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Page 1 Laws and Legislation: 

Data protection Act 1998

Freedom of Information 2000

Computer Misuse Act 1990

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Ethical Issues:   

Email Internet Whistle blowing

Fundamental Issues: 6, 7    

Security of information’s Back up Health safety Organisational policies

Future plan of Tesco: 7 

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Introduction I will be looking at different laws and ethical issues in Tesco. Some of the laws which I will be looking at is the Computer Misuse Act 1990, Freedom of information Act 2000 & Data Protection Act 1998. Also I will be describing the 3 ethical issues such as the use of Email, whistleblowing and use of the internet. Also I will be looking if Tesco sponsors fair trade, or a charity or what they do for their local community or the environment.

The different laws and ethical issues of Tesco is: 

Computer Misuse Act 1990 – “An act to make provision for securing computer material against unauthorised access or modification; and for connected purposes”.

This relates to Tesco because, on their websites they’d need to have everything functioning because they need people which aren’t there to be able to see what products they have and what they would want to buy. Also they’d need to be wary if someone isn’t hacking into the system them getting free products.

Freedom of information Act 2000 – “An act to make provision for the disclosure of information help by public authorities or by persons providing services for the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Public Records Act 1958; and for connected purposes”.

This relates to Tesco because if there someone which is looking to or has already stolen from Tesco, and the police want to find them, then Tesco would have to give out the information which they have of him. For example, there was an incident where a man tweeted that he’d steal a chicken from Tesco. Then Tesco tweeted him back saying “Thank you for that, police are tracking down your location.” Similar incident which 5 boys from a secondary school stole, £25 worth of chicken, later on they were caught by the police. Since they have CCTV and they recognised which secondary school they went to, and the police later tracked them down. 

Data protection Act 1998 – “An Act to make new provision for the regulation of the processing of information relating to individuals, including the obtaining, holding, use or disclosure of such information”.

This relates to Tesco, because when someone buys or orders. For certain products they’d have to write down their personal information. So it’s up to Tesco to keep that confidential, because this shows the customer’s address, email phone number etc.

I will also be talking about the ethical issues such as:

Emails are always formal in Tesco, since they would email someone who they’d want to promote, or to receive different shifts. So they wouldn’t have an “X” in their e-mails, or they wouldn’t write informal emails to each other.

Whistleblowing is basically stopping what the business is up to, by announcing the info publicly. So for example Tesco could be selling horse meat instead of beef, then a whistle-blower would come and say that look, Tesco is selling horse meat.


Internet would be related to Tesco because they wouldn’t want their staff to be playing games on their computers instead of answering calls for customer service. Also they wouldn’t want their customers to be watching in appropriate things whilst they should be working.

Organisational policies

Organisation policies is basically what the company has as their own set of rules and regulations. In Tesco’s it would be having their uniform so that the customers could tell the difference between the staff and the customers. Or the managers and security would have a specific code, e.g. dress appropriately.

Health and safety issues

Is very important in Tesco especially in the stores, because there are a lot of customers and they could make a mess in an aisle. For example if they spill a drink or a bottle of wine, then they’d the staff to be able to clean that mess up so that no one else get hurt. Also they wouldn’t want their staff to get hurt, either on an aisle or in the backroom. Also they’d need to do fire drills so that everybody knows where to go and they’d be able to help out the customers in guiding them to go to the right place. Also they’d need fire exists in each floor which is mandatory for a big organisation like Tesco to have fire exists to help their customers as well as their staff.

P6 - I am going to explain the operational issues in relation to the use of business information.

Two main issues are: 

The way which the organisation receives their information

When customer orders a product online they give their Information about their telephone, address, email etc. Or if they wish to have a cab that would take them to their houses, they’d have to write down their information. 

The correct members of staff would receive the information

So the information wouldn’t go the on-store workers, which are stacking shelves. However it would go the head of office, which would then investigate what products which they’ve mostly been buying. So then they can give their customers good offers and deals which would interest them.

Security information

Security information is the policy which Tesco use due to the data protection act. Which is that the customer or an employee, since the customer trusts Tesco to keep their personal information safe, without a third party getting involved, they only share between Tesco. However they do give some information, but not personal information.

Back ups

Tesco would back up the files of their customers by backing up their data on a major machine which they’d would use to not get any viruses. So that they can save their personal information securely without anyone accessing their work.

Business continuance plans

Tesco wish to expand all the way to China, according to the guardian. They wish to have a store which covers 75,000 square meters, with four floors having a cinema and restaurant. They say that it has cost Tesco £2bn to build. They would need extra staff since they need to have enough to occupy 4 floors. With also updated computer systems so that they can have their store running efficiently with so many people looking to come and buy from the store, they need to make sure the store is running as efficiently as it should. The change in the technology has changed, especially in Tesco’s case. For example they you have a system which would tell them that this certain product when they scan it, is about to be out of stock. So they computer would read that and send that information to their warehouse, which they would make sure that in the next truck load they would have that product there so that they could re-stock.

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By Sharmarke Ahmed

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