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Types of Commercial Trucks

Truck Tractor Commercial trucks come in all shapes and sizes, they’re used by a wide variety of industries to transport materials and goods.

A common commercial truck is a truck tractor. It’s a powerful vehicle used for towing trailers and machinery.

This is probably one the most common types of vehicles for truck driving jobs because it can transport many different types of materials.

Flatbed Truck Similar to the truck tractor is the flatbed truck.

Unlike the truck tractor, the bed is attached and it doesn’t have a top or sides.

These are the trucks you often see hauling lumber, but they can also be used for carrying pallets and various types of piping among other types of freight.

Tow Truck A different type of commercial truck is a tow truck.

You might be familiar with these if you’ve ever had car trouble and needed to be towed home.

Some tow trucks are even large enough to tow truck tractors and flatbed trucks.

Tank Truck Tank trucks can be used to haul anything liquid. It’s used by industries such as: • Gas and Oil • Food and Beverage • Chemical They can also be used to clean septic tanks and haul concrete as well.

Tank trucks come in a variety of sizes and can be fairly small or carry up to three trailers.

Box or Straight Truck Box and straight trucks are similar and the titles can usually be used interchangeably.

Like a flatbed truck, the trailer is attached to the truck and it’s usually enclosed on all sides.

Truck driving jobs also predominantly feature these types of trucks because they can carry a wide range of freight.

Motor Truck Technically, all of these trucks are considered motor trucks.

A motor truck is the term that describes commercial trucks that are used to carry and haul every type of freight imaginable.

Even personal trucks can be considered motor trucks if they’re used by a business for transporting goods and materials.

What Type of Truck Do You Need? If you’re looking for a truck driving job, it’s important to be able to drive at least a few of these trucks. Most trucking companies need drivers that know how to drive box and straight trucks as well as flatbed and truck tractors. However, the other types of commercial trucks are also useful to know how to drive. The question is “which truck is right for you?”

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Are you looking to start a career as a truck driver? Check out these commonly used commercial trucks and see which is the right one for you.

Types of Commercial Trucks Are you looking to start a career as a truck driver? Check out these commonly used commercial trucks and see which...

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