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THE CHALLENGE To give Dr Marten’s main display window at the official opening of their new flagship store on Oxford Street greater ‘kerb appeal’ to grab shopper attention.



We are a results driven marketing services group with a unique blend of creative, production and business talent. We help more companies stand out in their markets and increase market share by out-thinking and out-selling their competitors. We love nothing more than helping businesses overcome their marketing challenges through creative thinking.

Using the campaign headline ‘Breaking with tradition’ as inspiration create a sense of depth in the window (despite limited display space) by breaking the campaign image down in to several pieces that would only align and come in to perspective to reveal the full image when the viewer is stood directly in front of the hanging graphic.

















WHAT CLIENTS SAY “Just seen the wraparound stand and wanted to say thanks for such a great job and turning it around so quickly.” Kim Golding, John Lewis


A unique and engaging window display that captivated shoppers (passers-by were so intrigued that they stopped to take pictures whilst our installation team were still fitting the window)!



The UK division of this long established global specialist vehicle supplier was concerned that its ‘sales message was no longer getting through’. Relatively new entrants were beginning to ‘out-market’ Terberg in some key areas.

Honda wanted to re-think how their dealer point of sale literature was delivered to their UK network of over 500 franchises. Durable and adaptable, the delivery mechanism needed to work across four market categories and hold a range of printed elements.

THE THINKING Following an invitation to attend a Terberg sales meeting it was evident that the company would benefit from a clearer sales and marketing strategy together with an overhaul of their marketing collateral.

THE THINKING We created a bespoke printed outer box, specific to the dealer type. Bespoke internal filler boxes were created so that each piece of POS had its own compartment as each dealer type received different promotional items.

THE RESULT Happy dealers with eye catching and engaging POS materials. A happy client with a highly visible product offering across all the franchise dealers.

THE RESULT We developed a USP on which to focus all future sales and marketing activities. When completed, we hosted a three day event for their Sales and Technical Teams to introduce this new strategy and help sharpen their Sales and Presentation skills. In the last two years Terberg DTS has protected and consolidated its core business and gone on to establish a new Fire & Rescue Division in which it is now a major force, in a new market, against more established suppliers.



To design and manufacture in-store point of sale material to support Johnstone’s Paint 125th birthday celebrations and to promote their special edition anniversary range in stockists.

To tell ‘The Rolex Way’ story in an engaging manner across a number of exclusive consumer publications including Harrods Magazine.

THE THINKING Grab shopper attention at fixture by creating a clearly defined Johnstone’s 125 Year celebration ‘feature’ with supporting activity away from fixture at key selling locations.

THE THINKING Using a combination of beautiful paper stock to reflect Rolex’s superior quality and an interesting folding configuration to capture reader attention and reveal the story step by step. Our bound insert would also help make each publication a more interesting place for the reader to be.

THE RESULT Improved shelf presence with header boards, aisle fins, shelf talkers and wobblers creating real stand-out and eye-catching pallet wraps located near store entrances providing instant awareness. Store specific point of sale kits were printed and distributed to over 500 stockists.

THE RESULT An exclusive Rolex ‘feature’ that looked and felt different to the rest of the publication. By introducing a heavier weight paper stock the Rolex feature also acted as a ‘bookmark’ with the publication naturally opening at that position.



This family business founded in 1902 needed a more coherent approach to its disparate sales and marketing activity in order to retain the support of their exclusive jewellery brands and to increase footfall in their shops.

To help New Ivory secure a product listing for its new range of marinades and rubs in Sainsbury’s and creating a distinctive new look at their meat and fish counter.


THE THINKING Referencing Sainsbury’s current in-store colour wheel selector for sauces we created a range of Point of Sale graphics to help highlight the marinades at fixture and improve the overall shopper experience.

After reviewing their current activities it became clear that they would benefit from a brand overhaul. We developed a USP that shaped their sales and marketing strategy. This led to more unified creative work and the introduction of a CRM programme to support the “Your jeweller for life” USP and to capitalise on the Tour de France visit to Yorkshire.

We even extended this creative treatment to aprons for use by the meat and fish counter staff.

THE RESULT THE RESULT With a limited budget we implemented a targeted digital and print based CRM programme that re-connected with existing customers and encouraged new ones to visit the stores. The Lister Horsfall Ilkley Cycle Races were also a great success that resulted in increased awareness and shop sales.

A product placing for New Ivory marinade with supporting Point of Sale.



To design inspirational trend guides for Wilko merchandise buyers.

Karndean required precise colour matching of their flooring products from high quality digital photography. To date they had not found a print supplier who could repeatedly achieve this on various substrates.



We blended evocative imagery and material swatches with forecasted colour palettes to provide a clear insight of forthcoming trends and themes.

We created a bespoke set of production press-rips and colour swatches. Once these were approved by the client they became the Karndean control standard.

We ensured each annual guide looked and felt different through careful selection of material and construction methods.

THE RESULT A happy and stress free client. Quick approvals from our bespoke settings provided the client with accurate, repeatable panels with lead Withproduction KarndeanofLooseLay youshort get all thetimes. Art Select design and performance details you expect from Karndean. Featuring an award-winning friction grip backing, Karndean LooseLay secures firmly to most hard floors. Acoustic qualities Compatible with underfloor heating Low maintenance


Quick and easy to install

Imaginative presentation of insights and forthcoming trends that guided the buying teams in merchandise selections.

Comfortable underfoot


Karndean LooseLay

KD1605UK LooseLay POS Graphic_Header5.indd 2

28827_P1_KD1605UK_Header_39L 1302.00mm x 510.00mm 17-Feb-15 C M Y K 187


THE CHALLENGE C&E Logotype + London

To provide mailing format suggestions to beat the current control pack. The new format had to provide more selling space yet remain within budget. It also had to comply with strict insert specifications.

C&E wanted to create a ‘rustic’ glorifier unit for their window displays. The unit needed to be sturdy enough to display products yet cost effective enough to manufacture and supply to stores nationwide. PANTONE 281C



To create an eye-catching and engaging format to intrigue and excite the consumer. We used a ‘stepped edge index’ to identify the important information.

Material choice was key to the brief. We evaluated a selection of corrugated materials for the base unit. These would provide both the strength to display the fragrance product and would deliver the neat cut edges required by the client.

The easy to reply mechanism was designed to meet royal mail response specification.

okeshire Castle in Pembr

THE RESULT A happy client. The units proved so effective that they were retained in store for further campaigns.

“We have to keep explaining to people that HPB isn’t Timeshare – we can THE RESULT holiday when and where we want and the investment can be passed on to our The format increased response by 64% over the control pack and children and grandchildren.” is now regarded as the new control pack. In the process we also to lower print costs by 7%. Keithmanaged & Jennifer McCartney Bondholders since 2001

A unique British product

Inheritance sense wit

s HPB’s St Bride

We chose foam PVC for the lollipop graphics and added cut-outs in the base so they were self-supporting. Detailed consideration was also given to the transport packaging to ensure they arrived at stores both safely and in a way that staff could assemble the unit easily.


THE CHALLENGE Virgin Media required a removable and engaging Sporting Calendar for their monthly magazine.

To design a B2B presentation box that could safely contain and transport three multi-tool products within their original packaging.



We developed a bound insert with an engaging pull out tab that revealed the internal pages. The addition of our unique ‘i-bind’ attachment meant that the calendar could also be easily removed from the magazine by readers.

A box constructed out of EB flute with a black foam infill. The infill was to be recessed to take the multi tools and USB stick. We then added a die cut PVC foam cover sheet to contain the A4 brochure. A hinged lid completed the construction.

THE RESULT A client who was very happy with both the execution and quality of the product.

THE RESULT A bespoke packaging idea that the client loved and asked us to roll out into production.

THE CHALLENGE Staged over a five week period and across four countries the Rugby Football League needed a supplier capable of printing, distributing and installing all stadium branding for their prestigious World Cup tournament.

THE THINKING A member of our design team worked from the RFL’s media centre producing stadium specific branding to create the ‘look and feel’ inside and out world famous sporting arenas including The Millenium Stadium and Old Trafford.

CONTACT US www.wlgroup.co.uk hello@wlgroup.co.uk 01422 315000

THE RESULT 21 venues, 14 training grounds, 28 games, 5000 pieces of branding, 1 printer. An extensive and diverse range of stadium specific branding kits including pitch side advertising boards, directional signage, pull-up banners, official team vehicle graphics and media flash boards were created, digitally printed, distributed and installed in what was widely regarded as the most successful World Cup ever.