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SOCIAL ACCOUNTS for the year ended 30 September 2013

AIM 4 CONTINUED: WORK IN PARTNERSHIP WITH PEOPLE WHO SHARE OUR COMMITMENT TO FAIR AND JUST TRADE Progress (on recommendations made in last year’s social accounts) 

‘Analyse Shared Interest’s network of connections including those through the Board and Council’ – All current partners have been categorised and assigned a main point of contact within Shared Interest. We have also identified potential partner organisations where we currently have no contacts but feel it would be beneficial to develop a relationship. We will carry out a piece of work in the coming year to discuss these lists with the Board and Council to see if they have any contacts and also to possibly identify further organisations that we should be partnering with.

‘Further our understanding of how we can grow and strengthen our social capital’ – We have tried to value the time we spend on our partnerships and what the added value is although this is often intangible and difficult to quantify. We considered asking our partners to put a value on their relationship with Shared Interest but felt this would be difficult to do and decided against it at this stage. We are now trying the spread the concept of social capital throughout the social accounts and not only with those we consider as partners.

‘Analyse how our national partners have contributed to the generation of share capital’ – Although it is difficult to measure and accurately track where investment is inspired from, we know we have raised investment from joint events with partners this year. All our events with partners have been very well attended and brought in some new investment. We will continue to work in partnership faith groups and will seek new relationships with this network as we feel this is a rich vein of potential investors for the Society.

Conclusions (from this year’s social accounts) 

Partnerships add value to the work of Shared Interest.

Partnership with Shared Interest is seen as important by our key partners.

Recommendations (progress to be reviewed in next year’s social accounts) 

Continue to build relationships with existing and appropriate new partners.

Continue to develop understanding of social capital and how to evaluate it.

Conclude research on the partnership working of members of Shared Interest’s Board and Council.

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Shared Interest Social Accounts 2013