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The Valentine’s Edition

Volume LXXX1 Issue 4 February 9, 2018 510 13th St. Cullman, AL 35055

67 Days Until Graduation

February Bearcat Reminds

Love is in the Air!

Iconic Couples Found in High School

Holocaust Exhibit: Maggie Darnell, Staff Writer Valentine’s Day… February 11 District Honor Band: February 16 and 17 Schools out: February 19 and 20 Workkeys: February 21 Danceline and Majorettes Audition Practice: March 5-13 Prom: March 10 Daylight Savings: March 11

a day of love and romance and an awesome day for candy if you’re in elementary school still, or if your significant other brings you some nice flowers with chocolates. In the vivid jungle dubbed “high school,” romance can be an interesting factor in the social food chain. With that said, there are several types of high school relationships the average student can observe in his (or her) high school experience. Let us begin and delve into the heated jungle and see these fierce creatures in their natural habitat.

Danceline and Majorette Auditions: March 14 School ACT: March 20

PDA All the Way!

Our first relationDinner with the Drumline: March 23 ship is the “lovey-dovey”

Spring Break: March 26-30 Colorguard Audition Practice: April 2-10 Colorguard Auditions: April 11 ACT: April 14 April Fools Day: April 1 Easter: April 1

couple. That includes the types of couples who kiss each other in the halls, are very attached to each other, and will sometimes talk about romantic details towards anyone who’s willing to lend an ear. They’re “totally in love” and are all over each other. They can be clingy to each other too, normally using the term “We.” These types of couples are more frowned upon than others, since not everyone wants to see PDA, especially since not many students are positively receptive to school anyways. Despite this being our first couple, there are more relationships to see.

Image Source: iStockPhoto

On and Off Again...

Next up, the “lightswitch” couple. Everyone knows this type of couple. This couple constantly breaks up and gets back together, probably happening so frequently that you don’t know whether or not they are a couple. When they’re on the “off” times, other people added into the equation can make it heated and stir up the tense chemistry when they fight (again). At the beginning, you think, “okay they make a cute couple,” and then several “fights and break ups” later… “Okay, this is the umpteenth time this has happened…” and then you cut off all communication with either person in the relationship because you’re done with everything revolving them.

Image Source: usmagazine

Strong Alone. Unstoppable Together. Our next couple: “the power couple.” A power couple, in high school, is the couple that everyone knows or sees as “perfect.” The two are both students that are

good on their own, but together they are seen in-sync while everyone cheers. In a high school setting, both students would be “good” with their grades and probably get Prom King & Queen when the time comes. In a “real world” setting, a power couple would be like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, even Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (money wise since they are very in depth with drama). However, in the school social setting, students may perceive the power couple as “perfect,” but even the power couple is not a perfect couple.

Image Source: Pinterest

But you’re so young! This couple is not

unpopular, but it is quite taboo. The “age-gap” couple. This includes a Senior/Junior guy with a Sophomore/Freshman girl, vice versa. This relationship type can be questioned, for obvious reasons. An age-gap couple can even branch out to high school and college, since most girls date older guys because they mentally mature faster than guys their age. Therefore, girls go for guys who are more similar to them, mentally mature. Guys, grow up.

Image Source: clipartbarn

“It’s over Anakin, I have the high ground!”

The last couple, the “unequal” couple, is another common relationship type in high school. In this relationship, one person is “definitely wearing the pants” between the two, while the other just goes along with it. This relationship type can be quite parasitic. On a serious note, this relationship could turn unhealthy and evolve into an abusive one. In that scenario, the one who is constantly being told to do things wants to leave the relationship, but the one with the “pants” may not want the other to leave and therefore will take evasive action in order to keep them. If you find yourself in this relationship or see your relationship turning into this, get out of it. If you don’t take action, it could worsen very quickly. Take action and cut the toxicity. In conclusion, these types of relationships in high school don’t set the standard for what you should be, or try to be, when you’re in a relationship. When you’re in a relationship, you need to be you because you’re with someone who loves you for you.

Bearcat Babies

It’s Great To Be A Cullman Baby!

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Chloe Zinsmeister, Staff Writer

1. What is their name? 2. When were they born? 3. What are you most exited about?

Harper Noelle Brown

1. Harper Noelle Brown 2. Born on December 14th, 2017. She belongs to Coach Brown and his wife. 3. “To raise a good Christian child who has a good head on their shoulders and puts God first in everything she does. To teach them life skills such as hard work and pushing themselves to be the best they can be. To always be there for them.”

1. Cabry Collins Pylant

2. Born December 15th, 2017 to Mrs. Pylant and her husband. 3. Mrs.Pylant said that she is excited to watch her grow and learn, and she will “Cherish every little milestone.”

Bearcat Beauties

The lovely winners of the Fair Queen and Southerner Pagents. Below: Eryn Rainwater

accepts the title of Fair Queen after a stunning performance where she demonstrated superb ability to represent Cullman High School in 2018.

Above: Miss Southerner

of 2017, Brinkely Thorton presents the title of Miss Southerner 2018 to Laci Newman after she exhibited astounding charisma and grace during the pagent.

Cabry Collins Pylant

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Relationships Then vs. Now Times Are Changing Chloe Zinsmeister, Staff Writer Most people have evolved with the times, changing the way we do things based on the expectations of society. Relationship culture has changed as well, for better or for worse. Here are just a few of the many signs of changes in relationships as the years have passed. Asking A Girl Out Then: A guy would see someone he likes and then ask them to dinner in a polite, respectful manner. Now: Most people go through a stage of ‘’talking” or getting to know each other before an actual date ever happens. Technology Then: Typically, the guy called the girl’s home phone (which was often answered by her parents) in order to talk to her or visa versa. Now: Most boys get girls numbers (or Snapchat) from another person instead of asking her directly, and then they text her instead of calling.


Then: The guy came to the girl’s house, went inside, met her parents, and took her to dinner while continuing to be a gentleman throughout the night. Then, he returned her home at a decent time, walked her to the front door, and they parted ways. Now: Dates are rare, but when they do happen, most people meet at the place of the date, arriving in separate vehicles, which completely cuts out the formality of meeting the girl’s parents, making the relationship seem less serious, which is something that many people fear. PDA Then: Public Displays of Affection have always been something that onlookers will either find romantic or repulsive. It can range from handholding or passionately kissing. Then, it was rare for extreme PDA to

be seen in public between couples, especially between young people who were not engaged. Now: Although some people still don’t find it socially acceptable, lots of couples have no shame in kissing for too long while in public, and holding hands in public definitely is not a rarity for most couples, but some people still don’t like to be involved in PDA. Dating “codes” Then: Most people graduated college without ever entering in “serious relationship,” and if they were involved in a serious relationship, it probably took affect during the couple’s college years, and stuck with them throughout their time at the university.

Someone dating their own cousin used to be appropriate, take Franklin Delano Roosevelt for example; he married his fifth cousin once removed. Now: By the time a person graduates high school, they have probably been in a serious relationships or have at least gotten close. It’s against “friend code” to date someone who a friend of yours has been involved with, certain people are off limits out of respect for your friends. Typically, cousins don’t enter romantic relationships . Prom

Then: Prom invitations were face-to-face and never pre-arranged. Couples went to the prom Friend groups used in their own cars, never to date each other’s past in large groups. In many significant others because cases, food was served there were not as many at the prom instead of ways to meet new people people eating out beforeas there are now. hand. Prom-goers rarely had after-prom parties or breakfast.

Now: Promposals are often grand and elaborate, and they involve planning ahead. Couples go to prom in groups, some even take limos or party busses. People eat at nice restaurants, most often restaurants out of town Marriage Then: Couples married in their early twenties, sometimes even midteens, but marriage was almost always considered the goal of a relationship. Now: Marriage isn’t a step that some couples ever take at all. Some people prefer to live togetherwithout ever going to the courthouse because they believe it’s more logical for legal reasons. When people do get married, it’s more common for couples to marry in their late twenties and early thirties. Couples tend to spend multiple years dating, and then another few years being engaged, before tying.

Love Really Ten By Ten Remembering When Page 4 DOES Have “I’m so three thousand and eight, you so three thousand and late.” -Fergie Jennifer Herrera, Staff Writter A Price 1. Apple launched its App peace. Republic Movies And it’s not cheap

Jennifer Herrera, Staff Writter

190 million cards are exchanged anually.

$126.03 is the average amount spent per person during this holiday.

1. Iron Man 2. Wall-E 3. Horton Hears a Who 4. The Incredible Hulk 5. Indiana Jones and The King of The Crysal Skull 6. 27 Dresses 7. Twilight 8. High School Musical 3 9. Mama Mia! 10. Bedtime Stories

gift is Jewlery.

Women spend an average of $56 while men spend av average of $133.

60% of the roses in America on Valentine’s day are grown in California.

8. Beyonce and Jay-Z get married 9. Terry Kneiss actually guessed the exact value of prizes in the showcase showdown.

TV Shows

1. Breaking Bad 2. The Suite Life on Deck 3. Man Vs Food 4. Stranger Things 5. 1000 Ways to Die 6. The Wendy Williams Show 7. Martha Speaks 8. The Secret Life of the 9. American Teenager 10. 910210


In the state of Alabama the most recieved

Store 2. Obama becomes the first African American U.S. President 3. Iphone 3G came out! 4. Pandora was launched

3. “Viva La Vida”- Coldplay 4. “I Kissed A Girl” Katy Perry 5. “I’m Yours” - Jason Marz 6. “Paper Planes”- MIA 7. “Crank That”- Soulja Boy 8. “If I Were A Boy” - Beyonce 9. “Love Story”- Taylor Swift 10. “Don’t Stop the Music”- Rihanna


5. Rates of homeless people dropped. 6. Number of cancer cases drops for the first time. 7. United Nations announces George Clooney as a UN Messenger of

10. OJ Simpson finally goes to jail after years of investigation


1. “Low” - Flo Rida 2. “Apologize”- One

1.Maxi dresses 2. Geeky glasses 3. Gladiator sandals 4. Bangs 5. Tights as pants 6. Fleece lined crocs 7. Kayne Sunglasses 8. Headbands 9. Studed detailed everything 10. Graphic T’s with long sleeves under

Various Valentine’s Views 3. It’s really not. I don’t

What do people really think? Anya Twilley, Staff Writer Mrs. Putman 1.Venice, Italy 2. Letting someone have the last piece of Mrs. Cook’s fudge, the last of Mrs. Calahan’s chocolate chip cookies, working at baseball fields most every day in the summer, watching action movies at the theater, someone making breakfast every morning, taking care of my animals, and holding our new grandson. 3. It helps me remember a mantra by the Beatles: ”Love Is All You Need.” Zeb Emerson

Class of 2020 1. A guy with the last name of ‘Valentine’ 2. “Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more.” 3. Because it brings you

closer to your loved ones Coach K. Barnett

need a holiday to tell someone I love them!! I can do that anytime. Coach Habin

Questions: 1. Where do you think Valentine’s Day originated? 2. What does love mean to you? 3. Why is Valentine’s Day important to you? 1. I actually watched “Food: Fact or Fiction” on this. It was named for St. Valentine, who performed weddings for soldiers forbidden to marry. Then candy companies got involved. You know the rest! 2. Love is a feeling of affection that you have for someone. Basically, you may get on my nerves, but I don’t want anyone else to have you!!!

1.That sounds like something the French would come up with. 2. Just look at the Coach Barnett 3. On my first day as teacher here, Coach B. Barnett said, “I bet you will be married a year from now.” It’s been six years, so Valentine’s Day is an important day to call his attention to his horrible judgement.

Skye Echevarria

Class of 2019 1. Rome 2. Free, delicious food and God. 3. It gives you a reason to love someone on the outside. And it gives me a good reason to buy chocolate. For myself. Bry Macomber

Class of 2019 1. France? 2. Being alone 3. You don’t need a day. You should make them feel special everyday.

Just Say No..

on the rate of teen’s My Education, My Right! Hannah Christenberry, Staff Editor sexual activities. The debate over While the implantation of abstinence only education can truly be reduced down this educational program is founded with nothing to two main questions, but good intentions, it which method of teaching is more effective and which maybe having an adverse effect on the students its is more appropriate. Government fund- being presented to. The prevention of ed abstinence education educational isn’t a new idea, it was actually introduced under discussion is leading to a lack Reagan in 1981. Despite an overwhelming amount of knowledge within Ameriof backlash from countca’s youth. The less research groups this idea that just form of education grew, telling kids not and under Obama over to do something 23% of public schools will be all that is adopted an abstinence necessary feels, only curriculum that focus more of the benefits in my opinion, ignorant, and of just “saying no” than how to deal with the con- something I can guarantee will sequences of a possible unwise decision. Multiple most definitely studies have declared the not be heeded by majority. The thought United States to hold the highest rate of both STDs behind abstinence-only and teen pregnancies, yet education is that by not teaching a comprehensive no changes have been sex program it won’t send made. In 2007 a study on abstinence-only education mixed signals to the students that this type of befound that these prohavior is okay. The overgrams have little impact

all aim of this is that if the majority of teens sexual introduction will be delayed, and this will carry over into the delayment of sexual activity thus “preventing” the spread of STDs and pregnancy. However, in my opinion, the word preventing is used in an inappropriate context unless the long

term goal is to create a generation that never reproduces. Ultimately, the main argument for abstinence- only education rests on the basis that sexual actions must be condemned under all

of an infant being The Science of Attraction chance malnourished. Wide hips

A look into the reasons behind love Noah Zinsmeister, Staff Writer Sexual attraction is a curious thing. As much as we humans like to think of ourselves as being detached from the animal kingdom, when one examines the chemical, psychological, and subconscious factors that drive our every desire and action, one tends to realize that we’re all just a bunch of monkeys who like to think they are capable of rational thought. The categories that humans look for in a mate are very different for men and women, but the end goal is the same; choose a mate that is best suited to ensuring the survival of your offspring. While attractiveness is largely determined by physical features, the criteria for these greatly differ between men and women. Although some, such as clear skin and healthy hair, indicate reproductive health in both men and women.

Men- Signs of masculin-

ity rule the playing field in the physical attractiveness of men. Traits such as a strong jawline, broad shoulders, a muscular build, and even facial hair can broadcast a man’s genetic health and therefore the likeliness to father healthier children. From and evolutionary perspective, they also broadcast the man’s ability to procure resources vital to the survival of his wife and children. A recent study found that on average, women rate men with freshly shaven stubble to be more attractive, but men with full-blown beards as “having better parenting skills.” Women- For women, signs of physical attractiveness are based on indicators of a woman’s fertility levels and her biological ability to nurture. Larger breasts insure that more milk is produced, thereby decreasing the

are a sign of higher levels of estrogen and make child birthing less dangerous for both parties. Studies have shown that women with wider hips are, on average, more fertile and have better reproductive counterparts than their petite counterparts. While you can merely look at someone and think they are attractive, there are a multitude of chemical signals that determine whether you are actually attracted to them. Women tend to be more perceptive of these signals and rely more heavily on them when determining attractiveness, but men do it as well. Women- In a study where women were asked to smell T-shirts worn by various men they had never met and told to rate which man they thought would be most attractive, they overwhelmingly chose men whose MHC molecules, or major histocompatibility complex, molecules differed from

circumstances, yet this basis is not maintained by many of the eduations supporters, whose concerns rest only in the facets of restricting premarital sex. Many of the same people who back this form of education also are strong advocates of a Pro-Life stance. However, according to a 2011 study, 2 out of 5 unintended teen pregnancies end in abortion; its harrowing facts like these that should be calling attention to the fact that abstinenceonly education must be stopped. It seems a bit counterintuitive to me that the same people who shame individuals that have to make painful decisions are disregarding a possible tool that could theirs.These MHC molecules function as a way of broadcasting information about a person’s genetic immune system. In other words, couples with differing MHC genes have different immune systems and will produce an offspring that is better equipped to fight off diseases; therefore, women have evolved to subconsciously select men whose genes pair nicely with their own to produce a healthy baby. Men- While men do not pick up on MHC to the extent that women do, men can subconsciously detect ovulating women in a similar way. A similar study was done where a group of women were asked to each wear the same T-shirt for three nights. Select members of this group were ovulating, while others were not. When men were asked to smell the T-shirts, they chose the T-shirts of the ovulating women as smelling the best a vast majority of the time. Also, saliva samples

Page 5 significantly reduce the number of women and young girls who are walking into abortion clinics every day. In the end, why are we allowing unrelated men and women to make decisions for us and our peers. Why are we succumbing to the ignorance that is being presented to us. We have a voice, we have strong minds, and we have the ability to determine what path we desire to achieve, but for some of us, that is being cut short because unwise decisions were made that drastically changed the course of their life. I have personally witnessed so much potential squandered because of where sex education failed multiple individuals. Ignorance is not bliss, and it should never looked at as so. *Disclaimer: This is an editorial style article and is in no way meant to be disrespectuful or hurtful to any individual in any way. showed that when these men smelled the shirts of the ovulating women, their testosterone levels increased. These factors may have evolved to give a man a push towards a woman that is ovulating whom otherwise he might have not taken notice of, thus allowing women greater chances at conception during ovulation. While, on a base level, human attraction is very animalistic, it is important to note that these factors are only true on average, and everyone varies widely in their own perception of attractiveness. There are countless personality based factors of attraction and compatibility that are unique to the individual and play and extremely important role in determining attraction. While the initial spark of sexual attraction may be subconscious and animalistic, the factors that determine whether or not it will blossom into the uniquely human concept of love certainly are not.

Love Playlist Love is in the air

Connor Gurley, Staff Writer

It Was The Best Of Times...

The Best of Valentine’s Day

Are you feelDon’t you just love all the love? ing the love this Val- Laney Jones, Staff Writer entine’s season? Do Valentine’s Day isn’t just about showing love for your significant other, it’s about showyou require a playlist ing love for the people in your life that love you everyday: your parents, siblings, grandparents, filled with some of teachers, and friends. So here are 10 reason why Valentine’s Day is the best: the greatest love song Conversation hearts: they may taste You have an excuse to dress up really nice: boys, put on hits ever recorded? like chalk, but they are a cute way to your best dress shirt and red tie; ladies, wear your cutest Then this playlist communicate on this day of love. pink or red dress/top. may be for you. Just get an app on your Chocolate, flowers & stuffed animals: those Food tastes better if it’s shaped like a heart: phone that allows heart shaped chocolate boxes may taste like pizza, chocolate, lattes, and strawberries do you to scan QR codes dirt-but they are endearingred roses always taste good by themselves-but even better and it will link you make a girl feel special, and stuffed shaped like a heart. to a Youtube playlist Relationships for people animals are always cute. that will hit the spot who love love! It’s a bright day durfor all your love song If you’re single --Treat Yo Self: Mani-pedi? ing the 1. Worried what others think: needs. Whether you Treat yo self! Exdreary winter: If you really like someone you shouldn’t care what people think. already have a Val2. Unrealistic expectations: pensive dinner? forget the gray, entine or are still in No relationship is going to be absolutely perfect, living in the moment Treat yo self! windy days the market for one, with someone you care about is all you can really need. Shopping outside; 3. Worried that you aren’t good enough: let this playlist fill spree? Treat If someone doesn’t think that you’re good enough for them, then it isn’t meant to be. V-Day is you with the utmost 4. Letting the past predict the future: yo self! Hot all about passion required to The past is the past; it doesn’t define someone; people change. bright be the best Valentine bath? Treat 5. You’re “too busy”: yo self! colors, that you can be. If it’s meant to be, you always find time. and 1.“I Will Always It’s the Should a relationship really be the biggest priority in life? being Love You” 6. Not ready for whatever comes next: perfect - Whitney Housten excuse to Are you ever really fully ready for anything life throws you? Just go with the flow, if it warm! doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, that’s just how it goes. celebrate All the 7. Afraid of rejection: 2.“Can’t Help Fallthe greatcandy on Rejection is just apart of life, whether in a relationship or not. If you wait forever for ing in Love” est love in someone just because you fear rejection, you’ll never be happy. Get rejected? It may sale the - Elvis Presley hurt but it will make you stronger. 8. Past relationships get in the way: your life— day after: People learn mistakes from their past relationships, if someone is with you it’s be3.“Your Song” whoever cause who cause they want to be with you not someone from the past they used to love. - Elton John that is: parent, really ever 9. What if they aren’t “the one”: significant other, wants to pay If things don’t work out--they just don’t work out, don’t let that fear 4.“My Heart Will stop you from having fun. friend, whoever! full price? Go On” - Celine Dion 5.“Endless Love” - Lionel Ritchie & Diana Ross 6.“Unchained Melody” - Righeous Brothers 7.“Wonderful Tonight” - Eric Clapton 8.“Time After Time” - Cyndi Lauper

10. What if I get hurt?

Red and pink You’ll heal, no doubt about it. No matter how long it It’s the perfect opdecorations/clothes/ takes, you’ll heal. portunity to let your makeup: pink and red friends know how much streamers, pink and red jackets/ you appreciate them: for the tops/skirts/pants/hats/earrings/tights/ friends who were there for you durscarves/shoes, pink and red blush/eyeing the hard times and the break-ups, shadow/eyeliner/lipstick. for the friends who were always there when you needed them.

...It Was The Worst Of Times

The Worst of Valentine’s Day Exaggerated for comedic effect.

Foster Carmichael, Staff Writer

Valentine’s valentines day. get it, Valentine’s If you love You giving decent day is kinda dumb. If a holiday day is depressing each other, that’s gifts is cool, but Actually, it’s recould be a torture for those who don’t fine. Human attrac- mostly only for you ally dumb. This device, Valentine’s have anything to tion is normal and and the gifter. To is coming from a day would be an celebrate. What’s essential for our me and the other very biased source, empty fridge. Conworse is hearing survival. Valentine’s bystanders, its an but an accurate stantly appearing to people complain. I day gifts, however, annoying reminder one nonetheless. be full of goodness for one do not care are excessive and of how our SO isn’t Valentine’s day is a and warm feelings, to read your rants obnoxious. Roses so original or we worthless celebrabut deceivingly on social media, die, Chocolate gains don’t have one. I tion of the fact that empty of any joy trying to get the more unwanted don’t need a reyou need another inside. If you truly attention others weight, dates you minder, trust me. being to feel like a wanted to express can do anytime, Where’s the better, more comfeelings for a cards are purpose, really? If plete person. Your romantic you like throwing For People With significant other is intermoney away, makan attached being, ing others uncomCommitment Issues and this day makes fortable, and 1. Worried what others think: you feel it is a good feeling like an C-If you’re scared to commit you might worry about how people view your on again off again relationship. thing. It celeempty sack 2. Unrealistic expectations: brates your lack of depresC-Living in the moment seems like a far fetched idea, preconceived expectations always of freedom. It sion by lead to disappointment within the relationship. makes your the end 3. Worried that you aren’t good enough: metaphoriC-Most people with commitment issues tend to be people pleasers, they may have a complex to of the cal shackles day, prove that they are worthy. more comthen 4. Letting the past predict the future: C- If something bad happened in the past who’s to say that it won’t happen again. fortable this 5. You’re “too busy”: for a day. is CShould a relationship really be the biggest priority in life? It’s also the 6. Not ready for whatever comes next: a huge day C- While you may not be able to control every aspect of life, isn’t it better to be as prepared as possible. waste of What if you don’t fight for what you want hard enough and something really great gets away from you? for money. you. 7. Afraid of rejection: The It is a C- Rejection hurts, it may be a part of life but does that fact change how bad it stings when you put yourself out there only to be turned down. average waste 8. Past relationships get in the way: consumer of the C- Like it or not moments from past relationships will always offer a comparison to moments that holiday spends happen with your current significant other. around one title and 9. What if they aren’t “the one”: hundred thirty a waste C- Worse than them being the wrong one, what if they are the RIGHT one? Are you reeight dollars on of time. ally ready to settle down with one human for the rest of your life. the holiday. That’s You’d be bet10. What if I get hurt? just the average ter off sitting C- While to thought of personal hurt is scary, the thought of person. You could in a closet for the your issues hurting the other half of your relationship buy 61 off-brand est, entirety of the day. hurts so much more. peanut butter jars do so Happy Valentine’s at walmart. There’s originally. cheap day kids. an obvious supeYou want to stand and boring, *Disclaimer: This rior option here. As out, so ask when are from their and giant teddy is an editorial ara wise man once they aren’t expectSOs. I (obviously) bears scare me. ticle and is in no way said, “Ooh, I like ing it. Valentine’s already hate the That being said, meant to be disreoff-brand peanut day is typical, and holiday, I’ll hate it if you want to do spectful or hurtful to butter.” This man so are you. much more listensomething original, any individual in any is right, we need If your sining to you comthat’s fine. If you way. peanut butter, not gle, you’re sad. We plain.. do, do it in private.

The Break Up Playlist Songs to Sooth the Soul Maggie Darnell, Staff Writer

Hard times fall upon you when a relationship ends. Music has always been known to heal, like laughter, or having good times with friends and loved ones. Heartbreak can hurt the soul, therefore, causing drastic effects on the mind. This small playlist includes some songs you can listen to when getting over the one who broke your heart or wallowing in your own pain, either way, enjoy some nice tunes. 1.“Tommorow Never Came” - Lana Del Ray 2.“Do I Wanna Know?” - Arctic Monkeys 3.“The Scientist” - Coldplay 4.“Happier” - Ed Sheeran. 5.“Someone Like You” - Adele 6.“Sombody That I Used to Know” - Gotye 7.“If I Were A Boy” - Beyoncé 8.“I Want You Back” - The Jackson 5 9. “Since U Been Gone” - Kelly Clarkson 10.“Forget You” - Cee Lo Green

School Events

What’s happening at at CHS Coleen Shelton, Staff Writer

.Holocaust Exhibit

It will be open to the public Feburary 13th and 15th from five to seven.

.James Spann

James Spann will be coming to talk in Tilllman Hall Febuary 22nd

.Prom 2018

Prom will be March 10, at bridgestone

.Flower Sale

French club is selling flowers which will be delivered Valentine’s day

.Regional Basketball

AHSAA regional basket ball tournament february 14th to Febuary 22nd

.Basketball Sub Regionals AHSAA basketball sub regionals will be going on Febuary 12th to Febuary13th

Springing Into Action Get ready for all of spring sports

Michelle Herrera and Anya Twilley, Staff Writer

As the second semester progresses and sports slowly wind down, we take a look at some awesome achievements by our fall sports teams, as well as what is coming up for the new year. First off, varsity boys basketball had an impact with the Cullman vs. Fort Payne game. The Bearcats defeated the Wildcats with a 92-79 win. Indoor track has also had an amazing season. Eli Wilhite broke Cullman High School indoor track history by running a 3200 meter run in 9:40.16. In other news, girl’s and boy’s soccer is approaching quickly. The girl’s soccer team has participated in a group called “I-Am-BattleTested.”This test requires tons of hard training both physiological and psychological. The test was a victory for the girl’s soccer team.

“Poet’s Corner”

Featuring guest poet, Ashley Clowers Wes Ellard, Staff Writer

“All You Have” Maybe it’s meant to be, Maybe it’s not. No way to guarantee, just give it your best shot. Live in the moment Because lovecan’tbe bought. Make every day well spent Stop wondering why, and where your time went, because it really flies by. All you have is now, the least you can do is try.

Page 8

The boys soccer team has been working genuinely hard to defeat Grisson on February 2nd. Come to the upcoming games to cheer the boys and girls. The softball team has been working out and conditioning, like the soccer teams are doing, to defeat

their future opponents. The softball team is now going to play against more county schools than ever before like James Clemons, Hartselle, and Hayden. Although the softball team are going to play more county schools, they will still be playing their area teams like Brewer.

While other sports are coming to a close, the tennis teams are just getting started; according to Coach Goble, practices have just begun, and the teams have a schedule of 24 games from early February to early April. In golf, both teams are gearing up for their first tournament in early March. They will have more tournaments until early May. As far as previous matches and tournaments, the girls’ team has won a tournament, placed 2nd in 2 other tournaments, and won several matches, qualifying out to play in the Sub-State Tournament in 2017. The ladies also aim to qualify for this year’s Sub-State Tournament at the Terri Pines Country Club, providing the best opportunity to the State Tournament. As for the boys’ team, they fell just short of qualifying out of the 2017

sectional tournament but are looking forward to a better run at a sectional title. If the ladies advance to State, it would be a first for the CHS Girls Golf Team to qualify, and for a CHS team to go to State. The Outdoor Track teams are both making preparations for the upcoming Spring track meets. The Varsity team is participating in 9 meets from March 2nd to May 5th, while the Junior High team has 6 meets, with 2 being over Spring Break. At their first meet in January, Edgar Medina, Tucker Adkison, Jackson Tucker, and Eli Wilhite secured the 6A #1 ranking and qualified for State in the Boy’s 4x800. Eli Wilhite also secured a 6A #2 ranking and qualified for State in the 1600 meter run, Colton Smith qualified for State and tied 4th Overall for the High Jump, Will Kress qualified for State in the 60 Meter Hurdles and broke the CHS record. Tucker, Adkison, and Will Thompson also qualified for State in the 1600 meter run, while Adam Mangum qualified in the 800 meter run. The girls featured Anna Franklin, who qualified for State and tied for 9th and 3rd in 6A competition for the Pole Vault, and Lexi Daily qualified for State in the Triple Jump. At their second meet in January, Wilhite secured his biggest win and qualifying spot at State, also running the fastest time in CHS history, taking down a loaded field in the 3200 meter run. Jackson Tucker and Tucker Adkison also qualified for State in the 3200 meter run. Wilhite, Tucker, Adkison, and Medina still hold the 6A #1 ranking in the Boy’s 4x800 and

Colton Smith took 8th place in the High Jump. Cameron Baumgartner qualified for State in the 400m run, Edgar Medina in the 800m run, and Garrett Crider and Will Reid qualified in the shot put event.

The 2017 CHS baseball team finished 2nd in the state championship, placing high expectations on the 2018 team. The 9th Grade, JV, and Varsity teams have several games planned from late February to midApril. The Varsity’s first game of the season against Fairhope is on February 19 at 2:00, JV has their first game on the 22nd, and the 9th grade team’s first game is the 24th.

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Kiss and Tell

A Journey Into the First kiss Stories of Cullman Classmates

Emily Widner, Staff Writer Our teenage years are filled with new beginnings and strenuous decisions that impact our lives in the future. We develop our

personalities, take risks, and proceed into our first steps to adulthood. Being a teeneager is definatly a rollercoaster of emotions that can confuse us to the point of feeling like total outcasts. There are so many memorable experiences that we will look back on in our future. For most, one significant moment in our adolescence would be the first kiss. Your first kiss is your first time physically connecting to another human being. It can be an astounding experience, but for some it can be quite embarrassing and awkward. Let us take a look at the fascinating first kiss stories of our fellow anonymous Cullman High students.

Sophomore, 16

“I was 13 years old and I was dating my first girlfriend. I was a pretty innocent kid, and I had no idea how girls worked to be honest. One day she just walked up to me and kissed me in the hallway of the middle school. She bit my top lip on accident, and I was bleeding a little bit for most of the school day.”

Freshman, 14

“ My boyfriend kissed me for the first time this year at the movies, and I cried after because I was so happy.”

Freshman, 15

“ I had my first kiss in 7th grade because there was a boy I had been interested in for a long time. After a few months, he finally asked me out and one day we kissed. Is was in the back of his mother’s car... while she was in it. It was awful and awkward. We didn’t date for long after.”

Sophomore, 15

“ We were watching the Super Bowl and my whole family was having a party for it. I invited my significant other and during the party I pulled her into the garage and held her hands. I was so in love that I didn’t even think twice so I just kissed her with no hesitation.”

Senior, 18

“ My first kiss was on the 4th of July at Smith Lake with my at the time boyfriend and when we kissed, I stepped in something sharp in the lake but I didn’t want to ruin the moment so I just acted like nothing happened. It was bleeding pretty bad once we got out of the water.”

Freshman, 15

“The first time I tried to kiss a girl I completely rocked it because I was, and still am the best kisser known to mankind.”

Sophomore, 16

“My friend’s mom picked me and my boyfriend up, and we went to the mall. We spent the whole day at the mall walking around having fun. Then we were told we had to leave to get my friend’s eye exam done. My boyfriend and I stayed in the truck and were watching YouTube. Then his Dad came and my boyfriend said ‘ I have to go. I love you’ and I said ‘ Do you?’ then I kissed him. And there was my first kiss.”

Sophomore, 16

“My first kiss was in my freshman year, and I was super nervous because I had like no confidence in how the whole situation would go. I was so nervous that I literally almost threw up. Besides the fact that I was deathly anxious, the kiss went well and we

dated for a while.”

Sophomore, 16

“ I was 12 I think and I attempted to kiss my crush that I had for years. We were in church and I leaned in and kissed her half on the mouth and half on the cheek because I missed.”

Sophomore, 16

“ I had spent the night with my friend and he invited some other people over to hang out. One of our friend’s sisters came who I liked a lot. We kissed in the laundry room while everyone else played ping pong.”

Freshman, 15

“ My first kiss was actually this year. He was a year younger than me but he was so charming and so sweet. I had butterflies in my stomach it was so nice and my heart warmed up when his lips touched mine.”

Junior, 17

“It was at a football game behind the bathroom stalls. It was not the most romantic place but it was middle school and our parents were there so we didn’t have many options.”

Junior, 17

“My first kiss was at my house with a family friend’s daughter. She and I had been friends for a while and one day she

kissed me while we were watching a movie. Right when she kissed me, my sister walked in and made it super awkward.”

years ago. I had no idea that she even liked me. It made me really happy because I felt like no one would ever kiss me.”

Junior, 17

Freshman, 14

Sophomore, 16

Sophomore, 16

“This girl I had been talking to for about two months texted me one day and asked if we could hang out. I said yes and we decided to go to Sportsmans Lake and go on the nature trail. We kissed randomly in the woods. It was great.”

“ I kissed my 7th grade girlfriend in the corner of the Vinemont skating rink. My brother told my parents and I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life.”

Sophomore, 16

“I was a really shy kid and I still am. I kissed my best friend in the 8th grade and it went much better then I had expected. because I was super scared for it. I am still in love with him.”

Freshman, 15

“My first kiss was this year in the band room. The second our lips connected, I felt total peace and happiness. It was like all my worries had went away in that moment.”

Senior, 17

“ My old girlfriend kissed me for the first time three

“ I was at the bowling ally one day with my boyfriend, and he was acting super sweet the entire time which I thought was the cutest thing to me. we went into the arcade area and he touched my cheek softly and leaned in and kissed me.”

“ I was 15 years old and, I was invited to go on a date with a boy from a different school. He told me he would pick me up and go to the movies. I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest when I got the text message that said “Im outside”. He kissed me in his truck and I have adored him ever sence even though we are no longer together. “

Sophomore, 16

“ My first kiss was actualy in the Walmart parking lot with my current girlfriend. I knew for about a month or so that I wanted to kiss her, but I had yet to get the chance. once we were finally alone, I kissed her. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life.

Which Friends Character Are You?

Page 10

So, no one told you life was gonna be this way... Michelle Herrera, Staff Writer

What do you do while you are wait?

Decide what shoes you’ll wear

What movie are you going to watch?

START: You are going on a date, what are you wearing?


The most fashionable outfit you own

Y’all go to the mall, where is the first thing you do? Join the SHOP musicians


Casual, nothing over the top

What do you do after the date? Go to a Watch museum Riverdale

What are you going to eat?

Intimate dinner PIZZA!

Chandler Bing

Rachel Green

Phoebe Buffay

Monica Geller


Ross Geller

Joey Tribbiani

A Timeline of TV Relationships

Who’s your favorite couple?

Hannah Christenberry, Staff Editor

Ricky and Lucy 1950s

Jim and Pam 2006

Derek and Meredith 2008

Jesse and Becky 1980’s

Marshall and Lily 2005

Nick and Jess 2011

Cory and Topanga Early 1990s

Ross and Rachel 2001 Zack and Kelly Late 1990s

Ezra and Aria 2014

Jughead and Betty 2017

Red Flags in Relationships

Page 11

To Help You Down the Rocky Road of Love Wes Ellard, Staff Writer While being in a relationship can be great, it can still have its issues. Every aspect of life has its up and downs, and nobody is perfect. Love can be a bumpy road, and there are signs on every street. So, if you couples out there are feeling frustrated and don’t know why, we are here to help shed some light on your waning attraction in hopes to help you down the rocky road of romance: Road Signs and how to react to them:

1) Problem: Lack of Communication

This is one of the most common problems relationships run into. Lack of Communication is a broad term, but it may range anywhere from not being straightforward with what you want to straight up avoidance. This may also apply to not knowing where you stand in the relationship.

What to do about it:

Be straight up about your frustrations, and see if there is a reason your significant other is being distant. If they are beating around the bush, you should make it clear to them that you want to be blunt with each other. If they still seem like they’re hiding something, there are likely trust issues, and trust is a two-way street, so you may want to ask yourself if

you may be the one having shortcomings.

2) Problem: Control Issues.

If any of you know me personally, you know freedom is extremely important to me. This is at least or more relevant in relationships. If you are unhappy in your relationship and don’t know why, but your partner constantly forces you to do what they want and be who they want you to be, it appears that your issue is control. Relationships are meant to celebrate the bringing-together of two individuals. Your partner should like you for who you are, and vice versa. If they want you to change just for them, you will not be happy with yourself. This issue may often be related to abuse, but we’ll talk about that later.

What to do about it:

Talk to your significant other and be straightforward. If you explain to your partner that you want to be your own person, but they reject this idea and think they should have power over you, get out of there. People like this are not good partners.

3) Problem: Your family and close friends do not approve of them. While you are the final decision maker in all relationships, and only you know what makes you happy;

the view is often clearer from the outside looking in. Your friends and family care about you, and if they are confident enough to openly be against your significant other, you should at least take a moment and listen. They may not know the whole story, but the details they do know may be enough to shed some light on whatever you may be feeling.

What to do about it:

Surprise-surprise, it’s confrontation again. Talk to your family and friends. See if you can find some common ground with them. Talk to your partner. If your partner appears to be beating around the bush, your family and friends may know what they’re talking about. Don’t just assume you always know best, and remember not to let anyone get too worked up.

4) Problem: Non-resolution of past relationships. Love hurts.

Sometimes, it hurts for a long time. If your significant other has not resolved one or some of their past relationships, you probably feel as if you’re not as important to them. A couple should be an all-in ordeal, and for your partner to still have remnants of feelings for someone else can be painful. This is also a risky problem because you can only take a spark for their past feelings flare up again, and that can

lead to even worse things.

What to do about it:

Make it clear that you feel as if your significant other is drifting back and forth emotionally. Ask them about their true feelings. This may clear their cloudy vision, but as always, you can’t know for sure without time. It should be pretty clear if their feelings bounce back to their past partner. It is very blunt, but if nothing changes despite your efforts, you should end it here.

5) Problem: They are constantly irritated. If

your partner acts irritated or frustrated at everything you say or do, then this is the section for you. This is a common problem with couples who seem to spend every waking moment together. Everything is fine for a long time, but eventually some of the subtle imperfections of your partner that at the beginning seemed cute, can become the thing you loathe most about them. This isn’t necessarily anyone’s fault, unless of course they are deliberately trying to annoy you.

What you can do about it: If you are a

couple who seems to spend every moment of every day together and this starts happening, it may be a good idea to take a break. If you’ve had a very fruit-

ful relationship up until this point, you should try to avoid doing something irrational like breaking up. You may just need a couple of weeks(or months) apart. If your feelings have rekindled after some time and you miss your partner, you should ask if they feel mutually. If so, start again and take it slow. This can help to avoid your old, stale behaviors If not, well, you know the saying “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be.”

In Conclusion:

These are definitely not all of the problems you can experience in your love life, but they are five of the most common, in my experience. These solutions will not always work for every relationship, nor are they absolutely the only way your issues. Nothing in the world of Love is one-sizefits-all. As young adults, we often find it uneasy to talk to our parents about these things, but it’s important to remember that in some way, they’ve probably been in your shoes. Confrontation can be scary, and even more so to young people. You’ve just got to roll with the punches and keep your head up.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


The Perfect Man/ Woman Through the Ages

A look at how the standards of beauty have changed through human history

Page 12

Connor Gurley, Staff Writer Female in Ancient Egypt (1000 BC)- Slender women with good body symmetry was in the physical realm of attractiveness. Independent women were also considered attractive. In ancient Egypt, women could divorce their husbands with no social backlash. It was really out of place at the time for women to be seen as equal

were eccentric at this time and broke many social expectations that a woman had to uphold. While not being as rebellious as women in later decades, these women were considered more at-

Neolithic Men (8000 BC)Fat men were very attractive, as they were the ones in charge and could eat as much food as they wanted to without doing much work.

Females in Ancient Greece (300 BC)- In this period of perfect, greek-god looking men being idolized, females were under even more pressure to be perfect. In fact, women during that time were seen as disfigured men, and had a lot to live up to to be considered as attractive as an impossibly built man.

Men in the 1950’s- The “Executive” look, which consisted of large jackets, a trim waist and broad shoulders was popular in that time period. Being tall and broad while also not being too plump, along with a clean shaven face with a suave, clean haircut was the ticket then. Think the Dad from “A Christmas Story.”

Females in the Han Dynasty (China, 220 AD)- Females during this time were considered attractive if they were petite, having extreme feminine traits like a slim waist and large eyes. Small feet were also a desirable trait of this period. Female in the Renaissance (1600’s)- Blonde hair, high forehead, pale skin, and a long neck. A full figure was making a comeback as well, and you can see this in many Renaissance paintings of women at the time. Beauty on the outside was thought to reflect that on the inside. Female in the 1920’s- Often called “flappers,” a boyish look took over in the 20’s. A “flat” figure with a short bob haircut was the best way to show you had it going on in the 20’s. Women

dressed frivolously grew popular in Europe. They also fell in love with macaroni, an Italian dish. Whenever they got back to their home countries, they would order macaroni to show they had recently visited Italy. A slim, skinny figure and feminine dressing in a European style was considered trendy at the time.

tractive by their confidence.

Men in the late 1800’s- early Females Now- Flat stomach, 1900’s- Fat made a comeback. To skinny, and a thigh gap is the be over 200 pounds with a big standard of today. While the belly was largely attractive durfigure today has grown almost ing the dawn of the industrial impossible for most women, it era. Kind of like the Neolithic is nonetheless the figure that era, the larger, plumper men women are trying to achieve. were generally more successOf course, it has not changed ful and had that entrepreneurmuch in the past 30 or so years, ial vibe to them. Of course, fat and many women have actually women were not favorable durbrought harm upon theirselves to ing this period. meet the expectations society has for them now. Men in the 1700’s- Young men who frequented Italy and

Men in the ‘80s- Bigger was better in those days. Goliaths like Arnold Swarzenegger and Sylvester Stalone set the standard, an impossible one at that, of an overly muscular, hairless, oily manscape that only the few genetically lucky enough could achieve; Of course with the help of some juice of questionable ethical use and legality. Men Now- In today’s standard, being at least six feet tall is a basic pre-requisite for many women. The “V” or Apollo’s belt is another desirable trait. As lean and muscular as you can get is pretty much the way to go by the standards of this day and age.

The Hilight Valentine Edition 2018  

The Hilight is the Cullman High School Newspaper. This edition features Valentine stories from campus and more.

The Hilight Valentine Edition 2018  

The Hilight is the Cullman High School Newspaper. This edition features Valentine stories from campus and more.