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Biker subculture that originated in the United Kingdom during the 1950s. Music: Rock and Roll-Vincent, Eddie Cochran and Chuck Berry In the 1950s, the middle classes were able to buy inexpensive motorcars, and motorcycles became transport for the poor. A lifestyle, dropping out of mainstream society. (one thing they have in common with the Mods.) rebelling at the points where their will crossed society's. The mass media started targeting these socially powerless youths and cast them as "folk devils", creating a moral panic. The public came to consider rockers as hopelessly naive, loutish, scruffy, motorized cowboys, loners or outsiders. Café races=starting and finishing points for road races. Bike=an object of intimidation and masculinity projecting them uneasily close to death, normally without helmets. Rocker fashion style was born out of necessity and practicality. Rockers wore heavilydecorated leather motorcycle jackets, often adorned with metal studs, patches, pin badge. Style: leather trousers, tall motorcycle boots. Hair: swept upwards from the face and worn high over the forehead, slick and tamed. They had no knowledge of the different sorts of drugs. To them amphetamines, cannabis, heroin were all drugs - something to be hated. Their ritual hatred of Mods and other subcultures was based in part on the fact that these people were believed to take drugs and were therefore regarded as sissies. Their dislike of anyone connected with drugs was intense.


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