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Living and Working Together On the Road

What Is Team Driving? Team driving is just what it sounds like. It’s when truck drivers team up together and drive as a team.

This has multiple benefits for both drivers in the team and it’s a safer way to drive long distances. Check out how you can start team driving today.

Increased Salary Truck driving jobs can be difficult to do alone, and many people team up to make the job easier and to make more money.

The simple reason why team driving is so lucrative is because when there are two people driving, you’re able to drive longer distances, which means a larger paycheck. Some drivers have reported a 1020% pay increase when they started driving with a partner.

Husband and Wife Teams A good way to make even more money is by partnering up with your spouse.

It’s not uncommon for teams to bring in an annual salary of 90-100k a year with team driving.

Lot’s of couples take truck driving jobs after their children leave home or to supplement their retirement income.

Finding the Right Partner If driving with your spouse isn't an option, then you need to find someone else. You can’t just drive with anyone though, you need to find someone you can work with for hours at a time. This might be another family member or even your best friend. It’s important that you don’t choose someone you just met. The best choice is someone you’ve known and trusted for many years.

Why Team Trucking Is In Such High Demand? Team trucking is in high demand these days because it allows truck drivers to: • Drive longer distances faster

• Drive more safely • Drive for a larger number of years without getting burnt out

Paid Per Mile The main reason why team driving is so lucrative is because truck drivers are paid by the mile.

When you have a partner to help you drive, you don’t have to pull over and sleep. You can sleep and let your partner drive. This can double your miles every week. The average wage for truck drivers is 40-45 cents a mile. That’s about 60k a year, and when you team up with your spouse, you can rake in 120k before taxes.

Truck Driving Regulations Driving regulations state that drivers are only allowed to drive for 11 hours at a time with a mandatory rest period of 10 hours.

With team driving, you can rest while your partner drives, ensuring that you don’t lose out on hours.

To drive legally, both you and your partner need to be over 21 and have a CDL license.

Check Out Your Options Today

If you’re thinking about starting a truck driving career, or broadening your career with team driving, check out your options with Shark Trucking today!


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Living and Working Together on the Road Thinking about starting a career as a truck driver or adding a partner to team drive? Check out your options at Sh...

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