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If you are a person who wants to be involved in the adrenaline rush of UFC betting then you have to the right place. Every sport betting such as UFC betting requires knowledge about handicapping, but be forewarned that the processes here would differ greatly from other sports. There is no one size fits all when it comes to handicapping and especially when you are dealing with UFC betting.

Don’t make mistakes like what rookies often make by oversimplifying the evaluation process of looking for winning players by looking only at some components of a betting proposition while ignoring others.

For that reason, one should be gregarious with handicapping in order to know where to put your money on UFC betting.

Bet Underdogs When You Can

Finding ‘live’ dogs is a solid handicapping tactic in any sports betting pursuit but this is very essential in UFC betting. The competitive dynamic of UFC is such that once you get past the top fighters in an individual weight class there’s a lot of parity.

You will often find fighters who are priced based on their ‘name’ and popularity but

betting on a well known fighter is much like overpaying, it’s always best to bet on an unknown fighter since you won’t have to spend so much on betting.

Favor Fighters Who Finish

Should you bet on a favorite just make sure that he’s a fighter with a proven track record of ending fights clearly by knockout or submission. So go for a fighter who finish the fight cleanly and not always on technicalities. A favorite should not only be a top level fighter, but one who has the ability to end them early via KO or submission as opposed to ‘grinding out’ decisions.

Never Overvalue UFC Experience

This is very similar with favorites and underdogs. Those with a lot of UFC experience will of course be a bit pricey than the ones who has less experience but keep in mind that it’s very much irrelevant. UFC is just another promotion for fighting and as such will always promote well experienced and known fighters than the unknown ones. A fighter who has less experience with UFC still has the possibility to knock a UFC veteran out. Go beyond the hype of their experience and popularity and make your own choices.

Doing your research and investigation will help you decide on which fighter to bet on


Handicapping Tips for UFC Betting  
Handicapping Tips for UFC Betting  

Handicapping Tips for UFC Betting