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Discover your inner investor Are you more of a Nerdy Nadia or Tony the toe-dipper? Read on to find out.



Discover your inner investor The good people of Investorville love to invest, but each of them has a different way of making investment decisions. Find out if your own ‘inner investor’ has a kindred spirit in Investorville.

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Social media Sally Always gossiping, always connected and always on social media, Sally takes her investing cues from her online amigos – regardless of how astute they actually are! Fortunately, there’s a more reliable source of guidance available to her at Find out more at

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Risky Ray Ray knows that taking a bigger risk can potentially lead to a much bigger reward. Of course, it could mean hefty losses too – but Ray’s a brave soul and he’s prepared to live with the consequences if things do go sour. While there’s nothing wrong with taking chances, it’s always best to make a calculated assessment of your options first! That’s why Ray visits before making any bold decisions. Find out more at

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Bulletin board Billy Billy is the kind of guy who reads all the online forums, checks the bulletin boards and scours the comments section at the bottom of every investment article for clues on where to invest his money. We wonder why he doesn’t just cut to the chase and go straight to Find out more at

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Bandwagon Babs Best mates with Sanjay the sheep, Bandwagon Babs just wants to be along for the ride. Her main motivation for investing seems to be a morbid ‘Fear Of Missing Out’. Of course the only things she’s really missing out on are sensible investment ideas – which is why we think she should visit Find out more at

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IFA Office


Advice-taker Jake Jake likes to keep things simple, so he employs a trusted financial adviser to look after his finances using the AJ Bell Investcentre platform. If that sounds like a good idea to you, take a look at Find out more at

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Ask a mate Andy Andy values personal relationships above all else – so he’s happy to get investment tips from his mates down the pub, or ‘that bloke at the golf club who seems pretty clued-up’. The thing is, Andy’s friends aren’t nearly as well informed as the guys who work at Find out more at

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Pot luck Paula Paula’s approach to investing is to take a wild stab in the dark and hope she strikes it rich by putting risk to one side and taking a gamble. We think a much better bet would be to visit youinvest. and get some proper investment ideas.

Find out more at

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Sanjay the sheep When it comes to investing, Sanjay the sheep just follows the crowd, looks for the most popular funds, or piles into the latest ‘must-have’ stocks that everyone else is going for. We reckon that’s rather woolly thinking, because the really switched-on investors flock to before investing a penny. Find out more at

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Nerdy Nadia You know that ‘details person’ who researches everything, keeps meticulous spreadsheets and leaves as little as possible to chance? That’s Nerdy Nadia. She’s a very savvy investor, which is why is always bookmarked on her web browser. Find out more at

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Tony the toe-dipper Tony thinks the investment waters look inviting, but worries about exactly what is lurking under the surface. So he just dips his toe in now and again, without ever really taking the plunge. The good news for Tony is that there’s an ocean of good ideas to explore at Find out more at


There’s an investor in all of us. It’s time to discover yours with AJ Bell.


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AJ Bell - Discover your inner investor  

AJ Bell - Discover your inner investor