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September 2012

Welcome The University School Council welcomes returning families and staff and extends a special welcome to new families and new staff to the new school year. We hope that you all had a restful and enjoyable vacation and are now eager to face a new year filled with learning, sharing, growing and enjoying these experiences. Congratulations to our successful students and their families at the SEA 2012! As we say goodbye to Miss Donna Crooks, we thank her for her heartfelt dedication and unflinching loyalty to the University School. During her tenure, she excelled in the classroom, the playfield and in the office demonstrating her all round excellence. She will be missed. Council wishes Miss Crooks all the best in her new beginning. We deeply regret that once again we begin a new academic year with an incomplete West

Council Update Issue 01 September 2012 M e m be rs of Counc il 2 0 1 1 to 2 0 1 2

Baker Street St. Augustine Trinidad and Tobago Telephone/fFax: 1 (868) 662-4832 Email:


Dr. Brian Cockburn

Vice Chairperson

Mrs. Sharon Premchand-Mohammed


Mr. Shamjeet Singh


Mr. Kevin Kalloo


Professor Pathmanathan Umaharan


Mr. Rajesh Kandhai


Dr. Richard Robertson


Mrs. Beverly Trotman

Teacher Representative

Ms. Nazma Ramsaroop

this issue

Wing. Despite the Council’s best efforts it was not possible because of financial constraints.

Welcome P.1

should be complete in time for the new school year in 2013. We appreciate your continued

Building Update P.2 Staff P.2 SEA Results and Trend P.4 Strategic Plan P.4

However, new financing strategies are being pursued and we are confident that construction patience as we work to maintain a safe and enabling environment. We shall keep you informed and look forward to your full support and co-operation. I take this opportunity to wish staff, students and parents a productive year as we work together to ensure the children experience learning in a nurturing and uplifting environment at the University School. Dr. Brian Cockburn Chairman University School Council

What is Bullying?

Building Update

“Bullying is unwanted, West Wing:

aggressive behavior among

We have used several diverse avenues to secure the funds necessary to complete the west wing. These

school aged children that

have thus far been unsuccessful. We are exploring several other options and remain open to suggestions

involves a real or perceived

from the University School family.

power imbalance. The

SEA Results and Trends This year, 71% of the Junior 5 class of 23 students obtained their first choice with 90% being placed. The following shows the trend for the School’s SEA results for the period 2008 to 2012.

behavior is repeated, or has Hall:

the potential to be repeated,

The School’s Hall has recently been given a facelift with the new paint job, removal of gymnastic equipment,

over time. Bullying includes

additional shelving for bags and lunch kits and deep cleaning of the floor. The staircase on the west side of

actions such as making

the stage has been repaired.

threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically

Classrooms: With the assistance of parents, several classrooms were cleaned and upgraded for the new school year. One classroom received new furniture bringing the number of classrooms outfitted with new furniture to six over the last three years.

or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.” Source: A federal government website managed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services


“Quote” Retirement:

Miss Donna Crooks joined the University School Staff in September 1990. During her 22 years at the School, she taught the Reception (1st Year) and Prep (2nd Yr.) classes. Miss Crooks also acted in several important roles to ensure that our school maintained its reputation as an esteemed private primary school. She served as the Acting Principal for one year as she commandeered the school’s ship after the retirement of Reverend Marsha Joseph in 2006. She also served as our distinguished Sports Mistress and had stints as the coach of our school’s cricket and football teams for many years. She was also responsible for her voluntary involvement in Prep’s Garden, an initiative that she undertook with her charges in her quest to get them involved and appreciate the value of organic food crop farming.

New Teacher: The University School family warmly welcomes Miss Denise Gadsby, the newest addition to our teaching staff. After 36 years of teaching in Trinidad and Tobago and in the Bahamas, Miss Gadsby is now assigned to one of our Junior 2 classes. A qualified teacher, Miss Gadsby shares deep interests in social studies and music. We wish that her stay here will be a truly rewarding experience for her, the students and the rest of the school community.

Teacher/Class Assignment:

Strategic Plan

The teacher/class assignments for Academic Year 2012/2013 are as follows: Class Teachers Reception - Mrs. Zaphina Hosein-Chin Prep - Ms. Narisa Tahir Junior 1 - Mrs. Ashika Hope-Thomas and Miss Jade Nunes Juniior 2 - Mrs. Ayana Paul-Harrilal , Mrs. Neela Singh-Nanan and Ms Denise Gadsby Junior 3 - Ms Nazma Ramsaroop Junior 4 - Mrs. Judy Aziz Junior 5 - Mr. George Martin Subject Teachers Music - Mr. Daniel Griffith Art & Craft - Mrs. Kathleen Farabi Science - Mrs. Vidy Rahman Information Technology - Miss Nafeesa Ali Physical Education/Dance - Miss Keran Daniel Library Assistant - Miss Sadeeqa Kamaludin Spanish - Dr. Sylvia Moodie-Kublalsingh Reading Support - Miss Joy Reid Volunteers Penmanship - Mrs. Carolyn Ali Class Assistant - Mrs. Annie Scantlebury

A Strategic Plan is a document that outlines the philosophy, vision, and objectives of an organization; as such, it guides the management process and ultimately impacts the quality of delivery and outcomes.

What is Education?

The University School Council has embarked on a strategic planning exercise. This process is being facilitated by Mr. Randall Douglas, a parent and experienced business consultant. The first stage involved collecting beliefs, perspectives and other relevant information from all the stakeholders involved. This was done using questionnaires which were tailored to Staff, Parents/Guardians and Association/Council members.

“1. The systematic instruction, teaching, or training in various academic and non-academic subjects given to or received by a child, typically at a school

The information collected is being summarized and will be analysed by members of Council before the formulation of a draft plan. This draft will be considered within the context of the Ministry of Education’s Strategic Action Plan. There will be opportunities for open discussion with Association members, Council members, Staff and Parents before the final document is complied.

2. The course of scholastic instruction a person receives in his or her lifetime” Source: Oxford English Dictionary

We seek to develop a strategy that will consistently produce “an academically competent and emotionally intelligent child who can successfully function in any environment in an ethical and productive manner”.


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