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==== ==== Learning To Play Piano – Three Myths Of Learning The Piano ==== ==== Learning To Play Piano Three Myths Of Learning The Piano Does the thought of learning how to play the piano really scare you? Is it because you have always believed that learning to play was hard and only for those who were musically inclined or had the gift? That is simply not true, and I can testify that it can be fun and easy. So I am going to bust some of the myths surrounding the mystique of learning to play the piano. Myth #1: You have to be musically inclined, have rhythm or just have the gift Dont believe any of that. I fit in that category in that I had never had any musical instruction of any kind. But I had always wanted to learn to play the piano, so as an adult, I took traditional lessons. The gift can be cultivated and is the more you practice. Myth #2: You have to have all the music theory and history to be able to understand piano This simply is not true either. A lot of people get bogged down with this and become discouraged because there is so much boring stuff to learn. And you know, what? Most of it is not even necessary to learning the basic fundamentals of piano. Myth #3: You have to take traditional piano lessons and learn with traditional music sheets Wrong again. Music teachers and colleges want to have you believe that their way is the only way. The truth is, learning with traditional piano lessons is much more difficult. It takes longer to learn the basics and longer to master enough to be able to play your favorite music. I took years of traditional piano lessons, however; it wasnt until I was introduced to the nontraditional method of playing the piano through learning by the chord system. The chord system allows you to jump right in and start to play music immediately in a fun and enjoyable manner. It is much easier to pick up and implement into any style of music that you want to play. It also allows you to enhance your music very easily for a much fuller sound. I learned more in a few short lessons than I did with my many years of traditional instruction. Most professional musicians play only by the chord system. Chords are the secret to learning to play and master the piano.

Shari is a piano player and enthusiast who is excited to be able direct you to a resource to master piano.

==== ==== Learning To Play Piano – Three Myths Of Learning The Piano ==== ====

Learning To Play The Piano – Who Wants To Learn Piano Easy?  

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