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Are you one of those who suffer from endometriosis? If not, maybe you know someone who does? If you answered yes to any of the two questions, then this article is for you. This article will tackle some of the natural ways you can overcome this condition without invasive surgery and without taking in prescription drugs that can have negative side effects. The natural methods being considered in this article are already tested and proven by a number of people. If you go to your doctor and present your case to him or her, you will get an advice on the traditional methods to treat endometriosis. Your doctor will give you options such as birth control medicines, pain relievers, pain killers and invasive surgery. These treatments are not permanent. If you take prescription drugs, you may only be treating the symptoms and not the disorder itself. These can also cause negative side effects. The downside of the traditional methods are making women think twice about having it. Also, the presence of alternative solutions with its satisfactory results are quite convincing as well. Here are three main natural treatments for endometriosis you can try. Changing Your Diet Endometriosis can worsen if you intake the wrong types of foods. You should avoid dairy products at all cost such as cheese and milk. You should also avoid drinking caffeinated products including but not limited to soft drinks, tea and coffee. Caffeine increase the amount of estrogen in the body and this will just heighten the symptoms of endometriosis. You should start eating food that is able to decrease the amount of estrogen in the body. If foods are not enough, you can always intake supplements of vitamin B and E. The intake of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients will greatly alleviate endometrial tissues in the body. There are natural health supplements already out in the market you can intake to be able to get significant amount of these vitamins. In order to increase the immune system of the body that fights off disorders like endometriosis, fruits and vegetables should be included in the daily diet. It is also recommended to drink at least 7 glasses of water a day. Alternative Chinese Medicine The Western world is slowly recognizing the positive effects of Chinese herbal medicine as well as acupuncture when it comes to curing endometriosis. You have to consult with an expert in the field so you get the desired results. Natural Progesterone

Once you increase natural progesterone in your body, your estrogen level automatically decreases. This natural progesterone comes in a cream form and should be applied on affected areas such as the face, stomach and neck. It is an effective pain killer as well.

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