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FOOD IS LOVE By: Karishma Sinnott, Community Editor This month, in the spirit of reclaiming the month of September, reinstating family dinners and weekend lunches, we decided to shine our light on some incredible women here in San Elijo who will put the fun back in weeknight and weekend cooking. Kinda Arzon has been a resident of San Marcos for over ten years, and has spent the last two in San Elijo Hills with her husband, Louis, her eight year old daughter, Leila, and her seven year old son, Louie, both of whom attend San Elijo Elementary School. When her children are at school, Kinda is an avid and professional photographer. Her company, Kinda Arzon Photography, specializes in newborn and family photography. During the day, even as she is working on photographs for her clients, Kinda thinks about what she will prepare for her children when they come home from school, as they are always starving and ready to eat whatever she puts in front of them.

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SHARE editor’s letter Reclaiming September By: Karishma Sinnott, Community Editor THE FUNNY THING ABOUT WRITING THIS PAPER IS THAT WE USUALLY

and roll the windows down. Take a drive by the beach and just sit there and catch


up on what happened in your family’s day at school or work.



Cook dinner and take it out to your garden. Eat on paper plates once a week (recycle them when you’re done) to take away from the feeling of dread that two sinks full of dishes invariably brings. Walk the dog together as a family at 7:30PM. It’s cooler outside, and the children may complain at first, but I really think they will start to enjoy that tradition.



Let’s not let the weekends get lost in sports and other activities. If But perhaps the most disconcerting month of all, in terms of an Editor’s point of view, is September.

Saturday is a sport-heavy day, then let Sunday be one that you grab by the horns and ride into the sunset. Plan that Sunday on Friday so that it gives

It’s 6AM on July 16, and as I write this, I am already feeling a sense of dread, and

you something to look forward to! I’m not saying that soccer Saturdays

a feeling of being rushed, and the strong urge to hide my head in my pillow and

aren’t exciting, I love being out there on San Elijo field, watching the boys

not leave bed!

and girls play, but it’s always a thrill to have something planned to

Are you wondering why? I will tell you, but as I do, I shall pour myself a cup of

celebrate the win or commiserate the loss once it’s behind you.

calming tea and grab some crackers to settle my already heaving stomach! I know

Some of you will be brilliant enough to start your Christmas shopping over Labor

I sound dramatic, and I am certainly being a little hyperbolic, but honestly, this is

Day. (I am eternally jealous of you people, and I know who you are!) Some of you

how I feel.

will embrace the weekends for all they are worth. I, for one, am hoping to make

September, to my mind, is the month that never was. It gets lost, and it makes me despondent. Our school always seems to begin at the end of August, and as such, that first week of school (and the last week of August) goes by in the blink of an eye. Excitement over new schedules and teachers takes over, the sense of wonder in the eyes of a kindergartner comes to the forefront, the smell of new school supplies is predominant in

September the most memorable month I possibly can. I am hopeful that I can shake the blues that accompany the back-to-normal-life routine that inevitably takes over in the month of September. My goal is to disrupt the routine, bring in the element of surprise, change up the day, celebrate for no reason, find time for an extra-long hug or squeeze, make space for a night of the unexpected. I don’t know if we will succeed, but if we remind each other, we may be more successful.

our house, and the children are always happy to be in the permanent

If a neighbor or friend seems particularly frazzled, drop off a note and remind

company of their friends.

them that the weekend isn’t far away. Bake some cookies or pluck some flowers

And after that first week of school, and the last week of August is behind us, we

from your garden and make someone’s day in September a happy one.

are faced with September. There is, of course, that one Labor Day Monday to look

That’s what we will do. Jostle. Dislodge. Adjust. Revise. Metamorphize.

forward to, but after that, it’s a long stretch before the happiness of Halloween in

Change. Reclaim.

October and the thrill of the holidays in November and December. It’s an unbearably long stretch of hot days that are filled with tired children and parents and complaints about homework and school projects.

And eventually, we will share. Please tell me how your month is going. Do you have tips to make the transition easier? Please share. Do you know how to make a school night special? We would love to

I am just the epitome of good cheer and sunshine, aren’t I? Well, I mean to be, I

hear! What do you do to reclaim your family time? What traditions

promise. I’m getting to it.

keep you sane when the days are insane? Share with us. We will be

We are going to RECLAIM September this year. Honestly, we are. Let’s do it

so grateful.

together? It will be our goal to make September the happiest month of the year, even more than December. I think we can do it, if we try together.

Here’s to a happy, unexpected, interesting, exciting, and blessed month of September.

Just because the season of sports is upon us, and just because we are weighed down by school work and after-school classes doesn’t mean that we forget, oh so quickly, the fun that we shared in August and July. Let’s not! This September, we will do more. We will honor this month and not let it slink by in a blur of grumpiness and feelings of being overwhelmed. There is no earthly

Karishma Sinnott, Community Editor

reason why we cannot sneak away for a night time walk with the children to grab


some frozen yogurt at Yogurt Utopia. Forget about dinner one day and have Cafe Stoked pack you a picnic to take to the park after soccer practice. Jump in the car

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September Date: • Thursday, September 11th 12:00pm – 1:00pm, lunch provided • RSVP by Tuesday, September 9


Location: Park Place Building North 950 Boardwalk, #304, San Marcos, CA

Hosted by: Rachel Vrana, Esq. Vrana Law www.vranalaw.com Jenny Erdmann, Esq., CDFA Guide My Finances www.guidemyfinances.com


BRING THE FUN BACK TO DINNER www.thekitchenskinnymenus.com

RSVP Online: https://vranaerdmann.eventbrite.com Or Contact Jenny: 619-204-1331 Jenny@guidemyfinances.com

SHARE celebrate Food is Love

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Recipe Corner MEDITERRANEAN GARLIC & LEMON CHICKEN WITH POTATOES & CARROTS By: Kinda Arzon Ingredients: 2 Chicken breasts and 4 to 5 drumsticks (it can be any combination of chicken you want) 4 potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks 1 1/2 cups small carrots 5 cloves garlic, crushed 1 cup white wine 2/3 cup ketchup 2 tablespoons curry powder 1 tablespoon allspice 1 tablespoon cinnamon 1/2 tablespoon salt Photo Credit: Kinda Arzon Photography

Kinda is a member of the SHEs of SEH. As you all probably know (because we know you voraciously read every issue of SHARE !), the SHEs of SEH originally started as a networking group, for and by the women of San Elijo.

3 small lemons, juiced (you will need the lemon juice) Directions: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Clean chicken and trim fat. Cut each breast into two pieces. In large bowl mix together the chicken, potatoes, carrots. Add all the ingredients above except for lemon

After the fires, the SHEs quickly started to become so much more than a networking group. The constant

juice. Mix together well. Transfer everything into an oven safe

communication during the time of the fires brought the members together in a way they had never

dish and bake at 350 degrees, uncovered for 20 minutes. After

imagined, and they started to share more intimate parts of their lives, with questions becoming more

20 minutes, cover with aluminum foil and bake, covered, for

personal, and members joining forces in different ways.

additional hour and 15 minutes. Take out of the oven and pour

Kinda had a personal goal — she wanted to change the way her family was eating, and was

lemon juice over the dish. Serve with salad and pita bread.

striving to carve a path towards healthy eating and more enticing food choices. However, she was tired of her own recipes, and needed to expand her repertoire (don’t we all?). She needed motivation, excitement in the kitchen, new ideas and thoughts to propel her idea forward. Since it was too hard to physically get people together to cook, Kinda decided to go down the virtual road of kitchen togetherness. This is how What’s For Dinner came to life, via a Facebook Page, and with support from the SHEs of SEH. In six weeks, the What’s For Dinner group had over 300 members, and it wasn’t just about dinner. It encompassed ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks. People posted recipes from around the world, prized recipes from Grandmas and Nonnas, well-loved ideas from Mothers and Aunts. All of a sudden, neighbors who were born and raised with nothing but traditional American food were learning how to make falafels and lentils, trying their hand at tried-and-tested recipes that ensured success.

Front row: Louie, Leila, Sabrina, Conrad. Back row: Daniela

Along the way, people found themselves motivated and excited to do something new, to report back to


their Facebook friends, to send pictures and updates. They were accountable to someone else for their

By: Kinda Arzon

meals as well as to themselves, and so this fueled the fire and the desire to be successful in their new daily endeavor.

Ingredients: 1 can jumbo biscuits

What’s for Dinner has a sister Facebook page named Think Inside The Lunchbox, started by

1 cup crumbled Feta Cheese (substitute mozzarella if desired)

Daniela Oltean and Kinda Arzon. Daniela and Kinda had their daughters in the same preschool,

2 eggs

and when faced with the thought of kindergarten lunches for their girls three years ago, they

Black pepper

came up with the Facebook page called Think Inside the Lunchbox. Much like What’s For Dinner, it’s a symbiotic relationship between mothers who want to pack more healthy, creative, exciting, nutritious and delicious lunches for their children, and are looking to share ideas and tips and time saving thoughts.

Directions: Flatten the biscuits on a cookie sheet. Mix crumbled feta or mozzarella and eggs and black pepper to taste. Top each biscuit with the mixture. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

It’s funny how an idea takes root and proceeds to grow and spread and expand, the branches reaching different people from various walks of life, different neighborhoods, cities and countries. A simple idea of changing food habits and learning a new way to cook has given birth to a lifetime of treasured recipes exchanging hands, experiments with international foods, an appreciation for not just what a neighbor eats, but for their culture and traditions. Who said Facebook didn’t have value? If you’re not a “Facebooker”, What’s For Dinner and Think Inside The Lunchbox might be just what you need to inspire you to get an account and join the ladies for gastronomic delights from around the world, without ever leaving San Elijo Hills. To learn more about these pages, please request membership by visiting http://www.facebook.com/groups/255035978032051/ or emailing kinda.arzon@gmail.com.



SHARE celebrate Save A Life, One Mile at a Time - The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Moms In Training Program and cycling races. Together, they have raised over 1.4 billion dollars towards blood cancer research and services. It is also important to note that 78 cents of each dollar raised goes directly into research, education and patient support to help patients with blood cancer. Did you know that in 1964, the survival rate for a child with Leukemia was just 3%? In 2014, it is 90%. We should be happy with that statistic, and indeed we are. However, we still have 10% to acknowledge and cure, and it is not an unattainable goal at all. They say that you may have cancer, but it doesn’t have you. And with organizations like The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society leading the charge against cancer, it seems like we are well on our way to save lives, just one mile at a time. To learn more about The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and all it accomplishes, or to be part of Team In Training or Moms In Training, visit www.LLS.org and www.teamintraining.org/sd.


If you would like to be part of a San Elijo team, please contact Karishma Sinnott at karishma@sharesanelijo.com.

San Elijo Hills has a connection to Leukemia in a very strong way. We lost our beloved teacher at San Elijo Elementary School, Jennifer Mullane, to the disease last year, and several residents have been diagnosed with, and have subsequently fought this disease. We will meet them over the next few months, and share their stories of success with fighting blood cancer. First things first. WHAT IS THE LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA SOCIETY, TEAM IN TRAINING AND MOMS IN TRAINING? Rick Rungaitis, Director of the Team In Training Program of the San Diego/Hawaii Chapter, is a resident of San Elijo Hills. He spent most of his career putting together corporate partnerships and sponsorships, and when the opportunity arose for him to use the skills he had acquired towards a charitable cause, he jumped on the chance to make a difference, and has never looked back. Like most people in the world, Rick has a connection to cancer, having watched friends and family fight the disease. Now, he has a connection to the mission to cure cancer, and with it, he has a dream. Our hope and goal is to help make that dream a reality. Rick’s dream starts with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s new Moms In Training Program, where, starting in January, coaches work with mothers on an eight-week program to help them train for the Finish Chelsea’s Run 5K in March. Rick Rungaitis’ dream is very San Elijo specific, and we believe that it’s not one that is far from reality if we all join together to make it happen. What if we put together a community team for any of the many events available to us, and call it ‘Team Jen Mullane”? Would there be any more special way to honor a teacher who changed the lives of so many children with her kindness, empathy and generous spirit? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to fundraise as a team, in her name? We cannot think of a


bigger and better tribute to Jen Mullane, and all our neighbors, friends and family affected by this blood disease.


It seems like the perfect symbiotic relationship to us. If you’re a busy mother who is passionate about making a difference, fighting blood

As the largest endurance sports training program in the world, Team In Training is offering training and support for the ViaSat Half

cancer, saving a life, then Moms In Training is the program for you. If you have always Marathon Triple Crown in Carlsbad, La Jolla and America’s Finest City.

wanted to run a 5K, but feel like you’re not quite ready, and need some added motivation, then this is the place to start. We can save a life, one mile at a time.

When you are part of TNT you will not only attain your personal physical best, but you will be helping change patients’ lives by raising

With experienced, professional coaches to guide you through your training, and with the

money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

support of fellow mothers, all of a sudden a 5K doesn’t seem so daunting, does it?

Use code SHARE for registration discount.

It’s staggering to learn that The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program has helped over 600,000 participants find success in marathons, 5Ks, triathlons



For more information contact us at teamintraining.org/sd or call TNT at 858-427-6668

SHARE celebrate Carnival for Cancer By: Kimberly Alvarado

With double her goal dollars to contribute, Samantha and her family were able to participate in the Relay for Life event, walking over 20 miles in a 24-hour relay. The Kascoutas family is grateful to everyone who came out to

What happens when a little girl sets her

support Samantha’s cause. Her carnival is one example of a big goal, getting

mind and her heart on a goal of raising

an even bigger reward.

money for a good cause? She BEATS it! That’s right; Samantha Kascoutas recently dreamed up a great way to raise funds for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life walk. Her goal was to raise $500. Instead, she raised $1,081.73. How did she do it? Samantha came up with the idea to hold a neighborhood carnival to help raise money to conquer cancer. She recruited family members and friends to help with the planning, set-up, baking and gaming operations at her carnival and then she got busy! After hand-making all of her own signage, she created a variety of games for the event, including: ski ball, ring toss, lollipop tree, putt-putt golf, bean bag toss and her own unique can-toss creation, called “Knock Out Cancer”. Afterwards, Samantha visited local shops, asking for donations for raffle prizes. She received contributions from Albertsons, Hendos, Postal Annex, Windmill Cleaners, Café Stoked, Froyo Love and the 101 Diner in Encinitas. She also persuaded the Houston Team to donate a jump house for the occasion.



SHARE explore BU S I N E S


Sola Salon Studios Grand Opening Sola Salon Studios is celebrating their grand opening, and you’re invited! The fun will take place on Thursday, September 25 from 5:30 to 8PM. You’ll have a chance to see all of the great salon amenities, enjoy food and beverages, and enter a raffle for a chance to win some great prizes, including salon service gift cards and vouchers for professional hair care products. In addition to discovering a new salon, this is a fantastic resource for local salon

“Salon professionals come to Sola to escape salon politics and experience a new

professionals, who dream of taking the step to operate their own business in a high-

sense of freedom. Sola stylists can customize their studio, create their own

quality, stress-free environment right here in San Marcos. Sola Salon Studios

schedule, set their own prices, and sell retail to create a larger profit margin. Many

provides a turn-key environment for a variety of established professionals and

Sola professionals are former traditional-style salon owners who were looking to

entrepreneurs, including hairdressers, estheticians, nail stylists, massage therapists,

simplify business needs and take their career to the next level,” said Matt Briger,

and make-up artists. Sola offers the freedom and benefits of salon ownership

CEO of Sola Salon Studios.

without many of the risks associated with owning a traditional salon.

Studios are leasing fast! For more information or to take a tour at

The working stations at Sola Salon Studios are equipped with everything a

San Marcos’s premier Sola Salon Studios, call Sherry Kudren at

salon professional desires:

(760) 978-6631 or email sherry@solasalons.com.

• Custom cabinets with ample storage and retail shelving

Sola Salon Studios is located at 2055 Montiel Road, just off Hwy 78

• Private spaces with oversized sliding/locking doors and

and Nordahl, close to Kohl’s, Walmart and Costco. For more

floor-to-ceiling walls for one-on-one conversations or playing music • High-quality hydraulic chairs and shampoo bowls for comfort

information, visit www.solasalonstudios.com or come to the Grand Opening on September 25 and explore!

• Individual ventilation in each studio to minimize odors and noise • Full spectrum lighting to emulate natural daylight • Instant, abundant hot water supply; so there’s no more waiting for hot water • Utilities and Wi-Fi are also included with leased workstations

FREEDOM TO LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE Join Us For Our Grand Opening Party! Thursday, September 25th, 2014 6:00pm - 8:00pm 2055 Montiel Road, Suite 109, San Marcos, CA 92069

Beauty Professionals-come check out the latest design in upscale salon studios! Consumers-Looking for a beauty professional? Visit with some of North County's best beauty

Say goodbye to their salon. Say hello to yours. At Sola Salon Studios, we lease individual studio space where you can operate your own boutique salon. Join our community of over 3,000 salon professionals nationwide to experience the freedom of a more flexible, creative and profitable career. When you’re in your studio at Sola, you’re the boss! Customize your own space, set your own schedule and prices, and enjoy the benefits of salon ownership without many of the risks associated with opening a traditional salon.

professionals offering a range of services. FUN • FOOD • PRIZES • MUSIC MOVE IN SPECIALS! Contact Sherry at 760-978-6631 or Sherry@solasalons.com www.facebook.com/solasalonsanmarcos www.solasalons.com



SHARE explore


California Coastal Clean-Up Day – Help Clean Our Beautiful Trails By: Justin Hone

International Coastal Cleanup, which is facilitated by The Ocean Conservancy and includes many U.S. states and territories and over 70 countries. The City of San Marcos has agreed to help our efforts and our local San Elijo Middle School (SEMS) is also getting involved. To spread the word at SEMS, the ASB is making posters about the event, teachers are planning to discuss the activity in their classrooms, and information will be posted on the school’s web page for parents who might want more information. In other words, it’s a big deal. So, please consider the value the trails provide to you and your family and help us make September 20 a successful cleanup day!




If you would like to volunteer to help, go to the CCD page and search for the “San Marcos – San Elijo Hills

The abundance of trails in our community is unique. Many developments from the early 2000’s followed the “sardine” method of community planning – after all, who needs trails when another house can go there?

Trails” site or scan the QR code to the right to register ahead of time. Walk-ups are welcomed, but preregistration helps us with site logistics, so if you know

The trails are probably among the qualities that attracted you to life in San Elijo Hills. We’re all

for sure you want to help, please register online. The

invested in the trails. Whether you’re a regular trail user or not, your HOA dues pay for trail

team captains for our cleanup site are Kathy Jones and

materials and maintenance, and if we don’t change the habits of some, that cost is bound to

Rebecca Condello of the trails committee – an HOA

increase. Just take a walk through your nearest trail – you’ll be shocked by how many of your

subcommittee made up of residents from San Elijo Hills

neighbors have tossed their drink bottles in the bushes or left their pet waste neatly bagged

seeking to improve our trails.

up on the side of the trail for someone else to clean up.




The biggest impact and boldest statement we can make is to clean up the trails to bring

Special Instructions: All volunteers should wear comfortable closed toed

attention to the deteriorating conditions, and make it clear that they are considered a valuable

shoes and sun protection. Help reduce waste by bringing your own reusable

asset to the community. To make this happen, the San Elijo Hills’ trails have been designated

water bottle, gardening or work gloves, and a bucket to collect litter. Every

an official CCD cleanup site.

participant in CCD needs to sign a waiver; anyone under the age of 18 needs

California Coastal Cleanup Day is a statewide beach and coastal and inland waterway cleanup

a parent or guardian’s signature to participate.

held throughout California each year, part of the largest such cleanup in the country. CCD is a

For more information, visit

partnership between the California Coastal Commission, non-profit groups such as “I Love A


Clean San Diego,” and cities and counties throughout the state. It is a major part of

PreFitKidz – Enjoy, Experiment, Explore!

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, is an ACE certified personal trainer and has earned a CPR certification as well. It’s as if all the years of working in the wellness and fitness industry were a precursor to Stacy’s new job – trainer to the next generation of healthy, fit, athletes.

Stacy Ulrich has lived here in the neighborhood since 2007, with her husband, Her program is one that offers preschool children the opportunity to play, experiment, Kevin, and their four year old daughter, Makenna. and explore, having fun along the way. These classes are meant to enhance gross motor When her daughter turned three, Stacy started to look for sports classes for her, and

skills, balance, and increase self confidence. The 40-minute classes will encourage

found, as most of us have, that classes for two and three year olds involve a good amount

children to learn in a non-competitive atmosphere that is filled with laughter.

of sitting on a ball, listening to directions, and not a lot of movement. The level of inactivity in a 40-minute lesson for a preschooler made Stacy start to think about developing a program that is better for little ones, more focused, more fun, with

If you have a preschooler who spends Saturday mornings at their older siblings’ sports games or one who loves to run, jump, hop, skip and play ball around the house, this is for you. Classes begin in San Elijo Hills on

more movement.

September 13. Choose from three time options – 8:30, 9:20, or 10:10AM. Stacy certainly has the background to develop this program. She worked at the La Costa Resort and Spa for eleven years, starting as an aerobic instructor and working her way up as the Fitness Manager at the resort. She was then the Director of Fitness at Frogs Club One, and is currently the Head Personal Trainer at The Bridges Club in Rancho Santa Fe.

PREFITKIDZ IS COMING TO TOWN SEPTEMBER 13! Prefitkidz offers creative exercise classes designed to enhance gross motor skills, balance, and increase self confidence for preschool kids ages 3-5. Reserve your class now!

www.prefitkidz.com • prefitkidz@gmail.com • 760-583-0301

Your children are guaranteed an atmosphere of happy, safe learning, right here in our own backyard. For more information, visit www.prefitkidz.com.

CHAPIN FITZGERALD LLP Real Trial Lawyers Chapin Fitzgerald is a trial-oriented boutique litigation firm, representing plaintiffs and defendants in business disputes, intellectual property litigation, employment cases, and contract, consumer law, and personal injury matters. Bob Knaier, a partner with the firm, has lived in San Elijo Hills since 2005. 550 West C Street, Suite 2000 | San Diego, CA 92101 | 619.241.4810 | www.cftriallawyers.com WWW.SHARESANELIJO.COM I SEPTEMBER 2014


SHARE explore


Deep Sound Meditation at SoulShine Yoga September 26, 6:30PM

Turkey Classic – 12th Annual Neighborhood Golf Tournament

SoulShine Yoga here in San Elijo HIlls invites you to enjoy Deep Sound Meditation


on Friday, September 26 at 6:30PM. Lay down on your mat with a pillow or two and


listen to the sounds that fill the room from Tibetan "singing" bowls, bells and gongs. The


vibrations feel very relaxing; you are guaranteed to feel much lighter afterwards.


Space is limited, so pre-registration is suggested. A $15 donation is suggested which benefits Nepalese children in need. To learn more, visit www.SoulShineYogaSEH.com.






WE JUST HELPED YOUR NEIGHBOR GO SOLAR! a near 3,000 s.f. home and a pool, we had been looking into solar “ Having for awhile. When we got a $450 bill after the SDGE rate hikes, we decided it was time. The overall cleanliness, professionalism and experience with RC Energy Solutions was excellent. We just received our first “bill,” which was a $28 credit so we are absolutely thrilled with our decision. Much better than the $350 - $400 we were averaging before solar! We highly recommend RC Energy Solutions. You won’t be disappointed! Mike and Paige Marvil, San Elijo Hills residents

Engaged in the classroom

Engaged in the world W ithin a community of supportive teachers and eager classmates, Pacific Ridge students develop into confident and engaged young people who are prepared for college and beyond.

Consider a life-changing education for your middle or high schooler.. h schooler (Smart Home Improvements)

Family owned and operated with over 20 years experience

760.504.9273 www.rcenergysolutions.com 1215 San Elijo Road Lic# 989442 *Cannot be combined with any other promotional offer.



www.pacificridge.org 760-579-4901 Carlsbad, California Pacific Ridge School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.


SHARE explore A Little Slice of Heaven – A Day in Point Loma

granola and steaming, giant mugs of coffees and lattes are among the tempting choices for your palate. Did you know that the word “companion” stems from “con pane”, which means “with bread.” It seems like a little slice of heaven when you are with delicious bread and your most loved companion.

We really wanted to give you some ideas of hidden gems in San Diego, places that aren’t often traveled by us “North County-ers”, and as yet, undiscovered by many San Diegans. On that weekend day when you are without family obligations,

For more information or to plan your Point Loma Day, visit www.libertystation.com and www.nps.gov.

sports matches or homework and projects, it’s time to play! So here is an idea and suggestion, a family favorite. We often find ourselves staying close to the San Marcos/Encinitas/Carlsbad area, but if we are willing to break out of this particular triangle, the possibilities are endless here in San Diego. For example, have you been to see The Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma? Have you tried the two mile Bayside Trail for one of the most gorgeous hikes you will encounter? If you love learning about unique ecosystems in Southern California, the Coastal Tidepool Trail offers you a spectacular, uninterrupted view of the ocean that ends in the most beautiful tide pools you can imagine. The children can spend hours climbing rocks, skipping stones and discovering and touching the little sea creatures that make home in the tide pools here. Also, the Old Point Loma Lighthouse is one of the original eight lighthouses here on the West Coast. Did you know that it has been restored and refurbished to reflect what life was like in the 1800s? And when you’re done hiking and if you are willing to make a day of playing in Point Loma, head over to Liberty Station. Liberty Station was formerly the Naval Training Center of San Diego. It has now become an interesting, lively, mixed-use development right on the water, and is home to an eclectic collection of stores, non-profit organizations, independent shops, (try The Yellow Book Road, a sweet, independently owned bookstore with a fine range of books and toys) and restaurants. Liberty Station is home to Stone Brewery World Bistro and Gardens, which would be a lovely stop for lunch. But, if you are in the mood for bread, sandwiches, giant cookies, scones, and the best cinnamon buns ever to grace San Diego County, you have to visit Con Pane Bakery. This rustic bread shop, cafe and bakery is an undiscovered gem in San Diego. Find yourself mesmerized by 24 varieties of artisan breads, with everything from foccacia hamburger buns to a chocolate bread, scones and chocolate twists. In addition, Linguica brioche and innovative sandwiches, maple flavored yogurt with homemade

Cafe Stoked Gives to Our Teachers

Photo Credit: Milaya and Aanika Sinnott

This year, Cafe Stoked wants to support these valuable people in their roles, by giving teachers a permanent 10% discount at the restaurant. In addition, our conference room upstairs is free to teachers to reserve to grade papers or for meetings. We will deliver to you upstairs and you will have a quiet place to work with your colleagues.

By: Chris Vulovic, Owner of Cafe Stoked

Finally, we are delivering lunches to teachers at the schools! We know you Cafe Stoked loves our teachers and how much they

don’t have much time to get out and get lunch. Details are available in your

contribute to our community and our children’s lives.

administration offices.

The kids of the San Elijo Hills Elementary and Middle School are some of the smartest,

Have a great start to your school year!

most kind and most creative people we know, in part due to the guidance they receive from their teachers.




What's for Lunch?

Locally owned and operated with over 20 years of experience

Precision repair Color changes

Strip & Refinish Re-Glues

Recliner Repair Upholstery Repair

Let us pack lunch for your kids! We have several options available, including gluten-free and vegetarian. Order in advance or stop by between 7 and 8 a.m. to choose a pre-made lunch.

760.613.4007 james.hallcox@gmail.com www.atfurniturerepair.com WWW.SHARESANELIJO.COM I SEPTEMBER 2014


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You’re Invited to Paris in the Hills THIS IS THE EVENT TO ATTEND THIS YEAR IN SAN ELIJO HILLS! A PARTY WITH A PURPOSE, “PARIS IN THE HILLS” IS PRESENTED BY THE SAN ELIJO HILLS WOMEN’S CLUB. THIS IS THEIR BIGGEST ANNUAL EVENT AND IT IS OPEN TO THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY. IN FACT, THEY ARE COUNTING ON LOTS OF PEOPLE COMING TO RAISE AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE FOR STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART, A SAN MARCOS-BASED NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION PROVIDING SUPPORT AND ADVOCACY TO OVER 1,500 FOSTER AND ADOPTIVE FAMILIES AND 5,000 FOSTER CHILDREN THROUGHOUT SAN DIEGO. On Saturday, September 20 at 6PM, Café Stoked will be transformed into a French-inspired café for the night. The restaurant will be closed for business and their entire indoor/outdoor venue will include Café Stoked-catered appetizers, a French-inspired dinner, and dessert; Open Bar with wine and beer; “FuZik” a 4-piece live jazz ensemble; Silent Auction and Live Auctions; with Master of Ceremonies Pat Sanchez. Tickets are on sale now for $40 per person! (Where else can you enjoy a Paris-inspired night, with a 4-piece live jazz ensemble, an amazing dinner, wine/beer and a fun experience with a purpose for only $40?) You’ll have the chance to meet the founder of Straight from the Heart and learn about the amazing impact they have as they serve the needs of San Diego foster families navigating through the complex Child Welfare System. Among some of the amazing auction items are: • A five-star in-home catered dinner for six people by Bellamy's Restaurant (San Diego Magazine named Best French Restaurant in San Diego 2014 and Top Ten San Diego Restaurants 2013). French Master Chef, Patrick Ponsaty will create and cater a delicious five-course dinner with wine pairings for you and your guests to enjoy in your own home. Or, how about: • RCI Vacation Rental One-week Stay (Choose from locations in 100 different countries!) • Dinner for Six at the Fire House, San Marcos Fire Station No. 4 • Disneyland Tickets, Magic Mountain, Knott's Berry Farm • "Flawless" French Vodka tasting and auction • And, many more… Purchase your tickets online now so a final count can be created for catering purposes Tickets are at www.sehwc.weebly.com. Look for the PayPal button on the home page. You can also purchase tickets over the phone by contacting Suzanne Scull at (760) 522-3125. Donations are also welcome and payable at same locations.

Next month’s tip: Year End Tax Planning


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Paris in the Hills at Café Stoked in San Elijo Hills September 20 Get your Tickets: sehwc.weebly.com

PHOTOS 2” X 3” TO 8” X 10” RATES: 25¢ stacked/45¢ albums @300dpi. SEH Residents - Special 20¢ stacked/40¢ albums @300dpi. SPECIAL! First Responders, SHEs of SEH* 10¢ stacked/20¢ albums @300dpi. Receive 5% cash for each referral. We accept cash, check or Paypal only *(expires 9/30/14)

PRESERVE YOUR FAMILY PHOTOS With our professional scanning service, we will scan your photos to disc or flash drive giving you peace of mind knowing your treasured memories are safe. Call for a quote today! Diane at 760-583-3863

SHARE give Thank You San Marcos Fire Station No. 4 Captain Kelly Crain and his crew from Fire Station 4 joined us for our August club meeting. They brought a fire engine and paramedics truck right to our doorstep, gave us all a tour of the equipment, and shared a bit about their lives at the fire station. From there, several members of the crew provided home fire safety tips and information. What an honor to get to know our local firefighters. The San Elijo Hills Women’s Club cooked dinner for all three squadrons in late June as a thank you for their service during the Cocos Fire. The firefighters joined us at our August meeting to provide education about how to stay safe in an emergency and who to call. Station 4 also donated a “Dinner for 6 at the Fire House” for our auction on September 20.

Join Us! The San Elijo Hills Women’s Club meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, but this month is our biggest event and it’s open to all adults. Please join us! “Paris in the Hills” will be held right here in San Elijo at Café Stoked in the Town Square on Saturday, September 20 at 6PM. Tickets are available for only $40 (includes dinner, wine/beer & live entertainment). Come join us! Visit sehwc.weebly.com to purchase tickets or to donate.


Extracurricular Activities to be planned:

2014 SEHWC CALENDAR September 20

Paris in the Hills

November 11

Cooking Class

• Movie Days

• Night at the Theater

• Women’s Self-Defense Class

October 14

Autumn Crafting

December 9

Holiday Party

• Lunch Outings

• Museum Trip

• Poinsettia Tour in November

• High Tea

• Musical

October 18

Food Drive-The Angel’s Depot

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SHARE learn





SEES Fundraising Corner We kicked-off Cash For Kids on August 17. This is a cash drive that benefits our SEES students. 100% of your donation pays for Art, Science, Music, Computer Lab, and other programs that enrich your child's education. Credit cards, cash, and checks are accepted or make online donations through PayPal. Corporate sponsorships start


at $250 with your business thanked on a banner displayed at the school throughout the year. September 1

Labor Day/No School

September 3

Back to School Night Grade 1, 5:30PM

September 8

PTO Meeting 9:15AM

Donations are welcome throughout the school year. We appreciate any amount you are able to donate, as we

September 12

Flag Salute

understand people contribute at different levels. Thank you in advance for your support!

September 12

Cash for Kids Campaign Ends

If you have any questions about any of these events, have services or items to donate, or would

September 15

Picture Day

like to CHAIR one of the fundraisers, please contact Nilda O'Reilly and Kathy Gallagher at

September 23

Make Up Picture Day


September 25

Science Night/Food Trucks

For information and regular updates, please read our SEES PTO weekly e-blasts and Wednesday

September 26

Flag Salute

For more information on donating to SEES “Cash for Kids”, please go to sanelijoelementary.org or visit the Cash for Kids donation table in front of the school.

E-Envelope (sanelijoelementary.org). Thank you for helping our students SOAR.

2014-15 Fundraisers AUGUST 17-SEPTEMBER 12 SEES CASH FOR KIDS DRIVE A cash drive where 100% of your donation benefits SEES students.


Country Fair Planning Meeting Tuesday, October 7 Howdy SEES Families! We ‘re already looking forward to the San Elijo event of the

Purchase books and other items while supporting SEES with a special family

year...The Country Fair! Putting on such a big event takes some planning. We'd love to

event on the evenings of October 15 and March 11

have some fun-minded folks join us! You can meet new parents and get involved at SEES.


Our first meeting is Tuesday, October 7 from 6:30-8PM in the staff lounge.

Purchase cookies and other goodies to give out as gifts or share during the

Please contact Nadia and Rosie at sanelijocountryfair@gmail.com with any questions.

holidays. 40% of the proceeds go back to SEES.

NOVEMBER 18 AND 20 EAGLE THEATRE MOVIES Need childcare on early release days? We have after school movies in our own Eagle Theatre (MPR). $8 fee includes pizza, popcorn, and snacks! Tickets must be purchased in advance, and there are 175 tickets available for each showing.

FEBRUARY 23-MARCH 2 TEACHER EXPERIENCES Buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win a fun-filled experience for your student and their friends with their teacher. Live drawing on March 2.

APRIL 18 COUNTRY FAIR A fun community event for everyone to enjoy. Carnival games, amusement rides, crafts, fair food, auction room, and entertainment make this an annual event not to be missed!

W H I T N E Y& K A R E N

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SHARE learn September at San Marcos High

What We're Working On...

By: Priyanka Athalye Our goal here at SHARE is to get you more involved. Yes, YOU! Happy September, San Elijo!! Summer’s over, school’s in session, and we are one month

Whether it's sharing an idea, sharing a resource, sharing a favorite

closer to a brand new 2015. I know it's unusual to speak of resolutions at this time of

spot. Here's some of the stuff we're working on in case you have

year, but for students, the start of school is practically a new year!

something fun to SHARE.

As I was shopping for back to school supplies and getting ready for a new school year, I realized

October - It's the month before holiday madness kicks in, so we want to

that a busy life doesn't have to come with the mundane schedule of living one task at a time on a

point you to the best of the best so you can do as much of your shopping

long to-do list. I think we all have something more inside of us, and we should open up.

here locally. We're building a local resource guide that we can all share.

So, set a goal. Find something you're passionate about, something you really believe in, and take

Who are your favorites? Gift shops, photographers, caterers? What about

it as far as you can. Do something outside of school you're proud of. Having something special

home repair? Plumbers? Electricians? Painters? Share your favorites with

you can fall back on, and always be enthusiastic about, will enrich your high school experience.

us and we can all work together to make them super successful this fall.

At San Marcos, all Knights are encouraged to try new things. We have many sports,

November - We are looking for people who have unique Thanksgiving

countless clubs and many after school programs that offer a wide range of opportunities

traditions. Do you skip the turkey? Do you do something besides football

for every type of student.

and food? We'd love to hear about it. Where do you get your holiday dinner? Do you make it yourself? Have a unique recipe to share?

This fall season, students can participate in Football, Girls’ Tennis, Cross Country, Marching Band, Field hockey, Girls’ Volleyball, Boys’ Water Polo, and Girls’ Golf.

December - Do you know of a favorite holiday light display in the area? A special holiday performance? A favorite local non-profit people could give to?

We also have numerous clubs and programs that run year-long, and introduce students to a variety of topics including Art, Drama, Music, and even Math and Science. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, take a risk and try something new. I know school is hard, but we all have to find time to enjoy the little things. Let's have an awesome year!!

Jump in and join the fun. If you have an area of expertise or a bit of wisdom to share with the community, we'd love to hear from you. Just email us at editor@SHAREsanelijo.com or call (760) 916-1995.


Go Knights!

Reach over 4,700+ homes monthly. Advertise and let us SHARE your business here in the neighborhood. It's easy! 760-916-1995 Get discovered and get people talking about your business. SHARE San Elijo has a circulation of 5,500, hand-delivered to 4,700 homes+ in San Elijo Hills and Old Creek Ranch. An additional 700+ area delivered at Albertsons, Hometown Realty, the Visitor's Center and Jonville Team Real Estate. We make it so easy to reach the entire community for one IES P O C simple price with packages + 4,700 ELIVERED for businesses of all sizes HAND-D RSTEPS and budgets. TO DOO CONTACT ADS@SHARESANELIJO.COM OR 760-916-1995 WWW.SHARESANELIJO.COM I SEPTEMBER 2014


Profile for SHARE

SHARE September 2014 - San Elijo Edition  

SHARE September 2014 - San Elijo Edition  

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