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XXXXXxxxxx YNetworks’ Exclusive Business Acceleration Members - Meet our BAM Chicks

Nurturing You and Your Business Karen is a Facilitator of Transformational Change and highly sought after Holistic Therapist with the gift to “tap” into your body to help you peel back the layers of unwanted baggage,

Karen Mudie

and also Private Healing & Transformation Sessions for those who are serious about moving forward in Business and in Life.

Jacquelin e Murray

Discover Your Deliciousness Within

Karen Mudie

Jacqueline Murray

0418 275 824 emotions, pain and stress that we all carry around with us on a day to day basis. Karen is the Creator of the Passion & Purpose Workshop Series, and is available for 1:1 Mentoring

term jobseekers and in the corporate world. Are you looking for more from life? Join Jacqueline to Discover Your Deliciousness Within


Replenish Your Outer Glow

s k c i Ch

Floramia – Concetta Mirtschin

0414 863 894

Concetta in Mirtsch Concetta is the founder and owner of Floramia – a business started with a passion about making hand-made bath and body products that aren’t toxic to the user. Having 15 years’ experience in the industry, she is passionate about

the potential to change this world. A mother of two delicious children, Jacqueline has over 20 years’ experience working with mums, teens, long

Jacqueline’s mission in life is to help others discover the extraordinary, unique, talented gifted Being within each of us that has

what Mother Nature has to offer. With an interest in colour and fragrance; essential oils and herbal extracts are sourced from around the world to ensure her customers are benefiting from all that nature has to offer.

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life Moana Robinson

1300 366 675 or 0419 120 087

Moana Robinson Moana is a qualified Beauty Therapist and Colour Consultant who enjoys spending time with people to help them look, feel and be their best. Moana is available for one on one appointments as well as group colour and style consultations. Imagine being able to create your

best possible ever first impression. Imagine being able to get dressed in five minutes, doing your makeup in five minutes and knowing that you look absolutely stunning and turn heads when you walk into the room!

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