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Best Odds Online Casino Winning Tips We know you enjoy online gaming so much and we want you to enjoy it more. So, here is a list of the best odds online casino which we have researched on with some of them even experienced firsthand. We hope that this will come in handy and become very helpful for you to win loads of money. Remember that this best odds online casino tips is just a guide and there is really no sure fire way to win games in the casino because after all, that is what gambling is all about. Here are the tips you can follow to help increase your odds of winning. # 1 Tip: Never forget to claim the sign up and bonus deposits that you are entitled to at the online casino sites. # 2 Tip: Always read the terms and conditions before signing up at an online gaming site. You do not want to pay extra charges for deposits just because you did not read the conditions. Also, the conditions and terms may vary from one online casino to the next so read the fine print every time you join a new site. # 3 Tip: Always choose to play the European roulette versus the American roulette. The American version of this very popular game has twice the house edge as its European counterpart. This is because in the American wheel, there is an extra “00� value which gives you less of a chance to win over the house. # 4 Tip: Avoid those insurance bets. Insurance bets take place in a game of blackjack, another popular casino table game. Do not bet on insurance because the odd of you winning is more than double the house odds of other games. Putting your money on an insurance bet is as good as throwing your cash away. # 5 Tip: When it comes to video poker, you should throw all the hands that do not pay out. Why? Throwing it refreshes the hand you have with new cards. So if you throw out cards that do not pay out, the worst that can happen is you get another five cards that do not pay out. # 6 Tip: A way for you to increase your edge is by playing longer. It really is quite simple. The more time you put in to play the game, the more possibilities of you winning. This is why it is very important that you balance your bankroll. Start low then go big once you get heated up. The longer you last, the more money you can win!

Best Odds Online Casino Winning Tips