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Banana Print UK Printing-Features of an Effective Business Card Sample business cards on Banana Print UK Printing look like simple paper cards with an address, email and contacts of a person or company. However, a business card can be a gateway to new customers/clients and business partnerships. This small card is a powerful tool of marketing your services or products; hence one needs to take the necessary steps to create an effective card.

Make It Memorable The good thing about business cards is that anyone can afford them, especially when you use service such as Banana Print UK Printing. They come in different designs colours and quality. The effectiveness of business cards is not in how much it costs to create it but in whether people can remember to use it. If you want people to remember your card there are certain elements that should be included in it. These elements includes a

professional picture, social media profiles and website, email and contact number, logo and motto or a creative tag line. The most important elements of a business card are the picture and contact. Your business card picture should be same with the one you use on social media networks. This would make it easy for people to recognise you or your business. Make Quality Card

Design and colour are the very important features of an effective business card.You can choose to have a black and white card or a colour card with graphics. The paper quality will also determine the quality of your card. People will judge your products or services by the quality of the card you give to them. Ensure that the texts are readable, colour is used, the size fits into the pocket and the printing ink and paper is of high quality. For more information about banana print business card printing please visit Remember the card is the reflection of the quality of your goods and services. You can cut costs anywhere in your business but not with your business card.

Banana Print UK Printing-Features of an Effective Business Card