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November 2011

Academic Team outsmarts opposition

Meg Shelton, Anika Liger, and Victoria Sloan put their minds to the test and prepare for the Academic Team’s next competition. Staff photo by Jake Wentz

Chelsea Murray staff reporter class of 2013

The St. James Academic Team is a group of highly intelligent students who compete with other schools by using their brain power. The competitions could be described as a Jeopardy-like game. Students from St. James and the opposing school are asked a series of 22 questions on a wide range of subjects from history to video games. Each match consists of three rounds with two bonus rounds. On each team, only four players partici-

pate at a time. The speaker reads a question, and the player who knows the answer buzzes in using a handheld device. However, once that player has answered, no one else from his or her team may answer. Team members practice every Tuesday and Thursday as they prepare tirelessly for their competitions. They read, quiz one another, and hold practice matches among themselves. So far this year, the Academic Team has defeated Myrtle Beach, Carolina Forest, and also received a win during its bye week. The team secured a 250-40 victory over Myrtle

3 NEWS The newest members of the St. James Sharks family are, well, actual sharks. Read about the new additions.

Beach on Sept. 27 and came through again on Oct. 11 with a 330-75 win against Carolina Forest. “The team is doing extremely well in spite of the fact that we lost many leading players last year,” said Academic Teach coach Mr. Brett Mahaffey. Sophomore Duncan Fultineer and junior Meg Shelton are leading the way for this year’s young team. The team’s next matches in the Horry County Academic Olympics will take place on Saturday, Oct. 29. “We have a strong chance to win the county championship,” said Mahaffey.


OPINION Turkey for Thanksgiving is old fashioned these days. Why not try chicken, pizza, or something crazy?

Sophomore Alex Wiggins calls out questions during practice. Staff photo by Jake Wentz



ENTERTAINMENT The two biggest names SPORTS Hunting is a sport many St. in action video games have new releases James students know well, and now out this month. Who comes out on top? hunting can help veterans.


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November 2011

When it comes to bullying, words honestly hurt Madison Heavener staff reporter class of 2014

October was “Stomp Out Bullying Month” around the country and at St. James because so many students realize the seriousness of the issue. The problem affects more teens than most people realize, and many students are now beginning to recognize how dangerous it is. “I used to get pushed and shoved around by bullies, but now I stand up to bullying because I’ve realized if you have to bully someone to look cool, you really aren’t cool anyways” said sophomore Chris Denson. In fact, suicide is the third leading cause of death among adolescents and teenagers. About 8 out of every 100,000 teenagers commit suicide, often as a result of some form of bullying. And “for every teen suicide, there are 10 other suicide attempts,” according to Boys are four times more likely than girls to die by suicide, but girls try to commit suicide twice as often as boys; they’re just unsuccessful when they try. These attempts are often viewed as a “cry for help” rather than an actual attempt to end the person’s life, according to “Suicide is a permanent solution

to a temporary problem. Kids resort to suicide because they feel like they can’t get help, but they can,” said junior Patrick Kohlman, who has led the “Stomp Out Bullying” program at St. James. In recent decades, the suicide number has increased dramatically. A recent case that has received national attention is the story of James Rodemeyer, a 14-year-old high school freshman in Buffalo, NY. James was very self-conscious and deeply affected by what other teens had to say about his sexual orientation. Jamey’s mother, Tracy, told the Buffalo News that her son had often questioned his sexuality and that his classmates began to tease and bully him. His parents were supportive of their son, and James was seeing a social worker and a therapist, but that didn’t stop the bullying, and it didn’t ease James’ pain. He was repeatedly ridiculed online “JAMES IS STUPID, GAY, FAT AND UGLY. HE MUST DIE!” an anonymous commenter said on Formspring. “I wouldn’t care if you died. No one would. So just do it. It would make everyone WAY happier!” said another. So after all of the torturous bullying, in September James took

Sophomores Dashia Cooper and Chris Denson read signs around the school talking about bullying. These signs feature lyrics from songs and quotes about bullying. Staff photo by Madison Heavener

his own life. One of the saddest parts of this story is the fact that about four months before, James had posted a video that encouraged people to never give up. Students are urged to tell a

teacher or guidance counselor if they experience or witness bulling at St. James. Students who engage in bullying may think there isn’t any way that the person they insulted is going

to do something as serious as kill himself or herself just because of what they said. But think again because while sticks and stones may break bones, words can honestly hurt even more.

SCHOOL INTRODUCES REAL SHARKS Mary Elliott tv editor class of 2012

Brutus, Bubbles, and Blue enjoy swimming through the water in the large fish tank in the front office. Staff photo by Mary Elliott

Coastal Pet Supply recently donated three fresh water sharks to St. James to display in the front office fish tank. The school received two boys and one girl, as well as an algae fish, sometimes called a “sucker fish.” St. James has featured the Sharks mascot since the school’s inception, but this is the first time real sharks will be featured on campus. Most students think the idea is a good one. “I think it is cool because it’s our school name, and not many schools have their mascots in their school,”

said freshman Tricia Ann Griffin. Visitors have commented that the live sharks do add an intereseting and appropriate feel to the front waiting area. The front office held a contest to see who could come up with the best names for the sharks. Mrs. Debbie Lloyd put together this contest and placed a bowl in the main office for students and staff members to come and put the names they thought were best for the sharks. There were three prizes offered to students or staff members who came up with the most creative names. The winning names of “Brutus,” “Bubbles,” and “Blue” were reccently announced.

Third place went to Morgan Nicholson for the name “Blue.” She won one ticket to NASCAR Speed Park and one free pizza from Donatos. Second place was awarded to Megan Whaley for the name “Bubbles.” She got two tickets for free skating at Fun Warehouse and two tickets to NASCAR Speed Park. Mary Elliott won first place for the name “Brutus.” She received three arcade admissions and three bowling admissions to Frank Theaters and three tickets to NASCAR Speed Park. The next time you’re in the front office, don’t forget to welcome Bruce, Bubbles and Blue to St. James.

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Coach Krauss named teacher of the year

Coach Bill Krauss has been named the 2011-2012 St. James High School teacher of the year. His outstanding work with his sports medicine classes and athletic training for students has earned him this honor. Coach Krauss was in shock to see the parade that lead to his room on Oct. 25. See the next issue of Shark Attack for an in-depth interview and more about Coach Krauss. Photos courtesy of Leshi Williams

The cost of convenience Jake Wentz editor in chief class of 2012

As high school students, we have some of the busiest lives of the whole population. St. James in particular holds its students to a higher standard, and our rigorous courses make for a full schedule. This means that the average St. James Shark is often on the go and has to cut out time of certain areas to bridge the gap where he or she needs more time. Taking time for homework, practice, drama rehearsal, coverage of a game, a club meeting, band, work means no time for cooking your own meal or even waiting for one to thoroughly prepared for you. It is truly something that happens out of necessity as

students buy loads of fast food because it means that meal time, which could take a half-hour to an hour, can be shrunk down to five minutes. We know, however, that in general, this food is not nutritional whatsoever. Fast-food and/or quick service restaurants are the epitome of fatty byproducts. Today this is common knowledge for almost any educated American, but the fast-food industry does not seem to ever take a hit. Another factor that feeds into this dilemma is cost. It is usually far cheaper to eat fast food then buying healthy foods. It is a proven fact that when grocery shopping, if you buy

organic foods and the freshest, most high quality vegetables, you will pay significantly more. This really feeds into the problem because people can get so much food quickly for small amounts of change that they may already have in their cars. The invention of the dollar menu and the drive-thru line has really challenged the student community. As high school students, we know the consequences of fast food, so we need to buy in moderation and make time for meals around a table. Spending quality time with friends and family may turn out to be some of the best times in your youth. You’d be surprised.

The invention of the dollar menu and the drive-thru line has really challenged the student community.

McDonalds is one of the leading fast food establishiments in the world. The restaurant offers quick serivce for anyone on the go. Photo courtesy of McDonalds


shark opinion

November 2011

The best St. James team you don’t know Gage Davis staff reporter class of 2013

How would you react if I told you that the one of the most successful sports that St. James has ever had does not get enough credit, or any credit at all? When most students think of sports, the football is the first one that comes to mind. But the Sharks have struggled to win consistently, and this year has been a rebuilding year with a new coach.

Then people might say basketball, and it is true that the Sharks have done well the last couple years and will continue to for years to come. Still, this group gets a fair amount of support and recognition that it deserves. The baseball and softball teams have enjoyed success, both winning state championships. But at least they get noticed when they win. So, what is this sport at St. James that has been most consistently successful while receiving the least attention?

The golf team. Wait. Why? How? The golf players don’t get enough credit whatsoever. Every year under head coach Michael Riley, they’ve qualified for the South Carolina State Championships. They have won region for the past four years, won lower states for the last four years, and made it all the way to State the past three of those four extremely successful years. The Sharks have brought home three state runner-up trophies,

each time narrowly missing the championship. Coach Riley recieved the state coach of the year award in 2010. The overall record for the Sharks golf team is an outstanding 162-14, and those 14 include ties. But the golf team deserves more recognition and support from the school community. Few students attend matches or are even aware of when they take place. Even fewer students know about the tremendous accomplishments of the team over the last four years.

The members of the golf team need support from their peers and from local community organizations. Look what the team has accomplished flying under the rader. Imagine what it could do with more praise, recognition, and funding. It is up to us to help support all of the student-athletes at St. James. Let’s start with those who represent our school well and have proven their ability to succeed, such as the golf team.

Who says you have to eat turkey on Thanksgiving? Jaquez Hemingway staff reporter class of 2014

I just have one question about Thanksgiving: Why does it have to involve eating turkey? Personally, I think Thanksgiving should be less about the food and more about thanking others for kind things they’ve done for you. But as long as there’s going to be food involved, why can’t we feast over a mountain of fried chicken or a pile of ham? Who made up the rule that it has to be turkey every year? Tradition has it that Thanksgiving is celebrated to give thanks to Native Americans for helping the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony survive their

first brutal winter in New England. Was there even turkey on the table? St. James students agree that branching out from the traditional turkey wouldn’t be a bad idea. “Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a turkey it as long as there’s a ton of food,” said senior Kevin Liu, who apparently appreciates quantity over specific meat selection. He did say that if it were up to him, he would put “chicken, roast beef, and bacon” on the menu for the big day as he “stays home and has thanksgiving with the family.” Ask yourself this, if there wasn’t Thanksgiving, what other holiday will replace it? That’s a good question, but I’m still at the point of asking, why do many people eat

turkey? Imagine you’re eating another meat for Thanksgiving. Would that just ruin the holiday? Would you be upset if the country made it illegal to eat turkey on Thanksgiving? I wouldn’t. I would welcome the chance to try something new instead of having the same thing every year. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like turkey all that much. I just like it with my dressing, and I can simply put dressing on my chicken. Regardless of the food, the real purpose of Thanksgiving is to be grateful to people for how they have helped you and have a nice friendly conversation. Plus, it’s time that you actually sit down with your family to have a nice, loving dinner.

Photo courtesy

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shark opinion The Finger Never Lies: The Cody Dean Story


Cody Siberius Dean tv editor class of 2012

Crub. That word and that word alone has defined my life for the last 19 years. But today, the early bird gets the worm. Flashback: Sophomore Year. Filled to the brim with bitter rivalries, the bitter slurred words of shirtless teachers, and the bitter feeling of the bitter cold months of winter. I’ve only been a part of this new school for a year at this point, and had approximately 3.72 friends. I was an outcast. My peers would stare and laugh at me as I whittled my wishing wand, the horrible children would throw rocks and other office supplies at me as I repeated over and over again quite audibly how much I wished dragons were real. They shunned me and forbid me from their stupid “four square” and “seven minutes in heaven” games like I was

some sort of weirdo. I even offered to share my skin collection, but to no avail. I quickly realized that being a nobody would get me nowhere fast. I was walking down the halls with origami samurai sword in hand when I saw the poster that would change my life for the rest of my life. In simple Times New Roman font on a plain white background those seven indescribably beautiful words looked back at me: Join Journalism! Write stories! Insert text here! I dropped my sword with a dull plop on the ground. I knew what I had to do. I had to sign up for woodshop as soon as possible. I spent almost three whole weeks in woodshop before I could no longer stand it, lifting heavy 2x4s and constantly having to cover my ears from the screeching roar of the belt sander, which should

be a punishment saved for childmolesters, not a misunderstood potential best friend like me. I gave the wood master back his goggles and apron, even though he pleaded me not to take it off due to the fact that the apron was the only thing between the cool air and my birthday suit. But it was too late to win me over, “Mr. Oaky-SawScissor-Dust.” I made up my mind. I was joining journalism. I walked into the newspaper’s headquarters, a small room on the upper level built mostly of sheet metal, carpet samples, and good old fashioned American ingenuity. A bright eyed bushy tailed man in a pastel tie and a light-up Christmas sweater greeted me at the door. I soon figured out this man was not just some homeless guy; this was Mr. Moore, AKA the captain of journalism. Without saying a word to him or the dozen other children in the

room, I walked to the middle of the primarily flattened cardboard box floor, sat down criss-crossapplesauce, then began to systematically rotate and stare at everyone that started to form a circle around me, giving each individual a good solid 12 seconds of intense eye contact. Finally, Mr. Moore stepped toward me and asked expectantly, “So kid, can you write?” I looked back at him, stood up and said confidently, “Do Llanowar Elves only require one green mana to cast?” The crowd stared on silently. I quickly added, “Yes, yes they do.” I could tell by the way the students lost interest and walked away that this class was filled with dreamers, and I was their sandman. Oh drats, I’m out of space! If you would like to read the riveting conclusion to this saga or more epic works by Cody Dean, be sure to log onto

going for the jugular. For example, the Democrats will propose a way to help get the economy out of the recession, and the Republicans reply with, “NO, WHAT WE NEED TO DO IS …” and then they name their ideas on how to fix the problem. Then, when the Democrats hear the Republican resolution, they’re completely against it as well; fighting tooth to nail, and trying to find cracks in the solution just to point out and object to the idea. And then they say, “Well, we can’t seem to come to a mutual agreement, so I guess we’re just going to have to deal with it then.” The problem is that they’re not even trying to repair the economy. Obviously if they were, they would’ve found a solution to the problems. The last time I checked, the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate aren’t a room full of brain-dead monkeys. They’re just playing stupid. They act as if they don’t know what to do, but this is politics. How are you supposed to govern your country if you can’t even figure out the problem to this declining

economy? Trust in the government is at an all-time low as only 15 percent of Americans claim they trust the government almost always or most of the time, while 77 percent say they trust the government only sometimes. The remaining 8 percent say they have no trust in our government to do what’s right at all, according to a recent poll by CNN. I wonder why nobody trusts our government; perhaps it’s because of the occasional risks that our government is going to shut down. Maybe it’s because of stock prices and that DOW Jones is losing points daily. Or maybe it’s the simple fact that our government officials aren’t normal citizens, so they’re not stressing about this money situation. There’s not one political party to blame in this situation because they’re both at fault. Democrats and Republicans spend far too much time pointing fingers and blaming others that they don’t realize the people who are at fault are both

parties. Considering the situation that we’re in, there’s not much time to sit around and figure out a solution; things need to get done. There have been some serious problems on Wall Street recently as well, as activists are taking to the streets in protest of the recently downfall of Dow Jones due to other countries’ economic downfalls. This is where you begin to see the “domino” effect taking shape. Greece’s economy collapses, which then knocks over another country, and soon we find ourselves in a situation that’s not just in America, but around the world. The time to act is now. It seems that with every step America takes forward, the economy pushes us two steps back. Slowly, this push and pull effect is forcing us farther into the hole of debt than we were originally facing in the years before. Our government needs to figure out a solution. By expanding farther than just our own federal system and sitting down with governments of other countries around the world, we can figure out a solution for the entire global economy.

Government gridlock and greenbacks

Justin Webb

showcase editor class of 2013

Politics is one of the touchiest, controversial, and downright confusing subjects there is, if not the most. America’s economy is beginning to slip down the slide of recession yet again. The government seems to think that they can resolve this problem, but the fact of the matter is this: Our government never gets much done. It’s not that they don’t get anything done period; sometimes they get things done and some of our problems are resolved, but then the rest of the time is spent pointing fingers and arguing. Republicans claim to cut government spending and eliminate waste, and Democrats believe that the government seems to know best for individuals; they think that the government needs to understand what the economy needs. So here’s a question both parties: how is America in debt by something like $14,829,525,500,135? It seems to me that both parties are constantly criticizing each other,

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November 2011

‘Breaking Dawn’ breaks the mold

Photo Courtsy

Shelly Quintana business manager class of 2013

“Breaking Dawn,” the fourth movie in the “Twilight” series, will make its way to theaters on Nov. 18. For fans of the saga, this will be an eventful day. It’s the day they’ve been waiting for, and it will surely draw huge crowds to the box office. Although “Breaking Dawn” has been split into two movies, and this is only part one, it is still something that causes many students extreme excitement. The saga all started with “Twilight,” “New Moon,” and “Eclipse.” The author of the book series, Stephenie Meyer, got her ideas for the series from a dream of scenery of two people. That one dream launched the whole storyline. She took the two people and made them into something that has made everyone’s

head turn to read, from describing Bella’s plain looks to Rosalie’s beautiful face and hair. Meyer makes her characters come to life into readers’ minds. She paints vivid word pictures, such as how incredibly beautiful the vampires were supposed to be, down to the plain boy and muscular men that turned into giant wolves. Then books have been turned into a hugely popular movie series. They have been movies that made everyone either happy to see or mad that they wasted their time to watch. What was so wrong with the movie version of “Twilight?” I’m not sure, but maybe it’s the fact that the characters don’t match the people in the book. Bella was supposed to be plain looking, and Rosalie was apparently the most beautiful one, the one who made everyone’s head turn in desire to be with her. It even goes as far as to mention how jealous

Bella was because of her plain and boring looks. How could Edward have chosen her over Rosalie? Like many others, I don’t think the movie “Twilight” was as good as the book, nor did the producer make that great of a movie in general. Also, whoever chose the cast could have done much better. There have been reports that Meyer herself wasn’t happy with “Twilight” when it first hit the silver screen. The director of the series was changed for “New Moon” and “Eclipse.” New Moon was a way better version of the other ones, as well as Eclipse. Not only were the actors under new direction, the way it was plotted out actually made a little more sense than the other releases. Although the characters stayed the same, they also lived up to the name of the role they were playing. It was easier to believe it was them in

the later movies. The only thing that did not improve was Edward, but not in a bad way. Edward made you mad; he made you want to strangle the teddy bear you’ve had since you were a kid. But this was part of the movie , and that was the goal. As soon as “Eclipse” came out, most fans were dying to see “Breaking Dawn.” This is the part of the story that everyone has been waiting for. Bella has been thriving to become a blood sucker, and in this movie she gets exactly what she wants, but at what expense? Like many St. James students, I am so excited to see this movie. I may not be dressed up in a fan packed outfit, but I’ll be there on opening night. “Breaking Dawn” the novel made readers mad and sad at the same time. It ended the series, but it made the series what everyone was

expecting. “I never really got into the books, but I liked watching the movies,” said senior Yasmin Escamirosa. The problem I foresee may be the fact that it is two parts, so only the first half really comes out this month. What happens when you get worked up to see part two? You have to sit and wait another year just to see it come out. Even though this is annoying, it could have its advantages. “I like that it’s part one and two, but I don’t want to wait for the second part of it,” said junior Shelley Rogers. Would you rather see the best movie of the series come out with barely any details because the creators didn’t want to make the movie so long? I don’t think so, and by splitting up the movies, viewers should get the correct depiction of the authors vision. The more details, the better.

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11-11-11: Make a wish for a good, scary movie Jacob Wilson staff reporter class of 2012

Are you one of those people who makes a wish on the clock when it strikes 11:11? Do you believe in the numerous conspiracy theories about the “end of times?” If you answered, yes, to one or both of these questions, then you might want to go to the theatres on November 11, 2011. With the washed out theme of an “otherworldly entity” entering earth through some supernatural gate and a somewhat religious and satanic undertone, this movie could be a smashing success or a flop around failure. It is said that a film can only be as good as its director, and with Darren Lynn Bousmen taking that role, there might actually be quite the turnout. It’s a movie about the 11th gate of heaven opening up and releasing some supernatural force into the world that is assumed to be

unstoppable. I personally feel that the plot of this movie will be another brick in the wall. Things will start to get weird, children get into unexplainably dangerous situations, the father goes searching for the cause and things get even worse; they destroy the evil entity that has plagued their life and close the portal to the underworld and return home just in time for dinner. My opinion is my own, and I’m sure some of you out there are stoked beyond all reason about this movie coming out. Though this might be a played out plot, it still has the potential to be a pretty good movie. I’m sure the thousands of people who are superstitious will line up on 11-1111, and even the hardcore believers will go as far as to buy their ticket at the time 11:11. So whether you are superstitious or super curious of the movie, go to your nearest theatre on 11/11/11 to see what all the hype is about.

Photos courtesy

Senior Courney Gray patiently waits for the clock to strike 11:11:11 so she can make a wish. Photo courtesy Jacob Wilson

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November 2011




Matt Martel

Josh Royce

tv editor class of 2012

online editor class of 2012

Call of Duty. A dynasty of elite firstperson-shooters, with possibly the best online gaming, well…ever. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 attempts to follow up the extremely successful Call of Duty: Black Ops, which is the best selling XBOX 360 game of all-time. Oh, I wonder why… Produced by Treyarch, Black Ops introduced many new game modes and an economy based online gaming system. Call of Duty has two main developers: Treyarch and Infinity Ward. Infinity Ward has produced Big Red One, Modern Warfare, and Modern Warfare 2. The roles have been set by these two developers; Infinity Ward tends to innovate with Call of Duty, and Treyarch tends to expand the innovation to new levels. There are several games that have aimed to compete with Call of Duty, and all of them have failed, one of them being Battlefield. Battlefield 3 is released on October 25th, and it has high expectations. Having played both Battlefield and Call of Duty, I can say with immense confidence that Call of Duty is the far superior game.

The only thing Battlefield has that Call of Duty doesn’t is destructible environments. That’s cool and all, but it comes at a devastating price. If you’ve ever played Call of Duty, you can tell that it has great responsiveness to your motions on the controller, and has some seriously accurate weapons. Call of Duty has the best online multiplayer gameplay EVER. Battlefield’s multiplayer gameplay is extremely limited, with only a few sub-par game modes to choose from. Battlefield has somewhat slow movements, almost like the developers wanted to dumb things down. The price of having destructible environments is that the enemies seem to be as stupid as the developers, and Battlefield has lagged on several occasions when immersed in a heavy combat situation, something Call of Duty has never done. In addition to the slowed down gameplay, weapons in Battlefield seem extremely inaccurate. Also, grenade launchers seem WAY too powerful in Battlefield, almost good enough to destroy a whole sky-scraper with a below-average shot by one of those horrible, smelly game designers. Call of Duty has prided itself on quick, authentic combat, with accurate weapons and great enemy AI, whereas Battlefield is pathetic crap in every criteria. This debate has existed ever since Battlefield: Bad Company debuted several years ago. Of course, it’s entirely a matter of opinion, I just prefer Call of Duty. But you can play Battlefield, if destroying buildings housing innocent civilians is your thing…

Imagine a perfect simulation of war. It should be filled with unforgettable dangers of tense gun fights, remarkable scenes of broad and expansive war zones, and of course the soldiers filled with emotion and determination as they flood the battlefield. This is the exact experience the game makers over at EA are trying to portray with their newest release Battlefield 3. Being a direct sequel to 2005’s Battlefield 2, there’s a lot of hype considering the amount of time between the two games. The Battlefield series as a whole has released 11 games since originating in 2002, with their focus being on PC exclusive games. However, when Battlefield does decide to step out onto other gaming platforms, it causes quite a racket. The fan base for Battlefield is easily accredited to their use of “combined arms” battles throughout the entire series. While other war style games like Call of Duty include a chase scene or an intense air assault maybe once in a game, Battlefield prides itself on having a realistic and “more modern than modern” war experience while including nearly every form of combat in their games from aerial pursuits to action packed shootouts on the ground. Call of Duty seems to think they have the entire gaming market “wrapped around their finger” because their multiplayer has gamers “addicted.” Nothing’s more fun and realistic than zombies am I right? A big innovation this time around is the introduction of the “Battlelog,”

a cross-platform social service with text messaging, voice messaging, game statistics and the ability to join online games that friends have already started at anytime whatsoever. Not only is the multiplayer being stepped up to outshine the competition, but the campaign mode has been completely revamped. With a focus on creating a realistic experience, the whole campaign mode has an incredible storyline to map out how players get through the game. Players will start out near the Iraq-Iran border and will fight alongside the U.S. Marine Corps in an epic battle against the People’s Liberation and Resistance (PLR). Weapons have been reconstructed to be more accurate and the graphics are easily a step above any other competitor. The choice is yours about whether you’d want to drop $60 on a Call Of Duty game that is just about a carbon copy of the last three games they’ve made, or you can invest in a game that is changing everything. Battlefield 3 is the epitome of war games; don’t make the wrong choice.

fun and games

Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

Icarus the Owl

Joey Rubenstein, Mike Black, Aj Stacher, Darryl Mullikan @icarustheowl progressive alternative rock


Thanksgiving Word Find Puzzle

Wrestling Basketball Baseball Football Track&Field Develop the brute strength, power, stamina, and speed needed to dominate the competition. Make this your best season ever! Call 843-685-6764 or stop by to sign up for your trial session! Location: The Salem Shoppes (next to St. James High School)


shark sports

November 2011

‘Hunting with a Hero’ helps veterans recover Krystle Ballatore staff reporter class of 2012

Are you a hunter? Has anyone ever told you that you are a bad person or even a killer because hunting is one of your hobbies? Well, if so, inform those hasty people about the “Hunting with a Hero” organization. Hunting has been an historical tradition most likely since the ice age when plant food became scarce. Many boys and girls here at St. James enjoy hunting. Yes, even girls! They wake up early in the morning, travel far, and sit waiting for hours. Hunting is time consuming, but for those who love it, they don’t mind dedicating their time to it. There are many regulations when hunting such as obtaining a license, figuring out where you can and cannot hunt, and many other things to be cautious about. But, as long as there is a safe, monitored environment, hunting is a fun sport, and a great way to put dinner on the table. “Hunting with a Hero” is a nonprofit organization founded by Ron Gooding, a South Carolina resident. Hunting with a Hero understands the importance of the corrective treatment for the families of the soldiers after war. Entire families of veterans need

Krystle Ballatore (left), Christopher Ballatore (center), and Cyle Dallis (right) get their gear together as they prepare to hunt. Staff photo by Krystle Ballatore

psychological help; many have suffered from disorders such as Multiple Deployments and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Hunting with a Hero is designed to heal the entire family. Also, it is fun for the soldiers who have never

hunted before to experience it with fellow soldiers and citizens who want to help. The mission statement for the members of the organization is to recognize the service of active duty military personnel, raising

Cyle Dallis and his younger brother, Billy Dallis, go on a hunt, walking down a trail. Staff photo by Krystle Ballatore

funds to build the Dallis Pavilion Treatment (PTSD) facility, and build lasting relationships among soldiers, sponsors, the South Carolina Forestry commission, the National Wild Turkey Confederation, and its chapters of other organizations which provide hunting opportunities and support. Sophomore Christopher Ballatore said, “I have been a part of this organization for over a year now, and I think it is a great way to give back to the soldiers for all that they have done for us. I love getting to know them and listening to their intense stories about what they went through at war. It feels good to know that I can make a difference in helping them and their families recover.” As being a part of this organization, the participants can do what they enjoy (hunting) and help soldiers and their families recover from the trauma of war. Sophomore Cyle Dallis, who has also been an active member of this organization for over a year

says, “This organization is fun. I would like to get more of my friends at St. James involved. It is inspiring to me to meet soldiers that have never hunted before and this organization lets me help them since they have helped us so much.” Junior William Lee says, “This organization seems like a fun way to give back just by being around the soldiers, and taking them to do something they have never done before.” William is an avid hunter and dedicates a lot of time to this hobby. I think William and many other St. James students would enjoy becoming involved in this organization. To take part in this organization, visit sign up and set up a blog. This is a great way to help the people who have sacrificed for us and experience hunting with a soldier. Even though most of these soldiers have not hunted before, you might be surprised because soldiers are usually very skilled professionals with guns.

shark sports


Football starts rebuilding for the future Kaylei Knapp staff reporter class of 2012

With all the changes to the football team this season, this has been a rebuilding year for the Sharks. With new coach Mark Fisher leading the team this year, the team has had to make some adjustments. The Sharks have made steady improvement as the season has progressed, most recently shutting out North Myrtle Beach 17-0. Even though the Sharks are 3-6, Coach Fisher said, “The team has played well at times. I don’t think we ever underachieved. I mean we could have done better but we always gave 100 percent effort.” Coach Fisher also has the football team doing more for the community. On Sept. 8, during the varsity football team had its “off ” week, he took 30 football players to his former school, Louisa County High School, to help out earthquake victims after a 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit Virginia on Aug. 23. Fortunately, there were no casualties on that day, but there were numerous minor injuries and severe damage to buildings, including the school.

The trip certainly made an impression on the football players and brought them together as a team. Senior D’Andre Bryant said that this year has been very different than last. “The amount of effort has improved drastically, and school spirit has even been increased. The community also has more support for us.” With having to adjust to having a new coach, the football team has already shown improvement. They have met many goals, such as “improvements in certain positions, and just improvements in general,” according to Fisher. The Sharks have faced many challenges, but D’Andre said that their biggest challenge has been, “mostly getting over the bad rep we had, and finally saying, ‘We are done getting pushed around,’ and standing up for ourselves.” The St. James community is already looking forward to seeing what the football team will bring to the table next season as they continue to get physically and mentally stronger. “I see a lot of improvement and hopefully a lot more support in the future for St. James varsity football team,” said D’Andre.

St. James deffense comes down hard on the North Myrtle Beach Cheifs, not giving one inch. The Sharks won 17 - 0. Staff photo by Jake Wentz

Homecoming 2011 was played against the Goergetown Bulldogs. Staff photo by Jake Wentz

St. James shark spirit is always in large supply at our football games. Win or lose, there are always some seniors painted up running wild to share energy with the crowd. Staff photo by Jake Wentz


photo frenzy

The float theme for Homecoming 2011 was board games. The winning “Operation” float of the class of 2013 rolls by in style. The juniors showed their creativity, using their surgical float to “let the dogs out” into the Shark feeding frenzy.

November 2011

During the pep rally, the varisity football players get hyped up to bring the energy for the game against the Georgetown Bulldogs.

St. James homecoming 2011 Photography and layout by Jake Wentz, Shark Attack editor in chief

Cody Dean and Yessance Lewis stand with joy as they are crowned Homecoming king and queen for 2011. A sash, flowers, and tiara grace Yessance while Cody poses smugly.

Talk about that senior class spirit! At the pep rally before the game, the class of 2012 screams, hoots, and yells for school pride. Emotion is running high as the seniors in the stands as they prepare to chant the St. James cry of “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!”

Shark Attack 11/11  

Shark Attack 11/11

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