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==== ==== Get The Best Parrot Training Course Here: ==== ==== Parakeet Training The Right Way Whether you are new to parakeet ownership or a veteran parakeet owner, training your parakeet properly is a very important element in your relationship with your pet bird. Of course you want what all bird owners want, for your parakeet to obey you, to come to you when asked, to be able to do tricks and to not nip or bite you when you try to get him out of the cage. To have a more peaceful home, it is also essential to take care of any bad behavior that your parakeet displays such as screaming, screeching when he wants out of the cage or pooping on you. As a parent of five parakeets over a 20 year period, I have experienced all this and know what you may be going through. Properly training your parakeet doesnt have to be hard or frustrating, in fact, it isnt if done properly and systematically. I say this because if you dont train your parakeet the right way, you can end up with more problems to deal with than you planned on. Yes, you could be unintentionally conditioning your parakeet to hate you. You may be doing this by giving him attention when he displays bad behavior. Yelling at him or covering him etc. is still giving him attention; even negative attention is conditioning him to keep doing that behavior, be it good or bad. So how can you condition your parakeet the right and positive way? Click on the link to take advantage of a great training system, and in my opinion, the #1 parrot training system out there to learn how to: Train your parakeet effortlessly Train your parakeet using positive reinforcement, not negative conditioning Train your parakeet using rewards for displaying good behavior Train your parakeet through encouragement Train your parakeet y establishing a trusting relationship Train your parakeetby respecting his opinions and space Get rid of bad behaviors faster than you thought possible: Stop biting Stop screaming and screeching Stop lunging Learn how to not have your parrot poop on you This is the most comprehensive training system you will find by expert parrot owners and trainers. Click on the link now to get started immediately

==== ==== Get The Best Parrot Training Course Here: ==== ====

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Parrakeet Training - Best Parrot Training Course Ever: