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Going, You’re

Nearly There!




Pat Mesiti


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are nearly there. I come across many Business owners through my ventures and after chatting with some of them for a few minutes, you can tell they have hit a few pot holes – hard, and are wondering if the road is really worth driving on anymore.

SHAR MOORE Editor-in-Chief/YWoman Keep Going You’re Nearly There! Oh my gosh, I am sure everyone else is just as busy as me at the moment, and you are probably reading this in January, as it’s your 1st chance to stop and take a breath! Well whenever you are reading it, I want to chat with you about our theme for this issue of YMag – Keep Going You’re Nearly There. It is 2 fold in my mind. One is, we are nearly at the end of the year, and everyone is running around like crazy, trying to squeeze as much out of 2013 as they can, both in their Business and in their lives. Sound familiar? Two is whatever stage of your Business you are at; we need to remember to keep going, as we

It can be hard as a Business owner to stay focussed, especially when most of us sit at home in a home office, with no staff, no boss and no colleagues to chat to at the coffee station. So here is my personal suggestion on what I have done to stay focussed: 1. Engage the service of a Mentor/ Coach. Someone who has ‘your back’ 2. Know your Y and place it on your dream board so you can see it all the time 3. Set goals that are achievable and reward yourself along the way 4. Set stretch goals that scare you (remember, it is sometimes our light that scares us, not our darkness) 5. Surround yourself with like minded, authentic, inspiring Business Owners, who will lift you up and encourage you when you feel like throwing in the towel. Remember, you are 6 inches away from gold, but you have to keep digging! Will it be worth it? I get asked this sometimes and the best

answer I have is, if you have set up realistic but stretching goals and rewards that serve you and those around you, then yes. If you have not set up the foundations of your Business with systems and structures in place to handle the extra Business, then you could find that you have created a big problem for yourself and this may result in being a noose around your neck. It does come back to planning, which is Y I love helping my Mentoring clients so much. Overall, hang in there guys and do what you can for the remaining of the year and head into 2014 with a focussed plan of what you feel your clients need and what you ultimately want and everyone will be happy. Have an amazing month!

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22 YSTORIES Complexity in building a premium product from scratch


Passionate about being able to affect the lives of millions of people


An amazing entrepreneur who really gives back to society

Ben and Katie’s Y is to save kids’ lives.


Cheryl’s senior leadership role was made redundant


From a young age, Debbie was able to connect with spirits

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Barry walked away from a lucrative, successful career




28 Top 15 ways to

keep focussed revealed


Does your sales team have a cost to sales budget?


Simple steps to unleash your inner athlete


Bring it on - How to embrace challenges


Part 3 Marketing - What’s your strategy?

39 Volume2-Issue3



Inspiration is a BIG word YMag is an online Business magazine, inspiring Business owners to find their passion and purpose in life. Stating the obvious maybe, however it is sometimes necessary to reiterate our purpose and remind ourselves what we are working towards. An interesting comment came via email this week, which questioned the relevance of YMag and its concept, to start-up businesses. In fact, the relevance is MASSIVE for anyone in business; especially startups. To get your Y right at the start, will save years’ worth of time and money. The Y then creates a strong foundation to build on and grow and evolve. We at YMag are passionate in providing inspiration to new and established business people.

She wrote, “Each day you continue to inspire and love us more and we could never ask for anything else. Thank you for pushing me to be the best person that I can be! Thank you for choosing to be my mum and for being my role model.” To quote Meryl Streep, “It is not a simple job to be a role model, it is not just being endlessly polite, compassionate and well groomed. It is equal parts of being who you actually are, and what people hope you will be. It’s representing for all, our very best selves.”


Surround yourself with people who believe you can…and be inspirational!

Recently I celebrated quite a milestone, my 50th birthday. Surrounded by wonderful friends and family at the party, the joy and love was abundant, however leading up to the big day, I found myself reflecting on my life and asked some pretty big questions of myself. Am I really living my Y? Am I making a difference? What can I learn from my journey so far? It was in reading one of my children’s birthday card messages that I found my answers.


Lynne Rice



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Going, Y

ou’re NTehe arrely !






e andaHoGttesor Am t One of USA’s TO 25 Speakers Volume2-Issue1

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Pat Mesiti




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Tell us a little about your background and personal life. My background is I grew up with two alcoholic parents and my life was dramatically transformed at the age of 17. I’m now committed to the empowerment and to the creation of 10,000 millionaires all over the globe for the greater good of humanity. Tell us about one of your toughest times in business and how you overcame it? One of my toughest times in business was actually having to forgive someone that took a substantial amount of money out of my organisation. He was a close and trusted friend. Of course, it caused a lot of grief to my heart but eventually, I found the wisest thing to do was to forgive and to move on. Forgiveness literally means to cancel debt. So that was one of the greatest challenges that I ever had to face in my life. Tell us about one of the greatest times in business and Y this was so great to you? I think one of the greatest times in business for me was when I released my first book, Wake Up and Dream. I thought I was going to get an order of about 50 books and instead my first order was 27,000 copies, which up to today it has sold over 200 thousand copies. The interesting thing about that first order, is that I committed to the fact that the first order would be given to charity, and boy was it a big cheque to write.


Pat Mesiti Mindset Expert, Creating Millionaires From The Inside Out

“I often tell people that if you find a reason, you’ll find a way.”


What moment did you discover your Y, explain what you’re doing and how discovering your Y changed your life or your business? I think I discovered my Y when I was a teenager. I was at a meeting, and I discovered that I wanted to dedicate my life to the betterment of young people. So I grew an organisation called Youth Alive and then later on when it was established, I took over an organisation called Teen Challenge, that was a charity committed to the transformation of young addicts. That was one of the greatest Y’s of my life. But I found my Y at 17, and it was simply this, to empower and help people to prosper in the sphere of life, whether it’s in their emotions or relationship or in their finances — and at the age of 53, I’m still doing what l love to do.




After discovering your Y what changes did you notice in your life and in your own contentment? One of the changes that I found is that I had to work on my Y. Your Y doesn’t happen. I often tell people that if you find a reason, you’ll find a way. But you’ve got to find a reason to grow yourself. Just having a dream or a Y is not enough. A dream, or Y from your heart without a plan from your head, will never be a result in your hand. I find that many people just have a dream but don’t actually


have any legs on it. My greatest discovery was I had to put some action steps towards my dream and to the achievement of that dream. And part of it was bettering myself, working on myself, listening to CD’s, reading books and having the right associations in my life. Tell us more about your business and Y you enjoy it so much? My business is creating millionaires from the inside out. I figured if we shift their mindset, we build people from the inside out and it will eventually manifest on the outside.


I enjoy it so much because I get to meet so many people and I do what I love and I love what I do. I speak to people. I love being on stage, but I also love mentoring them. I don’t mentor a lot of people one-on-one, I often tell people I wouldn’t teach you anything any different that is on my CD’s, my book and my personal development materials. But it’s an engagement of people. It’s watching them personally transform right before my eyes that gives me the greatest joy. What is your long term goal and Y is it important to you? My long term goal is to keep doing what I am doing right now. I’m already living the dream and I am doing my Y. Why would I want to change that? So often I find that people have these mid-life changes in life because they are not living their dream. I’m actually living it now; I want to keep doing what I do. Keep creating millionaires from the inside out and keep building lives

whether it is financially, relationally or through experiences. And what advice would you give to someone who is not sure about their Y and how to find it? I think if people want to find their Y they’ve got to ask themselves, what are you good at? It’s simply that. You’re not going to find a Y at something you’re not good at. In saying that, if it’s to increase yourself financially you’ve also got to do something that people want on top of being good at it. For example, your Y might be to crochet but quite frankly, it’s not going to make you wealthy. It might give you personal fulfillment, but it won’t help you achieve financial success. So find out what people want and what you are good at and then work on that skill. All of us have got gifts; all of us have got abilities. Don’t try to function outside of that, because it will cause you to be unfulfilled and frustrated.

Pat Mesiti

Volume2-Issue3 11


Noa has always been active and just loves the feeling that comes from being fit and working out. After leaving her advertising sales executive job, Noa decided to become a personal trainer. “One afternoon I had an epiphany to create a new product, after realising I was spending my LIFE in activewear and would often get to the end of the day feeling cold/ clammy and really quite daggy!”


Noa Ries

NOA SET OUT ON A MISSION TO CREATE TRULY TECHNICAL ACTIVEWEAR There is a lot of complexity in building a premium product from scratch


Noa set out on a mission to create truly technical activewear that would enable her to do an intense workout, but would also be chic and stylish enough to wear all day long. And so, her new range, Vie Active, was launched. From the beginning, Noa decided to push the envelope by integrating high definition prints into a Merino fabric to fuse fitness with fashion and function and as a result, the range truly does look and feel just as good in the studio as they do on the street. After conceiving the idea, Noa spent a lot of time researching the market and looking into different fabric options. Since she decided to just start with tops, it became clear very quickly that Merino fabric was really the best performance fabric for her purpose. Noa connected with the Australian Woolmark Company, and through their guidance and support have been able to utilise the best quality manufacturers and printers.

“There is a lot of complexity in building a premium product from scratch. For example, printing high definition images on to Merino wool is incredibly complicated and we’ve spent months working with our amazing suppliers to achieve the perfect temperature, that preserves the qualities of the fabrics and vibrancy of the print. Each of our styles is quite innovative and so we have had to invest a lot of time and energy (and money) in to product development.” As a small business owner, Noa feels that one of the hardest things to do is learn to switch off and also distance yourself slightly from the emotion of the highs, which she finds “deliriously lovely” and lows, which can be “excruciatingly painful”. Noa’s advice for others wanting to step up and live their Y is to be true to yourself and to listen to your gut instinct; no one will value your business or brand as much as you do; do as much as you can by yourself/ves as possible, this is the best way to learn; if you want to start your own business, be sure that it is something you are incredibly passionate about and truly love; you cannot underestimate the amount of work that goes into running your own business and you need to be prepared and willing to work 7 days a week to get the work done. “If you love what you do, it won’t seem like work.”


This is a story about a husband and wife team, Ben and Katie Fisher, Paramedics of a combined 35 years’ experience with the NSW, Australia Ambulance Services. The couple were heartsick  - too often they arrived on the scene of an accidental emergency in the home to find a hysterical parent doing nothing, or the wrong thing while their child’s life was in jeopardy…  witnessing far too many tragedies that could easily have been avoided if they just knew what to do!   It’s a sad fact that eight out of 10 parents don’t know basic first aid procedures that could save their child’s life, or help reduce the devastating effects of an accident. We all hope it will never happen, but every parent should know what to do in an emergency. “Children will have accidents,” says Ben, “so we have a responsibility to them to be prepared!” The couple believes’ paramedics are the best to teach this because they are first responders on the scene- so it’s the get-right-to-it right thing to do for the 10 most common children emergencies. They have teams of practising paramedics that present courses across the country. Ben and Katie do this, because they are driven to save kids (and save their parents the grief.)

million, until all parents across the country know what to do in a crisis! How Ben and his wife, Katie, built the business from living room chats to a national company, while still working as paramedics, has been an interesting journey. To date, more than 18,000 parents, grandparents, friends and carers have been trained by Kids First Aid across the country, in public workshops and corporate sessions. There are now more than 20 practising paramedics, many parents themselves, who present the regularly scheduled KFA courses in the cities across the nation. The course covers the 10 most common childhood first aid emergencies: CPR, choking, drowning, burns, poisoning, allergies and anaphylaxis, stings and bites, fits and fever, fractures, bleeding and meningococcal. Their method is always entertaining, engaging and memorable 3 hour classes on what to do when faced with the most common 10 childhood emergencies and provide real-life information on what to expect and how to act to save your child, quickly and correctly.


Ben & Katie


BEN AND KATIE’S Y IS TO SAVE KIDS’ LIVES More than 18,000 parents, grandparents, friends and carers have now been trained

The duo’s mission is to empower one million Australian parents to deal calmly and confidently with their children in an emergency situation. And then to empower the next

Volume2-Issue3 13


Not unlike most, it took Cheryl a while to find her Y. She spent more than 25 years as a leader in heavy industrial work environments, primarily senior roles with a focus on culture change, leadership and training.  Cheryl had toyed with the idea of starting her own leadership company, but the timing was never right or there was always one more project that needed to be done. 


Cheryl A. Daley

CHERYL’S SENIOR LEADERSHIP ROLE WAS MADE REDUNDANT It was tough going for a while and she really had to draw on what she knew


Cheryl was forced to re-evaluate this when at 45years, in January of this 2013, her senior leadership role was made redundant. “I can tell you; this was not part of my New Year’s resolution list! And even though logically I knew it was my position that was made redundant, I still couldn’t help but feel, on a personal level, that I was no longer needed. I was already struggling with this idea because my only child was engaged over Christmas, so she didn’t need me either.” Cheryl started to review all the things she had ever told anyone that experienced an organisational change; every step she told them about things not being bad or good, they just were, and that there was a choice as to how ‘we let them impact our life’. It was tough going for a while and she really had to draw on what she knew. In reflection, there were times when it would have been easy for Cheryl to just give up. But she

chose to get over that feeling. She chose to be a strong, successful female leader, and knew what she was capable of. Cheryl had plenty of time to test her skills throughout those 25 years working in complex relationship structures. “I had this! I just needed to remember that!” Cheryl’s first book in her Leadership series will be out early in the new year, the concepts will help any leader, especially women, call on the innate skills they have. “Understanding how our behaviours and the language we use influence others, the strengths we have at our disposal and how we can leverage them to succeed. My company, Leadership Head Quarters is designed to be the go to place for leaders who have ever thought “they are not listening” “why can’t I influence them” “why are they being so stubborn” or the most  destructive question of all “ why can’t I be successful.” “When you find your Y, there is a shift that happens. You get creative; you get in touch, you switch on to all of the opportunities around you. The highlight so far has been having one of my clients’ say, “I finally know what he is thinking”. Understanding people we relate with is one of the most wonderful experiences we can hope to have.”

g gein nti-A A ne’s 9 bon Re Line Ar ced van Ad


Debbie Zita, founder and director of Unlock Your Best Life & Co-Founder of Conscious Global, is a highly sort after Spiritual Mentor for women. Debbie was born and raised in Melbourne Australia and grew up in the 80’s in a loving middle class Jewish family. She went to university where she completed her psychology and social work degree, but never really felt she ‘fitted in’. From a young age, Debbie was able to connect with spirits and intuitively know what people were feeling. This side of her was kept hidden until 2008 when Debbie quite suddenly lost her mother, while Debbie was 4 months pregnant. This left a deep void in her life and she was left asking herself why? MELBOURN/VIC, AUSTRALIA

Debbie Zita



It took her 3 years to finally come to terms with the fact that she was here to help bridge the gap between those that had passed and those that were left behind. In 2011 Debbie launched Debbie’s big mission in life is to empower one million women to be ‘authentically sexy and successful.’ “This means being able to integrate all of you, from your life experience; your spiritual gifts and your desires. Feeling sexy and confident in your own body and success meaning, having clarity about your purpose and lovingly creating the financial freedom you deserve.” Debbie has been busy changing lives on and off stage at various women’s business and spiritual events. She

has been blessed to have trained with Cheryl Richardson (author of ‘The Art of Extreme Self-Care’), Reid Tracey (Hay House CEO) and Doreen Virtue. Debbie currently coaches women to live the life and business of their dreams. Her Y is helping people to live and discover their own Y. In 2014 Debbie will launch which will provide women with valuable tools on: how to discover your life purpose and tips for effortlessly building a 6 figure spiritually based business with heart. Debbie is also debuting her book ‘The Mothers’ Club - 9 Lessons in Living Your JOY’ (For women who want more love & purpose). Debbie’s passion lies in helping people come to treasure their own unique gifts and experiences.


Dave grew up in your typical Australian family in Melbourne and like most kids, had big dreams. However when he finished high school and entered the workforce, Dave was hit by the ‘reality’ that many people face, of working hard at something they don’t enjoy. Leaving high school, he wasn’t too sure what he wanted to do and by 23, had 13 different jobs. Among these, Dave worked as a personal trainer, real estate agent, landscaper and barman, but still felt unfulfilled. By this stage, just two years ago, Dave was $20,000 in debt and in the worst stage of his life. Dave was cynical at the world and struggling to get by. Dave remembers one particular day, being on the road and not even having enough money to put fuel in the car. “It was at this low point in my life that I found my Y. I was introduced to an online network marketing company in the health industry and became the Australian pioneer, aged 24.” Becoming involved with this natural supplementation company, YOR Health, was the turning point for Dave. Through this business, he has been able to achieve great health and it has ultimately led Dave to financial freedom, satisfaction and the ability to live a lifestyle that he loves!

vehicle that can give the average person who strives for wealth and success, the opportunity to run their business from home and become an entrepreneur. “I am very passionate about helping other ambitious young people reach their potential.” However Dave’s Y is not only business related. He is also passionate about being able to affect the lives of millions of people to better their own health. “This is so needed in Australia with such a high incidence of obesity and ‘lifestyle diseases’ like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. I feel very grateful to be able to contribute to others in this way and it continues to motivate me.” Dave has found that the most enjoyable part of his career path is the flexibility of working from home and working with his best friends. “I also must say, that I love the extensive travel that comes with my laptop lifestyle.”


Dave Nelson DAVE WAS $20,000 IN DEBT AND IN THE WORST STAGE OF HIS LIFE Passionate about being able to affect the lives of millions of people

After seeing such a radical transformation in his own life, Dave is driven by his Y, to share a

Volume2-Issue3 17


They say people will have three careers in their lifetime. Flavia’s first career was in media advertising and the second was in management consulting, in communications. Flavia believes that ‘everything we do in life prepares us for where we are now’ - so while media introduced her to consumer archetypes and psychographics, management consulting exposed her to the workings of business, strategy and critical thinking - all of which would form the framework and reference points for setting up future businesses – Flavia’s third career.


Flavia Abbate

AN AMAZING ENTREPRENEUR WHO REALLY GIVES BACK TO SOCIETY I always knew that whatever business I was going to create, needed to serve more than a function


In 1998 she embarked on the biggest life-changing experience, when she established the first family business, City Clinic, along with her sister and brother in-law. As with most start-ups, City Clinic was born from a casual conversation based on a personal experience noting a lack of an integrated approach to injury management/rehabilitation. In 2003 Bolster Trading Pty Ltd was established, born from a notion to empower people by providing selfhelp tools and resources. Flavia’s Y slipped into her life, as many good things do, almost unnoticed; without fanfare and without warning. Her plan in life was to set up businesses in the health and wellbeing industry because she had a real passion and respect for the human body. Flavia slowly came to realise that in doing her job, she was contributing

to people’s lives in a very significant way; in many cases, improving their physical health significantly. “Knowing this, gives me a sense of purpose, which grants me a blissful existence. I always knew that whatever business I was going to create, needed to serve more than a function -it needed to add value to people on a personal level.” Flavia lives her Y every day and really takes time to appreciate the journey of building businesses, as challenging as it may often be. Through the years she has learnt three big things. “One, if what you are doing doesn’t meet your immediate need, then it must be a seed you are sewing for the future. If what you are doing meets an immediate need then you are reaping-and this should be celebrated, no matter how small. Two, relationships can make or break you. It is one of the critical factors in building a business. I have experienced suppliers carrying me through tough times on the strength of our relationship. I honour my relationships every day. Three, bad things happen with a thud…they rarely introduce themselves, (unlike good things, which typically slip into your life) and as difficult as things may be, this is where you learn most and it is typically a time when your true character is also revealed.”




Go With The Flow – Being Aligned With The Energy of The Universe Currently the Sun is in Sagittarius, which is symbolised by the Archer. In order to hit a target the archer must be able to see it. However, once the arrow’s been fired there’s nothing you can do if it’s slightly off the mark. This period (22nd Nov–22nd Dec) is great for vision and planning. However, it does run a bit low on implementation energy. That kicks in when the Sun is in Capricorn (22nd Dec–21st Jan). So, make use of this time (Nov-Dec) for getting new ideas and being creative. Don’t wait for New Year for your planning days – get into it now. Setting the tone for the month of December is the New Moon on the 3rd. The Sabian symbol for the degree of the New Moon is: “In the left section of an archaic temple, a lamp burns in a container shaped like a human body” ie the value and importance of the ‘return to the body’ to balance the stress of intellectuality and left brain thinking. Again, we see that the important thing to do now is “go with your gut”. Follow your intuition and allow your dreams and wishes to see the light of day. Explore your “Why” and allow the “How” to get sorted later. On a final note, December contains the last sequential date of this century: 11/12/13 (for people using the Australian date format). Does this have any special significance? Since every day is special, yes it does. However, don’t place too much importance on it - it’s just one of those fun, quirky aspects of our calendar. Laurence V Harrould BSc, Dip Ed, Certified Business & Life Coach, Consultant Astrologer for over 35 years


Your life in Awareness


YStyle Image courtesy of LACORVIN

Volume2-Issue3 21


Festiandve,FauxFashi o n Pas!

Sometimes the phrase “silly season� is warranted, as office parties turn into style debacles and sometimes outfits which are more miss than hit. The Christmas party is a great opportunity to really show your style, personality, have some fun, embrace the warm weather and of course be off the clock with colleagues; but is it really?


Often the Christmas party is scheduled for halfway through or just after the working day, requiring a quick change in the bathroom or a clever adaptation of the workwear we chose for the day. Of course, an evening or weekend event affords us the time to groom and dress with the luxury of time. Lunchtime Ladies, consider a pretty summer

dress or a tailored wide leg pant (a tapered harem will work too) and a soft easy top. Both of these can get you through the morning with the addition of a blazer or knit, sensible shoes and minimal accessories. When the clock hits party time, remove the jacket, change pumps for fabulous footwear, slick on a bright lippy and layer up necklaces, bangles, earrings; one or all, depending on your personality.


m co in. v r o ac w.l ww

For the gentlemen, if suits are required for the morning, swap the matching jacket for a coloured one, remove the tie, and add a pocket square. A nonsuit day calls for a coloured chino, shirt and jacket. Coloured and patterned shirts bring fun to the look. When it’s time to get festive, remove the blazer, roll the chino, show a loafer and roll up the sleeves. Evening & Weekend Ladies can use this evening event to wear some shine and sparkle, in accessories and clothing. Cocktail length dresses, maxi dresses and an evening bag work here. Jeans and trousers can also work depending on the venue and dress code. Gentlemen can wear a suit in colour or evening fabric; consider a bow tie, pocket square or a jacket in a luxury fabric with a slim fit dress pant and great fitting shirt. Denim or chinos with a blazer or just a shirt and even a dress short can work well, depending on venue and dress code. It is important to remember that the office Christmas party remains a work function. It is likely that your boss and their boss will be in attendance and

sometimes clients too. It is therefore important that your festive look is still representing the brand of your workplace and you. Because of this, some of the work dress rules still apply. Avoid plunging necklines, skirt lengths above mid-thigh, sheer fabric without a camisole or slip underneath, cut outs and very tight body-conscious styles (men and women) Embrace these ‘Do’s’. Do, groom your hair, nails and face (men and women), flatter without flaunting, show your personality, use accessories to change your work look into a workparty look and do wear styles and garments that fit well and securely! Most importantly once the outfit is found, smile, have fun and enjoy this festive season. Sara Hatten-Masterson Stylist & Image Consultant

The perfect choices for your afternoon summer soiree, Christmas Day dress cocktails with friends or end of year work functions and can be purchased at

Volume2-Issue3 23



The Colour for Playtime and Rejuvenation

Summer holidays are a time of play and enjoyment. The colours you want to surround yourself with are the colours which bring out your playful, energetic self.

Aqua as a colour, revitalises the body and the mind. Visually aqua is made up of blue, green and white generally. It is refreshing and comforting. It is a great colour to be playful in. People never feel guilty about enjoying themselves when wearing aqua. Aqua in the home is regenerating. It soothes and pampers the mind. It lightens the mood and is great for rooms in which you want to stimulate sharing, playfulness and bring in laughter. Aqua is ideal for therapy and massage rooms where touch and comfort are required.


As a healing colour it is related to the energies of play and renewal. It can be felt in the body in the shoulders, trapezium muscles and thymus. It is ideal to alleviate tiredness, aches and heaviness. Colour healing can be achieved by meditating on the colour aqua, imagining it flowing through your body as you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. The person for whom aqua is their favourite colour will thrive on distractions. They need to be careful they do not let their mood dispel when things do not go their way. They might feel like the sunshine has been stolen from their day.

• Clare Maxfield is a corporate image consultant who is spending her spare time researching the impact colour has on us at the various levels, both internally and externally for communication, motivation and inspiration.




Volume2-Issue3 27


Keep Going, You’re Nearly There! Tips for Business Owners to Stay Motivated this Christmas

Christmas is a great time to reflect on how we have progressed over the past year, to celebrate our successes and to refocus on the next year ahead. Most people do not set goals and then are surprised that they are not moving ahead in business. Here are seven reasons why you need to have goals…


1. To give direction and purpose to your life 2. To make sure that we are the one choosing the direction of our business - not others, not fate, not the media, etc. 3. To motivate us to get through the difficult times 4. To make sure we get what we want from our business

 tart with reviewing what your past S goals and then assess your level of achievement. Ask yourself these questions: “Am I progressing in my goal?”, “Have I achieved my goal in the timeframe?”, “Am I doing everything in my control to achieve my goal? And “what have I learned from this?”

2 3

 elebrate your successes! C It is important to always celebrate progress towards achieving your goal.

To stay motivated this Christmas follow these tips:

4 5

If you haven’t achieved what you had planned on achieving then you may need to change your strategy for achieving the goal. Don’t change the goal. Write down a list of all the reasons why you did not achieve the goal. Then focus on the things that you can control. Develop a plan for achieving your goal with a new strategy focussing on taking action on the things that you can control.


5. To save time and energy by focussing on the actions that will help you achieve your goals 6. To reduce stress by making clear choices that focus on your goal 7. To give a measurable sense of accomplishment

 ow it is time to set new goals for next year. N To start with you need to have clarity of where you are right now. The above steps will give you an indication for your accomplishments. To gain complete clarity ask yourself these questions: “What are some of the things from the past 12 months that you want to duplicate in the next year?”, “What was challenging this past year?”, “What do you not want to have happen again?”, “What decisions did you make in the last 12 months that were empowering for you?”  ext you need to be confident N about your capacity to achieve your new goals. This step involves remembering a big goal that you have already achieved that seemed impossible. Write down the steps that you went through that turned this into reality.


6 7

 ow write your goal in positive N terms. People often set a goal in terms of what they don’t want. “I don’t want to be broke, I don’t want cash flow problems...” It needs to be set in terms of “what I want to do, or want to be, or want to have”. State the result that you want to achieve from your goal.

11 12 8 13 14 9 10 15  ake sure that you control M the outcome of the goal. The goal cannot depend on the attitude or behavior of others. The success of your goal must depend on you…and you alone.

 rite down the resources needed to achieve W the goal. Ask yourself “what is the price to pay to achieve this goal?” There is always a price to pay for everything. There is always some kind of sacrifice to make when you set a worthy goal. In this step, you will define all that you will need, in terms of time, money, education, training, energy, having a mentor or coach.

 our goal must be sensory specific. Y The clearer the picture, the more compelling and the more attractive it is, the greater the drive to reach your final destination. Act as if the goal is already achieved. Visualise your goal using all your senses – see, hear, smell, taste and feel your goal. Make a very clear image, in rich details, and you will be so enthusiastic that you will automatically attract the solution. This is the importance of clarity!

State the context of the goal. Where and when will your goal be achieved? Be as specific as possible.

Run a quality control check on the goal to ensure balance in all areas of your relationships / home / work life. Above all, you don’t want to lose the balance in your life. Step back and look at ALL areas of your life and ask yourself “is my goal worth it?”

 tate the purpose of the goal to S you. Why do I want to reach this goal? Why is it important to me? Is this goal in harmony with my vision, beliefs and values? The bigger the WHY the stronger the drive to achieve your goal. Write out a list of specific action items – a plan that will get you to your goal.

 chedule at least one item a S day from your plan into your calendar. You want to work on your goal every day.

 ead your goal out loud R twice a day, every day, until your achieve it! Then celebrate!

By Irene Scott Business Advisor Peak Business Strategies Pty Ltd

Volume2-Issue3 29


Does Your Sales Team Have a Cost To Sales Budget? Many Sales People and Managers will agree, a subject that goes largely unmentioned at sales budget time is, the Cost to Sales Budget. This is the money spent by Sales People in the pursuit of the business earned. Sales People generally have a budget level applied to Hotel Rooms, Meals, Car Hire, Company Vehicles driven etc. This will generally form part of the overhead, and then is maintained through the company expense account through allocation to various locations and or cost centres. Like the unlocked stationery cupboard, rampant raids on the coffers often go unnoticed by the very Sales People doing the spending. At present our Sales Teams happily go about the business of making themselves the natural enemy of the Financial Controller, by obliviously racking up expenses week in week out, totally unaware of the consequences until of course, a nasty email appears in the in box on Monday morning to ruin their day. What if the Sales People had a Cost to Sales budget that ran parallel to the Sales Budget? This could be monitored and compared month to month, to ensure these unspoken dollars are kept in check. Equally important, a bonus can be paid against maintaining the budgeted numbers in pursuit of business earned. This is only


earned if the target sales figures are met. This addresses run away expense accounts and can be as simple as an agreed expense versus sales percentage. Similar calculations can be submitted by the Sales Team when a new product or service is plugged into the sales matrix, budgeting the spend against launch. I am sure you will agree, if our Sales Teams have some input into the Cost to Sales Budget, then you will have more accountability attached to the spend particularly, when a bonus is put into the mix. I know what you’re thinking, “My Sales People will stay off the road to protect the Cost to Sales bonus if their sales target has already been met”. Put simply, motivating the team on quarterly bonus payments will ensure they stay mobile to meet the next quarter’s requirements. Additionally, your sales bonus

should always be structured in a manner to drive top line sales to exceed budgeted numbers ramping up to reward stronger results. In the end, the decision will be yours how you implement it.

Russ’s Tip My experience from both sides of the fence on this is; an open and transparent communication in the direction with your Sales Team will produce open and transparent feedback back to you, the Manager and Business Owner. Try it! Russell Moore entered the world of Industrial Sales 25 years ago. During that period he has been employed with many multinational companies serving the Industrial markets of Australia, Far and Middle East in both Sales and Sales Management capacities. He comes to YMag with a world of experience.


2 Simple Steps to Unleash Your Inner Athlete The end of the year is near – I’m sure that’s no surprise to you. So it’s time to start shutting down, taking our foot off the accelerator and preparing our minds to take a break….isn’t it? No! At least, not if you consider yourself a peak performer and you do, don’t you? How often do you see a high performance athlete slow down as they near the end of their race? Do you think they’re thinking “Oh look I’m nearly there, time to slow down”? Hardly!! Instead you tend to see them speed up, dig deep within and find that last burst of energy to see them fly over the line with all they’ve got. That is exactly how you should be thinking as you near the end of the year. Dig deep within and find that burst of energy that is going

to see you fly through this period, gathering momentum to take you sailing into the New Year with ease. As humans, we operate via an elaborate set of patterns that we construct for ourselves over time through our experience, beliefs and values that shape our thinking, which guides our behaviour. Having awareness of these patterns enables you to make adjustments as needed, to ensure your patterns of thinking are aligned with the outcomes you seek. To help you bring out your inner high performance athlete, here’s a simple formula for you.

part is critical to the outcome, as the meaning you attach to the outcome provides the drive, passion and significance needed for motivating you to achieve it Step Two: Now ask yourself who you need to be, to be worthy of achieving that outcome and therefore what are you prepared to do and not do. Being clear on whom you need to be and what you need to do and not do is critical for taking the action required to achieve your goal

Clear Outcome + Commitment to Action = RESULTS

Achieving results using this formula becomes really simple. You are either prepared to do what you need to do to achieve the goal or not – OR – change the outcome to match what you’re prepared to do. It’s that simple!

Step One: Set a clear outcome for what you would like to achieve and what it would mean for you to achieve that outcome. This second

Take some time now to reset your end of year goal using this formula, step on the accelerator and smash through the finish line. On your marks…..get set…..GO!

Clare Cope is the creator of the Values Pendulum®, a dynamic new model that cuts through the noise in business and life, to pinpoint the pressure points holding business growth and individual performance back. Blending powerful code in human behaviour and adapting them to business in the 21st Century, you now have access to a model to facilitate sustainable and replicable growth and innovation.

Volume2-Issue3 31


‘what did I learn from this book?’ After interviewing over thirty of Australia’s successful entrepreneurs, the single biggest factor that stood out was the quality - resilience. In other words, successful entrepreneurs have the ability to bounce back. They aren’t necessarily more knowledgeable or have more experience, but they do understand that every challenge they face has the purpose of helping them grow and develop.

BRING IT ON How to embrace challenges Have you ever read a business success story and began comparing specific facts to isolated details of your own situation? His parents got divorce when he was young, so did mine... she changed her career three times before starting her own business, me to... we both have the same last name! Sometimes we do this to marvel at the similarities; other times we do it to convince ourselves that we too have what it takes to be successful. To start a business or to continue on a path


to success is a vulnerable act, which may result in failure. By seeking out similarities with successful people we are essentially seeking out a reason to embrace that vulnerability. The thing is, successful entrepreneurs and business owners come from a range of backgrounds, with different experiences and a myriad of strengths and weaknesses, just like you. However, what distinguish successful entrepreneurs from everyone else are their unique characteristics or qualities. I started thinking about this after I published my first book in the ‘Secrets Exposed!’ Series. Flicking through the pages, I asked myself

For me, this is what the entrepreneur is all about. For them, it is about overcoming obstacles, beating setbacks, and moving forward. They have the attitude and the mindset to say: ‘Bring it on!’ whenever they are faced with a challenge. Understand that even successful entrepreneurs need to overcome obstacles. Here are some examples: •One year after Tim Pethick launched his business, 16,000 bottles of nudie fruit juice were being purchased every day. However, his success was interrupted when, in 2004, Pethick’s manufacturing plant mysteriously burnt down. As he was forced to stand outside the factory and watch it burn, Pethick turned to his Marketing Director and said: “Well, tomorrow we’d better start looking for another factory.” Less than a year later, Pethick rebuilt the company bigger, stronger and more profitable than it was before.


• Trevor Choy, founder of Choy Lawyers, is an example of entrepreneurs demonstrating resilience. Choy had a partner, who was also a friend, who stole a large sum of money that sent the company into insolvency. Today, Choy Lawyers are regarded as Australia’s leading experts on advertising and branding law. • Suzi Dafnis, owner of Pow Wow Events, lost $40,000 on her first venture, which put her into a hole that took two years to get out of. Today the company occupies more than 50 per cent of the market in the financial education and personal development segment. • After a messy divorce, Sandy found herself $100,000 in debt, with two small children to support on a $15,000 a year government benefit. After founding her multi-million dollar business, Wildly Wealthy Women, Sandy now teaches tens of thousands of people from over 88 countries about the power of attracting wealth. • For property investor, John Fitzgerald, owner of JLF Corporation, his challenges began at a very young age. His father died when he was eight, he was sent to a boarding school when he was ten (where the first two or three years were tough), and at seventeen he found himself on the Gold Coast, alone, with one knapsack and a couple of hundred dollars. Since then, he

has bought, sold and developed more than 5,000 properties and his business consists of 22 companies and turns over $100 million per year. For me, examples like these capture the true spirit of the entrepreneur. Not only are they resilient, but they embrace the challenges and obstacles placed before them. Entrepreneurs understand that obstacles will always be there, so to be successful you need to become accustomed to challenges. And if you can’t, you need to learn because problems and setbacks are as certain as taxes and death in the business environment.

Next time you’re reading about the success of another person, be it about business or life in general, take notice of those unique qualities. If you want to compare yourself with these people, then look at qualities rather than circumstances. Are you motivated like them? Do you have a passion? Can you communicate well? And perhaps more importantly: are you resilient? Know that smooth seas never made a skilled sailor, so learn to embrace challenges.

One of the best ways to handle challenges and obstacles is to ask yourself questions. Some questions to help you adopt a more positive approach to challenges include: •W  hat can I learn from this? •W  hat’s great about this challenge? •W  hat am I willing to do to make it the way I want? • How can I enjoy this process? Understand that overwhelmed with frustration and a lack of options, we forget to ask these questions. You need to constantly ask these questions in order to change the way you perceive challenges. When you are able to view challenges positively, you will also be able to identify the opportunities and benefits that come from them.

Dale Beaumont is one of Australia’s most successful young entrepreneurs. Having built three million-dollar businesses before the age of 30, today Dale is the founder and CEO of Business Blueprint, Australia’s fastest growing business education company. Dale is also the author and publisher of 16 best-selling books, which have collectively sold over a quarter of a million copies. For more information about Dale Beaumont or to attend one of his free business seminars visit: or

Volume2-Issue3 33


What’s Your Strategy? Over the last two months we have covered the foundations of creating your marketing plan. Now for the fun part that can, and should make you money. Most people will try and create their strategies and tactics first, however without the solid foundation and knowledge we have discovered about your business over the last two months – those tactics are unlikely to be successful. When you know who your customers are, where they hang out, and who your competition is, you can create brilliant campaigns targeted to your customers. There are three main types of campaigns that you should have in place – Acquisition, Retention and Reactivation. Your acquisition campaigns are to increase the number of customers you have – this can be through print advertising, tradeshows and shopping centre displays, radio and TV, Facebook or Google Adwords or through branding activities such as branded merchandise or billboards. The goal with an acquisition campaign is to get a response, so you need to remember to include a strong incentive and call to action! Retention is an often forgotten aspect of marketing, but for most businesses around 80% of your income will come from past


customers. This is where email campaigns and postal campaigns can be very effective. Stay in contact with your customers and include offers and incentives for them to continue purchasing. Lastly is reactivation - what do you do when you’ve lost a customer? You do not want to forget about them! Now this area will be very different depending on your industry, however phone calls and autoresponder email campaigns are the most effective methods of reactivation. The important thing with all of the above is that your foundation needs to be solid from the research and planning we have done over the last few months. If your customers are 20-28yr old females, you will market

in very different places, than if you market 50+ yr old males. I hope you’ve gained some valuable marketing insights over the last few months, make sure you check out my website, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. All the best,

Dahna Borg Bright Red Marketing



Barry was supporting himself with a business career at a Fortune 100 corporation while waiting to become a successful novelist, to achieve critical acclaim and best seller status. Barry offers with a grin, “along of course with wealth, fame and beautiful lovers”. “Unfortunately my novels quickly hit worst-seller status. One even made the UPI’s Ten Most Underrated List for that year, along with the New York Knicks, who never even made the playoffs, and a Meryl Streep movie about a dingo that ate a baby.”


Barry Maher

ONE DAY, BARRY’S LITERARY AGENT SUGGESTED HE WRITE A BUSINESS BOOK It’s hard to walk away from a lucrative, successful career

Then one day, Barry’s literary agent suggested he write a business book; which he did, in his spare time. And Barry quickly found himself in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the London Times and literally hundreds of other publications. One day at work Barry’s phone rang and the voice on the other end asked him if he’d speak at their convention. For a one hour keynote, the offer was a fee over a third of the advance he’d received on the book. He did it, and loved it! Still, it’s hard to walk away from a lucrative, successful career and a steady paycheck to take a chance at something you’ve never really done before. And though many people want to be speakers, few succeed at it.   Fortunately right about then, Barry had a great piece of bad luck. Even though his job performance was extremely highly rated,


when accounting told his boss, a corporate VP, that he’d been slightly overpaid for a year, he decided the best course of action was to threaten Barry, throwing his weight around and issuing an ultimatum. Either Barry pay the money back or he’d let him go. Since Barry considered himself underpaid, he simply said “I quit.” Shocked and amazed, Barry’s boss immediately cut the amount of money Barry supposedly owed in half; however Barry was so fed up with this particular corporate culture that he didn’t budge. “Once I left, I started my new business immediately: speaking, consulting and writing. Within a year, the very company I’d just left brought me in as a consultant, at a rate several times the rate that they’d been supposedly overpaying me. And several years later, that very same VP got to sit in the audience and listen as I delivered the opening keynote at his new employer’s annual conference, for a fee that was considerably in excess of what I’d been “overpaid” in a month while working for him.” And today, Barry is re-knowned as an extraordinarily motivational speaker with an internationally-acclaimed expertise when it comes to the skills vital to leadership, communication, management and of course sales. Partly due to his fortuitous ‘great piece of bad luck’.





Volume2-Issue3 37


Trips Without the Chips Annette Sym Symply Too Good To Be True If you have plans to travel long distance to visit family or friends over the festive season, when hitting the highway you may find most roadside restaurant menus have mainly deep fried options and rarely have healthy choices. By being organised, you can travel and still eat healthily. Here are some tips: BREAKFAST • High fibre cereal with skim or low fat milk • Fresh fruit is filling and good for you • An omelet filled with vegetables will fill that hungry tummy • Order multigrain toast or fruit toast instead of a stack of pancakes and syrup • If you want something sweet choose a bran muffin • Grilled cheese toasties with tomato are a better option than egg and bacon burgers


•L  ow fat yoghurt or a milkshake (skim milk) are a quick option MEALS & SNACKS ON THE ROAD I always say it is a good idea to pack ‘your good intentions’ with you when you hit the road. By planning ahead you can have healthy food to take with you in the car/plane or train. Here are my suggestions: • Load up on fresh-cut vegetables and fruit • If applicable take an esky so your food stays cool and fresh • Take plenty of water, it will help you stay hydrated which is good if you are the driver • Make my low fat corn chips in book 1 and take some low fat dips and crudités or rice crackers to munch on • Pack your own sandwiches using 9 grain bread and healthy fillings such as chicken breast, turkey, lean ham,

low fat cheese and pack salad items separately to be added when ready to eat. This way you avoid soggy sandwiches • Nuts such as almonds, cashews, walnuts or a mixture of dried fruit and nuts are an ideal way to pick up your energy • Pack your thermos as some roadsides don’t offer skim milk or herbal teas • Avoid drive through options for meals or snacks as the average meal is around 80g fat, won’t sustain you for very long and definitely not a healthy option • Stop at a park as it will refresh the driver, get your legs moving and makes the trip more enjoyable. Annette’s cookbook series SYMPLY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE 1-7 is sold in all good newsagents or visit for more tips

YFood Zucchini Slice SERVES: 6 RECIPE FROM SYMPLY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE BOOK 1 2 whole eggs 3 egg whites 2 packed cups (350g) zucchini grated 2 cups (250g) mixed vegetables: e.g. carrot grated, diced capsicum, celery 1 onion diced ½ cup frozen peas ½ cup frozen corn kernels ¾ cup 97% fat-free ham (Hans®) diced ¾ cup self-raising flour pepper 1 cup 25% reduced-fat grated tasty cheese cooking spray Preheat oven 180ºC fan forced.

Step 1: In a large bowl beat eggs and whites well. Step 2: Add all other ingredients except the cheese.Add 2/3 of cheese to mixture. Mix well. Step 3: Coat quiche or pie plate with cooking spray. Spoon mixture into dish, sprinkle remaining cheese on top. Bake 35-40 minutes or until golden brown and cooked in centre. Note: This dish is even better if made the night before or left to sit for a few hours before serving. Variation: For a vegetarian slice omit the ham and instead add 1 cup more of vegetables. Suitable to be frozen

Volume2-Issue3 39


Victory is Just Around the Corner! Coming up to Christmas and New Year, it’s a great time to wind back and think about the year that’s gone, what you have achieved and what you hope to achieve. Are you pleased or perhaps a little disappointed? I know for a fact that a number of property investors will be disappointed with their portfolio’s lack of growth, and maybe they aren’t as financially well-off as they had hoped. How do I know this? Because only 93% of property investors in Australia actually own more than two properties. What’s holding them back? Often what happens is that they get their first property, and it’s costing them $100 out of pocket each week because the rent doesn’t cover the loan interest and other expenses. Then they buy their next property, and they are out of pocket $200 each week. They start to question themselves: “Why did I get into property? It’s not making me money – it’s costing me money, and I can’t even afford to go out and have fun anymore.” This is why so few property investors manage to get beyond two properties. What they can’t see is that victory and success is just around the corner! Over time, rents will increase; it’s historically proven! Costs and interest do not increase


at the same rate, especially if you fix your interest rates. Before long, the investor finds themselves in a positively geared space and is making money each week. This isn’t even taking into account potential capital growth of tens of thousands, without even lifting a finger. So how do you survive the negatively geared space? Make sure you have a cash buffer to cover unexpected expenses – it’s all about buying enough time to get into a positively geared situation. You should also buy residential houses in the middle of the market, to avoid any extended vacancies. Your investments should be in the best possible locations for growth, so that your rents increase sooner. Finally, you don’t actually have to buy a negatively geared property. There are positively geared

investments out there, so if you can secure one, do it! Remember: the hardest part is when you’re getting started. Property is a long-term strategy, but if you put good risk management strategies in place and avoid negative gearing, you’ll quickly become one of the few who successfully build their wealth through property!

Daimien Patterson Integrity Investment Property


Jennifer realised something was wrong when her daughter started gaining weight at an early age, despite a healthy diet and lifestyle. After much research she discovered her daughter had insulin resistance and was more prone to gaining weight than most people. She had followed all the recommended protocols but nothing had worked! With over 30 years experience as a dietitian, Jennifer believes that the public is being given the wrong message by the majority of health platforms. For this reason she wrote the book Baby

A Journey to Find Forgiveness, A Green Card and a White Fly! Based on the True events of an Australian / Italian actress’ social experiment to walk in the footsteps of her Mother, in the hope that she will find forgiveness, a green card and a white fly! Bianca Leone set out to leave her life behind in Hollywood, to embark upon a year long journey to see if the same conditions placed upon her, as her mother 50 years ago, when she as a young woman herself, left Italy for Australia, would

Boomers, Bellies & Blood Sugars to educate the public on why many people gain weight easily and the best way to manage diabetes, insulin resistance and weight gain. Baby Boomers, Bellies & Blood Sugars is not only informative, educational and myth busting, it is provides delightful photographic imagery and easy to follow, healthful recipes. A must for anyone who really cares about their health!

For more information visit

experience the same level of confusion, loneliness and frustration. This is Bianca Leone’s true story of her search to find answers, and help her mother’s spirit return to her home soil in a heartfelt ceremony, so she and her mother could finally have peace.

Published by Vivid Publishing passaparola

Volume2-Issue3 41


Be Both Shocked And Inspired. One Man Can Make A Huge Difference Against Amazing Odds Be both shocked and inspired. One man can make a huge difference against amazing odds. There are two kinds of people in the world. Those that “do” and those that want to but never do. Here is a story that has inspired thousands of cyclists around Australia and New Zealand to raise money for Cancer research, which has had some unexpected twists, turns and shocks along the way. Entrepreneur Klaus Bartosch, Managing Director and co-founder of, Australia’s No. 1 Healthcare Appointment Booking site and avid cyclist, decided earlier this year to step up his 3 yearlong campaign to raise money for Cancer research. He is a cancer survivor, having had a Stage 3 Melanoma in 2000 and starting cycling in a serious way 3 years ago, completing the inaugural Ride to Conquer Cancer (RTCC) in Brisbane. A 2 day ride covering 200km and which requires each rider to raise a minimum of $2,500 to be eligible to ride. He had never ridden seriously before nor raised money from Charity


in any serious way. 3 years on the Vision Crusaders, the team he formed in 2011 for the Brisbane RTCC ride have now raised over $300,000 for Cancer research. While that might seem amazing in itself; what has happened in 2013 will both shock and inspire you. In April Klaus decided to step it up for 2013, and set himself a challenge to complete what is now called the “Grand Slam”. All 6 Ride to Conquer Cancer rides across Australia and New Zealand. Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Auckland. Over 1200km, with a min required donation target of $15,000 plus his travel costs. His motivation for doing this was simple enough. To show others that doing one ride and raising $2,500 for one rider is easier, and thereby hoping to inspire many more to join each of these rides. What happened surprised him. Within 2 weeks, he was joined by 24 other riders from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth wanting to complete the Grand Slam as part of his Vision Crusaders team.

They all met for the first time in Brisbane in Aug this year to complete the first of the 6 rides, raising together $67,000 for that ride alone! Then 3 days before Klaus was set to complete the second RTCC ride in Sydney with his team he was suddenly and unexpectedly diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia and immediately admitted to Hospital to commence Chemotherapy! His team was shocked – the wind taken out of them. The RTCC organisers and thousands of other RTCC cyclists and supporters nationally, got wind of the news via social media. All were shocked! One in three Australian’s will get Cancer in their lifetime – one in two Queenslanders!! Klaus is living proof that anyone can be struck by this disease at anytime, which is why supporting Cancer research is so critical to help find a cure. Anyone can join and support the Vision Crusaders for their 2014 quest. If of interest, please visit


Sharanis Orphanage Project

Have you always wanted to make a difference - but didn’t know how?

Shar’s heart and it will house 20 Thai girls under the age of 5.

Well now you can. $83 from each annual YNetwork membership, will be donated by the company to the Sharanis Orphanage Project, opening on 7th May, 2016 in Thailand. This project is very close to

Your contribution will ensure that these girls do not end up on the streets and in professions they do not choose. Instead, they will live in beautiful surroundings with caring people looking after them.

Have clean clothes and fresh food to eat daily and have the best education available to them. They will smile every morning and every night and have a chance at a great life that we believe every human being deserves. Your contribution counts and this project would not be possible without your support.

TSNG has been rebranded! We are now the YNetwork. Authentic, Inspired, Connected. Have you downloaded our APP yet? Visit the App store and download YNetwork App, so you never miss another event again. Our speaker line up has been great, with Pat Mesiti, Nick Bowdtich from Facebook and even Sue Papadoulis, Australias leading PR Expert! Look forward to seeing you there.

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