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5 Errors to Avoid While Filling Out Your Permanent Residence Application in Canada Canada is one country where there is an abundance of opportunities for everyone who wishes to achieve their dream career. The country is known for its picturesque scenic beauty, magnificent mountains, frozen glaciers, cheerful people and lucrative careers. Even the laws governing citizenship and immigration in Canada are not very strict, however, applying for citizenship in Canada must be treated as a privilege and not as something that is your right. Often applicants take the application process to be a mere formality and make some mistakes when filling out the application form. The family lawyer in Calgary or any other areas can help you avoid making such mistakes and make the immigration process smooth. This blog post discusses four such scenarios, wherein applicants commit errors and jeopardize their chances of attaining citizenship in Canada.

1. Lying while filing your permanent residence application Lying or providing false information might help you get your way through some scenarios, but doing so when filling out your application form for seeking permanent residence in Canada, could have negative consequences. Authorities have a strict zero-tolerance policy against such instances wherein applicants provide false information regarding the disclosure of their marriage or birth of a child. If found guilty of such misinformation, your application might be rejected. You may also lose your permanent residence permit if you are acting as a sponsor for your spouse or child. Always stick to facts that you could supplement with adequate documentation, and your application would sail through the entire approval process.

2. Applying for citizenship before satisfying the eligibility criteria You can apply for permanent citizenship only when you have completed at least three years of residency in Canada. Additionally, these years of residency must be within four years preceding the date of your application date, and you be physically present for 1,095 days or more in Canada, within the tenure of those four years. However, several applicants apply for permanent residency, before satisfying the eligibility criteria, and approach family lawyers in Calgary, Vancouver, and Ontario, citing dissatisfaction over receiving the residency questionnaire. Canada offers a transparent and quick procedure for applicants for citizenship, but for only those who are patient.

3. Considering that Immigration is a Right When it comes to welcoming immigrants with open arms, Canada supersedes its much-hyped neighbor, the US and most Western European countries. Along with flexible immigration laws, Canada also has multiple categories under the citizenship application category that assist you in qualifying without much difficulty. However, applicants fail to realize that immigration to Canada is not a right, but a privilege that must be treated with utmost respect and not contempt or attitude. Applicants need to patiently answer all questions put up by the immigration authorities seeking clarification and not questioning in case their application is rejected.

4. Citing only one source as the research base for the citizenship application Researching about the adoptive country is one thing that all prospective immigrants religiously pursue, prior to filling up the application for permanent residence. It is always beneficial to refer to multiple sources over the Internet such as government websites and if possible, visit the respective consulate of the adoptive country such as Canada, present in your country. Additionally, do not be easily swayed by information that you get. Often, these facts are statistical and do not the correct picture entirely.

Bottom line Filling out the permanent residency application in Canada is not an easy task, yet you do not have to make it all very complex and unnecessarily difficult by committing mistakes that you could avoid. Immigrating to Canada is fairly simple and beneficial when you compare to the process prevalent in other Western countries, and all it takes for your application to be successful is little patience and honesty about your bearing. If you are facing any difficulty in filling up the application form, it is beneficial to consult an Immigration Lawyer who is adept in handling all matters pertaining to citizenship and immigration in Canada. Source :

5 Errors to Avoid While Filling Out Your Permanent Residence Application in Canada  

Filling out the permanent residency application in Canada is not an easy task, yet you do not have to make it all very complex and unnecessa...

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