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Photojournalism Assignment 2 TOPIC: Gold Coast St Library

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The Gold Coast Street Library - a service of the Gold Coast Homeless Network. The organization is aimed at inspiring, empowering and engaging with homeless people through reading. There are about 3000 people without a permanent home every night on the Gold Coast. Many are affected by drug, alcohol or mental health issues; some have been retrenched or are fleeing domestic violence. Many are well educated but lack access to a broad range of reading material. Appearance, dignity and confidence issues, including low literacy levels, prevent some people from going to public libraries. This is where the Gold Coast St Library fits in. Â

The free mobile service takes books to the people by setting up alongside food vans at the Tuesely Park in Southport on Mondays, and Goodwin Park in Coolangatta on Tuesdays. It evolved from the terrific response to free books made available at the Gold Coast Homeless Network's annual Homeless Connect event. The Street Library provides reading material on a wide range of topics including fiction, biographies, romantics, teen and children’s, self-development/positive thinking, history, westerns, magazines, sport, science fiction and reference books.

Practitioners •  I looked at practitioners who don’t necessarily have the same topic as me, but I really was inspired by the lighting and composition by these works.

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Photojournalism - GC St Library - Sharna Hupfeld 2013  
Photojournalism - GC St Library - Sharna Hupfeld 2013