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Cover photo Kim Alderden Beach house Santa Monica, California






By Yolanda & Kim



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Bicycle Race


Eye witness

A flying dinner table


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Victorial Falls, all about sustainable



once in a lifetime

Royal treat in Paris



Well, well, wellness


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Hot Air Happening


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Uganda, the African promise


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Meet the mastermind



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Planners have Power in 2011


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e ditorial w

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Discover new SHARE+ possibilities! SHARE+ members are carefully chosen professionals and key players in the global events industry. These global faces have built a name in our field and can rely on a team of professional staff members at their international home bases. But there is more: these personalities are willing to

The first quarter of 2011 has passed. And it was an interesting one for SHARE TODAY. We had the chance to connect with some international key players in our industry. London based Serge Dive inspired us with the phenomenon tradeshow and how he is successful with already the 3rd edition of PURE Life Experiences in Marrakech this year. From Dublin, Ireland Aoife Delaney was positively surprised with our suggestion and proposal to play a role during the SITE International Conference. Ovation’s Aoife is in charge of this major conference. They launched the theme ‘A new era’ and called out for ‘fast forward thinkers’ and ‘creative minds’ to join. It does not surprise you that SHARE TODAY instantly reacted. In India we enjoyed a beautiful wedding ceremony of one of our contributing partners Pankaj Patpai and his lovely wife Emily. And last but not least we skype with Rob Davidson, Senior Lecturer - Events Management of the University of Greenwich Business School to see how he or his students can contribute to SHARE TODAY.

SHARE TODAY is blossoming. Our network is expanding; we publish diverse stories and attract more and more interesting columnists. And YES, we also receive press invitations from industry partners such as MPI. That feels good, because being recognized as a solid player in our industry is important. Follow us on the web and know; we always make room for a good story or a great picture in our E Magazine, so feel free to SHARE yours! Yolanda Logt & Kim Alderden

take the extra step and move the extra mile for success. They are true and authentic event pro’s, solid characters with an eye for detail and they can 100% rely on their own local network of different kinds of experts.

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sto ry

Leading Lady Liu Ping and her co-star Liu Yanxiang (David for intimae) received a standing ovation after their closing act at the annual partner event for China Star Professional. Learn more about how a Chinese DMC grows from GOOD to EXCELLENT.

Lights, camera, action! Star Professional on stage

T E X T kim al d e r d en p h oto S C h ina S ta r P r ofessional 6 share today | 02.2011

The Annual Training Session is one of China Star’s CSR events, offering free educational opportunities to the attendees; a wide group of people from the incentive, high-end travel and meeting industry coming from all parts of China. The incentive and meeting industry in China started later than in most countries, but due to its fast rate of development, China is closing the gap between itself and other countries. However, these fast developments lead to an unfortunate side effect; a big shortage of industrial professionals. China Stars motivation in hosting the Annual Training Session is to offer more educational opportunities to the practitioners in the industry. Edition 11 of this Training Session was recently held in Beijing. The conference is a two-day event, with speakers on topics such as ‘Elevate the customer services’, ‘The world’s economy situation’ and ‘Travel safeties’. International partners were invited to share global visions, and local experts such as Mr. Long Yuongtu, chief negotiator of China’s Entry to WTO (World Trade Organization), revealed ‘need to know’ information for a professional event planner. The wrap-up made one thing clear; “we only need to improve ourselves 1% to be more excellent than yesterday”.

With this statement, Liu Ping formulated what her company stands for; growing from GOOD to EXCELLENT. Every participant knows that the highlight of the yearly training session is the Theme Party. Not just a dinner in disguise with some easy entertainment. No. Liu Ping and her team take this Theme Party seriously. “We face a creative challenge every year and have explored a wide range of themes from traditional classics and Olympic elements, to multiculturalism and modernity” says Liu Ping. But we know that Liu Ping is multi-talented with a passion for her country, so she always manages to create the right vibe and empowers the team to showcase the best. “Serve the People Wholeheartedly” is China Star’s corporate motto; it fully reflects our passion towards our clients and positive attitude towards life instead of stating it as a traditional concept of a political slogan.” ® share today | 02.2011 7


This motto was the reason to incorporate three main elements in the Theme party: Thank you The priority of the Party was to express gratitude to friends and clients for their help and support over the past years. A vivid short-film, comprised of 165 photos of the staff’s families, their children and the different stages of the company’s development was one of the most touching moments of the evening. Social responsibility China Star helped rural primary schools in the poor areas of western China improve their teaching and learning environment, assisted families in the earthquake-struck areas of Wenchuan and Yushu to rebuild their homes and provided financial aid to underprivileged college

let me ente rtain you

students from Tibet. The social responsibility element was accentuated by a video featuring all of their achievements, accompanied by the Michael Jackson song, ‘Heal the World.’ ‘Learn from Comrade Lei Feng’ - Inspired by Lei Fang’s life story. The final musical performance was presented by the staff. Ms. Liu Ping, CEO of China Star and Mr. Liu Yanxiang, the company’s President were the leading performers. Lei Feng is more than just a name in China. He is hailed as a cultural icon, symbolizing selflessness, modesty and dedication. His spirit is the embodiment of serving the people wholeheartedly. His credo; there is a limit to one’s life, but no limit to serving the people. This sounds like the right motive for a company who wants to play a leading role in the global events industry. √

siteswebsitesweb oksBooks Meet England is the official body responsible for promoting England as the destination of choice for corporate events, incentives and large conventions. Easy to use website with even a venue finder and help to convince your client why they should choose England. Only launched last February is a web portal offering a new way for luxury travel agencies to reach highend clientele internationally. Don’t we all want that? The website, available in 10 languages, caters for a niche clientele located in countries that either have pronounced tendencies for traveling like the U.S., Japan and Europe or have emerging cultural and economic affluence like China, Russia, Emirates and India.

Richard Branson “Screw It, Let’s Do It” In this book Richard Branson reveals the lessons that have helped him through his business and personal life, like believing it can be done and that if others disagree with you, try and try again until you achieve your goal; or that you must love what you do. These and other lessons with examples and the candid look at his lessons out of an exceptional life will inspire you to make a difference in your everyday life. So thinking of starting your own business, just GO for it! Discover world’s greenest hotel, Hotel Crown Plaza Copenhagen Towers Perfect for meetings from 5 up to 800 people. The building is CO2 neutral, certified EU green building, Green Key certified and member of UN Global Compact. The hotel is another proof that Copenhagen is way ahead in green meetings.

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c heck it out

AFRICA South Africa There are two mass-participation cycling events to be found here: The Argus Cycle Tour in Cape Town, and The 94.7 in Joburg. Both cities close down their road network (including 4 lane highways) for the day along the entire distance of approximately 100 km. The Argus route, which includes the scenic Cape Peninsula, is not only the largest timed cycling event in the world, it is also one of 12 UCI Gold Bike events; just like the Tour de France. Anyone can ride - Lance Armstrong, Matt Damon; even 12 year-olds on their mountain bikes. Many corporate clients use these events as fundraising opportunities, and countless organizations benefit. Imagine your group of up to 200 participants - all wearing the company colors and raising money for charity….

Bicycle Race Check-it-out takes you around the globe to “meet” extraordinary places Who doesn’t remember feeling like a winner the first time dad let go of the back of your bike as you were cycling - without training-wheels - all by

yourself? And what about that great song by Queen: Bicycle Race? Looks like its time to make a global biking list for corporate groups.

text Yolan d a logt p h otos Yolan d a logt, C layo q uot an d C ape T own T ou r ism

10 share today | 02.2011

ASIA Thailand Bike the Colors of Bangkok is an amazing bicycle tour right through the city Metropolis! I once did it with a group; it was not only a challenge but lots of fun getting to know this bustling

city in a new way. Cycling through lush, green neighborhoods; suddenly surprised to find yourself in a teeny-tiny street about to bike through someone’s kitchen. A great adventure! or enjoy this videotrailer

AUSTRALIA Rottnest Island, just off the coast of Perth is perfect to enjoy on a bike. As you cycle along the coastline the beautiful scenery will surprise you. Don’t forget to stop now and then for a refreshing splash in the crystal-blue waters or for an unexpected “hello” from one of the quakas (mini kangaroos).

EUROPE Switzerland Taking an unknown route to a new destination can be a challenge; but not in Switzerland. Whether you want your ride to be easy or taxing, brief or spread over several days, Switzerland. Mobility offers a 9,000 km cycle network with enough variation to suit any taste. Looking for an exciting mountain-bike tour? There are over 130 breathtaking options to choose from with downloadable route descriptions, maps and GPS coordinates. For exciting cycling tips in Bern, here are 5 routes leading into the countryside. ® share today | 02.2011 11

c h eck it out

Netherlands Considering that the Dutch are famous for their many, many bikes; it isn’t that strange that Holland offers perfect cycling opportunities along countless paths and tracks. But if you want to do it differently, Amsterdam offers a unique option… There is no better way to see this charming capital city than by water; so what could be more fun than exploring the beauty of the canals on a water bike - an unforgettable ‘cycling’ experience.

c heck it out

Bicycle bicycle bicycle

I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle

I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike

I want to ride my bicycle

I want to ride it where I like



Canada Finding the best route to a destination for you and your group is easier when you have the experience and knowledge of the cycling community at your fingertips. Reckless offers several different options in Vancouver and Victoria. The tour of Granville Island, Vancouver was a great cycling adventure!

Easter Island Easter Island (or Rapa Nui) is quite small only 117 km2 - so the perfect way to see all of the famous and mystic Moais (statues) is by mountain bike. Spectacular landscapes, marvelous viewpoints and calm roads make Easter Island a paradise for bikers. An important tip: mountain bikes are only available for rent in the city of Hanga Roa, or at Explora Rapa Nui. Biking as part of your corporate event can be fun! Our final tips? Make sure you check out the world’s most bicycle friendly places, and the European tailor made bike tours for incentives. So why not put the peddle to the metal? Get your group on a bike and “let them ride it where they like!” √

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A flying dinner table T E X T kim al d e r d en p h oto S d inne r in t h e sk y

This is a surrealistic story about a flying dinner table; a communications agency specialized in gourmet pleasures and The Fun Group; a company specialized in amusement park installations deploying cranes and how they joined forces to make a child’s dream come true: the Dinner in the Sky. In the last 4 years, they have arranged more than 1,000 events in cities ranging from Paris to Sydney to Cape Town. Each was a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. The flying dinner table also inspired other creative concepts such as a Beach Bar in the Sky, an Internet Café in the Sky for Nokia in Las Vegas and a Poker Match in the Sky at the Grand Prix Moto of Jerez. The originality and effectiveness of this concept has been recognized not only with various awards, but by leading media all over the world. We caught up with founding partners David Ghysels and Stefan Kerkhofs to find out why this concept is such a success.

14 share today | 02.2011

The key elements are Exclusivity and Safety. The sky has always been fascinating to human beings. People today want to have extraordinary experiences, dreaming of doing something different than his neighbor, and that is definitely something they offer. But they also devote painstaking attention to every detail of safety in order to maximize security. This obsession with safety is one of the reasons why Dinner in the Sky now operates in over 35 countries, gaining official authorization even from “tougher” countries like Denmark, Canada, Australia and Israel. ®

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More than a meal Today the concept has grown into much more than just dinners in the sky. Two years ago Meeting in the Sky was launched to give companies the opportunity to organize a product presentation, a conference, a concert or a meeting for up to 30 guests… more than 50 meters in the air! David and Stefan are both focused on innovation, and Entertainment in the Sky is a good example. This new platform will allow you to enjoy a dinner while listening to the sounds of your favorite artist. The future includes openings in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Ukraine, China and The Caribbean Islands; however, their main focus is to continue developing new creative ideas based on the insights of their partners.    You’re probably wondering how they manage to expand and conquer the world? By sharing their knowledge and expertise with local entrepreneurs. It just goes to show: the sky is no longer the limit! √

Footnote: For further information, please contact David Ghysels or Stefan Kerkhofs at or check it out on

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S ustainabilit y D I Y *

Slide show There is no question that long haul travel can have a negative impact on the environment, but as the Event ROI Institute argues “if we have a negative impact on environment we should make sure to maximize the positive impact we have on people and other stakeholders”.

Victoria Falls, all about sustainable opportunities

Rob Davidson’s article; “What does generation Y want from Conferences” highlights the great concern this generation has for “eventing with a conscience”. Much is written these days about both positive and negative impact tourism can have on a destination, particularly one as raw and environmentally sensitive as developing Africa.

text Yolan d a L ogt & L uci B ucklan d p h otos C ansaf

18 share today | 02.2011

Safeguarding the environment is important for sustainability of any area and it is encouraging to learn that Governments and organizations have taken guardianship of the Victoria Falls World Heritage Site so seriously that they commissioned a Strategic Impact Assessment. In balance one thinks that the increased awareness and investment in infrastructure resulting from tourism is in itself a positive offset. In a sense one could argue that tourism can function as an economic incentive for governments to conserve natural habitats. As is certainly the case in Victoria Falls.

their behavior, their complex social structure and their communication skills. For a serious adrenalin rush introduce bungee jumping above the gorge, ‘flying’ an ultra light float plane, canoeing or introducing the group to the mighty river in an inflatable raft. The river in the gorges below the Victoria Falls, classified as a Grade 5 river, is the way to go. Did you know the Zambezi River is the biggest commercially run white water in the world? ®

Sustainable opportunities abound As the destination develops in a sustainable way new activities emerge offering fun opportunities for visitors while at the same time taking pressure off the more traditional (less eco friendly) safari pursuits. Try walking safaris, elephant back safaris, even cycling or horseback safaris. An undisputable favorite is the interaction with elephants where visitors get to touch and feed these gentle giants. More serious is ‘Elephanting’; getting right up close and personal with these fascinating animals in the wild enabling guests to learn more about share today | 02.2011 19

Sustainabilit y DIY*

S ustainabilit y D I Y *

Meetings & Conferences Also the meeting professional will be happy here. From soft eco friendly meetings to complete eco conferences where you have the opportunity to select your own venue and allow mother nature herself to provide you with sound and light. If you still need to use technical appliances there is the aid of fossil fuel generated energy. Impactful experiences But like the Generation Y, many visitors to Victoria Falls want to include experiences that are somehow more worthwhile and mindful of the environment or local communities. This is where local contacts and knowledge about the area are essential. For example to raise funds to assist the local village community in reclaiming their access road or to enable a school to replace the roof.

20 share today | 02.2011

To celebrate the handing over of the funds and give the delegates an opportunity to learn more about the school and the community a fully interactive tour of the area can be set up. The group splits into teams joined by an equal number of children from the school and participates in children games and daily village tasks. They learn about daily routines like grinding the maize, making fishing traps and 速

share today | 02.2011 21

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S ustainabilit y D I Y *

reeding mats. Seeing the actual preparation of the day’s main meal can conclude the experience. On a lighter note, what would a visit to Africa be without a boogie? Experience the true spirit of Africa and sing and dance with the African people. Each dance or movement symbolizes an event or happening within the clan. Call it communication on a different level!

THE PERFECT HOST FOR EVENTS THAT SPARK THE IMAGINATION. For more information and bookings, contact our office at +31 (0) 71 5622000 or by email at |

Altogether a unique opportunity to create awareness and have a positive impact. In return the delegates leave with an unforgettable experience in mind and the knowledge that they have ‘given back’.

Check your suppliers Another way organizers can exercise CSR is to look closely at suppliers including their policies. One doesn’t have to scratch too far beneath a company’s surface like Sun International Zambia to appreciate the impressive extent of their involvement in their community. As you notice by now, Africa and Vic Falls in particular has definitely more to offer than safari alone! √

With special thanks to Luci Buckland of Into Africa, Sun International Zambia and Cansaf

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Friday afternoon. My Iphone rings. ‘Bonjour Madame, comment allez vous? We love to welcome you as our guest on Monday. Is there anything we can prepare for your stay in our hotel?’ Hospitality anno 2011 or just a rare example? Without a doubt it gives a guest a royal feeling even before arrival. Hotel Le Royal Monceau is a legend. Founded as a hotel in 1928 and just recently revamped by Mr. Starck. My first experience with Mr. Starck’s signature was about 20 years ago in New York where he had given the Paramount hotel the socalled design facelift: überhip decoration and ditto staff. Over the years I have felt that ‘Starckism’ was a bit overhyped until I had dinner in LAN restaurant in Beijing. A renewed love affair with his style started and is now confirmed in Paris.

Royal treat in Paris

Le Royal Monceau today? A real…no I should say a royal treat. For the evening Salle Pleyel was scheduled, the most celebrated concert location in Paris. Again we were amongst royalty; the Royal Dutch Orchestra with maestro Mariss Jansons.

120 classical artists of more than 20 different cultures played Rosssini, Mozart and Beethoven. After the concert we mingled with the musicians and Parisians Joel Ethan Fried, the artistic director shared some of the orchestra’s future plans with us. In 2013 the orchestra celebrates its 125th anniversary and will launch on a World Tour. A cross-cultural and cross-musical journey through 7 continents. Admirers of classical music; mark your calendars! All nice things come to an end… The key to my room is called ‘Le cles du Paradis’. And that is what it is; with a fluffy pillow, superb bed linen and sweet dreams of a Royal visit to Paris… √

Yes! That wonderful feeling when you’ve made the impossible possible; we all recognize it, don’t we? Or that

The rooms in Le Royal Monceau feel like they have been lived in, filled up with a past life, a story

moment when you arrive at a stunning location or enter a

that the traveller is invited to pursue. You feel like you are entering a home of a dear friend, a

gorgeous setting and you know this is it: here & now. We

private world, to which you have been given the keys. Finding details that tell life stories, photos

call these experiences ‘Once in a Lifetime’. We are happy to share these great stories.

from a night out, love letters, delicate scarves and fabrics etc. One of these sources of inspiration is the study of Andre Malraux.

text & p h oto K im A l d e r d en

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Well, well, wellness... In my column this time around, I would love to confess something to you; but please don’t tell anyone. As you may have noticed from reading my previous columns, I DO travel a lot. Whether for business or pleasure, I try to catch what I can. Yes, I am one of

resort in Portugal followed by hours and hours of indulging massages, treatments and ultimate wellness? Yummy! Just my style. However; I have also had my share of bad experiences, sometimes accepting enthusiastic and spontaneous invitations during long breaks in a program.

Or how about the ‘wellness’ in Budapest (in a rather famous hotel, I might add) where an enormous toothless woman who didn’t speak a word English soaped up my body before rinsing it off with a stream of ice cold water? Wellness..? Hellness!

Once, after attending a week-long seminar in Goa, India; I had become bored when I discovered there was a stunning spa close to my accommodation that offered ayurvedic treatments. Curious about what it was I made a reservation and checked in. Two hours later, I checked out. Although it’s nice to know that according to ayurvedic laws I am a Vata/Pitta, the girl who gave me the abayanga head and ear treatment definitely needed to consult an optician. The hot oil she used was much too hot—resulting in me having to wear a ‘boughtin-a-hurry cap’ for the rest of my stay!

But the worst was an experience in Egypt. The hotel PR-man raved about how much he loved the treatment they offered so I figured, why shouldn’t I? I tiptoed down to the basement, wrapped a fluffy towel around my body and lay down on the table. The music was relaxing, the oil smelled nice—but as soon as the girl touched me, an alarm went off in my body and my mind... Red alert! This wasn’t a massage; it was a “massage”…

those nerds who always carry their passport in their handbag—just in case. One of the things I love the most is when I get to visit a Spa or a Wellness resorts. Whenever an invitation pops up in my mailbox from a tour operator or a DMC, my eyes rapidly scan the description--I skip all the blah-blah about hotels, hotspots and trendy ‘must see’ places as quick as I can and focus on finding only one word: Spa. Well, well, when I see there is spa-inspection on the program; my heart starts to go boom-boom-boom. Put me in a Spa and I am lost in another world. I leave my brains, sorrow, stress and urgent deadlines in a locker together with my clothes and my cell phone and drift off into an instant state of Zen. Unfortunately, it’s usually just a Spa inspection on the program—a 10-minute long ‘hurry-hurry’ visit that ends with me fully-clothed, holding a flyer in my hands that teases me with all the possibilities they offer. And sometimes if you’re lucky you get a sachet containing a sample of some wonderful body product. So, when opportunity knocks, I wrench the door open with both hands. An open-air yoga class at a Four Seasons 26 share today | 02.2011

I hope she got fired… Now that I think about it, I hope he did too.

At the age of 10, she already won first prize in a writing competition for a Dutch newspaper and fell in love with writing. Ellen van Ree works as a freelance journalist/editor for a variety of magazines, mostly related to the travel industry. Her passion for writing, as well as for other cultures, traveling and life are apparent in her features. SHARE TODAY welcomes Ellen as one of its columnists. She will lead you through a world of experiences written with humor, creativity, inspiration and sometimes provocation. Just read and experience it for yourself! share today | 02.2011 27

groups s - x x l

Slide show Crisp morning weather, a clear blue sky and a

Hot Air

Happening text K im A l d e r d en p h oto A ctiv T r avel

cup of fresh mint tea: the perfect ingredients

The first commercial balloon flight was organ-

for a magical experience in the Moroccan

ized in 1990 by Ciel d’Afrique. This fantastic


activity is available daily from October to May, as the balloon cannot fly in hot weather.

From a distance you can see sand being blown up into the air. This means that the 4x4 jeeps from the Ciel d’Afrique team are about to arrive. The group is sitting on carpets in the sand, enjoying an early breakfast of delicious pancakes baked by Moroccan mothers. Then, the flying squad opens up the jeeps and begins preparing for the morning flight.

There are two balloons available: the first being 7000m3 accommodating 12 guests and the second being 3750m3, capable of carrying up to 6 passengers. Anyone with a sense of adventure can join. Our SHARE+ member Hicham Tahri would love to share his personal experiences with you.

This is an introduction to a hot air balloon experience just outside the Palmeraie gardens close to Marrakech. As the gondola rises slowly and majestically towards heaven, the views unfold mile after mile, framed by the awesome High Atlas Mountains to the south. Along the way you see oases, the terraced irrigated fields of the Oueds Tinsift and Nfis of the Al Hawuz Plain. After a gradual descent, guests are taken to a secluded Berber village for coffee with the head of the tribe… Is this enough of an experience for you?

We all know that the size of a group doesn’t necessarily influence the success of your event. With smaller groups you’re usually better off simply because you have more choices when it comes to locations. That’s why in every issue we focus our spotlight on an event based on a certain amount of participants; from small to XXL.

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close & personal

Uganda, the African promise A hearth warming story of War Child’s Mieke Zwart that brings faces, places and cases together. I fell in love with Africa many moons ago and have visited this continent several times since. The African hustle and bustle of people, cultures, villages, noises and smells in the midst of beautiful scenery, get me every time. The African way of life, I am home. text & p h otos M ieke Z wa r t

Some say Africa is a continent in trouble. I say Africa is a continent full of promises. All my earlier trips to Africa have been as a tourist and while travelling I became aware of how much I want Africa to stay as it is, while becoming what it can be.

smile, the people show a kindness you don’t expect when you think of the hardship they went through in their violent past. The children I met in our programmes have stories to tell that break your heart but their hopeful and smiling FACES, show me the promise of a better future.

I started to work as an office volunteer for War Child, an aid organization based on that shared principle and since 4 years I try to do my small part in helping the people of Africa. In April last year I made my first, self paid, trip to our programmes. During a 4-weeks stay in Uganda, I worked for 3 weeks with my colleagues in the North and in Kampala, the capital and spent one week as a tourist in beautiful spots in a country full of promises.

Promise 2 is Uganda as a tourist hideaway. Uganda is a huge country and has many charming PLACES to offer. It is a country that deserves more attention from the tourist industry and I for one cannot wait to go back and explore more, but for now a small account of my travels.

Promise 1 is the sum of all the smiles of the Ugandan people. As soon as you land on Entebbe Airport it strikes you. With a true and heartfelt

30 share today | 02.2011

Kampala is the capital of Uganda, located at Lake Victoria. A typical African city with constant traffic jams, potholed dirt roads, western looking shopping centres next to road side local markets. Lake Victoria harbours many islands with tourist attractions. I visited Ngamba Island, a chimpanzee refuge, only a 1,5 hr boat ride ®

share today | 02.2011 31

close & pe rsonal

close & personal

Slide show Uganda also offers wild life experiences. I took a local flight from Entebbe to National Park Murchison Falls in the Northern part of Uganda. Seeing Uganda from the air is an experience you should not miss. The river Nile flows like a snake through the country. In the Nile Safari Lodge you sit and hear the rhinos grunt, watch the monkeys climb your cottage rooftop and see beautiful birds spread their wings and glide over the Nile. from Kampala and spent my last days in Uganda in the Lagoon Island Lodge, a hideaway with tree cottages, good food and campfires. In Kampala I spent Easter in Cassia Lodge and zipped my wine overlooking Kampala while the sun set over Lake Victoria. A 2-hour drive from Kampala, although you never can be sure since time is flexible in Africa lays The Haven Lodge. And that is exactly what it is. Luxury cottages overlooking a rapid in the Nile, green grass, beautiful flowers and hidden sun bathing terraces where you can swim in the Nile.

I took a boat trip just after sunrise and met eagles, alligators, rhinos and elephants with their young ones, drinking the water and I hiked all the way up to the top of the impressive Murchison Falls. Promise 3 is the children of Uganda. Every day of the 3 weeks I visited the War Child programmes in the Northern Region together with our social workers, was an event. A CASE I will remember for a lifetime. Waking up and hoping there would be light or water, travelling over dirt roads for hours to get to the communities, being welcomed by hundreds of smiling children, touching you and your heart. Sitting in the shadow of a huge tree, looking at children performing poems, songs, dances and plays to an audience of parents, caretakers, school teachers and local authorities, a way to express their rights on education and protection. I visited our simple local offices in the midst of the communities, often far away from civilisation and felt completely disconnected from my familiar world.

32 share today | 02.2011

That is where War Child reaches out to the children, the future of Africa. We work on the ground, in the bush, amongst and together with the people, letting Africa stay as it is and at the same time helping it to become what it can be. I left Uganda feeling hopeful, overwhelmed by experiences and emotions. My photos show me what I left behind: an African promise. √ Information about War Child: share today | 02.2011 33

snap s hot

Do you know why Danes are the happiest people in the world, how many kilometers they bike and which currency they use? Read it in next issue. p h oto V isitDenma r k

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zoom in

slide show

Meet the mastermind text kim al d e r d en p h oto S d esign h otels ™

These days, the term “design hotel” is often randomly used to describe just about any property that strays from the familiar, interchangeable grand-hotel or chain-hotel aesthetic. But there’s more to a true design hotel than cookie-cutter minimalism or flyby-night visual trends. This is something founder and CEO from Design Hotels™, Claus Sendlinger, recognized well before the hype.

Design Hotels™ has blossomed and is now a global lifestyle brand. The executive management team today consists of 5 young and dynamic professionals. SHARE TODAY had the opportunity to ask 3 questions to Bernd Neff, VP Brand, Marketing & Communications. Q . We learned from your bio that you have a diverse background in various industries. Even the events industry is mentioned. How did you translate your experience into your current position? I have a multi-disciplinary background in advertising, media, events and fashion, which at Design Hotels™ I can apply to the multi-sensorial approach of the brand. You can experience the world of Design Hotels™ via diverse channels such as our films and rich media clips on member hotels, our events like the architecture and design Future Forum and our publications like the Design Hotels™ books. All of these draw upon a global network of experts in various industries. Our ongoing aim is to create a multidimensional brand that reflects our passion and our hunger for innovation. Q. Do you think events become part of the future DNA of Design Hotels™? Events are already a part of our DNA. I can give you a few samples:

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• We’ve had a road show format for many years called “Exchange”, where we invite our member hotels and our trade partners to special venues that reflect the brand values. These are galleries, photo-studios or other venues that are linked to the local creative community. The event format itself differs from common trade events through the set up and the content. Member hotels have presentation modules designed by a design studio, motion graphic animated videos with bespoke music for each clip, innovative food concepts etc. • Our regular architecture and design symposium Future Forum is an event, which attracts an international roster of architects, designers and trend experts who present and explore futuristic concepts in the context of hospitality. • With our signature trade fair stands, which are always designed by first-rate designers and partners in Berlin, we are represented at all important industry trade fairs around the world (like ITB in Berlin, IMEX in Frankfurt, ALTM in Shanghai and ILTM in Cannes). Q. Can you rank a top 3 of hotels that are an absolute must for the global events industry? This is hard to say, as it depends on the type and size of event. Nowadays event spaces at hotels must provide a one-of-a-kind experience and not just “ordinary” meeting facilities and acceptable food. Within our portfolio of more than 200 ® share today | 02.2011 37

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Slide show member hotels we provide inspiring places for every need. If we split them into urban hotels, sunny getaways and unconventional experiences - these are some great examples:

hotel in Sagres Bay, overlooking the Baleeira harbor, known for its rich history and stunning natural beauty. > 2 other examples

Urban hotels Mamilla Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel. The Mamilla Hotel, developed and operated by Alrov Luxury Hotels, in collaboration with world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie and the illustrious designer Piero Lissoni, fascinates by its fresh vibe and great views of the historic city. >curious to learn more? Sunny getaways Memmo Baleeira, Sagres, Portugal. The phrase ‘a room with a view’ perfectly describes the meeting rooms at this 144-room

Unconventional experiences Sextantio Albergo Diffuso, Italy. Nestling in the middle of the Appennines, is Sextantio Albergo Diffuso, a gorgeous series of buildings throughout the historic village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio. Here in this peaceful, authentic setting, which is like it was centuries ago, nothing will distract your attention. √ > more experiences

Design Hotels™? then and now... Back in 1993, Design Hotels™? began as a marketing company for contemporary hotels and started with a modest portfolio of only 10 iconic member properties. Under Claus Sendlinger’s leadership, the company continued to expand, strategically tapping into new markets and hand-picking its collection of 200 one-of-a-kind hotels. Every single one provides a unique hotel experience and reflects the vision of an independent hotelier – an “original” with a passion for genuine hospitality that is culturally rooted and enhanced by thought-provoking design and architecture. These “originals” founded the idea behind the concept and recently launched book ‘Made by Originals’. Every event professional can subscribe to the travel agents part of the website. Make sure you do because there are some great hotel offers to share.

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Team Challenge Together to the top! A slogan I’ve heard a lot during teambuilding-sessions. On their way to reach the top, everyone is sucked into the euphoria and promise of a joint success and once at the top the bottles are opened and hearty cheers are shared. The top is the goal we set preferably every time a bit further and higher. The bigger the challenge, the better the price. But there is another side to every medal. Rob Hall, a very experienced mountaineer from New Zealand reached the top of Mount Everest one of the highest and most craved mountains. He did not do that alone. Once at the top his climbing buddy couldn’t go further and Rob decided to stay and help him. His friend died and the bad weather coming in made it impossible for Rob to descend. Rob never came down. Why am I sharing this? Climbing a mountain is a beautiful metaphor for (business) life. On your way to the top you get head wind, the air gets ‘thinner’, the risks bigger and it gets lonelier the closer you get to the top. Your team members might not be able to keep up. Reaching the top is one thing but getting there together is another.

I once found myself in an almost similar situation as Rob Hall. I challenged a friend and myself during an adventure race. While in a kayak we found ourselves in a squall on open sea. My buddy lost consciousness through exhaustion and hypothermia. Luckily after precarious hours on the water we were rescued from our perilous situation. We reached the ‘top’ but during our way up we forgot to pay attention and almost did not make it down together. My biggest lesson from this - and this is something I also experience a lot as a management coach - is that by going for the top you choose a direction. Is it the road you travel that matters? Or is it reaching the top itself? Do you watch out for each other? Can everyone keep up and is everyone capable enough to reach out for the top? It is in people’s nature to keep striving for the best. In his or her own field or on his or her own level; in sports, politics, business life, the church or simply as a mother or father. But we have to remind ourselves that reaching the top is not what matters. It is the road we travel, the direction we take and the team that make the difference. Good luck!

Let us introduce you to another columnist, Toine Doreleijers. He lives in Austria and the Netherlands, is married and father of two sons. Toine enjoys life by travelling, being adventurous (ever heard of ‘suppen’ and telemarken?) and passionately bringing people into action. It’s no wonder that Toine works as an independent trainer, a coach and an events organizer. Energetic is the word that suits Toine best. His finest hour? A leadership journey with Native Americans in upper Michigan, USA. There’s no need to say that Toine has a lot to share.

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Planners have Power in 2011 text J essie S tates

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Look for moderate growth and marginal spending increases this year, according to hotel management co. Benchmark Hospitality International in its annual U.S. Top 10 Meeting Trends report, which reinforces MPI’s* own FutureWatch 2011 research as observed by its properties.


Business is on the move again

Business travel will increase in 2011. The booking pace for most Benchmark properties is outperforming the previous year’s results. Customers remain highly rate conscious and value focused, though, and demand speed—as in fast Internet connectivity.


Planners want choices

The Complete Meeting Package, sacrosanct for decades, has become the Flexible Meeting Package. Planners still see value in all-inclusive packages; they just want them customized to suit their needs and budgets. How hotels and conference centers develop and structurepackaging components in the future will be influenced by this trend.   42 share today | 02.2011


Heads in beds

This year, hotels will try to grow occupancy while maintaining rate integrity, which will be comparable to last year. To win business, properties will negotiate added-value options, such as complimentary Internet access, cancellation/attrition flexibility and resort fee forgiveness.


The pace is positive

More companies are responding to improved economic conditions by projecting increased business needs in every business quarter, especially the latter part of the year. Along the way, meetings will increase in quantity, but not size.   


Only Connect

Social Media usage is beginning to take hold within the meeting planning industry, but is not dominating communications like it is for the general public worldwide. The exceptions are LinkedIn and YouTube, as groups videotape sessions and post these online for the benefit of their colleagues back at the office, to review key points going forward and to encapsulate business concepts. ®

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Cost still trumps green

Being green remains important for many planners who look for properties to have these initiatives in place. In fact, today it’s generally assumed they do. Government meetings demand it, as does, increasingly, the pharmaceutical industry. But, if asked to choose between being green or providing maximum cost savings, budgets still take precedence in 2011.

Our meeting room. Alp Aelggi, Central Switzerland With its excellent infrastructure, ease of access and breathtaking scenery, Switzerland is the ideal location for your meetings. For assistance with the planning of your event please contact the Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau: phone 020 620 92 29,, or visit us on


Time for teambuilding

Demand for teambuilding is back. Where there is demand, planners want unique programs delivered within tight budgets. It’s not likely, however, that the old ropes course will be involved.Â


Why So Serious?

Properties are seeing the return of recreation and entertainment as part of the meeting experience. To say it is a “comeback� would be stretching things, but inquires for entertainment options as diverse as theme parties, comedians, “meeting camps� and “think tanks,� are coming





from groups interested—for the first time in a long time—in offering more than a strictly serious meeting experience.   


They’re back!

Insurance, financial, consulting, high tech, healthcare and education: As the tried and true industries that have supported the conference center hotel industry over the past decades step up hiring, training-related meetings are becoming more prevalent.Â

10 It’s no longer anyone’s guess Planners and meeting customers learn about locations, destinations and individual properties online. Whether searching websites, perusing online magazines, reading destination coverage, viewing hotel advertising or receiving e-blasts, the world is now on the Internet. With iPads, smart phones and apps readily available to promote nearly every product and service, communicating with customers online has never been more available, more complex or more important.. √

The official One+ magazine blog, Plus POINT of MPI/ January 25th 2011 *Meeting Professionals International

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