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Boxtel Times January 20, 2014

Boxtel, The Netherlands

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NOW “Stichting Tekens Aan de Wand”

De Levensschool at the Burgakker is commissioned by SintLucas. The monumental building is gonna be completed in the autumn.

The villa of De Witte Paters is in the scraffoldings.

Previously, this villa was inhabited by the so-called Witte Paters. They have their name because of their white Moorish costume including a rosary around their necks. In 1892, the Witte Paters settled in Boxtel. In 2001, the friars left Boxtel and so the grand mansoin was rebuilt by the new owners.

“Witte Paters’ Building , Burgakker 17, Boxtel.

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They are called the family Rijckevorsel Van Kessel. At the moment the historic building is use by SintLucas@Work and SintLucas gives various classes over there.

“Stichting Tekens Aan De Wand”. Students on the SintLucas who are following the direction Painter, Decorator, Restaurator Specialist will create In the building will a mural advertising. be settled the new This will be referre foundation to the foundation.

It is going to be completly in the Art Deco style of the 20s and 30s. Also the whole building will get a new color of paint which will connect to the advertising.


Stichting Tekens AAn

De During the renovation of De Witte Paters.


The mural design, colors connect perfecly to the street and to the school next to it.

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Sharona Helmer

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