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==== ==== Cockatiel Food - A Healthy, Balanced Diet For Your Cockatiel ==== ==== Cockatiel Cockatiel Food A Healthy, Balanced Diet For Your Cockatiel What foods are healthy and safe for your pet cockatiel? Many bird owners arent completely sure about what exactly their cockatiels can and cant eat. The thing to remember is, that just like us, cockatiels thrive and stay healthy when they have a well-balance diet consisting of a variety of food groups. If you cockatiel doesnt have a well-balanced diet, he can experience some health problems. Just like they say, you are what you eat, that is pretty true for cockatiels just like it is for humans. It is much easier to keep your cockatiel from getting sick than it is to take care of issues as they arise. Because, unless you live in a very large city, most vets dont have too much experience in treating pet birds. And trying to find an avian vet who is qualified to treat your cockatiel isnt as easy as it sounds. But rest assured, cockatiels are pretty low maintenance pets when it comes to their diet as well as their health. Cockatiels eat a variety of seeds and greens in their native Australia. The forage widely for their varied diet keeping in flocks and traveling from area to area depending on the season and what is available. Their diet consists mainly of seeds, but they also supplement that with greens and grains, often from farmers fields. For you pet cockatiel, you can purchase a seed mixture from most pet stores. These mixtures are formulated to give your cockatiel that variety of seeds their wild cousins enjoy as well as a balance of minerals and vitamins. You will also want to supplement the seed diet with a variety of greens. You can vary these greens daily so they dont get bored with the same things all the time. Just be sure they are washed very well and are organic and dont have any chemicals sprayed on them. You will want to have a mineral block and cuttlebone available at all times in the cage. A wellbalanced diet plus supplements will keep your cockatiel healthy and his feathers sleek and shiny. You will find that cockatiels really arent that hard to please; they are a pretty low maintenance pet when it comes to diet. You will also find that they love to steal food from the dinner table or whatever you are eating. Our cockatiels love popcorn, crackers, apples, swiss cheese just to name a few things and oftentimes will take a bite of it before we can even get it to our mouth!! You are your cockatiels flock and they like to eat with you. This is one of the many endearing traits of these wonderful pets.

Shari Hickman is a bird lover with over 25 years experience raising cockatiels, finches and parakeets.

==== ==== Cockatiel Food - A Healthy, Balanced Diet For Your Cockatiel ==== ====

Cockatiel Food - Secrets To A Happy, Healthy Cockatiel  

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