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Landscape : The most common type of landscape photography is to capture a personal observation or experience while in the outdoors. This image was taken by a DSLR camera which uses a wide angle lens to capture the scenery in the background.

Action : An action shot is an image capturing a person/people in action and displaying it in a single image. This image was taken using a phone camera, by using the portrait mode, which blurs out the background to focus on the subject more. Close up: A closeup shot is an image taken where part of the subject takes up most of the frame for the purpose of showing detail. This image was taken using a DSLR camera with auto focus on, by targeting the first few letters, it automatically blurs out the background.

Two different pictures were merged into one by setting up different layers of image as if there’s anymistake it can be easily change by going to the the specific layers, and also as different pictures have different colours, gradients map was used to balance out all the colours to portray modernisation in people in the 21st century

A simple portrait image of a young boy was edited and placed on top of a graveyard image to create a zombie portrait for an upcoming movie called ‘Zombieland’. The final image was created by placing an image of a boy on a picture which automatically creates layer and different images were also used to show the scars on the zombie’s face.

Close up: A closeup shot is an image taken where part of the subject takes up most of the frame for the purpose of showing detail. This image was taken by a DSLR, which focuses on the subject very clearly because the point of a clsoeup shot is to pay attention to most details.

This poster was created to promote the release of the upcoming new shoe of Adidas Yeezy 350, which can be ordered by referrinng to the information provided in the poster.

Magazine Cover Inspiration

Magazine Cover Product

A magazine cover was created for the beauty company, “Girls”, by following the inspiration of the “Allure’” magazine to provide the simplest and the cleanest magazine cover.

Editor's Blurb Sharlene Lo is Malaysian born social campaigner and fund raiser currently based in Western Australia whilst undertaking her tertiary studies at Murdoch University. Having completed the MASS CPR Awareness and Training Program in Malaysia, Sharlene is a Qualified First Aid Officer. Whilst completing secondary education at Lodge International School, Sharlene was actively involved in the community and raised funds from the local community and donating food supplies to the Salvation Army in 2014. As a fund-raising coordinator, Sharlene organised 2 fundraising events in 2016 and 2017. One of which was a campaign aimed at spreading The Go-Go-Green Society’s mission to reduce the quantity of the use of plastic shopping bags in East Malaysia. In early 2013, Sharlene participated in Go Bald 5.0 and raised over $10,000. 00 in donations to assist the cancer-stricken children to reduce the burden of medical costs. She was recognised in the media for raising the second highest sum in the state in a single event. From 2014-2016, Sharlene served as an Assistant Advisor to the board chairman and founder of International Magis Society Murdoch College & Recycle City, a joint sustainability initiative with Lodge National Secondary School. Before relocating to Perth to further her studies, Sharlene worked remotely as a consultant at a business consulting firm GLP & Co headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. In October 2018, Sharlene was signed onto a mother modelling agency (Country Girl Management) which led her to participate in CGM’s Preliminary Finals in Perth and she was also selected in the Top 50 to proceed to the National Finals in the following year. Most recently, Sharlene has formed a club called “The Dealmakers Club” alongside her brother. The Dealmakers Club is a privately held global digital agency with representatives from different parts of the world connecting exciting businesses to game changing stakeholders from their private and exclusive network of ultra-high net worth individuals, political parties, industry leaders and government contacts in Asia-Pacific region.

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