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Johannes Bernadus ter Berg

In 1869, 140 years ago, Johannes Terberg started a village blacksmiths in Benschop. Farmers from all around the region came to him for there ironwork and for there horses to be shoed. After his death in 1913 his son, Willem George Terberg continued with the business. It continued to grow and expanded into a shop with ironmongery and agricultural equipment. In 2009, the Terberg Group has become a group of 19 subsidiary companies in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Dubai and France, with a joint venture business operating in Malaysia. The Terberg companies employee over 1000 people around the world, with our vehicle related products being exported to over eighty countries around the world. 2008 saw a turnover in excess of â‚Ź500 million.

This performance did not come on its own. Without the dedication of our staff both past and present the Terberg Group would not be as they are today, and for that we remain eternally grateful. Our growth is only possible when a company focuses on the customer, is willing to provide a service and listens and looks to see what is happening in the market. Reacting quickly and appropriately and anticipating demand by supplying top quality products and services. Developing new activities where necessary. These typical Terberg traits have formed the basis of our business approach since the beginning back in 1869 in our Smithy. During the 140 years the profile of the company has changed slowly but surely, after the smithy era and whole new era begun after 1945. The brothers and sisters took advantage of the reconstruction of the Dutch economy.

Hand written receipts by Hannes Terberg

The first Terberg truck with the Volvo semi-front cab, type SF1350 - 6X6

They started converting ex army jeeps and later modified army trucks which were left behind by the Allied forces. This laid the basis for the current companies. In the 1970s two current cornerstones were started, the development and production of Terminal and RoRo tractors and the leasing of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The basis of our third cornerstone was laid in the 1990s: the environmental sector. Further Globalisation takes place in the remainder of the century, we decide to withdraw from the car sales sectors and concentrate on one hand, on the technical sector based on our know-how, engineering, product development and modification whilst on the other hand the leasing sector.

On behalf of the Group we would like to ask you to join in our celebration of 140 years and thank you for your continued relationship with the Terberg Group of Companies. WG Terberg Executive Board Chairman of Terberg Group BV To celebrate 140 years Terberg has produced a chronicle covering its history, a copy can be obtained free of charge by contacting our sales office

Our drive for the future is based on delivering top quality products and services to our global customer base, that improvements are always possible and that we must be receptive to change. Our added value distinguishes us from the competition and guarantees long term continuity.

The first Terberg 4X2 terminal tractor

A & D Logistics BBC News is following a container around the world for a year, to tell stories of globalisation and the world economy. A&D Logistics used a YT180, newly purchased from Terberg, to move a consignment of Scotch whisky bound for China and then transported it to Greenock near Glasgow in the BBC Box. Alan Bolsworth, Director of A&D Logistics said he was thrilled to be asked to do the job by NYK and not only did Alan get spotted by a BBC viewer but a film was taken of the whole experience. The box has now arrived home in the UK after its global trip, learn how goods move by following the BBC weblink below:


AG Barr - Shunter or Road Tractor? AG Barr – the makers of Irn Bru and other market leading drinks, recently faced a dilemma, which is not uncommon; shunter or old road tractor? It is fair to say that AG Barr is an established company dating back to 1875, which has seen many aspects of their business evolve over the years but the move to a purpose built shunter, was not an easy one. Robert Davidson, Transport Manager at AG Barr told us “Having invested heavily in recent years in a new warehouse complete with some of the largest operator-less stacking cranes in the UK, we still found the thought of moving to a purpose built shunter a difficult one. That was until we took delivery of the Terberg YT182 on trial in January! The benefits where immediately obvious; speed, efficiency, driver safety, comfort and most surprisingly, we could easily see the overall cost benefit. The difference between the road unit and the Terberg is the difference between a typewriter and a computer – you can type on both, but one is a hell of a lot easier and more flexible”! AG Barr were so delighted with the YT182 on trial, they purchased it! Pictured left to right: Craig Tollan (Terberg Engineer), Robert Davidson (AG Barr Transport Manager), Jim Rae (AG Barr Driver).




New facilities including new paint shop The opening of Terberg DTS’s new facility at Lowfields Way, Elland has greatly enhanced the businesses ability to undertake various work for its customers as well as maintaining its own extensive fleet of vehicles. The new 32,000 square foot facility has been built to cope with the demands of the specialist vehicle work that Terberg DTS undertake and with this in mind a number of special features have been put in place. The new laser skimmed floor has a capability of handling heavy vehicles in excess of 70 tons; these vehicles, such as, the SCHOPF F396 for which Terberg DTS support over 32 units for the Ministry of Defence have integral jacking equipment. This imposes huge point loadings on the floor surface and as such the building and yard have been designed to safely handle this type of equipment. A specially reinforced pit has also been provided to handle these large aircraft tractors.

A new 18 metre, state of the art, Junair split booth paint facility has been installed for handling all types of equipment providing the highest quality of paint finish for customer’s equipment. As well as the paint shop we have also installed a computerised paint mixing facility allowing exact customer requirements to be delivered inhouse. This is further backed up by our in-house graphics department who apply all necessary livery to suit customer’s requirements. It is not only the workshop and stores that have been built to suit the future business requirements. The offices are now fully air-conditioned with new telephone and computers systems installed to enhance the level of comfort and service being provided to our staff and it is hoped that this new environment will further ensure the staff’s commitment to the business. Log onto our website at to see more images of our new home. Unlike most companies in the current climate Terberg are committed to investing for the future.

Europa I visited Stuart Kirk (Logistics/Transport Manager) at Europa Worldwide in Erith Kent, who has recently taken delivery of a new YT182. On my arrival, I found the driver washing the unit, which apparently he does every other day! Without prompting, Stuart explained to me that he has been in transport/logistics for over 25 years and regularly buys road tractor and trailer units from Volvo and MAN. Considering his backdrop, he stated that Terberg DTS is the most professional company he has ever dealt with. He particularly praised Nicola and Dan in our Service Department for their helpful manner. We all hear when a customer shouts‌ so it’s great hear when one praises.


Terberg’s Solution to the Recession Refurbished Tractors - Having recently moved into a purpose built facility, we are able to offer repairs and refurbishments to suit all purposes. From a full service and inspection, to new engines and repaints, Terberg can prolong the Used Tractors - From 2009 we are actively working life of your tractor and even supply a replacement in the used equipment market, with units priced unit while repairs are underway. from under £4,000. Whatever your budget, For more information please call Andrew Terberg DTS can offer a solution. Remember, with the proven reliability of the Terberg product, Partridge on: 07979 528228 there is minimal risk with a pre-owned tractor. The ‘credit crunch’ and the recession have had an impact on us all and due to the lack of available credit, Terberg DTS now offers a solution to it’s customers :




Ford Motor Company, Dagenham Ford Motor Company, has long been a loyal supporter of Terberg RoRo Tractor. Last year saw complete replacement of their fleet used for stevedoring, on the jetty in Dagenham, handling drop trailers loaded with spare parts (incoming) and engines (outgoing). Ford turn around 3 vessels per day from their Vlissingen route, new vehicles and components are loaded each way. The existing fleet of 6 RT22’s and 4 newer model RT222’s, were replaced with 9 RT222’s. Ford employees involved in the procurement and operation of the tractors, were welcomed in Benschop at the Terberg factory to visit the site and see their new units leaving the PDI facility. Steve Applebe, Operations Manager, Ford Motor Company, travelled with 4 colleagues to Holland and was delighted to accept delivery of the long anticipated tractors. Since going into operation, Ford has seen a reduction in the number of sailing but has no plans to reduce their tractor fleet size. We are delighted to hear positive comments about our tractors and Ford are convinced they made the right choice once again!



P+O Irish Ferries P+O Irish Ferries have taken delivery of a fleet of Terberg TT222 two wheel drive RoRo tractors for their Larne, Fleetwood and Dublin operations. Unlike many operators, P+O chose to use two wheel drive tractors units, complete with the normal drive line, namely Mercedes engine and ZF transmission, with 4x4 units operational in only a couple of locations. Terberg have enjoyed the working relationship shared with P+O and take this opportunity to thank them for them for their continued support and look forward to working together in the future.

Terberg raises its profile with Hu During the early part of 2008 Terberg won a series of orders to provide a significant number of units to the three of Hutchison’s UK based companies, namely, Port of Felixstowe (PFL), London Thamesport and Harwich International Port (HIP). The Terberg group has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with all three operations for many years and we are delighted to have won further orders for both the RT and YT products.

London Thamesport has taken delivery of an additional fleet of Terberg YT222 terminal tractors. The YT222 tractors are supplied with Mercedes engines and Allison transmissions. This particular drive-line was chosen by Thamesport as it combines the required power output along with fuel efficiency, low noise levels and ease of service. The driver’s environment has benefited from Terberg’s continued development and experience from users over the years. The cabin that first came to the market in 2005 is extremely spacious and ergonomically designed, facilitating excellent visibility for all aspects of the operation, and a very comfortable driving position, with low noise levels a major consideration.

utchison Ports (UK) The Port of Felixstowe ordered a significant fleet of YT222 that will be delivered during 2009/10. Fundamentally the specifications between the two operations are the same with just a few minor differences to facilitate the operational requirements. The Port of Felixstowe has used the Terberg product over a number of years. Equipment at the port operates within an intense, high usage and demanding environment and favourable results are important. Behind every good product there has to be a service provider equal to the task. It is inevitable that from time to time problems occur and Terberg DTS (UK) Limited, supported by the Terberg Factory, meet challenges well and react both professionally and quickly.

In addition and in a combined order between PFL and HIP, a number of RT222 RoRo tractors have been delivered earlier this year to both operations. HIP first purchased the RT back in 2005, proving to be the right vehicle for the operation, PFL were soon to follow suit. The latest RT units supplied with the Mercedes and ZF drive line that provides both operations the power, manoeuvrability and efficiency they require. We take this opportunity to thank all 3 operations for their continued support and look forward to working with them in the coming years.


Main picture Vulcan aircraft at RAF Lyneham during the 2009 airshow season. Support van donated by Terberg DTS to the charity.

Terberg DTS UK continues its r forces throughout this busy tim

relationship with the UK armed me for Global operations. 20

Working closely with Defence equipment Services based at RAF Wyton, Terberg have now delivered on time 200 Schopf MATT tractors and 32 Schopf LATT tractors for use across all 3 armed forces. These tractors are already in some locations operating beyond there initial expectations due to the current demands being placed on the UK forces both in the UK and abroad. The tractors from a very early stage have been deployed into operation theatres and have returned excellent levels of availability exceeding that laid down in the contracts. Working closely with Defence Equipment Services the tractors are supported with an ongoing availability contract providing for service and parts support within very tight time frames over a ten year period. The contract which is worth around ÂŁ10 million will ensure the operational needs of the UK forces both in the UK and overseas. In addition to the tractor contracts, Terberg DTS have also been key in supporting the current RAF fleet of aircraft De Icer vehicles. Seven of these units have gone through a mid life refurbishment at Terbergs new facility in Elland whilst a number of other units have been modified in the field. This included engineers from Terberg visiting the Falkland Islands for a week. Terberg DTS remains on call 24hrs, 7 days per week in support of all UK force operations and is able to provide on site or telephone support when required. In addition Terberg DTS also supports equipment moved for short periods of time for exercises or Air shows such as the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford.



Signature Flight

Making the move towards a new purpose built shunter can often be a difficult decision

Signature Flight based at Luton Airport, UK, are part of the worldwide Signature Flight Group responsible for supporting and providing facilities for private aircraft operations.

The Widdowson Group began life in the early 1900’s as a haulage business but has grown into a major logistics warehousing transport and freight forwarding company. With this growth came the need for more and more trailer movements at their head office in Glenfield Leicester; the first decision was should a new shunter be purchased, the second decision, who’s to buy! These were the decisions that Widdowsons faced just over 14 months ago; Ian Purkiss (Garage Manager) invited the main manufacturers to trial their product on site; following which, a decision was taken based on driver reactions, noise levels and the perception of the garage on reliability and running costs; Widdowsons chose Terberg. Fourteen months later, Ian is very happy that he made the right choice both in terms of choosing a dedicated shunter and that he bought a Terberg.


Over the past two years Terberg DTS, in conjunction with SCHOPF, have provided two F110’s and two F59’s to handle Signature Flight’s high volume aircraft handling operations at Luton. Working closely with Terry Webb from Signature Flight, the units have been delivered on time for their operations and Terberg DTS have supported the customer, in assuring high availability for its operations.

Moscow Calling Sponsored by Terberg DTS (UK) Ltd, Hayley from our Sales Team, represented HUDDERSFIELD Ladies Rugby League in a dream tournament in Moscow in March. The squad, who are based at Slaithwaite Saracens, accepted an invitation to play in the club event, which is part of the European RL Development Scheme and Hayley and her team embarked on a number of fund-raising events to raise the ÂŁ6,000 to make the trip possible, from car washing to supermarket bag packing. The tournament was staged in the Olympic Stadium in Moscow and featured a number of professional clubs from across the continent, including Academia, Kazakhstan & Khimki. Pictured on the eve of making their exciting trip, are the team with Richard Woodings (Terberg Head of Sales) centre and Hayley to his left.

Tony Marshall Service Manager Terberg DTS UK are delighted to welcome on Board Tony Marshall as UK Service Manager, who has recently joined Terberg from Barlow World, bringing with him, 22 years experience in the materials handling industry. Tony started his working career as an apprentice mechanic, moving onto a breakdown engineer and MOT tester. He then joined Barlow Handling (now Barlow World) and following eight years working as a Field Service Engineer, progressed into management, firstly as Workshop Supervisor, then moving up to Contract Fleet Supervisor. Tony was promoted to Service Manager in 2005. Originally from Leeds, Tony moved to Halifax six years ago with his wife and two children, enjoys fishing, cycling and Rugby League and is a keen supporter of Leeds Rhinos.



On a recent visit to London Heathrow the opportunity was taken to photograph some SCHOPF equipment in operati Aviance was one of the largest providers of ground handling operations within the UK. Operating the largest fleet of SCHOP 20 seater passenger aircraft to the mammoth Airbus A380.

The SCHOPF product has provided high levels of availability for Aviance and in conjunction with Terberg DTS the SCHO

on at the Airport on behalf of the Aviance. PF push back tractors throughout the UK and Ireland handling all types of aircraft from small

OPF product is now the market leading aircraft handling tractor in the UK and Ireland.

Pictured left The Shopf F396P and the Airbus A380 of Singapore Airlines.


DFDS Nordic Terminal took delivery of a further fleet RT222, RT282 and RT382 units was part of a deal reache

The UK machines will increase the Immingham fleet, h goosenecks, trans-lifters and cassette work. Terberg ensure maximum availability.


of tractors at the end of 2009. The combined fleet of ed between Terberg Benschop and DFDS in Copenhagen.

handling a mixture of trailers including roll trailers with DTS (UK) Limited work closely with Immingham, to

Heysham Port In April this year, as part of a continuous replacement programme, Heysham Port Limited took delivery of a further three RT222 tractors, bringing the Terberg fleet up to 13 or 50% of all tractors employed at the port. Heysham is a busy drop trailer port, with services operating to Warrenpoint via Seatruck Ferries, Dublin and Belfast via Norfolk Line and to Douglas IOM via Steam Packet, all of which amount to almost 50 sailings per week. All of Heysham’s customers share the same preference for Terberg having seen each other benefit from their use. Workshop staff and drivers are equally complimentary and are looking forward to seeing the fleet grow, The latest batch of RT222’s have the “Low Rider Specification” allowing automatic trestle systems to be utilised, thus maximising the capacity of the vessels and the throughput of the port.



Teesport Having enjoyed a good working relationship with Terberg over the years, we are delighted to report that we have just taken delivery of a new fleet of units for our operation Teesport. For the first time, we have taken a number of YT222, to facilitate new operations for Tesco. The four RT222 machines are direct replacements for four RT20 machines, dating back to 1994. The machines still look the same but many improvements have been made over the years, using the latest technology to update major componentry, such as the suspension, engines and transmission. The driver safety and comfort is also much improved from the older machines, with easier access and egress and the flat surface on the rear of the table removing any slip and trip hazards.


The YT 222 Terminal Tractors are for a new operation on the dock, moving containers around in the LoLo compounds. These machines were bought taking Terbergs experience and past history of producing machines for this type of operation, along with Terbergs reliability. On first inspection, the machines appear to be of the highest quality and from past experience of working with Terberg, we are confident that the machines will go straight into service without any hiccups along the way. We do not envisage any problems, however, when problems do arrive, the product is supported extremely well by Terberg DTS (UK) Limited, who offer a full service provision and a team of highly trained technicians

Terberg wins Dubai Port At the end of last year, Terberg secured one of the biggest single orders is their history, being 80 Terberg YT222-4x2 terminal tractors for the Port of Jebel Ali, Dubai. The customer, Dubai Ports World (DPW), one of the largest port operators in the world with it’s headquarters in Dubai, operates almost 50 container ports world-wide. Some years ago, the DPW organisation took over parts of P&O. P&O is a loyal customer of Terberg, very well known with the high-quality Terberg product and their excellent service and support. For Jebel Ali port Dubai, the YT222-4x2 units are the first Terberg tractors which are purchased. In order to prove the good drive-comfort, maintenance friendliness, low noise level, quality and all other advantages of the machine, Terberg shipped a demo unit to DPW in order for them to test the unit in their specific environment and based on comments and remarks, both parties came to an agreement of signing a contract for 80 units.

The first 40 tractors have recently been delivered; the remaining 40 units will be delivered by Christmas 2009. First results are more then encouraging; the drivers are very pleased with the low noise level, which is considered as being the lowest in the market, the cabin space, the comfort and the low vibration level compared to their existing machines and the workshop is pleased with the excellent accessibility of the components. Terberg has always had a good foot-print in the middle-east, with considerable quantities in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and United Arab Emirates. Based on the increasing population of tractors in the region, Terberg has decided to open a regional office in order to increase sales and after sales support in the region. This youngest member of the Terberg Group, is called Terberg Middle East and is located in Dubai, since this is considered the centre of the modern middle-east, with excellent connections to many destinations. Terberg Middle East is able to supply spares and after-sales services to their exclusive distributors and customers in the region.


Two Mantsinen RCT90 machines delivered to Corus steel in Rotherham in 2008

Mantsinen in the UK As reported in January 2009, Terberg DTS (UK) Ltd now represents the interests of Mantsinen Oy in the UK and Ireland, following the Terberg decision to combine its UK activities in the tractor market. As a result of this, the Mantsinen dealership was also transferred across to Terberg DTS. The two machines were delivered to operate in a new scrap handling scheme, introduced by Corus. The units are of a portal design, that allows trains to pass under the main structure for easy unloading. In addition, the machines load scrap into large scrap baskets, that are transported to European Metals Recycling, was the first UK the melting shop by a high capacity Terberg RT based customer to order the Mantsinen product 382 4x4 internal movement tractor, attached to and in July 2004, took delivery of a RCT160, 170T basket trailers. Scrap is handled in two RHC140 and RHC60 for ship-loading operations. ways, one with the traditional SMAG orange peel Additional orders were soon to follow for Conexpo type grab and the other being with Magnets. NI (RHC100), the Bristol Port Company (2 off The 24/7 operation handles in excess of one million Tons of Scrap per year. RCT110), JST Scotland (MCT50) and most recently, two machines (RCT90) have been The machines feature a number of special delivered to Corus Steel, bringing the total options, including a radiation detection system, machines in the UK to 22 units, spread the length and breadth of the country, incorporating on board weighing facilities, visual cameras heavy industrial and general cargo applications. with monitors in the cabin and Corus on board computers, that communicate via wireless With cranes ageing back to the 60’s era, coupled networks with the central control tower, to with the constant pressure to turn vessels round ensure the smooth running of the operation. in less time, the UK port industry offers many opportunities. Although the concept of this product Terberg DTS (UK) Ltd will extend its service is still met with some resistance from operators, capabilities to accommodate the existing it is inevitable that the hydraulic boom will prevail Mantsinen product here in the UK and will provide the additional support and facilities, to ensure over the traditional rope type cranes. Offering higher operational cycle times, easier interchange that the customers remain confident to invest. of attachments, resistance to wind, operator visibility and reduced man power, more and more operators are considering their options. The UK market for the Mantsinen product, has proved to be an excellent learning ground for this relatively new generation of material handlers, providing opportunities for a number of models within the range, to a wide range of industries.

Recycling of materials is very high on the agenda and in addition to the ports industry, many in-land operations are facilitating new opportunities. As mentioned above, two machines have been delivered to Corus Steel (Formerly British Steel), located at the traditional steel City of Sheffield, in the north of England.



International Projects FM2850 Van de Boogaard, Beverwijk Terberg truck, type FM2850 – 10x4, with hydraulic loader crane, Fassi F1500XP ( Knuckle boom type ), capacity 150TM. ( Lifts approx. 50.000kg at 3M radius ). From cycle shop to crane rental. Car and recovery Company v/d Boogaard Ltd. is used to catching opportunities since 1923. Recently with a brand new fiveaxle Terberg FM2850T. It is the vehicle with the largest hydraulic crane on a truck for many miles around. The FM2850T can also be used as a tractor chassis.


Van den Boogaard has recently obtained a fiveaxle Terberg FM2850T with a 150 ton/meter crane. "We use it for everything that has to be moved high or far. With this Terberg we can take along a 20ft container, or transport the load on a trailer. We wanted to have a versatile vehicle.

For the heavy industries we place an 18 ton 20ft container 6 meters beside the truck. Thanks to the jib, an added hydraulic crane part, the Fassi can reach a horizontal distance of 36.7 meters and then still lift 350 kilograms. Mind you, the propped Terberg will then be ten meters wide.

Terberg has given us excellent support during the process of purchasing. We are proud of the result, which exactly meets our expectations. The truck can be converted into a tractor chassis within ten minutes. At the destination, we are able to put the container or the cargo down almost exactly anywhere the customer wants it,� summarizes Henk van den Boogaard Jr. (34) the possibilities of the Terberg FM2850T.

Impressive Director Henk van den Boogaard is impressed by the guiding of Terberg in the period before the purchase. "We have in our company, with 26 vehicles, a wide experience in purchasing, so I know what I am talking about. I appreciate the help especially because I do not reckon our company among the big customers of Terberg. We are rather loyal to certain brands.

The car and recovery company does not only work for steel companies and other heavy industry in the periphery. The administration of justice, the police and other public services also regularly invoke the skills of Van den Boogaard. "For instance with the disposal of a marihuana plantation, even if it is found in an apartment on the fifth floor.

All our cranes on trucks are from Fassi and Volvo is our favourite brand for the road trucks. Our previous ‘muscle car’, a 90 ton-meter crane was attached on the Swedish brand. We rather liked that one. For the first time we could place an empty 20 ft container 23 meters from the truck. But our customers wanted more. This time our wishes were so extreme that only Terberg could fulfill them in a prudential manner.

We can use our heavy equipment to hold a 20ft container to the balcony. This way we can remove the confiscated goods without inconvenience for the neighbours. Or, when the criminal investigation department needs a temporary consultation and working place on a crime scene, we bring a PD Unit that can serve as an office, reception area and security unit. To secure DNA material and other traces, investigators need the place to be secured from the outside world. With this new combination of car and crane, our potential is further extended. The crane is capable of putting down the 4500 kilos heavy PD Unit at a distance of 20 meters from the Terberg FM2850T.

The Terberg FM2850T with four driven axles has a GVW of 50 tons, among other things because the two front axles have a capacity of 10 tons. The chassis of the Terberg FM2850T is reinforced considerably, in order to be able to attach the crane with a weight of 15 tons and a required installation space of 295 cm. Yet the body is only 120 centimeters high. A low loading platform is important for a low center of gravity, a low fifth wheel height and sufficient load height. For the transport of a 20ft container the load deck can be extended with a separate unit. To illustrate the diverse possibilities of this special Terberg, it can also be coupled to a trailer. The light and air pipes are already integrated into the unit."


International Projects

Gottwald AK 850 Bremerhaven Terberg RoRo Tractor, type RT282 – 4x4 in operation at BLG – Bremerhaven – Germany. Tractor is equipped with a Safeneck. Tractor is pictured here, helping a Gottwald AK850 mobile crane to get on board of a RoRo-ship. The Gottwald AK850 has for a long time been the largest mobile crane operated in Germany. It was operated by Schmidbauer KG and has a lifting capacity of 850Te. The own weight of this crane, entering the ship, will be approx. 150Te. and is supported by 10 axles. The crane was sold to Australia and is seen here, leaving Germany with a little help from Terberg.

Ferro rent 010 Terberg truck, type FM2850T – 10x4 for transport of metal plates. Ferro rent is a company, established in 1978, which is specialized in the rental of steel and plastic plates, crane mats etc. The company is located in the north of The Netherlands near Groningen. The steel plates and crane mats are used to create temporary paving in building sites, to allow an easier access for vehicles which are not that well equipped to work in offroad circumstances. The truck is seen here plating a temporary road. The driver uses the loader crane on the back of the truck, to pick steel plates from the loading deck and lay them behind the truck. If 2 plates in the track are positioned, the truck reverses over these plates to lay next once. A special feature is that the driver can operate the truck, while sitting in his high position on the loader crane. From the loader crane, he is able to steer the truck, to engage the lowest gears forward and reverse and to operate service and parking brakes. This allows the driver to complete a steel plate track, without the need to return into the truck cabin.


PTP 1 Terberg YT220 – 4x2 Tractors in operation at PTP Malaysia PTP ( Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas Sdn Bhd.) is one of the biggest container ports of Malaysia, it is located not far from our Far East manufacturing facility where in conjunction with Tractor Malaysia our joint venture company supplies the region with YT product mainly supplied with Caterpillar power plant.

Meet the Sales Team Richard Woodings Head of Sales E T 07500 802649 UK & Ireland - All Products

Hayley Thompson Sales Administrator E - Sales Order Processing - Logistics & Shipping - Status of New Vehicles

Bob Holt Sales Manager South E T 07500 803403

Andrew Partridge Sales Manager North E T 07979 528228

Terberg DTS (UK) Ltd. Lowfields Way, Lowfields Business Park, Elland, Halifax, West Yorkshire HX5 9DA Phone 01422 - 257100 Fax 01422 - 257200

Terberg DTS News Magazine - Issue 4  

Terberg DTS, 140 year old celebration edition. Terberg specialise in Distribution tractors, RoRo tractors, shunters, and pushback tractors.

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