduce the Literature Circle Novels. After students had completed work on their Literature Circle novel we conducted lessons on using the Web 2.0 Tools, including Glogster to create an online poster about their novel. Year 7 have also come to the Resource Centre regularly for wide reading, participating in book talks, book grab activities and writing reviews. The reviews were then put online into Access It. The Literacy group have had a regular time where the teacher librarian and their teacher have worked together to promote reading, read to them and support them in their research in other subjects.


The teacher librarians have supported several year 8 teams over the course of the year with Lib Guides and regular wide reading. The year 8 students utilised the new Lib Guide on Medieval Life in conjunction with the Webquest that was developed last year collaboratively with the year 8 teachers of SOSE. During wide reading year 8 students have put reviews online into Access It. The teacher librarians also worked with the year 8 classes to introduce Animoto to create book trailers. The teacher librarians have worked with year 9 themes teachers to implement a wide reading program in term 4. All year 9 students are members of Good Reads and each class has participated in group discussions online. Year 9 are also putting reviews into Access It. Each class has been coming in regularly to read, have book talks, share their reading and take part in book grabs. The teacher librarians have worked with themes teachers in their meetings about resources for next year including film and books. We would like to continue to work with the year 9 teachers to support their learning and teaching programs. We have some good ideas about how we could work collaboratively with this team in a more formal way. The teacher librarians have worked with several year 10 classes across different subject areas. We have created Lib Guides for Legal Studies, English, Advanced English and Philosophy. We have worked in the classroom alongside the subject teacher to assist with research in English, Health and PE, Philosophy and Legal Studies. The teacher librarians always conduct orientation through English classes with all VCE students. We use the VCE Research Lib Guide ensuring students are well informed about our online resources, particularly newspaper and current issue resources and encouraged all students to become members of the State Library of Victoria. We have created several Lib Guides to support English texts and particular subjects. We will continue to collaborate with teaching teams to support the teaching and learning programs in 2014.


Book Week

During Book Week, the Resource Centre was abuzz with a variety of activities from the Annual Book Quiz, competitions, storytelling, author visits, bookmark making and a Manga drawing competition. We started the week of with a new competition for Book Week, hosted by Mr. Milana, ‘‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’” The questions were, of course, all book related, the year 12 girls were contestants and we had a wonderful audience. Congratulations to Michelle Tran who won $50 worth of prizes – not quite a million! Tuesday saw teachers reading to students from a favourite novel. Then on Wednesday lunchtime the Resource Centre was jam packed as students from all year levels made their own bookmarks. Many colourful characters from Oz turned up on Thursday for morning tea and to attend the Annual Quiz. We had a visit from Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion, Glenda the good witch, The wicked witch of the West and The Wiz, all who contributed to the spirit of fun and enthusiasm at the Book Quiz. Thanks to all the girls and teachers who participated; their knowledge and love of fiction is to be commended. Friday lunchtime was just as busy as girls drew their own Manga character or coloured in a Manga character. We were lucky to have Valanga Khoza, South African singer, musician, storyteller and performer, visit us once again. He had all Year 7 enthralled and amused by his wonderful music, songs, stories and humour. Jane Godwin visited just before Book Week to talk to year 8 about her novel ‘Falling from Grace,’ that they study. It is always wonderful to actually meet the author and gain insights into a book studied. A.J Betts, author of ‘Zac and Mia’ also visited courtesy of her publisher and spoke to year 10 students. Thank you to all who supported the Resource Centre team during Book Week. We appreciated all your enthusiasm and efforts. 8


Premier’s Reading Challenge Marian College students have once again proven to be passionate and avid readers of fiction and over sixty girls from Year 7 to Year 10 have successfully met the Premier’s challenge to read a minimum of fifteen books. Our students this year have read, in total, nearly two thousand books which is a commendable achievement. The Premier’s Reading Challenge encourages a love of reading, the opportunity to share books and recommendations and to celebrate all that is wonderful about books. On Monday 16th September the Resource Centre held a lunch for all successful challengers. Staff and students celebrated together; enjoying delicious pizza, discussing favourite books, raffling great door prizes and awarding certificates and prizes. The girls who read the most in their year level were awarded special prizes. Congratulations to Nicki Edward (7 Kinsella), Lauryn D’Souza (8 Caroline), Eleanor Breheny (9 Joan), and Lana Petricevic (10 Cecilia) for being the top readers. We get great pleasure and satisfaction from sharing our passion for books with students and the Premier’s Reading Challenge has given us the opportunity to listen to the girls’ opinions on the books they have read. Students’ favourite books include The Fault in our Stars, Anna and the French kiss, Stolen and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.



The Promotion of Fiction The teacher librarians have worked enthusiastically with classes from Year 7 to Year 8 promoting fiction and reading for pleasure. Various activities have included Book grabs, New book presentations, online reviews, formation of Good Reads Online Bookclubs and Literature circles. Web 2.0 tools such as Animoto and Glogster have been introduced by the teacher librarians to classes to use in presentations about books. We have worked closely with Mr. Vito Milana and the English team evaluating present texts and recommending new texts for 2014. We have used Access It to create special Reading lists that link to areas of the curriculum and that support the new Australian curriculum. The Staff Reading Challenge continues to inspire teaching staff to read more and to read young adult fiction.


Book Club Book Club has met fortnightly on Thursday lunchtimes. We have students from 7-12 involved in this club and we have had a great time sharing our reading. We have discussed so much this year including:  What makes a book a classic?  What is better: the book or the film?  Should you read the last page? John Green has remained a firm favourite and our classic collection has been popular. At our final Book Club meeting we farewelled two year 12 students, Lana Frost and Jani Singh who have been Book Club members since year 7.


Library Monitors, Volunteers & The Resource Centre’s Layout

LIBRARY MONITORS AND VOLUNTEERS As always, we have had a huge response to our requests for library monitors from Year 7 to Year 12 to help out at the front desk at recesses and lunchtimes. The monitors have diligently helped with the issue and return of books. The monitors have assisted other students with searches and the reservation of books. The monitors have been a great help to the Resource Centre staff, particularly at lunchtimes, when the Resource Centre can become very busy and it is difficult to supervise the large numbers of students. We have been lucky enough to have two parent volunteers and an ex student volunteer to help with shelving, book covering and processing. The ex student, Csilla, is now employed as a library technician taking on Mary’s role when she resigned her position. We also have an ex-student, Jennifer, here in Term 4 completing her 80 hours of Library work placement for her VU library tech course. PHYSICAL LAYOUT The acquisition of new couches and ottomans has transformed the Fiction side of the Resource Centre into a welcoming and comfortable reading space which has been utilised at recess and lunchtime and in wide reading classes. The storytelling chair, “The Green Aristocrat,” has been sat on by many members of staff and visiting authors. There have been many positive comments on how attractive the Resource Centre is looking. Our next step is to provide some comfortable bench seating on the Computer side of library for students to sit at with their laptops. 14

JDF & Literacy Week Activities The Resource Centre has hosted various student activities in collaboration with the Justice and Democracy Forum. We celebrated Easter with a popular Fair Trade Easter Egg hunt for Year 7 students. Students joyfully hunted for the hidden eggs amongst our shelves, behind books and in obscure places. During Refugee Week and Reconciliation Week the Resource Centre hosted a picture book storytelling session where the JDF members read to Year 7 students. The picture books were based on the themes of these weeks. In Literacy Week, the Resource Centre held another storytelling session where teachers read their favourite books to students. This was a popular lunchtime activity.


Student Survey Results We asked students to describe their experience in using the Resource Centre. Many students commented that the Resource Centre was a safe and welcoming environment that they felt comfortable in. Many students commented on the great range of books describing them as “awesome”, “exciting”, “interesting”, “great”, “brilliant” and “inspiring”. Several students also commented on the “friendly service”. This word cloud has been generated from their responses.

One hundred students from Year 7 to Year 12 were asked to anonymously complete a short survey about the Resource Centre. Responses were positive with the majority of students reporting that they visited the Resource Centre 2-3 times a week. Most students visit to study and borrow. Students reported using the Resource Centre website to search for books, to access a Lib Guide, to use online databases and add a review of a novel.

How often do you visit the Resource Centre?


Student Library Use


Professional Development The Resource Centre staff has undertaken several Professional Development activities. All staff have been trained in the use of Access It and Clickview Online. Both Sharon and Sofie attended the excellent Reading Matters Conference at the State Library run by The Centre for Youth Literature and the inspiring Melbourne Writers’ Festival to keep abreast of what’s happening in the world of books. We have continued to read professional journals, including online publications, blogs and web-sites by SLAV and other educational bodies. We have also continued to read fiction with passion. We also attended the Professional Development day on Effective Learning and Teaching held at VU as well as the internal Cyberbullying session with Brett Lee. Csilla attended the SCIS conference on the new RDA cataloguing rules in preparation for the upcoming changes. Norman, Marilyn and Csilla have participated in Warden training for Emergency management and all staff have participated in EpiPen training. The teacher librarians have presented two workshops on “What a teacher librarian can do for you?” at staff meetings presenting to small staff groups information on online resources such as online databases, ebooks and reference material. These sessions then led to teachers’ requests for support in their teaching. A HPE teacher then requested a research lesson for her Year 10 class showing students appropriate database and resources as well as a lesson on how to write a bibliography. A VCE History teacher then requested a LibGuide for his subject to help his students access appropriate research material and supplementary reading. The Resource Centre staff have planned a Clickview Online training session for all staff to take place in November.


Goals 2014

        

We plan to continue to develop a reading culture at Marian College by planning competitions, events and working with the English Teaching teams. Maximise Database and high quality digital resources use by incorporating them into Lib Guides and curriculum documentation. Develop more Lib Guides to support the Teaching and Learning Program. To formalise our team teaching practices. To target teaching teams and subject areas underrepresented in our statistics. Develop the Click View Online database and train staff in it’s use. To continue to assist staff in changing their pedagogy. Work with teaching teams on personalising learning. Implement a couple of evidence-based projects.



Marian College Annual Report 2013  
Marian College Annual Report 2013