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Sharon M. Fisher...












Tri-Cities Broadcasting Corp

South Central Communications

The Independent Traveler

Cyber Market, LLC

Account Manager

Account Manager

Sales Director



Creative problem solver, calculated risk-taker, and pioneering Sales and Marketing Executive who turbo-charges brands and revenue through innovative, customer-driven marketing, sales and interactive media strategies. Exceptional communicator and trusted relationship builder adept at creating atypical partnerships that maximize profitability. Top performing sales professional expert at attracting and retaining customers through consultative and solutions-based selling. Resilient and fiercely determined go-getter who transforms marketing and brand-building challenges into lucrative opportunities. High-energy team builder and visionary leader who excites people into taking action around a clearly conveyed vision.

Speaking Personally...


How would you describe your leadership style?

My leadership style is democratic in nature, in that it is more coaching and participative, in style and practice. However, I have learned that a keen awareness for procedure and policy – which most bureaucratic leadership styles adhere to, is essential in working with, and through other people, to take my organization into unchartered territory.

Why are entrepreneurial skills valuable in a large Q organization? A.

Leadership in large and small organizations consists of decisions. Influential leaders and entrepreneurs demonstrate a propensity to make visionary decisions. Entrepreneurs take risks. Influential leaders also take calculated risks, and they must exhibit the ability to renew or reinvent themselves, and their organizations, in historically significant ways.

How do you get people to perform at levels beyond what Q they thought possible? A.

The three elements inherent in any effective marketing campaign – engage, excite and energize – are also the best motivators for a team, department or organization. People are moved by a vision – they become excited to engage, and are energized when they see themselves as a key component to achieving that vision. I constantly reminded my team, and myself, that setbacks are bound to occur…not to worry, two things I promised: you’ll never die of embarrassment or drown in your sweat!

What do you consider your greatest professional Q accomplishment? A.

The team that I built and developed. Each of them had unique skill sets and personalities ranging from an extreme introvert to a flamboyant extrovert. Their range of self-esteem and confidence spanned the spectrum. Within 2 1/2 years, each person grew more assertive, more forthcoming with ideas and improved work flow recommendations, and with expressing their career and professional aspirations. I made a concerted effort to communicate to them the higher purpose for their activities – I strived to give them a vision of something larger than themselves. And they in turn, raised the bar for me, to lead by example… live my life for the right things, whether I succeed or fail. I did not promise that everything would go well for us, but that our work and our lives would be well lived. And they were!

CREATING BUSINESS VALUE Strategic Account Planning and Sales

Solution Sales/Sales Territory Plans

Customer Acquisition/ Retention/ Loyalty

Revenue Growth/ Market Optimization

Sales Leadership Skills Cultivating Complex Relationships/ Contract Account Negotiations Management

Team Building/ Mentoring/ Training

Full Lifecycle Sales Process Management

Results in Every Role


advertising sales by 36%, while industry was declining by 15%.


incremental revenue of $15K through creative “Wheel of Fortune” promotion.


number of new accounts by 30%; clients included Azamara Cruise Line, Celebrity, Carnival, Holland America Line, MSC and Oceania Cruise Line.


deals with high profile clients, including Mars, General Foods, Kraft and Frito Lay.


two ADDY’s for the writing and production of two commercials.

8 Victoria Square Crossing • Hilton Head, SC 29926 • Office: 843-342-9336 • Cell: 843-422-5799 •


Results in Every Role incremental revenue of $15K through creative “Wheel of Fortune” promotion. number of new accounts by 30%; clients incl...

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