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What To Consider When Looking For Horses For Sale UK When you are looking for horses for sale UK classified sites can be a good place to start. Adverts on these websites often include details such as breed, sex, height, colour and usually price. You should gain more information about any horse for sale by asking questions prior to arranging a visit. It is a good idea to discover whether the horse is up to date with his vaccinations and worming. A history of injuries and illness should be requested. Enquiring the last time the horse was seen by a vet, dentist and farrier will provide insight into how the horse has been treated. Gaining an idea of the horse's temperament will show whether he is a good fit. He may become excitable under certain circumstances which could make him unsuitable. His daily routine will be important in helping him settle into his new home, so it is a good idea to be aware of it. Horses are sold both trained and untrained. An untrained horse is only suitable for an experienced rider who has experience schooling horses. An untrained horse with an inexperienced rider can be dangerous and schooling can take months to complete. Older horses are generally looked over, however they are often experienced and stable rides. They are a good choice for young or new riders. Riding horses are generally well trained for inexperienced riders. A trial period is often a good idea when buying a new horse. This enables the rider to test the horse and discover whether he is a good match. Most private sellers are happy to allow a trial period to ensure their horse finds a good home. Larger dealers may even help to find a new horse if one does not work out. There are a lot of factors to consider and so it is always a good idea to conduct plenty of research when you are looking for horses for sale.



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