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OSMS December News and Notes Book Fair Our school library is holding a Scholastic Book Fair November 28th to December 2nd. Not only does this event raise money for our library, it encourages reading among our students. It is so important to encourage your children to keep reading. Readers have larger vocabularies, a greater knowledge of the world, and higher academic achievement. In fact, being a reader is more predictive of success than intelligence, economic background, or gender. This year we are also holding an online book fair from November 28th until December 9th in conjunction with our regular book fair. To visit our online book fair go to: or click on our link on our library web page. Our Book Fair will provide books selected specifically to appeal to middle school students. Students will discover books that are fun, interesting, inspirational, and a resource in dealing with real-life experiences and emerging emotions. 8th Grade Assembly on DWI - December 6th My life as I knew it was changed in one tragic instant when my 17 year old son, Matthew, made the wrong decision to take a ride home with a friend who had been drinking. He had just returned from a one-week Summer Seminar at the Air Force Academy and was out with his friends sharing his experiences and celebrating his happiness at the possibilities the future had in store for him. Words like “profound sadness” and “unimaginable grief” that I had only heard before became the new normal for my family. The first time I was approached to speak about Matt’s death, I decided that I would share my pain if it could help save another family from experiencing what we had. I discovered that in reaching out to teens and their parents, I was able to connect with Matt and use his life to educate others. I have been told that in “Sharing My Stories” I am also “planting seeds” and hope that Matt’s story will touch the hearts of my audiences and have a profound effect on their decision-making. Matthew Angelillo 1/20/87 to 6/20/04 Below is a link to a summary about Marianne's story and her presentations. You can use the link below – copy and put in your web browser. Holly Hop - December 9th 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM An evening of fun activities, a DJ, contests, food, etc. This event will be held on December 9th from 7:00 – 9:00 PM at OSMS.

Student Council There will be no elections for Student Council officer this year as all students ran unopposed. Congratulations to Elaine Marji-President, Jordan Kistner-Public Relations, Alexis MoonenTreasurer, and Nick Rondinelli-Secretary. Any students interested in participating in Student Council are welcome to attend any meetings. Meetings will be held the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month. Thank you for your support of Student Council. We will begin our Adopt-A-Family fundraiser after Thanksgiving Break.

Adopt-A-Family Fundraising For the past 10 years, OSMS has adopted a family in need for the holiday season. The family is chosen through a local charity organization. Throughout early December, students will raise money to be used to provide gifts, clothes, and food for this family. Funds will be raised from the “Holly Hop� on December 9th. Also, students will be collecting spare change during lunches December 12-16.

Health Teacher of the Year Mrs. Donaldson was selected Health Teacher of the year by the North Central Region of NYS Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

Leaning Tower of Pasta Mrs. Moyer’s Science class took part in a Hands-on Activity: Leaning Tower of Pasta. Using spaghetti and marshmallows, students experiment with different structures to determine which ones are able to handle the greatest height. Their experiments help them to further understand the effects that compression and tension forces have with respect to the strength of structures. Spaghetti cannot hold much tension or compression; therefore, it breaks very easily. Marshmallows handle compression well, but do not hold up to tension. Engineering Connection – relating science concept to engineering. Engineers consider tension and compression forces when designing a building or structure and choosing the materials to build it. All structures must be able to handle the forces that act upon them so they will not fail and injure people, wildlife or the environment. Like all structures, the foundation, frame and joints of a skyscrapers must be able to withstand enormous tension and compression forces – from the weight of its own materials, the load of people and equipment it holds and the impact of natural forces such as wind, snow and earthquakes.

8th Grade Principals Roll Marking Period 1 Christopher Borders Jillian Brodock Katarina Carroll Deanna DiFabio Lindsay DiLego Shannon Gallagher Madeline Kirk Emily O’Herien Zoe Olmsted Sarah Pickard Melanie Rose Jenna Russ Alexa Skibitski Natalie Tooke Michelle Williams

8th Grade High Honor Roll Marking Period 1

8th Grade Honor Roll Marking Period 1

Taylor Baird Rylan Baker Emily Ball Sonya Brand Travis Brownell Saro Danadian Shannon DeBottis Brook Denny Connor Eastman Stefanie Fellows Caleb Fields Taylor Frisicano Sara Hollingsworth Shelby Jacks McKenna Jones Olivia Jones Benjamin Kallet Hahle Keller Rachel Kilts Kaylee LaGoy Elizabeth LaSalle Cassandra LeClair Marleigh Lenning

Jacob Adle Kristina Arnold Natalie Aserian Ashley Barriger Eliza Bernert Cole Blowers Gabrielle Chambers Devin Chrisjohn Peter Ciaralli Whitney Coleman Dakota Corney Emily Crofton Miranda Cuda Jacob Dougall Alexandria Ellenberger Mitchell Foster Cynthia Fox Sean Gwilt Emily Hall Kacey Harden Nicholas Hart

Samantha Lusher Elliorah Luther Matteson Mair Bradley Mallinder Claire Mancarella Elaine Marji Kayla Marshall Sean McGranaghan Autumn Moon Mary Owens Dante Pagan Hailey Parker Hannah Pegg Spencer Rich Jakob Sanchez Dakota Sgarlata Ashleigh Shannon Richard Simchik Kirsten Szakacs Emily Thomas Emily Thummler Renee` Vedder

Joshua Hood Marlie Kling Autumn Lancette Alexandria Leland Emily Mahar Heith McConnell Matthew Miller Kimberly Murray Marissa Parker Edward Potter Rebecca Preeman Jenna Relyea Taylor Schneider Morgan Sgarlata Elijah Sullivan Kaitlyn Tooke Brodie VanDyke Trevor Wallace Jeffery Williams Timothy Wimett Jillian Yardley

7th Grade Principal’s Roll Marking Period 1 Hannah Begay Justin Brewer Jonathan Campanie Dawson Carroll Kylie Chesebro Sydney Cormier Jeffrey Coulter Jared George Mallory Hale Grover Harris Alexander Hawthorne Sophie Infarinato Natalia Juravich Ostap Juravich Vincent Jutton

Rachel Kohler Nathan Lombardi Michael Lumbrazo Natalie Marshall Shea Nashton Dylan Ratnarajah Jarod Ripper Joseph Rose Elijah Scuderi Lauren Smith Benjamin Smolen Kevin Spooner Rebecca Vineall Tanner Williams Aidan Yazell

7th Grade High Honor Roll Marking Period 1

7th Grade Honor Roll Marking Period 1

Krislyn Adle Kaleb Albro Hannah Ali Leonard Argentine Eli Beam Andrew Beck Chase Becraft Makayla Borasky Julia Brodock Taylor Calianese Karen Chen Anthony Cianfrocco Keagan Cochran-Garbry Hayden Colvin Molly Egger Andrea Emmons Abigail Janczuk Alexander Jones Tyler Kimball MacKenzie LaQuay Cali Leonesio Mary Marji

Frank Alberico Victoria Borders Paige Casler Troy Casler Shae D’Arcangelis Skyler David Brynn Davis Bailey Dwyer Gary Everspaugh Dasha Fedroff Bridget Forbes Claire Fox Brandon Fura Jadah Gann Kylee Gardner Kayla Granger Madeleine Heater Johnathon Holmes

Nicholas Marshall Alexis Moonen Savannah Mudge Jordan O’Connell Jacob Phillips Rachel Relyea Elizabeth Rice Casey Rich Tucker Rodgers Destiny Scribner Ryan Shannon Rebecca Shay Jacob Snyder Kendra Soto Macaulee VanDyke Raeann Waterman Angela Witte Erik Wuest Desiree Young Jordan Young Daniel Zobro

Danny Jayson Berg Jones Bailey Koester Mariah Lenning Iliana Lopez Nicollo Losito Kyle McCarthy Andrew Miller Paige Murphy Carl Reynolds Madeline Roberts Brandi Ross Anton Souza de Lima Emily Staats John Tefft Jordan Thornton Allison Wrafter

6th Grade Principal’s Roll Marking Period 1 Hannah Chambers Henry Froass Taylor Kranbuhl Lorin Leggett Keerthi Martyn Logan McClelland Olivia McGranaghan Allison Merrell Sean Miller Julia Pickard Dana Ratnarajah Mikayla Szarek Matthew Treadwell Nikki Trexler Alexander Vaccaro

6th Grade High Honor Roll Marking Period 1

6th Grade Honor Roll Marking Period 1

Julia Abel Wilson Allen Lukas Alter Gabrielle Cafalone Grant Cameron Olivia Caroli Abigail Carroll Devin Coleman Samantha David Claire Eastman Kyle Fisher Megan Friske James Gallagher Anna Garrison Claire Garrison Emily Gioeli Joshua Goode Robert Grozl Alyssa Held Michael Hood Jayson Isabelle

Kyle Aserian Maxwell Babowicz Christian Barbano Caitlin Barriger Taylor Boyles Myah Burton Julianna Cavanagh Dustin Coleman Jasmine Coston Anthony Curro Anthony DePerno Rhiannon Dixon-Dahl Francesa Femia Drew Fiedler Jenna Ford Stephen Foulke Connor Fredericks Ethan Heisey Justin Holmes Anna Hood

Amber Jenkins Austin Keller Robyn Kilts Thomas Kirk Zachary Kristan Angela Krowicki Kathryn Mahar Grant Mair Bryn Mancarella Connor March Jason McCormick Travis Munger Daniel Myatt Carly Nunneker Caitlin Petrie Breonna Popluhar Makayla Runice Noah Savage Peyton Strong Madelyn Webb Cody Weis

Natasha Hoose Jacob Hopkins Tristen Jayson Christina Juravich Zachary LaQuay Brianna Laureti Sydney Leland Jacob Mack Michaela Mussaw Margaret O’Hara Sabrina Ostrander Danielle Payne Nathan Phelps Megan Pickard Taryn Quinn Andrew Sheldon Paige Snell Gage Uhlig Steven Valesky

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