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Choosing the Right Truck Driving School

So You Want to be A Truck Driver There is a high demand for experienced and trained drivers for truck driving jobs throughout the country.

However, before you start training, there are some things you need to know about selecting the right truck driving schools.

Check out these tips for choosing the right school and learn why choosing the best schools can increase your chances of finding work.

Private vs. Company Sponsored There are two different types of truck driving schools you can choose from: private, or company sponsored.

Company sponsored schools often require little to no money upfront and tuition payments can sometimes be taken directly out of your check once you’re hired.

Private schools often require tuition up front, but can still provide high quality training and can help with job placement.

What You Need to Know Before Applying Before applying to a school in order to get a truck driving job, make sure you check out a few different schools and see what they have to offer.

Ask about tuition, driving time, and what job opportunities the training will enable you to apply for.

An important question to ask is “how much driving time will I actually have?�

What Separates Good Schools From the Mediocre Good schools will typically offer three things: • Job Placement • Quality Instructors • Quality Training

You can know a school offers these things by visiting them and asking questions.

What Separates Good Schools From the Mediocre Cont’d Quality schools should have several different driving yards, but also have enough instructors to properly monitor all of them.

Don’t assume a school will automatically help with job placement. Ask what services they have and what options are available after graduation.

Lastly, a quality school will have instructors who are knowledgeable about the industry and provide superior information and employ effective teaching strategies.

How Is a Recruiter Useful to You? Recruiters are people who try to get you to join their schools. They can be useful, but they’re also salespeople.

If you ask the right questions, a recruiter can help you figure out if a school is right for you.

If they don’t answer your prepared questions or don’t seem to know much about the school or how it operates, they’re probably just looking to make a commission.

Good Luck!

There are a lot of truck driving schools out there, so choose wisely, and above all, good luck on your new career!

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Presentation Summary Do you want to find a truck driving school to begin a new career? Before you start, check out some ways to choose the right trucking school that will make you a highly qualified driver.

Choosing the Right Truck Driving School Do you want to find a truck driving school to begin a new career? Before you start, check out some ways to choose...