El Gabilan 1975 Salinas High Year Book

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1975 El Gabilan Table of Contents Opcoulยง:, A.t to. itIcs Seniors Sports Organisations Underc lossrnen I at ultA Acts


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Rooters (TOP), cheer on their team. Our Guys (LEFT), what show offs. The Dynamic Duo (CENTER), Candy and Helen. Rowdy Rooters (RIGHT).


Luan Sheldon (LEFT), gets tough. Brenda Hall (BELOW), gives a big grin_ Steve Sosnowski (BOTTOM).


We Had Fun . . .

Eimmoilimmmi•w m...r__


We Had Seasons In The Sun

Aldo Bernasconi (RICHT) looks amazed. Terry Brennand (BOTTOM) looks for stars. Come on girls life isn't all that bad

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The seasons

affected our daily Life at S1-IS, Diane Moore {ABOVE), plays in a puddle, The wind(LEFT), blows through Steve Isberg's hair.


But All The Stars We Could Reach. . .

Were Just Starfish On The Beach






Together we've climbed hills and trees. . .

Mark and Robin,

Learned of Love Diane and Don

Still in Love?

Chuck and Karen take a casual stroll

Couples, Couples, Everywhere

Hey Rabe, I'd like to see ya shake your porn porns!

The ex-president

•S 1:11




& IF YOU CARE mu 1.2 Who's who 0 Whip Inflation Now .

',- •*-_ 7

- '7!....

(remember him?)


The Spirit of '74 a Is a Negative One •


Itttle spin


PUZZLED That's a lot o money 2, PARENTS Stock market

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Feeding t r°th14 e



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a war called Helfer

Headache Pain



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STARTINI THE Students got a little excited when they got their classes_


YEAR OFF RIGHT Cress puts mouth to

good use.


This year's Homecoming game was played against North High. During halftime, Jody was crowned 1974 Queen. Her princesses (above) Susan, Dani,

Caroline, Susie, and Tami were escorted by: Mike Farr, Sonny Appling, Andy McCormick, Andy Bassetti, and Gerald Schmidt, respectively_


1974 Queen Jody Christofferson and escort John Garcia


CAST Julie Brandstedder Sally Brazil Scott Buckley Cindy Gray Pam Grossman Jay Hull Margit Jessen Laurel Kinman

Valerie Lesser Karen Maher Pam Moore Penny Nichols Patty Payne Laura Rothstein Ursula Rudolf


The Junior Class sponsored a special 50's week. Many activities we nt on during this week which was highlighted by a 50's rally_ Salinas High's spirit really showed as many dressed up in their nostalgic garb, and participated in the fun. This week proved to be very successful and produced a lot of memorable moments

50's Week

Pam Grossman sang "Glorious Russian - from the play "Stop the World, I want to get off,"


Heather Blades danced to The Sting"

Pam Moore did a hatoniazz routine to "Black Magic Woman"

Cindy Livingston smiles while doing exercise routine.


Cindy Livingston performs jazz-dance to "Shaft"

Heather Blades (first runner-up) and Cindy LivEngston

Cindy Livingston, 1974 Junior Miss




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41111faar_ '





Friends have fun during halftime

"King Banana" goes bananas

Jiving Juniors

get you little Robby Fru-Fru!

The power of Thought,--the manic of the Mind!

.1[1.vammalmimmr• rya?.


G T THE CH 6T .1 N.












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Twirp King, John Garcia escorted by Margaret Healey.


Anna Kaslin escorting Gerald Schmidt.

Katlly Lange escorting Bob Dozier, Second runner-up.

lvtargaret, fohn, Michele Reddy, and Eric Thompson, first rtmner-e).

Laurie Russo & Ray Harrod, Robyn Crackneil & Mark Dreyer, Julie Shostak & Bruce Johnson






I udy Tregenza


seniors: alone and apart. .


Abbott, Bruce Abdelaziz, Gloria Aguila, Cynthia

Akasaki, Gayle Alsept, Carolyn Amaro, Annette

Amaro, Mary Lou Anthes, Trudi Antle, Rick

Arnwine, David, Atkinson, Lisa Barbettini, Stephanie

Barlow, Cynthia Barnachia, Janice Bassett i , Andy


Got the whole world in my hands!

Bastnagel, Frances Beck, Dawn Beck, Gary Bell, Paula

Betz, Larry Binder, I ulie Binns, Kerry Blackwell, Jim

Blevins, Dan Bojorques, Nancy Borelli, Aman da Boulad, Guy

Bowman, Rodney Brown Connie Brown Don Browne, Mark

Bryan, William Bryggman, Bullard, Pamela By ington, Tracy


Caban ilia, 1 ulita

Camacho, Victoria

Camera, Pamela

Papal ardo Pamela

Carolan, David

Why is it every time I get a new outfit, Casareno, Hope

Cash, Linda 62

Catalano, Joann

Cauntay, Frederick

Chamberlin, Laurel

Champlin, Gail

Chapman, Ramona

Chin, Wayne

Chisum, Pamela

Choi, Debra

everyone else has the same thing! Christensen, Kent Eric

Christofferson, Joanne

Cline, Mary

Clog stop Linda

Cluster, J oan


Collins, Danielle Colyn, Mark Conant, Donald

Cordes, Rhonda Cracknel I, Robyn Craft, Stephanie

Dake, Steven D'Arrigo, David Davidson, Billie

Davidson, ayme Davis, Gilbert Davis, Steven

Deberdt, Bruno Debord, Charles Derichsweiler, Ronald


Dietrich, Bob Dionne, Patricia Dixon, Rebecca

Dobell, Connie Dorman, Debra Dozier, Robert

Dreyer, Mark Duckett, Denise Duggin, Cerri

Duncan, Brad Dye, Vivian Elliott, Jeffrey

Emett, Mario

Enriquez, Joann Enriquez, Rachel


Hey, onzie"


Escobar, Clifford Eshoff, Mark Estes, Donald Fabros, Josefina

Julie S. and Julie S.,


Farr, Michael Fink, Susan Fish, Jenny Fitts, Anthony

Flory, Sandy Freeman, Mary Fukui, Donald Fullerton, Catherine

We tricked Rick .. . that's MOM! Gallup, Susan Garcia, Frank

Garcia, John Gardner, Kim

Gargiulo, Toni Garner, Rhonda

Garner, Ronald Gayhart, William

Geren, Tena Giovanetti, Martin

Gish, Kiffin Goff, Keith Goldman, Gregory Gong, Nelson

Goodnight, Linda Gordon, David Grainger, Jerry Greco, Nancy

Grossman, Pam Gryp, Lisa Guerrero, Suzanne Guzman, Lydia

Haines, Kathi Haines, Susie Halfpenny, Kim Hall, Brenda

Hambey, Beverly Hansen, Cynthia Harrod, Ray Harvey, Gloria

Haugh, Mike HeaLey, David Hearnsberger, Bruce Hedberg, Kerry

Hennig, Barbara Hernandez, Helen

Hernandez, Joe Herrera, Cassie

Higashi, Gary Horton, Richard Horwitz, Kenneth Houle, Jennifer

Howard, Caecilie Howard, Linda Hughes, Patrick Hull, James

lida, Jeffrey Inman, Susan Isbert, Stephan Iturrieta, tviarisol


Jennell, Harvey Jespersen, Elsie Johnson, Bruce Johnston, Kirk

Jones, Gregory Jones, Julie Jorvina, Mamerto Karnpa, Steve

Kasavan, Dan nette Kaslin, Anna

King, Mary King, Natalie

Knisley, George Kuechenmeister, Linda

Jeff demonstrates the or 1-2

Lackey, Kim Lackey, Kris

Lal, Roseline Lange, Katherine

Larson, Steven Lawler, Kathleen

Leighton, Susan Lemmon, Patricia

Lenz, Steven Lesser, Valerie

WHAT A CREAM: Jon Tucker in two creamy poses!

Lien, Wesley Lim, Debra Livingston, Cindy Long, Jerry

Louie, Nora Lugg, Tim Lumley, Beverly Lutz, Mary Jean

MacCarther, John MacPherson, Marguerite Maher, Steve Manley, Jerry

Manteufel, Marti

Marguia, Gi Ida

Happy, Happy, and More Happy! 73

Martinez, Petra Maschmeyer, Eve May, David Mayer, J ennifer

McCarley, Gary McCarty, Kathleen McCormick, Andrew

McCoy, Martha

McCray, Pamela McDaniel, Shirley McDonnell, Caroline McGinn is, Colleen

McMahon, Kathleen Merrill, Brian Mill, Steven Minearo, Mary

Miner, Alan Moger, Richard Moore, Diana Moore, Pamela


Morgan, Cynthia Morris, Daniel Morris, Victoria Mungaray, Diana

Myers, Marcia Myhre, Jon

Naldoza, Kathryn Nelson, Carl

Smiling Seniors


Neunzig, Bruce

Newberry, Debra

Nichols, Pennie


J anet

O'Grady, Thomas

Oshita, J an

Padua, Rasalia

Parker, Cheryl

Goofy Gary!

Parker, Russell

Peake, Don Pelkey, Roger Peoples, Gwen Perez, Alice

Peters, Heidrun Petruzzi, Debbie Phelps, Scott Phelps, Susan

Parks, Albert

Parry, Sandra

Payne, Kenneth

Tami and Paula enjoy lunchtime.

Prock, Sheryl Ramsey, Laurie Ramsey, Sheri Reddy, Karen

Reyes, Carmen Riddle, Brenda Ririe, Marianne Risser, Doug

Roberds, William Roberts, Danny Roberts, Lynn Robertson, Christina

Rodriguez, Donald Rae[, Richard Rossi, David Rudd, Cathy

Russell, Cheryl Saari, Dawn Sais, Lori Sakasegawa, Jon

Saldivar, Juanita Salinas, Maria Sa[yers, Thomas Sanpei, Gary

Sarrabia, Delfina

Schatz, Kimberly

The toughest of all gangs: THE SENIOR CHAINSTERS

Schmidt, David Schmidt, Gerald Schneider, David Schreiber, Paula

Schweissinger, Scott Scott, J udy Serrano, Ramon Shaw,


Sheldon, Ronda Shipp, Shannon

Shirley, Dennis Shostak, Julie

Sieber, Christine Silliman, ulie

Simonidis, Keri Simonidis, Moscopia Smithson, Joel Soares, Mary Ann

Soliven, Ben Soto, Alice Stadille, Kelly Steinbach, Steven

Stevens, Kristina Still, Erie Stoddard, Richard Stoffey, Kimberly

Nat and Jude . . . . BI BOPPING!


Strand, Paul

Sullenger, Renay

Sullivan, Richard

Tangonan, Robert

Taylor, Kathy

Tedder, Randall

Temple, Michael

Thompson, Eric

Thompson, J.effrey



ThompSon, Richard Thornton, Daniel

Timmons, Craig Titus, Alexandra

Tofield, John Tontoungy, Dorea

Rick's flipped! Torres, Lucy Torres-Gil, Ramona Tregenza, Judith Tsang, Hubert

Tucker, J on Uh le, Anton Urquides, Michael Vanhoy, Mark


Vargas, Peter Vergunst, Judy Viglietti, Michael Vincett, Gwen

Violin i , Annette Vollmer, Susan Vrudny, J anet Walsh, Greg

Our Senior Class Officers: Jeff Lida, Vice-President; Sandy Whitely, Secretary/Treasurer;


Walton, Beverly Walton, Buffy Wardwell, Greg Welch, Jeannie

Wells, Rick White, Chuck White, Gaylene White, Tamara

Whiteley, Sandra Wienke, David

Wike, Lisa Wilson, Dana

Winthers, Valerie Wise, Darryl


Withers, Christie Wong, William Wood, Susan Woodruff, Pamela

Yamashita, Dale Yeager, Ellen Yeh, Malcolm

on Fukui waves good-bye to good ol' S S.!

Aylard, Steve Cassani, Carla

Clark, Bonnie Cobb, Ivy Dannenfelser, David

Desmond, Kathy Gorczyca, Ken

Hahn, Charles Harvey, Gloria Hensley, Bill



Russell McMillan, Debbie Rodriquez,

John Vallejo, Louis


Leonard Williker, Pat

Womble. Randy Wylie, Tony

SHUTTER SHY Adams, Marvin Adams, Scott Aguayo, Teresa Aguirre, Linz Alcaraz, Carlos Alexander, Jim Alvarado, Virginia Anselmo, Julie Baca, Beverly Baker, Cindy Baker, James Becker, Robert Benavidez, David Bergendahl, John Bevier, John


Binder, Mike Bird, Robin Blades, Heather Booth, Greg Cairo, Lydia Cargill, Gary Carrillo, Luis Choy, Ken Chung, Robert Clyde, Mary Cotta, Cathy Cruz, Rosa Cruz, Soraida Daly, Richard Davis, Rita

Dearnaral, Gary Debartlo, Robert Deforge, Shandry De la cruz, Enus, Steve Fields, Keith Fields,

Randy Forzani, Eileen Foss, Steven Frazer, Victoria Frid, Douglas Galvan, Angelica Garcia, Margarita Gillarde, Jeff Gonzales, Fidel ia

Gous hen , A rhva n Grimm, Mary Guzman, John Harnish, Lee Hayward, Robin Higginbottom, Timothy bill, Darrell Holguin, Fidel Hughes, Kevin Humphries, Jean Husted, Buddy Hutchesen, Jeff Johancen, Victor Jones, Linda Keiser, Larry

Kryger, Kryger Benjamin Ladendorf, Bruce Lambert, Carl , Lauren, Julie Leach, Mira Lewis. Larry Lewis, Robin Loomis, James Lopez, Ernest MacGlashan, Susan Malm , Allan Manzo,, Rafael Marta, Brenda Martinez, J osie Masi, Linda

Nivens, McKenzie, Wayne Larry ' Oliveras, McFadden, Joseph Maura Orozco, Madeiros, Esperanza Lenny Ostergren, Mena, Gary Karen Paluck, Mier, Thomas Irene Parker, Miller, Russell Mark Perez, M Moore, Joann Tim Perez, Morales, Robert Gloria Pittinger, Moreno, B r u ce Mary Marguia, Prouty, Jonathan Gilda Navarro, Rosendale, Martha Douglas Nebeker,Salazar,, Sheere Richard Ng, Sanchez, Eddie Raul Nickerson, Sandoval, Bruce Dolores Nilson, San J uan, David Benjamen

Sausedo, Eddie Scarpa, Ronnie Schmechel, Todd Schriver, s Charles h nle se ve ldt, Kent Scoggins, Linda Segura, Eu[alio S Seta, Larry Shean, Donald Slater, Elaine

Surritt, Steve Thompson, Kenneth Torres, George Vasquez, i,e s Mario Warnock, Paul Williams; John H. Wingate, Jane Wong, William Zeekler, Uriah

Soliz, Richard ri oe r irar, t ST ) 1.: Stuart, Kenneth Stuart, Keith Surritt, Mitzi


Say Hey Good Lookin' What Ya Got Cookie' . I think its Gerald, Ben, Willie, and Cliff auctioneering girls off at Salinas High's Slave Day,





Friends clear the way for Farr



Dozier gets through


Sosnowski: Determination

Hang On!

Steitz eludes a Viking

The line is ready!

Pelkey calls the signals 93


The Mob

Does he have to do his push-ups HERE?

Dozier and Steitz clear the way for Espino.


Get 'em Mike!

SENIOR COWBOYS Rick Antle Center, Defensive End Marty Giovanetti Defensive End

Ben Solivan Defensive Back

David Rossi

Pete Vargas Defensive Back, Punter

Defensive Tackle

Bob Dozier Fullback, Safety

Ken Stuart Offensive End


Richard Sullivan Offensive Guard, De fensive Tackle

Roger Pelkey Quarterback

Howard Daly Offensive End


VARSITY '74 Head Coach: Frank Casas Assistant Coach: Jerry 5toffel

SHS Ovs. 7 Downey SHS Ovs. 7 Watsonville SHS 28 vs. 14 Santa Cruz SHS 14 vs. 7 Aptos SHS 0 vs. 10 No. Salinas High SHS 0 vs. 31 Monterey SHS 6 vs. 40 Seaside SHS 7 vs. 6 Carmel SHS 0 vs. 2 Alisal

Nick Pappas

Row 1: Marc Huth, Chris Lindsey, Gary Sanpei, John Garcia, Roger Pelkey, David Farr, Jeff Erickson, Pete Vargas Row 2: Carlos Monsanto, Roland Glenn, Earl Fuqua, Eric Barstad, Ben Solivan, John Steitz, Bob Dozier, Marty Giovanetti, Jamie Rowland Row 3: Rick Antle, Ron Strange, Nick Pappas, Mark


Doolittle, Clay Lee, John Catalano, Mike Welch, Richard Stoddard, Howard Daly Row 4: Bruce Johnson, David Rossi, Richard Sullivan, Richard Wolf, David Brouhard, Lauro Aguila, Steve Sosnovvski, Scott Hunter Row 5: Harry Sweigert, Mike Fitts, Ken Stuart, Dan Morris, Tony Fitts, Joe Grainger

JUNIOR VARSITY '74 Head Coach: Victor Santora Assistant Coach: Bob Buruss

SHS 28 vs. 7 Downey SHS 22 vs. 6 Watsonville SHS 21 vs. 7 Aptos SHS 28 vs. 7 No. Salinas High SHS 28 vs. 7 Monterey SHS 0 vs. 33 Seaside SHS 26 vs. 0 Carmel SHS 0 vs. 2 Alisal

Dan Casas

Row 1: John Cline, Dan Casas, Larry Sanpei, Mike Moreno, Mike Dozier, Ken Lawler Row 2: Aldo Bernasconi, Kerry Azelton, Frank Morris, Bob Christofferson, Eric Peterson, Jeff Taylor, Ernie Mill, Hodges Mitchell_ Row 3: Tony Pezzini, Tom McNamara, Jeff Tuttle, Rick Janicki, David Firachi, Row 4: Mike

Vargas, I im Aaroe, David Schellhaas, Steve Lagasca, Mark Fitts, Mike Griffin, Mark Sisk. Row 5; Nick Torres, Tony Flores, Rich Rodreguez, Fred Rowland, Andy Souza, Shale Imerson. Row 6: Hector Gomez, Carlos Espino, Mundo Jimenez, Nick Mendoza, Bud Peaslee, Eric Barton, Paul Pezzini.



Steve Lagasca

The gang: Griffin, Casas, Moreno, Sisk, Dozier 98

Earl Fuqua for six!

Breakthrough, Cowboys!

The Line


FROSH-SOPH '74 giimitrnagi *irmsimownie N•!■• . -71P'777-FFIgi

ismaisele 777.7101


-11.1. —4-10e






• WM0E/dr


12 14 20 20 12

vs. vs. vs. vs. vs.

0 6 0 6 0


0 14 26 6

VS_ vs. vs. vs.

12 22 6 6


Hollister Watsonville Santa Cruz Antos North Salinas High Monterey Seaside Carmel Alisal


Head Coach: Gary Affonso Assistant Coaches: Jim Hopper, Phil DeGiralomo


f , 111=mpimiimm


VA A AAR C7"° q ts5 41 13 40 74 ii go ft i Eiterniel gts 2 stellinigitl iait)c Cat,4i 1104 *aItt,/e 43 '113:7 ‘0-ii 4- 11A, 07 '''' 91194,46Ft4_49$l iti247'44954#10 623 Ow tr. _ din, 1 .'22 -`‘" 1 BEI 71' gp 3 78 ' 1 1,'_ 11' 111 31' ink y•


lat i:ii






Row 1: Robert Leighton, Marty Silva, Greg Thomas, Skip Cohen, Sammy Kirk, Eric Biltard, Lloyd Augman, Dan Rossi, Ty Oehler, Ernie Irvan, Jeff Shean Row 2: Joe Moag, Phil DeBord, Doug Floto, Chris Brennan& Ken Tobosa, Warren Woodruff, Armando Gutierrez, Karry Wilson, Mike Evans, 100 Julian Rodriguez, Audolph Grimes, Jim Laughton

48, •

or 0

Row 3: Gary Gattis, Bill Harder, Ken Dozier, Rusty Gates, Merritt Bruce, Pete Evans, Terry Wolcott, Steve Royal, Marty Ikeda, Carl Baxter, Mike Midgett, Row 4: Doug King, Rick Safley, Bruce Fulton, John Derichsweiler, David Escalante, Mark Floto, Bruce Farr


The 5H5 C—Basketball team Ptided up with a 5 win, 7 loss season. The team won 5 of the last 7 games, ch ❑wing a great improvement by younger players. Keith Stuart was leaAing scorer with 15_7. Othvr 1 -.1i-Tri scorers were Greg Heidle with 10, and Terry BrennIrd with 6.2 Leading rebounders were Kurt Anderson, Keith Stuart, and Greg Heidle

Front Row: Berry jd,_Khon, Jose Hernandez, Ted Walter, Jett Cress, Keith Stuart Middle Row: Coach Chappell, Kurt Anderson, Mark Emrnerson, Steve Phillips, Mike McRhodes, Greg Heim Back Row: Scott Hunter, Kurt Lim, David Head, Terry Brennard, Rich Roclreguez, Kurt Dreyer



Row 1: Tony Chavazos, Mike Reid, Tim Hull, Jeff Berg, Mario Partido, Dennis Berquist Row 2: Coach Russo, John Roanhnrse, Bob Netzly, Brody Choy, Robert DiAngelo, Jeff Halfpenny, Russell Dastrup Row 3: Pat DeBert, Bob Sanchez, Roland Dela cruz, AI Duncan, Edwardo CabrinlIns, Paul Wood, Mark Anderson

The D team ended the year with a 4-4 record, good enough for second placein the league. Leading scorers for the team were Jeff Berg, 13.3; Robert DeAngelo, 6.5; and Brody Choy, 6.0. Leading rebounders were Mario Partido and Dennis Berquist.


VARSITY— Front: Jerry Lowmitler, Jesus Vasquez, Steve Dake Back. Raul Anda, Creg Wardwell, Chuck Hahn, Jorge Torres, Coach Bilvado.

JUNIOR VARSITY— Row 1: Rudy Anda, Jesus Vasquez, Pete Robles, Steve Philips. Row 2; Antonio Ortiz, Brad Nuenzig, Jose Vasquez, Fidel Lorenzo, Joe Rodriguez. Row 3: Sergio Gamin°, Tom Johnson, Oscar Cisneros, Mike McCrary, Erasmo Aguas, Salvador Serrano, Coach Bilvado.

FROSH —SOPH— Front: Antonio Garcia, J im Lowtriller, Tommy Calderon, Back: Curtis Sells, Rudy Anda, Neftali Heredia, Coach





Girls Varsity Tenn i s Team. Back Row: Karen Antle, Isabella Titus, Barbara Lyon, Jennifer Mayor, Janet 106 Vrudny, Coach Emmerson, Debb i e Lira, Gail McKin-

E,S,XTAVN 4.65•WaftWAT,MS.SPA-X 7,AT.E*SAA-91.4.•rni,r .

sey, Kathy Antle, Elaine Tobosa, Front Row: Lori Netzly, Lori Kanagy, Julie Shostak, Eve Shostak, Jill Kurtz

Girls Junior Varsity Tennis Team. Back Row: Coach Emmerson, Lynn Douglas, Sally Schurman, Michelle Wells, Sandy Reid, Julie Avilla, Jane Moore, Jolene Cutler, Ron Jeffers Assistant Coach, Middle Row: Gail Challis, Julie Bertelsman, Kim Metcalf, Patty Malpica, Heather McCallion, Evy Campbell, Danita Nevitt, Caroline McDonnell. Last Row: Luan Sheldon, Naomi Myers,Cigj Hancock, Debbie Sampson, Maxine Gong.


skifizok 010

,...,.....q.6„weirurivitelin•610%*.kreawreAvoylivaner.Air.o.0.4.5r.:4.•=4 •


TENNIS 74 107

We're no.1



C... a.


f=ront Row: Staci Sanchez, Ruth Bryan, Brenda Dake,f%Aar - &areti) 1eale Erin Eckhart. Second Row . Lynne Vogt, Karen Dales, Beth Bleicher, Jenny Dales, Lisa Bleicher, Cherly Winter. Third Row: Tammy Jennings, Cindy Holm, Denise Stuckey, Cheryl Demars, Karol Kuska, Debbie McDevitt, June Eddson. Fourth Row: Jody Cracknell, Leslie Lane, Mindy Eshoff, Patty Love, Helen McDonnell, Heather Therrialt, Laura Johnson. Fifth Row: Brenda Hall, Katrina Doerfler, Ter Bergstedt, Carolyn Coggins, Sue Dagnall, Gwen Vincett.


Girls Varsity Basketball Team. First row: Leora Getris, Mary King, Karen Scan - , Lee Mitchell, Rocky McKeil. Second row:

Carmen Ramrez, Lissa Nielsen, Crystal McKeil, Rayann Hansen, Marisoi Iturrieta .

AWARD WINNERS ARE...Most Valuable Player; Rayann Hanson, Var. Most Inspirational; Crystal McKeil, Var. Most Improved; Leora Getris, Var. Most Valuable Player; _Julia Puck, J.V. Most Inspirational; Jennie Nielson, J.V. Most Improved; Kelly Nielsen, J .V.


Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Team. Front Row: Julia Puck, Ottie Tofield, Diane Grensted, Kelly Nielson, Back Row:

Pat Sleker, Francine Martinez, Jennie Nielson, Slain Naldoza.


Bottom: Ken Horwitz, Craig Timmins, Bill Chapman, Kiffin Gish, Dan 'Morton. Back Coach Casas, David Shellhaas, Dave Davis. David Powell, Mike Binder, Greg Sunquist

Ken S

(.card \II M MVP

Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas Salinas

Salinas Salinas Salinas

54 48 48 62 55 52 51 63 46 63 56 53 54 58 62 49 53 57 60 45 75 52 61 36

Hollistor SLV Santa Cruz Milpitas Carmel Albany Alisal Palma Gilroy Palma Harbor Santa Cruz Soquel KV Watsonville Aptos North High Monterey Alisal Seaside North High Monterey Alisal Seaside


58 50 39 54 62 73 44 58 55 51 48 41 56 77 38 44 52 54 50 64 61 53 58 41 'Nark Cuard


f 1r



*itinson . ,rd .

1975 VARSITY CAGERS FRONT. Jay Hull, Clay Lee, Mark Dreyer, Mike Temple, Bob Rosendale, Dan Moms, Ken Stuart BACK: Scott Hunter, Bob Dozier, Bruce Johnson, Mike Welsh, Howard Daly, Steve Sosnowske, John Catalano, Mike Binder COACH: Joe Chappel 115



Row 1: Bill Bennett, Mike Dozier, Mike Cline, Mike Owens, Mike Fitts, Rick Kennedy, Eric Angstadt, Dan Cases Row 2: Dan CaroIan, Steve Rasgaust, Rick Janicki, Ignacio Cabutu, Paul Bohn, Jeff Tutle, Mark Fitts, Coach George Anderson


Row 1: Scott Hunter, Mike Hendrickson, Curt ureaver, Jeff Berg, Mark Anderson, Tim Hull, Kevin Aoyarna, Chris Brennard, Joe Corevello, Gregg McCready Row 2: Greg Riedel, Bob Jennings, Jimmy Laughton, Mike McRhodes, Roy Roel, Jeff Phillips, Bob Knoph, Mark Scherger, Robbie Larson, Kenny Dozier, Coach Bob Solazzi


VARSITY: Row 1: Jeff Shean, Jerry Armendez, Steve Clifton. Row 2: Eric Shoen, Lance Young, Shale Imersdn, Tony Pezzini, Roger Fernando. Row 3: David Brouhard, Dennis Shirley, Robert Dempsey, Pete Fulderson, Jose Marques, Paul Mazzi. Not Shown: Mickey Giocamazzi J N.: Row 1: Manual Ortiz, Tony Flores, Greg Withington, Mundo Jiminez, Jose Hernandez. Row 2: Jamie Rowland, Rich Rodriguez, Joe Hashie, Bud Harcher, David Firashi, Oscer Cisnesos.



"I="174100 WRESTLING




Top Row: Josephine Fabros, Mary Cline, Debbie Petruzi, Ramona Torres —Cill, Tracy Byington, Dana Wilson, Julie SiMiran, Carrie Hedberg, Beverly Lumley, Richard Sullivan, Eddie Eiassetti, Don F1 Second Row: Paula Bell, Susie Wood, Janet Vrudney, Jan Bryggrnan, Mary i'vloreno, J envy Mayer, Robyn Cracknell, Susie Volmer, Kathy Lange, Carrie Binns_ Bottom Row: Bambi Barnachia, Trudi Anthes, Roger Pelky.

POWDERPUFF Top Row; Moreen Colen, Naomi Myers, Lisa Nielson, Karen Heider, Patty Malpica, Gail McKinsey, Lijdy Brow. Second Row: Laurel Kinman, Julia Puck, Leora Getris, Luan Sheldon, Jody Arnbur, Nacy Dalath, Susan Brown. Third Row: Hope Beli, Kathy Antle, Marty Martins, Julie Bertlesman, Karen Antle, Julie Avilla, Debbie Peaslee, Sandy Reid, David Farr. Front Row: Anita Alexander, Tami Wylie, Lori Pollard, Karen Scarr, Becky Jones, Debbie Kaslin, Terri Balentine, Michelle Monteith, Patty Payne, Marlene Boulad, Denitta Nevlitt.




Top Row: Lori Kanagy, Mark Huth, Carrie Ramsey, Isabella Titus, Karen Christianson, Candy Cook, Brain Victerino, Mary Freeman, Jane Moore, Sue Dagnall, Allison Beck, Kathy Johnson, Patty Love, Ronny Strange, Susie Goade, Cindy Olivas, Jody Craknell, Danny Clizbe. Middle Row: Jenny Dales, Vickie Earp, Lisa Casas, Denise Stuckey, Cheryl DeMars, Kristy Foresman, Robin Novack, Laura Rothstein. Front Row; Francine Martinez, Lori Anderson, Beth Bleicher, Maxine Gong, Elaine Naldoza, Julie Ortiz, Lori Netziy,

JUNIORS WIN lop Row: Valerie Guerra, Karen Goldman, Kari Peaslee, Ter ri132mttiat, Esen Soliven, Melody Mathews, Lynn Vogt, Karen Dales, Lynn Douglas, Pam Lugg, Shawna Sewell, Sydney Cameron, Sally Schurman, Vickie Watson, Pam Cheek. Middle Row: Cyndv Bryant, Debbie Peebles, Kathy Bleicher, Rowland Glenn, Lisa Sullenger, Pat Nort,„ Dea Toutoungy, Bottom Row: Romary Naldoza, Robbie Barnachis, Wendy Takaguchi, Lisa Ebrahimi, Michelle Wells, Staci Sanchez, Sally Jones, Jeanie Nielson, Pam Schwe I lenbach.



Cindy Shows Form

Coach Lade


Back Row: Katie Sill irnan, Carrie Thompson, Cathy Schneider, Trish Lade, Landa Lade. Middle Row: Lisa Fukui, Pam Leetch, Vickey Watson, Sheri Higashi, Vickey Camacho, Front ROW: Laurie Williamson, Heather Blades, Beckey Lowe, Lisa Haughey, Jan Snow, Joan Alameda.



I C 5


DUP. to lack of time the yearbook staff was unable to find the names of all of the Salinas High Tennis









• " CESS

• 'VW 5A2ii

• .1Mg-.1.1t5





•-- ---...••-

!•••,•-•.-•: • ••• 77' •


s- ' '''' .

j41'. .• -.•;,'. , 7. :._'MA,,7-""r' '''.a.._,'1,471Z-49 ''' 4-W ...'"-:.;,7r. .;1•:''W.6‘''11 .a'11.* - '' AIWAT 40:grills1C"riT7" tl.:•;•.:4AFSV!?..F•d*PWzS.715.4. '•;•E knl.?..4ote...7,-...',, -'niZ -• • wt,I,.. n ._ .


:..a..- . -.'•:;-.

i,.:;." '?:_.„.:;



• •

Defending MBL Champs



424664 II

Brad Neunzig, Pat Tregenaz, Carl Baxter, Charlie Cunha, Stuart Johnson, Clifford Nichols, Dean Hanquist, Phil Esquivel, Kenny Dunn, John Bergandaul, Kirk Johnston, Dennis Bedolla, Mike Farr, Steve Isberg, Coach Harold J. Stottel, Sherold Doerfler, Hugh


McDevitt, Wayne Young, Gerhard Kiesling. Not pictured: Michael Allen Dunn, Jeff Little, Dennis Crane, Dave Schneider, Heather McCallion, Leora Cetris


„I. A 1,1111111


I Lang in there, baby!

I can fly'



FROSH—SOPH Bottom: Mundo Jiminez, Terry Wolcott, Barry Jackson, Ruban Diamasco, Victor Oray, Greg Pearlman, Tom Jongens Robert DeAngelo, Clive Bullian, John Roundhorse,

Jose Hernandez, Ray Ditten Top: Dave Silveria, Brian Hodges, John Derichsweiler, Chris Brennand, Phil Moreno, Bud Harder, Karry Wilson, Frank Colburn, Art Lopez


JUNIOR VARSITY Bottom: Richard Rodriguez, Ed Medina, Nick Torres, Tony Flores, Mike Vargas, Steve Royal Top: Mgr. Steve Pope, David Otsuki, Bruce Farr, Jim Laughton, Paul Niaxzei,

Danny Bernasconi, Coach Mons° Not Shown: Dan Carolan, Rodney Wilson, Kerry Azelton, Jim Ciacomazzi




The Outfield 136

VARSITY Bottom: Carlos Espino, Nick Pappas, Roger Pelkey, Chris Lindsey, Dave Farr, Don Wilson, Jim Aaroe_ Top: Coach Santora, Frank Shean, Tony Wylie, Greg Pierce, Mark Doolittle, Eric Barstad, John Steitz, Clay Lee, Jim Ciacomazzi


Roger Pelkey

Tony Wylie

Seniors 737

Block "5" Holders of '74 return to lead . .

Back Row: Coach Anderson, Nancy Foster, Julie Bertlesman, Karen Christenson, Sandy Reid, Patty Malpica. Front Row: Lori Anderson,

880 medley qualifies for regionals



$11eld(N1, Brenda â?‘ ake, Ali McAlister, Dana Wilson

Coach Anderson talks things over



The Starters of '75

Back Row, Coach Anderson,

Nancy Foster, Lori Anderson, Leslie McPharlin, Shawna Swell, Jennifer Cludg,o, Dorea Toutoungy, Julie Bertfesman, Sandy Reid, Karen Christenson. Middle Row. Kristy Foresman, Dea Toutoungy, Luan Sheldon,

ALL McAlister, Shannon Rawgust, Dana Wilson, Patty Malpica, Brenda Dake_ Front Row: Lupie Covarrubias, Katie Silliman, Becky. Lowe, Lisa Haughy, Lisa Williamson, Toba Cuburt,

Varsity Shari Cicel Gigi Hancock Kathy J ohnson Franc - e Martinez 1 Cr sta

Lee Mitchell Bella Titus Mary Tofield Attie Tofieid Kathy Snider

C Team Cindy Bilek J ulia Bransteade J olene Cutler J udy Francis Denise Hanson J une Larenzo Donna McElrOy anice Parker Jeanine Parks Jan Snow


Junior Varsity

V '75

Anita Alexander Silvia Allen Gina Genovese Dwianne Ladendorf Rockey McKeil

Naomi Myers Patty Payne 1 ulia Puck Cindy Schlapfer Gina Torres

0 L L E Y B

A L L 141


ASB Officers Mike Farr, President John Garcia, Vice-president J ulie Shostak, Secretary Cindy Livingston, Treasurer

Comissioners Rooters: Hope Casareno Organizations: Caroline McDonnell Publicity: Judy Tregenza Social Activities: Robyn Cracknell


Class Officers

Sophomore Class: Heather McCallion, vice—president: president; and Hope Belli, secretary—treasurer

Allison McAlister,

Senior Class: Jeff irda, vice—president; Sandy Whitely, secretary—treasurer; and Andy Bassetti, president.

Freshman Class:

Theresa Rothstein, secretary—treasurer; Kenny Dozier, president; and Karen Dales, vice—president.

Junior Class: Jaimie Rowland, president, Kristy Forsman, vice—president; and Lolly Horwitz, secretary — treasurer.



Under the guidance of Mr. Fred Bradley, Thespians sponsored two plays this year: "Stop the World, I Want To Get Off" and "Prisoner On Second Avenue."

Officers: Valerie Lesser, president; Scott Bulkly, vice—president; Pam Grossman, points chairman; Pennic Nichols, secretary—treasurer not pictured),

Members; Gloria Abdelazis, Danny Blevins, Jimmy Blevins, Don Conant, Steve Davis, Lori Farmer, Toni Gargiolo, Hector Hernandez, Julie Huckaby, Rhett Jenkins, Laurel Kinman, Julie Lauren, Pam McCray, Janet Mead, Carl_ Nelson, David Obele, Tari Turner, and John Woodruff.



Cheryl Russell, Deena Long, Merle Peterson, Shale Imeson, Ray Harrad, Paul Locke, Alice Valenzueia, Marisa! Iturrietta, Sarah Wolff, Cheryl McGinnis, Mir* Matsumune, Mario Emmett, Shannon Raugust, Brenda Hall, Patty Payne, Bob Leighton, Eve Shostak, Jaunita Scott, Elaine Naldoza, Phil Moreno, Linda Wheatley, Pete Baker, Jeff Erickson, Gail McKinsey, Carl Nelson, Jorge Torres, Darlene Thoerner, Ben Soliven, Jon Tucker, Nancy Bojorques, Teresa Fazer, Evy

Campbell, Jane Moore, Scott Perkins, Mark Fritts, Maria Fabela, Pam Chisum, Daniel Morris, Steve Sosnowski, Trine Burke, Mike Reed, Phillip DeBord, Sherri Huser, Harvy Jennell, Gerald Schmidt, Lolly Horwitz, Gail Champlin, Kathy Lawler, Buddy Leach, Diane VanBrocklin, Ernest Lopez, Tim Hull, Jim Laughton, Frank Shean, Tracy Roll, Sandi Greenup, Steve Royal, Helen Hernandez, Deena Long, Carrie Weakley, and Naomi Myers.


Under the management of Don Fukui, Steve Davis, and David Schmit, the Student Department Store served the needs of 5H5 students, Items sold ranged from boys' gym clothes to candy and gum.

Don Fukui, Steve Davis, and David Schmit, managers. Workers: Terry Berksted, Hope Casareno, Jody Christofferson, Maureen Colyn, Howard Daly, Katrina Doerfien, Josefina Fabros, Lisa Fukui, John Garcia, Gary Higashi, Roger Pelkey, Stacie Sanchez, Shauna Sewell, Jon Tucker, and Susie Vollmer.



Marisol lturrietta Chile

Kim Harmon Australia

Members: Cheryl Russell (president), Valerie Winthers (vice-president), Patty Payne (treasurer), Denise Hanson (secretary), Julie

Francisco Lima Brazil

Heidrun Peters Germany

Shostak, Robyn Cracknell, Cindy Livingston, Hope Casareno, Christy Forsman, Julie Silliman, and Marguerite MacPherson.

SPEECH AND DEBATE TEAM Under the leadership of Jon Prouty, the Speech and Debate Team brought many awards home to SHS this year

Members: Jon Prouty (president), Patrick Walberg [vice-president), Mario Partido (secretary-treasurer), Gloria Abdelazis, Debra Choi, Melanie Fossum, Vicki Frazer, Judy Green, Brenda Hall, Gigi Hancock, Donna Hendrickson, Bruce Ladendorf, Heather McCallion, Jennifer Mayer, Mark Russell, Scott Thomas, and Kim Udall.


Members: Bruce Ladendorf (president), ' Robert James (vice-president), Kiffin Gish (secretary-treasurer), Dennis Crane, Rick Gilligan, Hugh McDevitt, Crylon Moon, Brad hleunzig, Eric Thompson, Tony Uhle, and Dale Yamashita.

OUR CLUB MEMBERS Cindy Livingston (president), Jody Christofferson, Gail Champlin, J an Bryggman, Caroline Mc Donnell, Brenda Hal!, Annette Violini, Kathy Lawler, Jennifer Mayer, Francis Bastnagal, Sandy Flory, Marguerite MacPherson, Susie Vollmer, Kathy Lange, Marianne Soares, Gloria Abdelaziz, and J udy Tregenza_



to create unity among senior men"

Jon Tucker (president], John Garcia (vice-president), Jeff !Ida (press secretary), Ron Derichsweiller (treasurer), Andy Bassetti, Mark Drever, Mike Farr, Frank Garcia, Richard 'Horton, George Knisley, Andy McCormick, Gerald Schmidt, Todd Schrnechel, Ben Soliven, and Rich Sullivan.


MEMBERS Hope Casareno, pres. Kim Halfpenny, v. p Kristy Forsrnan, sec. Kathy Lange, treas. Terry Acosta Bob Adcock Lori Anderson Karen Antle Kathy Antle Leslie Banks Julie Bertlesnian Beth Bleicher Lisa Bleicher Ruth Bryan Debbie Burke Terry Butler

Joaquin Casareno Gad Champlin Cathy Clifton Sheila Colanto Candy Cook Jody Cracknel I Robyn Cracknell Steve Dake Jenny Dales Mark Dreyer Mark Emerson Susie Coade Chuck Hahn Lisa Haughey Joel Haughey Lolly Horwitz

Cathy Howe J anet Johnson Stuart Johnson Lori Kanagy Debbie Karlin Ruth Knisley Judy Kulper Kathy Kulper Cindy Livingston Becky Lowe Pam Lugg Cindy Lujan Heathner NAcCallion Helen McDonnell Patty Malpica Janet Mikkelson

Stephanie Mills Rosemary Naldoza Diane Nedler Pat Norton Robin Novack Sandra Nunnally Michele Payne Maria Partido Debbie Peaslee Bevcrlee Priddy Julia Puck Marianne Ririe Theresa Rothstein Laurie Russo Karen Scarr Cindy Schlapfer

Sally Schurman Pat Schwellenbach Shauna Sewell Sharlene Shirley Karen Solazzi Sandy Soratos De key u y Tregenza Kathi IJtne Diane Vezzolo Judy Vezzelo Mimi Villarta Michelle Wells Linda Wheatley


Ten Gallon Club

Jon Tucker, President; Gerald Schmidt, Vice-president, Jan Sakasegawa, Secretary-treasurer; lich Horton, Presidential Aide; Wayne Chinn, Public Relations.

MEMBERS Adrian. Grant Anderson, Kurt Andreason, Gary Antic, Karen Antle, Kathy Antle, Rick Atkinson, Lisa Ayilla, Julie Balentine, Teri Barstad, Eric Bassein, Eddie Baxter, Carl Beck, Dawn Redone, Dennis


Berilesman, IP .e Binder, Mike Bleicher,, Beth Bleicher, Lisa ennand, Terry Brower, Mark Bryggman, Jan Campbell, Evy Carnes, Kim Casareno, Hope Cress, lefl Challis, Gail Champlin, Gail Chisum, Pam Christofferson, Bob Christofferson, Jody Chung, BOb Colyn, Maureen Cook, Candy Cracknell, Jody Cracknel I. Robyn Crane, Ca rree Dake, Brenda Doke, Steve Oates, Jenny Davis, Gilbert

Dither& Bruno Debord, Chuck Dellfous, Lisa Derichweder, Roe Deirich, Bob Dodd. Sheryl Doerfter, Katrina Doolittle, Mark Dozier, Bob Dozier, Kenny Dozier, Mike Dreyer, Mark Eckleman, Kim Eckhart, Erin Eckhart, Shawn Elttrege, Marigrace Ellis, Gerry Emlay, Trisha Escobar, Cliff Farr, Bruce Farr, David Farr, Mike Fields, Randy Fitts, Mark Fitts, Tony Flory, Sandy Foster, Nancy Frazer, Terse Freeman, Mary rukui, Don Fuqua, Earl Garcia, Frank Garcia. I ohn Gardner, Kim Gates, Katie Gatti s, Gary Georgalos, Constantine Glove netti Marty Georgalos, Peter Glenn, Roland toff, Keith GOrczyea, Ken

Grainger, Joe Cry's, Lisa Haines, Susie Hardison, Steve Harrod, Ray Healey, Margaret Hearnsburger, Bruce Hershey, Alan Higashi, Gary Higashi, Kenny Howerton, Shawn Hughes, Pat tide, Jeff Moan, Ernie isberg, Steve Jennell, Harvey lennell, Kathy !iciest, Philip Johnson, Bruce Johnston. Brent Kanagv, Lori Kash n , Debbie King, Natalie Knisley, George Knisley, Ruth Kuechenmeister, Linda Lagasca, Steve Lane, Leslie Lange, Kathy Lawler, Kathy Lawler, Kenny Leonard, Ron L Indsey, Chris Livingston, Cindy Malpica, Patty March , Alone Matthews, Melody McArthur, David McCallion, Heather McCallister, Maureen mccarley, Cary McCormick, Andy

McDonnell, Caroline McGinnis, Cheryl mcintosh. Rod McKinsey, Gail McNabb, Patty Merrill, Brian Metcalf, Kim Mills, Stephanie Moog, Joe Monsanto, Carlos Moreno, Mary Moreno, Mike Moreno, Phil Moro, Robin Neunzig, Brsur Novack, Robin Nunnally, Sandra Olivas, Cindy Cshita, Steve Pappas, Nick Parker, Russ Peaslee, Bud Peaslee, Debbie Peaslee, Kari Pelkey, Roger Pia, Robert Pollard, Lori Reid, Sandy Ririe, Marianne Roberts, Lynn Robertson, Christina Rodick, Cindy Rodriguez, Don Rossi, Dave Rowland, Panne Russell, Cheryl Saari, Dawn Sanchez, Start Sanwa, Gary Sannei, Larry Schellhaus, Dave

Schnsechel, Todd Schmidt, David Schwrtssi nger. Sharon Sewell, Shama Show, Cary Sheen, Frank Shostak, Julie Slsostak Eve Shorman. Sally Sisk, Mark siriiman, J utie Sol nen, Ben Sosnowski, Steve Spies!, Matt Steitz, John Sullivan. Rich Swelgert, Harry Tan imura, June Temple, Mike T harin. Laurie Thompson, Randy Thorium, J Like Tomo, Fred Tregen7a, I tidy Dine, Kathy Vargas. Pete Venial째, Diane Vogt, Lynne Vollmer, Susie Walsh, Greg Ward, I ulie Welch, Mike White, Tami Whitney, l Sandy Wilson, Dori Whiteley, Sandy Wilson, Don VVinthers, Valerie Wolff, Rich Wong. Lisa Wood, Susie

ALL TOGETHER NOW A new club on campus, All Together Now's purpose was to hold general rap and conscienceness-raising sessions.

Co-ordinator: Hope Casareno. Co-ordinating Board: Cheryl Russell, Teresa McKenzie, Steve Davis, Ruth Bryan, Jo Fabros, and mandy BoreIli_ Members Debbie Newberry and Bruce Abbott.

SOCCER BOOSTERS Soccer Boosters support the soccer teams at SHS through fund-raising events and attending the games-


Jorge Torres (president), Jesus Vasquez (vice-president), Lupe Covarrubias (secretary), Ramon Naeanjo (treasurer), Erasmo Agus, Una Aguirre, Debbie Alvarez, Rudy Anda, David Aylard, Gary Aylard, Rick Aylard, Ronald Aylard, Steven Aylard, Clara Cervantes, Nellie Cruz, Rosa Cruz, Soraida Cruz, Gloria Florez, Neftaly Hereders, Tony Hernandez, Fidel Holguin, Romero. Lara, Nicanor Linares, Brenda Longoria, Linda Longoria, Fidel Lorenzo, Jimmy Lowrniller, Edward Medina, Irene Mier, Tina Montes, Eddie Ng, Jaime Orozco, Antonio Ortiz, Francisco Ortiz, Jose Rodriiguez, Peter Robles, Delores Sandoval, Delfina Serrabi, Salvador Serrano, Tern Somera, Ruby Satelo, Jose Vasquez, and Tony Zerma n o ,


There were many new faces in Block S this year: for the first time in the history of the club, girls were admitted as members.


Officers: Roger Pelkey, president; Natalie King, secretary-treasurer; and Mark Dreyer, vice-president.

Lori Anderson Rick Antle Andy Bassetti Dennis Bedolla Beth Welcher Jan Bryggman Carlo Cabal lo Hope Casareno Jody Cracknel I Sue Dagnell Steve Dake Cheryl DeMars Bob Detrich Mark Dreyer Mike Dunn Mark Emmerson Melinda Eshoff Mike Farr Lisa Fukui

1oh n Garcia Leora Getris Maxine Gong Susie Goade Suzanne Guerrero Margaret Healey Gary Higashi Jay Hull Scott Hunter Steve I sberg Bruce Johnson Lori Kanagy Gerhard Keissling Natalie King George Knisley Karol Kuska Kathy Lawler Jeff Little Patti Love

Barbara Lyon Jennifer Mayer Heather McCallion Caroline McDonnell Lori Netzley Bruce Neunzig Cindy Olivas Roger Pelkey Marianne Ririe Bob Rosendale Gary Shaw Julie Shostak Denise Stuckey Richard Sullivan Elaine Tobusa Judy Tregenza Cheryl Witner


Jeff lida (president), Bob Detrich (vice-president), Julie Shostak (secretary), Eve Shostak (treasurer), Allen AlIre, Karen Antic, Kathy Antle, Kevin Aoyama, Julie Avilla, Mike Bailin, Dennis Bergquist, Julie Bertlesman, Mark Browne, Merritt Bruce, Jan Bruggman, Jim Burr, Evy Campbell, Hope Casareno, Gail Challis, Gail Champlin, Jolene Cutler, Lynn Douglas, John Ecoredge, Mark Emmerson, Don Estes, Frank Garcia, Maxine Gong, Gigi Hancock, Gary Higashi, Paul Hunt, Marty Ikeda, James Ishida, Bob Jennings, Lori Kanagy,

Debbie Lim, Barbara Lyon, Heather McCallion, Andy McCormick, Caroline McDonnell, Gail McKinsey, Lesley McPharland, Patty Malpica, Jennifer Mayer, Kim Metcalf, Naomi Myers, Lori Netzley, Mario Partido, Robert Pia, Sam Raglano, Sandy Reed, Rendall Requiro, Sally Schurrnan, Luan Sheldon, Ron Thatcher, Russ Thatcher, Isabella Titus, Elaine Tobosa, Hubert Tsang, Jon Tucker, Janet Vrudney, Michelle Wells, and Paul Wood.

Track Interest Club


Denise Stuckey (president), Cheryl DeMars (vice-president), Rosemary Naldoza (secretary-treasurer), Karol Kuska, Terry Butler, Jenny Dales, Kristy Forsman, Lori Gularte, Julie Brandstetter, Cindy Schlapfer, Diane Cummins, Karen Solazzi, Judy Kulper, and Pat Opfer.

The Lets

Officers: Jeff lida, president; Bob Detrick, vice-president; Julie Shostak, secretary; and Eve Shostak, treasurer,


Swim Team Boosters

Gerhard Kiessling (president), Jeff Little (vice-president), Sue Dagnall (treasurer), Dennis Bedolla, Lisa Bleicher, Marisel Brown, Gail Challis, Charlie Cunha, Karen Dales, Sherold Doerfler, Phil Esquire!, Susie Coade, Dean Handquist, Cindy Holm, Tammy Jennings, Laura Johnson, Stuart Johnson, Heather McCallion, Hugh Mcdevitt, Michelle Payne, Alane Marchi, Sharon Schweissinger, Dave Schneider Heather Therriault, and Wayne Young.


Kathy Lawlor, editor-in-chief; Mr_ Art (...aiiegos, advisor; Marianne Ririe, business manager and: Malcolm

Yeh, photographer.

Page One: {standing)

Fields, Caroline McDonnell, Cheryl Russell (editor). Paul

Strand, and Karen Rutledge; (seated) Hope Casareno, Cheryle Wilkes, and Janet Johnson.


Page Three: Karen Hill, Hope Casarenc (editor), Jay Hull, Shauna Sewell, Laurie

Page Four; Dennis Bedolla, Mike Dunn, jay Hull (editor), Bruce Johnsnn, and James Sasaki.

Tharin (editor), Ruth Bryan, and Steve Andre .

Page Two: (standing) Kathy Lawler, Jenniter Mayer (editor); (seated) Heidrun Peters, Jan Bryggma.


FUN UNLIMITED Fun unlimited...to promote interpersonal friendships and to have a good time.

Tracy Byington (president), Rhonda Hill (vice-president), Julie Lauren (secretary-treasurer), Bruce Abbott, Gayle Agasaki, Cindy Bilek, Amanda Borelli, Rodney Bowman, Davidson Carstenson, Hope Casareno, Steve Davis, Jo

German Club .


Mike Fitts, president Cathey Von Brandt, secretary-treasurer; Laurie Williams, Sandy Sieber, Kim Reddy, Sam Kirk, Mark Fitts, Richard Grigas, Bruce Call, Mark Zmer, Sherold Doerfler, Katrina

Fabros, Judy Francis, Robert Knopf, Susan Lamers, Steve Larsen, Mark Miller, Mike O'Meara, Steve Pope, Judy Scott, JoAnn Thompson, David Wienke, and Jane Wingate.

"Sprechen Sie Deutsch?"

Doerfler, Charles Cunha, Kurt Anderson, Torn McMamara, Brad Neunzig, Gary Wells, Carl Davis and Paul Hauyrton.


Officers Jennifer Clodgo, co-president Bambi Barnachia, co-president Ginger White, vice-president Diane Brito, secretary Sandy Soralos, treasurer

Members Truth Eltaconde Chris Hedidel Leticia Hernandez Gloria Magdirla ne jEalaninnieNaldoza Debbie Petruzzi Roxanne Roberds Sullenger Lisa Sullenger Darlene Thoerner Gina Torres Ramona Torres-Gil


KEY CLUB Officers: Gary Sanpei, president; John Garcia, vice-president; Ric Sullivan, secretary-treasurer; and Bob Dozier, sergeant-at-arms.

Key Club Members Gary Sanpei, ores. John Garcia, v.p. Rich Sullivan, sec.-treas. Bob Dozier, sgt. at arms Rick Antle Andy eassetti Lauro Aguila Steve Dake

Ron Derichweiller Bob Detrich Mark Dreyer Don Fukui Frank Garcia Marty Giovanetti Roland Glenn Gary Higashi

Richard H orton Jeff lida Bruce Johnson George Knisley Brad Neunzig Andy McCormick Roger Pelkey Don Rodriguez

Bob Rosen dale Todd Schmechel Gerald Schmidt Gary Shaw Dennis Shirley Ben Sol iven John Steitz Jon Tucker


Pam Grossman (editor-in-chief), Cheryl Russell (business manager), Tracy Byington - (literary editor), Terry Butler (calligraphy editor), Valerie Winthers (photography editor), Trudi Anthes,

Teresa Carey, Hope Casareno, Melinda Eshoff, Jo rabros, and Natalie King. Advisors: Mr. Don Hamburger, Ms. Georgie Dickinson, Ms. Kathy Blount, and Mr. Dick Hayman.

French Club

Kristy Forsman (president), Lori Cheang (vice-president), Nancy Than (secretary), Rhonda Lien (treasurer), Bruno Deberdt (sergeant-at-arms), Gail Vorwerck, Lori Anderson, Marc Anderson, Kiffin Gish, Mamerto Jorvina, Earl Kirkland, John Jennings,

Toni Uhle, Kathy Collins, Diane Sutton, Maria Lazano, Cindy Bilek, Pam Pappalardo, Julie Lauren, Jisa Jensen, Beverly Hambey, Pat Schwellenbach, Michelle Reddy, Kelly McCabe, Heather McCallion, and Hope BOIL

Election Committee . They counted the votes!

Under the leadership of Jon Tucker, the Election Committee has co-ordinated and ran the elections at Salinas High this year.

Jon Tucker Mark Dreyer Kathy Lawler Andy McCormick Jennifer Mayer Don Rodriguez Sue Wood Dale Yamashita

Publicity Committee


-keeping you informed

Judith Tregenza, Commissioner of Publicity'; Natalie King, assistant Commissioner; Andy Bassetti, Jan Bryggman, Hope Casareno, Candy Cook, Robyn Cracknell, Richard Horton, Caroline McDonnell, Marianne Ririe, Dave Rossi, Gary Sanpei, and Gerald Schmidt.


MEMBERS Casareno, Hope Cassani, Carla Cassani, Robert Conant, Don Cotta, Cathy De to Cruz, Tim Erickson, Jeff Guerrero, Suzanne Hall, Brenda Johnson, Tom

Joryina, Mamerto Kirkland, Earl Ladendorf, Bruce Larson, Bruce Leach, Buddy Levy, Janice MacPherson, Marguerite Masi, Tony McDevitt, Hugh McMillin, Debbie

McNabb, Patty Nuenzig, Brad Oshita, Jan Peters, Heidrun Rudolph, Ursula Russell, Cheryl Saari, Dawn Scott, Judy Stewart, Scott Tanimura, June

Tharin, Laurie Thompson, Eric Uhie, Anton Vieri, Mike . Winthers, Valerie Wong, Lisa Wong, William Yamashita, Dale Yeh, Malcolm Young, Wayne


FIRST SEMESTER MEMBERS Lori Anderson Gayle Akasaki Steven Aylard Beth Bleicher Susan Brown Vickie Camacho Dan Casas Linda Cash Carla Cassani Robert Cassani Lori Cheang Kathleen Collins Susan Collins Cathy Cotta Dennis Crane Sue Dagnall Steve Dake Jeff Erickson


Mark Eshoff Kathryn Evans Michael Farr Tony Fitts Katherine Fleming Kristy Forsman Melanie Fossum Susan Gallup Kiffin Gish Susie Goade Kenneth Gorczyca Suzanne Guerrero Kim Halfpenny Gigi Hancock 1 ames Hull Jeff I ida Susan Inman Robert James

Bob Jennings Lisa Jensen Margit Jessen William Keller Laurel Kinman Julie Lauren Kathy Lawler Ken Lawler Maria Lozana Mary Lutz Douglas Mar Jennifer Mayer Mimi Matsumune Andy McCormick Hugh McDevitt Patty McNabb Linda Meyer Stephanie Mills Darren Miner

Pam Moore Tami Naslund Robin Novack Bradley Neunzig Nellie Ow John Pia Laura Rithstein Cheryl Russell Dawn Saari Tom Salyers Gary Shaw Dennis Shirley Eve Shostak Carol Siegal Mary Ann Soares Kelly Stadille Scott Stewart Paul Strand

June Tanimura Nancy Than Laurie Tharin Eric Thompson Elaine Tobosa Mary Tofield Hubert Tsang Barbara Turke Anton Uhle Diane Van Brocklii Gail Vorwerck Paul Warnock Valerie Winthers Lisa Wong Susie Wood Dale Yamashita Malcolm Yeh Wayne Young

California Scholarship Federation CSF, the honor society at Salinas High, had almost two-hundred members this year. Membership in CSF is based on points earned by classes and semester grades. Those students who are members of CSF for four semesters, one of which must be in their senior year, are granted Sealbearer status upon graduation.

SECOND SEMESTER MEMBERS Lori Anderson Mark Anderson Kevin Aoyama Steven Aylard Sally Brazil Chris Brennand Dan Casas Thomas Casey Carla Cassani Robert Cassani Lori Cheang Kathleen Collins Susan Collins Rhonda Cordes Dennis Crane Sue Dagnall Patricia Din June Eidson Mark Eshoff

Kathryn Evans Pete Evans Katherine Fleming Kristy Forsman Don Fresh Kiffin Gish Susie Goade Matthew Goetz Carol Greer Diane Grensted Eric Grove Suzanne Guerrero Lisa Haughey Rhonda Hill James Hull Jeff lida Shale !meson Susan Inman Robert James

Margit Jessen Lori Kanagy Natalie King J ulie Lauren Kathleen Lawler Ken Lawler Leslie Lee Kirk Lew Yvette Louie Becky Lowe Karen Maher Marci Maness Jim Martin Mimi tvtatsumune Jennifer Mayer Caroline McDonnell Helen McDonnell Theresa McKenzie Linda Ann Meyer Stephanie Mills

Darren Miner Pam Moore Bradley Neunzig Robin Novack Patricia Payne Sharilyn Payne Gregg Pearlman John Pia Karen Reeves Rendell Requiro Laura Rothstein Cheryl Russell Greg Schulte Eve Shostak Carol Siegal Katie Silliman Kelly Stadille Michael Stefanidis Paul Strand

C_Dia-ne-S u t ton Laurie Tharin Eric Thompson Jean Thompson Alexandra Titus Isabella Titus Elaine Tobosa Barbara Turke Anton Uhle Diane Van Brocklin Mimi Villarta Paul Warnock Sandra Whiteley Valerie Winthers Usa Wong Dale Yamashita Malcolm Yeh Wayne Young


J.V. Cheerleaders Football Ruth Knisley, Head Cathy Clifton Lisa Haughy Patty Malpica _Rosemary Naldoza Lori Pollard

Basketball Lisa Haughy, Head Cathy Clifton, Tammy Jennings Debbie Burke Robbie Barnach i a Patty Malpica



Pom-pon Girls, under the leadership of Robin Novack and Ms. Patricia McDowell, advisor, created spirit in SHS rooters through their routines done to rock music.

POM-PON GIRLS: Robin Novack, head Gail Champlin Susie Goade Lori Kanagy Diane Vezzolo Mimi Villarta


Varsity Cheerleaders F


0 0 T B A L L


A L Cindy Livingston

Robyn Cracknell , Head

Kathy Lange

Candy Cook (Football Only)

Beth Bleicher

Spanish Club "Spanish Club, one of the largest clubs on campus, sponsored Twirp Week and the Twirp Dance again this year, in addition to a ski trip to Dodge Ridge and the annual trip to Disneyland in the spring."

Candy Cook, president; Helen McDonnell, vice-president; Becky Lowe, secretary; and Beth Bleicher, treasurer_

Karen Antle Kathy Antle Andy Bassetti Julie Bertlesman Jan Bryggman Kim Carnes Hope Cas reno Wayne Chin Bob Chung Steve Dake Mary Dios

Mark Dreyer Kim Eckleman Kathy Evans Pete Evans Susie Coade Ken Corcyca Lisa Gryp ray Harrod Margaret Healey Gary Higashi Richard Horton

Cathy Howe Jeff lida David Johnston Debbie Kaslin Natalie King Leslie Lane Jim Laughton Kathy Lawler Barbara Lyon Marci Maness Margaret Martin

Jennifer Mayer Heather McCallion Andy McCormick Caroline McDonnell Patty McNabb Greg Mil [away Diane Nedler Celine Partridge Debbie Peaslee David Rossi

Gary Sanpei Gerald Schmidt Julie Silliman June Tanimura Mike Temple J udy Tregenza Susie Vollmer Valerie Winthers Lisa Wong


Chorale 1975


Soprano: Cindy Cray, Pam Moore, Cwen Vincett, and Martha McCoy; Alto: Dawn Saari, Jenny Fish,. J anet Vrudney, and Jane Moore, Tenor: Karen Hill, Laura Rothstein, Paul Strand, and Jay HO; Bass; Hugh McDevitt, Paul Locke, Paul Warnock, and Mark Eshoff.

A Cappella

Alexandra Titus (Librarian), Vickie Cole, Laurie Tharin, Margit Jessen, )anielle Collins (Secretary), Karen Solazzi, Patty Payne (President), :heryl Calapon, Ursula Rudolph, Arlan Moon, Elaine Naldoza, Lacey /lead, Robert Larsen, Landa Lade, Todd Hansen, Steve Pope, Steve >eBord, Darlene Thoerner, Robert Knopf, Steve Maher, Rita Davis,

Tim Stoddard, Vickie Morris, Paul Johnson, Julie Bradnstetter, Ron McGuire, David Obele, Karern Albertson, Karen Maher, Cathey VonBrandt, Terry Evans, Christy Billings (Robes), Harold Myers, and Dawn Saari.

Girl's Glee Club

icki Watson, Carney VonBrandt, Ernestina Morales, Cecilia imbrell, Kathy McRhoades, Kathy Sanchez, Debhie Anthony, Carol reer, Elsa Jessen (president), Pam Hill, Cathy Felion (secretary), lien Bryan, Karen Karnow, Elizabeth Dimick, Tammy Boger, Jeanne

Nilsen, Janece Sadberry (librarian), Cindy Lackie, Karen Rutledge, Debbie Harris (robes), Kim Gardner, Teresa Swartz, Christine Herder,

Sharon Dimick, Terri Frazer, Carolyn Call, and Joann Hutchenson.


Mexican American Youth Association

"to promote cultural awareness and disseminate information to the public"

Tina Montes, president; Jesus Vasquez, vice - president; Ramon Naranjo, secretary

and Lupe Covarrubias, treasurer.


Miguel Aguilar, Lina Aguirre, Debbie Alvarez, Anette Amaro, Sandra Campa, Nellie Cruz, Rosa Cruz, Sorida Cruz, Gloria Flores, Antonio Garcia, Enrique Gomez, Lydia Guzman, Adela Hernandez, Brenda Longoria, Linda Longoria, Ernie Lopez, Miguel Martinez, Irene Mier, Cilda Murgia, Sara Navarez, Delores Sandoval, Delfina Sarrabia, Salvador Serrano, Rubi Satelo, Jorge Luis Torres.

Future Farmers

of America

Officers: (back row) Steve Bowers, Alvin Christenson, and Gary Beck; (front row) Scott Perkins, Joann Catalano, and Diane Christenson,

Grant Adrian, David Brouhard, Tina Burton, Kent Christensen, Tim Curtis, Robert Dempsey, Steve DeBard, Cliff Fasnacht, Koss Merrill, Ken Milam, Kathy Minearo, Caroline Parker, Claudia Parker, David Phillips, George Phillips, Bill Ray, Rozanne Roberds, Trudy Roberts, Scott Schultz, Dan Schell, Joe Smithson, Karen Solazzi, Janine Sullenger, Lisa Sullenger, Dar, Thornton, Butch

Woollard, Matt Wilder, Jacquetta Haworth, Stephanie McClellan, Karen Rutledge, Gary Muezenberg, Kathy Dorninici, Jay Peterson, Anthony Salamone, Pam Myrick, Allan Maim, Dean Forzani, Dian Raggerton, Janie Harper, Jeanne Harper, Dana liams, Jeff Johnson, Kathy Johnson, Tim Kelley, Kathy Kolofer, Tara Law, Janie Leighton, Gary Lewis, Fidel Lorenzo, and Jenny McDermott




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El Gabilan Staff 1975 Julie Silliman, Editor-In-Chief Marguerite Mac Pherson, Business Manager Debbie Newberry, Business Manager Assistant Candy Cook, Activities Editor Helen McDonnell, Activities Assistant Diane Sutton, Assistant Activities Cheryl Russell, Organizations Editor Hope Casareno, Organizations Assistant Steven Fields, Advertising Editor Janice Moore, Advertising Assistant Brenda Hall, Girls' Sports Editor Luan Sheldon, Girls' Sports Assistant Stephanie Mills, Boys' Sports Editor Susie Coade, Boys' Sports Assistant Don Fukui, Boys' Sports Assistant Nellie Ow, Faculty Editor Patricia Din, Faculty Assistant Marianne Ririe, Senior Class Editor Eve 5hostak, Junior Class Editor Lori Kanagy, Junior Class Editor Julie Avilla, Sophomore Class Editor Patty Malpica, Sophomore Class Editor Sandy Reid, Freshman Class Editor Janice Parker, Freshman Class Editor Suzanne Guerrero, Art Editor Kan Horwitz, Head Photographer Dave Gordon, Photographer Mamerto Jorvia, Photographer Terrance Healey, Photographer

Ken Horwitz, Head Photographer, Semester One


Cheryl Russell, Organizations Editor

Dave Gordon, Head Photogriiilier Semester Two

I to the Chief! Julie Silliman, Editor-In-Chief

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Stephanie Mills, Boys' Sports Editor

III1W1711 Janice Moore, Ads Assistant

Brenda Hall, Girls' Sports

Luan Sheldon, Girls' Sports Assistant

Bill Oakes, Photographer

Don Fukui, Photographer, and Diane Sutton, Activities Assistant

Mr. Donald Hamburger, Advisor

Susie Goade, Boys' Sports Assistant

Candy Cook, Activities; Helen McDonnell, Activities Assistant

class of seventy-six

Aarne James Adcock Robert Agee Patricia Aquila Lauro Aguilar meri I ida Alsberge Li sa

A I sept Diana An da Raul Anderson David Anderson Kurt Anderson Lori Andreasian Gary

Appl ing Lloyd Arbon Denise Ayers Allison Aylard Gary Baker Kristi Baker Randy

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Berg Jon Bernascorii Aldo Bickel

Paul B I eicher Beth Bohn Paul Bowers Steven Bowl ing Larry Boyd Paul


Brazil Sally Brennand Terry

Briscoe Kathleen Brooks Will iam

Brouhard David Brown Marisel

Campos Michael Carnes Kim Carter Jeff Casareno Hope Castagnetto Karen Catalano J ohn Brown Vicki Bulkley Scott

Burke Trina Burton Tina

Butler Teresa Cabal lo Carla

Cauntay Grace Cecil Sheree Challis Douglas Chapman Bill Chapman Sylvia Christensen Eric

Christiansen Karen Clodgo Howard Coca Sabrina Cohen Maxine Collins Susan Cook Candace

Cracknel I Jody Crane Dennis Cruysen David Curtis Timmy Cutler Russell Cutshal I Paula

Dagnall Susan Dales Jenny Davidson Billie Deems Jeffrey Del If ous L isa DeMars Cheryl

Cacas Lisa Camera Pamala



Keep On Parkin'

Dunkle Diane Dunn Mike


Duran Daniel Duran Miguel

Earp Vickie Eastman Mike

Erkelman Kim Eckhart Erin

Eldredge Marigrace Ellis Geraldine

Em lay Tricia Enriquez Joann

Erickson Jeffrey Eshoff Melinda

Dee Din Patricia Dios Mary Dodd Sheryl

Dodgen Ladonna Dominici Annette Doolittle Mark Dougherty Cheryl

Farmer Lori Farr David

Fasnacht Clrfford Fassio Joey


Fel ion Cheryl Ferris Richard Fields Steven Fitts Michael

Forsrnan Kristine Forwood Ricky Freeman Mary Fulkerson Pete

Fuller Kathryn Fultz Linda Fuqua Earl Caebelein Steve



Galinato Angelito Galvan Cuadlupe Gamboa J 째Ann Gamboa Susan Castelum Rosann Gayhart Michael Giacomarri James


Gilligan Rickey Glenn Roland Goade Susie Gong Maxine Grainger Joe Green Betty Jo Crimes April

Culan Vicki Gularte Lori Haggerton Vivian Haines Kathleen Haines Susan Hall Karen Halstead Victor

Hamil J ack Hansen Denise Hansen Todd Hardison Steven Hatfield Ron Hawkins Donald Head Bruce

Healey Margaret Heidel Christine Hendrickson Donna Hernandez Hector Hernandez Ignacio Herrin Rory Hershey Allen

Hill Rebecca Horwitz Laurel Houser Melanie Howerton Shawn Huckaby Julie Hugo Donnie Huth Marc


k DAY?

liams Daniel Ikeda Tim Imperio Michael Irvan Sheryl Isaac Susan James Robert Jeffery Sharon

Jennings John lessen Margit Joest Philip Johnson Cheryl Johnson Jane Johnson Kathleen Johnson Paul

Jongens Herman Kanagy Lori Kaslin Louis Kennedy Rick Kershing Paul Kilian Anthony Kimbrell Cecilia

King Mary Kinman Eric Kirkland Moritz Kline I ny Koostra Lori Kramm Otto Kulper Judith

Kuc.ka Karol Label Natalie Labourdette Julie Lane Leslie Langley Dottie Laughton Melissa Lee Clayton

Leonard Ronald Limrite David Lindsey Chris Locke Paul Long Deena Long Jerry Long Linda


Louie Perry Love Patricia Lowery Darlene

Lowmiller Jerry Lucas Randy Lyon Barbara

Maness Marci Manfredi Mark Marcum Lynda

Martin Margaret Martinez Am paro Martinez Rosa


Mashmeyer Wayne Masson i Mary Anne May Karen

McAlister Maureen McCrary Michael McCray Susan

McCurry Michael McDevitt Hugh McElroy Sheila

McGee Lori McGinnis Cheryl McIntosh Roderick

McKei I Crystal Mead Janet Medina Edward

Mendoza Susan Meyenberg Philip Mills Stephanie Mitchell Peter

Moncada Jose Monsanto Carlos Moody Tamara Moore Janice

Moranda Donna Naldoza Elaine Netzly Lori Nichols Glenn

Noble Ellen Novack Robin Nunnally Sandra Olihovik Linda

Now THAT Was Hurt!

Olivas Cindy O'Meara Michael Orozco Salvador Ortiz Antonio

Ortiz Francisco iz uli s ita Steven Otmar Douglas

Ow Nellie Owen Paul Owens Michael Pal Katalin

Paluck Kathleen Pappas Nicky Pardue Melanie Parnell Carey

Payton Matiel Peebles Gwendolyn Pelkey James Perez Luis

Petersen Merle Peterson Eric Peterson Geoffrey Peterson Jay

Petruzzi Diana Pfannes Keith Phillips George Pia Robert

Pollari Theresa Powell David Powers Cary Price Darrett

Quintana Juan Ramsey Carrie Randazzo John Rank Cindy




Michael Redusado Richard Reddy Michelle

Susan Reeves Sally Regnier Ann

Rendon Eva Robinson Buddy Robinson Lester


Rudolph Ursula Russell Mark Rybin Michael Sais Scott

Saldivar 1 ulia Salomone Anthony Sanpei Larry Sasaki Kazuhiko

Cindy Rodriguez Irma Rodriguez Raul

We Serve ANYTHING Roel David Rogers Jolene Rohr Matthew Roll Tracey


Rosendale Randall Rothstein Laura Rothstein Stephen Rowland James

Schafer Fred Schappell Peggy Schellhaas David

Schlapfer 1 eff Schmeltz Thomas Schmidt Daniel

Schoenbrun Daniel Schuessler Charles Scoggins Dennis

Segura Maria Shean Frank

Sheperd Kerry

That's Bitchin' Shirley Sharlene Shostak Eve Simonidis Kyriacos Sisk Tammy

Snyder Kevin Sosnowski Stephen Steele Randy Steitz John

Stoddard Timothy Strangman Cynthia Stuckey Denise Sutton Diane

Sweigert Harry Tangonan Margaret Tate Carolyn Thomas Daryl


Thornton Julie Titus Isabella

Thbosa Elaine Torres Georgina

Tosto Fred Toutoungy Do rea

Turke Barbara Vanali Debbie



Jesus Vergunst Judy

Diane Victorino Brian

Villalobos Yolanda Villarta Herminia


Thompson Christopher Thompson Jo Ann Thomson J ean

Wei nberg Mike Welch Michael Welch Richard Wheatley Linda


Mitch Walcom Christie Weakley Carrie

White Heidi White Shirley

Whitworth Darrel Wilkes Mark

Wilson Darlene Wilson Don

Wilson Rodney Winthers Cheryl

Wirtz Stephen Witner Eddy

Wolff Richard Woodruff John

Woodruff Wade Yell Malcol m

Young Larry Your Wayne

Zweifel Michael Nelson I. ianne

MISSING MUGS Adrian Grant Anderson Michael Bennett William Blevins Jimmy I3ojorques John Boyer Bruce Boyer Judie Bradford Dave Brandstetter I ulie Bryant Steven Burke Ronald Call Bruce Carolan Daniel Castro Cynthia Cervantes Georgina Christensen Alvin Clapp Charles Clizbe Daniel Cutshall Charlene Davis Michael Delacruz Joe Doughty Carolyn Duggins Kerri Edwards Robert Eggers Ken Eldridge Ricky Emlay Robert Farnworth Bradley Ferdinando Vance Ford Steven

Freeman Johnny Fregoso Danid FridluncI Brian Galvan Mariann Ganiboa George Cam ino Abe! Cami no Sergio Garcia Reginaldo Gates Kathy Gerstein Paul Gomez Charlie Gonzales Hilda Gray Cindy Griffin Michael Grow Kelley Hall Frances Harper Barbara Harrod Steven Harvey Margaret Haughey Noel Haye I udy Hensley Patty Hernandez Irma Hernandez Juan Hernandez Ralph Ibarra Sylvia I rac heta Maria Jackson Richard Jenkins, Rhett Johns John

I ones Annelle J ones Earl Kim Sang Won Kolofer Kathy Lara Mary Lawless Sheryl Lee Su Vol Lopez Rosali na Lorenzana Georgina Lujan Charles tvlagana Mario Magdirila Jerry Martinez Francine Martinez Jesse Martinez Nancy Masuen Phillip McDonnell Bird McKenzie Teresa Migotti Keith Minearo Katherine Mitchell Hodges Moore Laura Marra Fredrick Naranjo Ramon Newberry Debra Nolan Laura Nordbye Jane Olmos Michael Oshita Jan Papac David

Patel Ashok Peyton Linda Phelps Scott Richardson Lori Riddle Steven Rivera Nelda Schweissinger Scott Silva Theresa Simpson Armand Smith Donna Smith Sheree Stein Joe Strange Ronald Taylor Kathy Tedder Christina Teeters Christine Thompson Randy Tittle Tim Torres Humberto Tucker Frank Urquides Steven Vanpelt Sheldon Villalobos Gloria Viniegra Mario Walker Monty Wilson Charlene Wolf Billy Woods Cuy Woollard Wilber Yonekura Deret

Fraley Zo na


class of seventy-seven

Abbott Tim Abbot TOM Acosta Lisa

Asher Bill Avery Ray Avilla Julie Aylard Richard


Adrian David Aguayo Maria Akasaki David

Azelton Kerry Backus Lowry Ann Baker Billy Balentine Terry

Alexander Anita Alsberge Patty Alsept Herbert

Baran Michael Baron Cathy Barrios Michael Barton Eric

Alvarez Devora Ambur Jody Anda Rodolto

Anderson Pam Andre Steve Angstadt Eric

Antic Karen Antle Kathy Armstrong Toni


Bertelsman Julie Bilek Cindy Booth Jerri Borelli Benny

Borland Belinda Borurn Cynthia Bojorques Cynthia Boulad Marlene


Belli Hope Beltran Cecila Bernasconi Danny

Our Pleasant

President, Ali

Boyer Jane Boyer Judie Bowling Pam

Bozarth Cynthia Bradley Tammy Brandstetter J ulie

Caldreon Micheal Calderon Thomas Caliva Arthur Call Carolyn

Callihan Vivian Campa Sandra Cambell Brad Carey Teresa

Brown Gary Brown Judy Brown Susan

Brown Tammi Budlong lames Boentello Alfred

Cambell Gary Carin Maryjane Caranza Tami Casareno Joaquin

Cassani Robert Castillo Dennis Cekalla Stephanie Celaya Elsa

Burns Tami Burton Timothy Burton Valerie

Chaidez Lupe Chambers Annette Cheang Lori Christofferson Rupert

Busby Robert Cabatu Ignacio Cachola Gilberg

Choy Brody Christensen Diane Christensen Joyce Clark Kim


Chuca Bonifacio Church Glenn Cl ifton Steve


Cohn Lynn Cole Vickie Coleman Michelle Collaco Alex


Coll ier James Collins Kathleen Colyn Mai reen Cook Loretta

Cook Lorry Corda Babara Corvello Joeseph Covarrubi sa Lupe

Cress Jeff Cronin Bill Crowley Kevin Cummins Ti na

Cutler Corey Cutler Jolene Dake Brenda

Daleth Nancy

Damasco Reuben Damiano Mark Dams Bret Davis Carl

Davis David Davis Mark Davis Ron Davis


Deberdt Pat Debord Phillip Debord Steve Deems Mark


John Cline Mike Clodho Jennifer

Dempsey Robert Dermates Kim Dewitt John Dewitt Sandy

Dodd Wesley Doerfler Sherald Dominici Kathy

Duncan Albert Eckhart Shawn Eggers Robert Elleccion Florentine

Dagherty Martha Douglas Geraldine Dozier Mike

Elmer Mark Eremeyeff Alex Estes Dorothy Evans Kathy

Evans Lennie Evangelista Elizabeth Fabela Maria Farley Matt

Fasnacht Bruce Ferrasci David Fernandez Mina Figueroa Mike

Filice Julie Fish Tom Fisher Don Fitts Mark

Fleeman Kathy Fleming Kathy Fleming Terry Flores Gloria

Flores Myrna Flares Sonia Flores Sylvia Flores Tony

Flory Bratt Folla Janette Folker Tim Fong Parker

Forzani Dean Foster Nancy Fossum Melanie Fowler Rusty



Freddick Jim Fresh Don Fuller Susan Fultz Linda

Caddis Debra Gall nato Beverly Calvan Baldemar Gammon Jodie

Gates Susan Genovese Gina Ceirgealos Simi Georgelos Constantine

Getris Leora Ciacomazzi Michelob Gibson Elizabeth Ginn Lisa

Gonzalez Olga Gracia Blanca Granger Lynn

Green Judy Green Charlotte Cruntup Sandra

Grensted Diane Grigas Richard Crudgel I James

Guerrero Tony Malian Larry Hancock Cigi

Gish Kathleen Goade Gary Codinez Maria Gomez Carmen

Hansen Rayann Harvey Karen Harvey Karen

Gomez Hector Gonzales Loraine Gomez Richard Gorcz-yca David

Hascall Cheryl Hash Mark Hayashi Joe

Hayes Dawn Hayworth Jeri Hernandez Octavo'

Hernandez Adela Herman Teresa Hennig Bob

Heider Karen Healy Terrence Higashi Kenny

Snow White, Bustin' Out All Over

Hill Tim Hodges Vincent Holbrook Hilary

Holetz Lori Holm Canchick Houle Lisa

Howard Harrison H unter Scott Hunt Paul

Huser Sherri I iams Dana Ingram Bob

!meson Shale I rvan Ernie Iverson Jay

Jacob Julie Jump Carlene Jordan Milton

Jones Becky J ongens Tom Johnston Dyke

Johnston David Johnson Tom Johnson Stuart

Jobe Leonard Jimenez Raymonddo Jimenez Luz Maria


Jimenez Ray Jensen Lisa Jennings

The Great Kiss Rip-Off

Keller Bill Keller Diane Kiessling Gerhard


Kimes Laurie King Lisa Kinman Laurel

Kirk Sammy Kirkland Steven Knisley Ruth

Keuchenmeister Dave Keuchenmeister Tom Kurtz Jill

Lade Landa Ledendorf Dwianne La gasca Hairbear

Bob Jennings Torn

Lal Regie Lomer Torn Larson Rovert

Laurrecco Gen ie La Tourette Kenneth Law Tara

Lawler Kenneth Lawson Eugenia Leach Buddy

I an icki Rick Kammerdiener Russell Karnow Karen Kaslin Debbie

Lee Leslie Leetch Pamela Levy Janice

Lewis Gary Lewis Stephanie Lwyba Julian Lien Rhonda

McNamara Tom

Lozano Little Jeffrey Maria Lyons Lopez Chris Ceci la Magano Lopez Robert Roland Louie Magano Victor Benson

Malpica Patty McAlister Allison Manley Pamela Mar Douglas

Marta Linda Marler Bobby Martin Kathy Martinez Patricia

Martins Marty Maschmeyer Paul Masi Tony Masson i Joanne

Matsumune Mimi Mattheus Kevin McCal I i no Heather McCauley Margeret

McDermott Diane McDill Laurie McElroy Donna McGuire Ron

McKeil Rocky McK insey Gail McMahon Sandie McNabb Patty

Medina Rafeal



Leslie Mead Larry



Talk About a Foxy Chick



SHS Penitentary

Meadows Kim Merrill Ross Messner Virginia


Metcalf Kim Meyer Linda Meyer Linda

MikkelsonMiller Janet Susan Milers Milloway Kennie Greg Mill Miner Ernie Darren

Moag Joe Monteith David Monteith Michelle

Montes Ernestina Mora John Moreno Dan

Moreno Mike Morran Andrew Morrow Robin

Moyers M Munganey Jerry Murphree J ohnny

Myers Naomi Neunzig Brad Naslund Tami

Nevitt Danita Ng Wendy Newberry Nancy Nielsen Kelly

Phelps Carrolt Phillips Steven Pia John

Nielsen Lissa Nordbye J oyce Nunes

Jennifer Obele David

Pierce Brian Pollard Lori Prock Jack

Oglesby Daniel Oehler Tyrone Oka Keith Oldham Mark

Puck Julia Randazzo

Gus Raugust Steve

Oliverez Tina Olmos Robert Ordunez Robert Ortiz Mike

Ray Bill Reddy Kimberly Reed Alan

Otsuki Dave Pabon Peter Packwood Roxanne Padion Elena

Reid Sandy Reyes Zu lema Rice Richard

Pagano Carol Paluck Annette Parker Claud Parker Janice

Parker Janis Parslow Paul Particle Mario Partridge Celine

Richards David Roberts Trudy Robinson Carey

Robinson Sheri Robles Peter Rocha Julia

Payne Patricia Peaslee Zebra Peaslee Pudly Perez Juana

Rodick Heidi Rodriguez Richard Rodriguez Vivian

Peterson Bridget Peterson Tammy Pezzini Paul Pezzini Tony

Rogers Valerie Rosa Luis



Rossi Dan Roth Dave Russell Eileen Ruiz Adrian

Ruiz Laura Salazar Steven Sundquist Greg Salczynski Stan



Debbie Sampson Leon Sanchez Kathy Scarr Karen

Brett Schlapfer Cindy Schiefer Mark Schoen Eric

Schmit John Schneider Cathy Schulke Lisa Scoggins Carolyn

Segura Juanita Serrano Salvador Settiemi re Torn Severson Bobbie

Shean Jeff Sheldon Luan Sieber Sandra Siegal Carol

Siler Robert Silveria Dennis Sisk Mark Sleker Chester

Slcik Patty Sloan Brad Smith Debbie Solazzi Karen

Sornera Terri Spiegl Matt Stein Tom

Stevens Kent Stewart Scott Stilsan Angela

Stoddard Audrey Stowers Dana Takegvechi Roy

Tani mura June Taylor Jeff Tadlock Jean

Tharin Laurie Than Nancy Teubner Michael

Teixeira Grade Thoerner Darlene Thomas Scott

Thompson Carrie Thompson Ki Thompson Poncho

Torres Nick Tofield Mary Tucker James

Turner Tari Tuttle Jeff Tweten Sandra

Van Den Broeke Ron Vanni Jay Vanoli Greg

Vargas Mike Vera Mark Vorwerck Gail

Acosta, Chilar Adcock, Cheri Aguas, Erasmo Aguilar, Miguel Aguirre, Elsa Arismendez, Lydia Atkins, Leigh Augustine, Mary Aylard, Ronny Bayan, Ellen Bernal, Javier Bigham. David Bojorques, Cynthia Bray, Dennis Burke, Colleen Carstenesen, David Casas, Danny Cerna, Tina Chabarria, Candelario Chezen. Kristen Cisneros, Oscar Cole, Robert Cole, Dana Cortez, Mike Cortez, Steve Cronn, Ronnie Cruz, Nerieda Culp, William Davis, Russell Delgado, Angelina Dougherty, Susan Doyle, Mike Duran, Willy Durban, Deeanna

Walberg Patrick Walton Ted Ward Margaret

Waters Shelly Weeks Chester Wells Gary

Dymke, Kevin Eden, Gregory Emmerson, Mark England, Roland Enriquez_ Ernie Espino, Carlos Farnworth Mark Frazure, Gary Fukui, Lizabeth Galley, David Garcia, Antonio Garcia, Jack Comes, Mitch Gonzales, Jesse Gonzales, Loraine Gonzalez, Jose Gortz, David Grubb, Augustine Guerrero, Anthony Hallvik, Sherree Hayworth, Jeri Hendrickson, Mike Heredia, Nef tali Hernandes, Oscar Hernandez, David, Hershey, Mary Hicks, Kathy Hinch, David Hodgin, Pvillanalchus Hulette, Margaret Johnson, Jeffrey Kahuena, Caroline Leach, Byron Lee, Grant

Wells Kelly White Dan White Ginger

Wigon Debbie Wilcox Linda Wilder Matt

Wilson John Witner Cheryl Woodruff Tina

Lindsey, Stuart Lopez, Josef a Lorenzo, Fidel Lujan, Albert Luquin, Arturo Marks, Nitaimie Marquez, Jose Martin, Jody Martinez, David Mayberry, Renee Mayer, Delbert McCabe, Keelin McDaniel, Sherrie Melcher, Charlene Mendez, Cythia Michaels, Jody Mireles, Henry Moon, Arlon Moore, Terrence Moore, 1 erry Morris, Cuz Morrow, James Muenzenberg, Gary Nelson, Patty Ohagin, Debra Oliver, Sammy Ortiz, Pedro Ostergren, James Palmer, Calvin Paluck, Powers, Mathew Prader, Timothey Quintant, Angelina Rangle, Danny

Woods Glen Wong Lisa Wright Brad

Wylie Tammy Young Lance Zermeno Tony

Raper, Robert Reed, Debra Reyes, Gilbert Reyes, Reynaldo Roberts, Lori Rodriguez, lose Rowland, Fred Sampson, Terry Sanchez, Charles Sanches, Dora Saunders, Steve Scala, Nancy Schafer, Ray Schultz, Greg Schaneveldt, Cindy Scott, Melvin Silva,- Marty Siler, Robert Sims, May Smith, Joe Soria, Virginia Spencer, Rick Springer, Joyce Stone, Doug Stowers, Danda Taber, Penny Tate, Gladys Taylor, Lorrie Tharin, Laurie Thomas, James Thomas, Karen Wethington, Mary Zachary Sherry

• •;



Abdelaziz, Anna Aceves, Debbie Acidera, Ofelia Acosta, Terri

Agee, Peter Aguayo, Julio Aguila, Jocelyn Akiena, Felomena

Bell, Melody Benson Lorna Bereman, Randy

Bernardi, Greg Berg, Jeff Bergh, Caroline

Alameda, Joanie Allen, Sylvia Allred, Allen Amaro, Molly

Bergh, Mary Bergh, Marlene Bergstedt, Terry

Amaro, Fidel Ames, Pam Anderson, Mark Anderson, Paula

Bergquist, Dennis Beviey, Joe Bickel, Mike

Agelano, Mike Antony, Debbie Aoyama, Kevin Aebo, April

Arizmendez, J erry Armenta, Frances Arrey V itor Arruda, Glen

Killington, Jeanne Bisbiglia, Robert Blana, Chris

Blanks, Barbie Bleicher, Lisa Bocca, Lindy

Augman, L loyd Aylard, David Baechlar, Lorraine Bailin, Mike

Boger, Tammy Bollin, David Bomar, Dee Ann

Baldridge, Jim Banks, Leslie Barnachia, Robbie Barnes, Tina

Barton, Carrie Barrios, Rosalva Baxter, Carl Bearden, Mary

Bosio, Cheryl Bowers, James Brazil Robert

Brennand, Chris Brito, Diana Brown, Tracy

Bruce, Merritt Brush, Linda Bryan, John Bryan, Ruth

Bryant, Cindi Bullard, Eric Bullion ., Clive Burk, Debbie

Carothers, Mike Casey, Dolores Casey, Thomas

Castaneda, Richard Cauazos, Tony Cauntay Howard ,,

Burke, Colleen Burr, Jim Cabrenoe, Edward Cabrera, El ios

Cazares, Hector Cecil, Mike Cedola, Monica

Cacas Jesse Calderon, G i Ida Camps, Johnny Campbell, Evy ,

Cervanies, Clara Chaidez, Concha Challis, Gail

Cameron, Sydney Camacho, Arthur Cancio, Michael Carneyo, Romero

Chambers, Edith Chambers, Wayne Cheek, Pamela

Freshman try to maintain peace

Chockpoyah, Fredda Christensen, Debbie Ciani, Lori

Clapp Melodie Clifton, Cathy Clyde, Chris

Coggins, Carolyn Cohon, Skip Colantro, Sheila

Colburn, Frank Colburn, Steve Connell, Mark


Conte, Frank Corpuz, Stanley Cota, Alf redo Crane, Carrie

Derichsweiler, John DeRose, Rina Diaz, Domingo


Cronn, Robert Crowley, Matt Crursen, Donna Cunha, Charles

Curtis Patti Cutler, Brian Cutshall, Michelle Dales, Karen

Diaz, Lydia Dickman, Wayne Doereler, Katrina

Douglas, Lynn Doyle, Jennifer Dozier, Kenny

Demarco, Melanie Dastrup, Russell Dato, Elmer Davis, Patricia

Dreyer, Curtis Duncan, Kenneth Dunn, Ken

DeAngelo, Robert Deberdt, Eric DelaCruz, Ti m DelaCruz, Roland

DelaCruz, Tom DeLair, Richard Dent, J ill Denton, Ray

Duran, Victoria Eastman, Eddie Eb Ebrahimi, , Lisa

Ematt, J olio Eglitis, Chris Ehlers, William

Freshman get an early start.

Emlay, E IdSon , Tracy June Englehorn, Eldredge, Rick John Eltagonde, English, Beth

E sD caalvaindte , Escobar, Lisa Espinosa Julie



Esquivel, Philip Estigoy, Chris Estrella, Anthony Etchison, Tim

Evans, Mike Evans, Pete Evans, Terry Falcon, Diana

Farr, Bruce Farr, Patty Favalora, Mark Felion, Cathy

Fields, Melddy Figueroa, Becky Flow, Doug Floto, Mark

Flores, Fernando Flores, Ruben Flory, Todd Faster, Kevin

Fullerton, Patricia Fulton, Bruce Franck, Judy Frazer, Teresa


Frid, Pat Friedman, Sandy GdIcipun, Cheryl Galinatn, Lolita

Galloway, Tammy Galvan, Peter

Garcia, Alfredo Garcia, Louie



RustyCattis, Gary

Joey Garcia, Stephanie


Greenlaw, Matt Greer, Carol Grimes, Adolph


I. 4•

- I.


Georgalas, Peter Giacomazzi, John Gipe, Cindy

Goetz, Matthew Godinez, Flora Goldman, Karen

Goodnight, Dell Garcia Silvana Grandelli, Patrick

Joanne Gray, Sandra Creathead, Nancy


Grogan Thomas Grove Eric Guerrero Vakerie Hale Julie

74 ........„..._.

Hill Shawn Hinch Otis

Hinojosa Gregorio


Halfpenny Jeff Haas Robert Hader Kurt Haines Diane

Hampton Paul Hancock Nancy Hanquist Dean Harder Bill

Harper Janie Harper Jeanie Hartmeier Creg Hart Tim

Harrell Julie Harris Debbie Harvey Daniel Harvey J han

Haugh Scott Haughey Lisa Hayes Bob Hayes Jim

Head David Hearnsberger James Heidel Greg Hered ia Gmma

Hernandez Humberto Hernandez Leticia Hernandez Jose Herrera Celeste

Higashi Shari 1101 Kim Hill Pam Hill Rhonda


Hodges Bryan Hodges Sheila Holen Lynn

Holm Jeff Holt Crrin Hoover Jeanne

Floss Martin Howe Cathy Hull Tim

Hunt David Hunter Robert Huth Lorie


....... 7

Jennings Ikeda Alane Marty Jessen I meson Elsa Chad Imman Jimenez J anet Ralph Johns J auregui Ofelia Donald

Johnson Janet Johnson J ill Johnson Laura Johnson Reginald

Johnston Brent Johnston Jeff Jones Fred J ones Greg

Jones Sally Ju David Kammerdiener Tina Keith Brian

Kennedy Donna Ketcham Elizabeth Kershing Steve King Doug

Kiraly Tina Knopf Robert Kulper Kathy Lade Trish

Lamers Susan Lange Anna Langley Danny Latourette Jeff



Leroux Cheryl Lew Kirk Lewis Tammie

Linares Nicandy Locke Cindy Lorenzo June

Lorono Tony Lowe Becky Lowmiller Jimmy

Larson Troy Laughton Jim Lee Leslie Leighton Bob


Lujan Jose Lujan Cindy Lumley Wanda

Macy Mia Magallan Archie Mayana Sammy


Magdirila, Gloria Maher, Karen Manteufel, Mimi

hi azzel , Paul McBom, ro Teena McDaniel, David McDaniel, Sherrie


Marchi, Alane Marcum, Lee Manteufel, Randy

McDermatt, Jenny McDivitt, Debbie McDiII, John McDonnell, Jim

Martin, Jim Martin, JoAnne Martin, Sheryl

McGee, Jamie McKay, Andy McRhoads, Kathy McRhoads, Mike

Martinez, ignauo Martinez, Leticia Martinez, Miguel

Medeiros, Terri Medley, Diana Mena, Jim Melidoza, Goldie

Masuen, Kevin Matthews, Melody Mayhue, Rick

Metcalf, Tracy Meyenberg, Denny Meyer,' Carl Mikgett, Mike

Enjoying Cafeterta food?

Mills, Susan Mitchell, Lee Mitchell, Lynn Mireles, Carmel

Moats, Brent Moncana, Teresa ivtrnutdooyn Ai s, Moore, Rick

Moore, Ronnie Morales, Ernestine Moreno, Margaret Moreno, Richard

Morris, Marla Moya, Redentor Muenzenherg, Heidi Muller, Iris

Mumro, Dennis Naldoza, Rosemarie Nava, Sandra Navarro, Tomas

Nedler, Diane Neilson, Mike Nordwick, Larry Netzly, Bob

Norton, Pat Nichols, Brian Nilsen, J eanne Oberg, DeAnn

Happy Freshmen

Odum, Jim Okamoto, Michael Olihouik, Terry O'Neill, Paul

Ore, Randy Ortiz, Ernie Ortiz, Manuel] Ozozco, Jaime

Perkins, Scott Peterson, Lynn Peterson, Megan

Oshita, Linda Ostby, Dora Palma, Annarnarie Palmer, Brenda

Peyton, Peter Phillips David Phillips, Jeff

Pantry, Diane Papac, Melanie Parker, Caroline Parks, Jeanine

Pierson, Robert Piper, Bruce Pope, Steve

Parry, Cheryl Patania, Ca rmela Payne, Sharilyn Payne, Michelle

Porta, Robert Priddy Beverlee Puck, Doug ,

Pearlman, Gregg Peaslee, Kari Peebles, Debbie Peree, Refugia

Puveell, Lynn Pyryl, Christine Quintero, Marie


Ragland, Sam Ramirez, Arhtur Ramirez, Pete Ramsey, Danny

We're stoned on our team.

Regon, Cathy Requiro, Rendell Rios, Victoria


Roanhorse, John Roberds, Roxanne Roberson, Dan

Rodriguez, Julian Rodriguez, Manuel Rodriguez, Richard

Rodriguez, Vera Roel, Roy Roeseler, Susan

Rogers, Frank Rogers, Jackie Rogers, Ronnie

Rojas, Ryben Roll, Vicci Roper, Bruce

Ross, Rod Rothstein, Theresa Safles, Rick

Retigan, Ronald Ratto, Robert Raugust, Shannan Reading, Steve

Sadberry, J anece Rybin, Colleen Ruthedge, Karen

Reed, Mike Reeder, Mark Reeder, Mike Reeves, Karen

Russo, Lauri Rudd, Tim Rubio, Carlos

Royal, Steve Salezar, Manuel Saldivar, Frank Salinas, Linda

Solis, Mary Sonia, Codofreda, Soratos, Sandy

Salkson, Barry Sampayan, Ronnie Sanchez, Maria Sanchez, Robert

Stefanidis, Mike Stein, Kathy Steinbach, Sandy

Sanchez, Staci Sandridge, Barbara Sandridge, Barry Scherer, Paul

Schurman , Sally Schvanevelclt, Scott Schwellenbach, Pat Schwelssinger, Sharon

Stephens, Kim Sterling, Phillip Still, Diane

Scott, Juanita Scotti, Shanna Seefeldt, Mark Seidel, Ryan

Sellers, Steve Sellers, Sydney Serrato, Arthur Sewell, Shauna

Sewell Stancey Shanek, Dale Sheppard, Clark Shields, Bill

Shipp, John Silliman, Katie Slater, Laurie Slater, Lisa

Sleker, Pat Smithson, James Snow, Jan Soares, J anice

Hey Fellas, Fairy good food!


Stinson, Bill Strobridge, Cathy Stone, Richard Stover, Pam

Thatcher, Russ Therriau It, Heather Thomas, Greg


Stump, Elizabeth Sullenger 1 anine Sullenger, Lisa Sutherland, Sandy


Syx, Eric Takeguchl, Wendy Taneda, Janet Tank, Howard




Titus, Chris Tobosa, Kenny

Tofield, Ottie Tombleson, Heidi

Tashima, Loryn Teeters, David Thatcher, Terry Thatcher, Ron

Torres, Patty

Tosto, Cathy


Toutoungy, Dea Trayford, Gary Tregenza, Pat Trujillo, Richard


Viri, Mike Vogt, Lynne VonBrondt, Catherine

Trurnpower, Carmen Tupper, Melissa Utne, Kathi Valenzuela, Alice

Ward, Huila Ward,

Julie Waronier, Gary

Valenzuela, Lissa Valero, Estella Vallejo, Ramon VanHorne, lames

Vaninette, Angie Vargas, Eddie Vezzolo, Judy Viglietti, Karen

Waller, Connie Watkins, Kim Watson, Vikki


Bill Welch, Francis Wells, Lisa


Wells, Michelle White,

Nickie Whitney, Christy


Whitton, Anna Wike, David Wilkes, Cherule

Wolcott, Terry Wolff, Doug Wolff Sarah

Wood, Paul Woodruff, Warren Williamson, Laurie

Williamson, Susanne Wilson, Cathy Wilson, Earl

Wilson, Karry Wilson, Marti Yeh, Anna

Young, Guy Young, Kevin Zamora, Rosario

Zarate, Roy

Shutter Shy Abiera, Felomena Aguayo, Julio Aguayo, David Alderete, Mike Amaro, Joe Ayala Leticia Becker, Kathryn Bentley, Colleen Bradley, Randell Brokaw, Derrick Buckman, Susan Campos, Grace Chavarin, Heracho Chavarin, Ruben Cota, Yolanda Cruz, Debra Davis, Mark DeAnzo, Liberto Desmond, Catherine Diaz, Dwayne ._• Dominguez, Sylvia Em lay, Charlene Escalante, David Ferguson, Lisa Ann Frank, Terry Frits, Rebecca Ceren, Cyndy Gomez, Enrique Gong, Wilson Gonzales, Veronica Gutierrez, Armando Hash, Lynn Hash, Tracy Hernandez, Antonio

Holbrook, Troy Hoss, Martino !kola, J ohn Jackson, Barry Jenne! I, Kathy J iminez, Louie J ohnson, Justin Kahuena, Violet Kennedy, Margaret Kirby, Marc Ledesrna, Lisa Leighton, Robert Li, Stuart Lightle, Katherine Lltich, Tomas Lopes, Alicia Louie, Yvette Lucid°, James Lugg, Pamela Martinez, Lydia McAllister, Angela McClellan, Stephanie McGowan, Kimberly McKenzie, Doug McNelly, Tammy Michaels, Jeff • Miezitis, Sandra Moore, Ronnie Moreno, Phillip Myers, Harold Nicholson, David North, Durinda Oliverez, Angela Page, Brian Pal, Johnny

Paradise, Richard Plumb, Vic Powser, James Roberts, Daniel Rohr, Ronnie Roper, Bruce Rosales, Samuel Sakay, Anthony Santiago, Maria Santos, Mark Schafer, Kenneth Schell, Daniel Schultz, Scott Scoggins, Mark Segura, Marta Sells, Curtis Serasio, Marty Ann Shean Pamela Shicjak, Patti Shirley, Kathlene Sigala, Terry Sotelo, Ruby Statley, Karen Swanson, Sarah Tacoronte, Anthony Thompson, Joyce Thompson, Leslie Turner, Brett Varela, Yolanda Vasquez, Lionel Villarta, Eileen Wolf, Charles Woollard, Dottie Ynostrosa, Hope Yonekura, Mona



Mr. John Braddock, Dean of Boys


Mrs. Helen Thompson, Dean of Girls

Mrs. Adrienne Zekos

Miss LaVerta Zarnowski

Mrs. Thelma Fox

Mr. Steve Bilvado

Mr. Roger Bergam

Mr. Richad Beattie

Board of Trustees; Mr. Jim Reavis, Mr. Daniel Krishun, Mr_ Edwin Angstadt, Mr. Larry Balentine, Mr. Seymour Lesser



Alice Adams

Gary Affonso

Florence Alcorn Gregg Alvarado George Andersor

Sal Andreoll

Fred Bradley

Frank Casas


Joe Chappell

Mary Braisher

Paula Baker


Harry Beltzig Kathleen Blount

Robert Buruss

Wayne Chezem Joyce Chobanian

Lola Cabrera

Milton Callas

Fred Coleman loan Collier

Ceorgianna Dickinson Virginia Diers

Louise Dorninici

Don Edwards

Dan Emmerson George Espino

Al Finley

Mary Forbord


J ack Fourcade Gene Frassetto

Merlyn Green

Hope Garcia

Mary Gale

Art Gallegos

Don Griffin

Betty Gularte Lorraine Gularte Don Hamburger

Linda Harris

Bill Getris

Richard Hayman Robert Hays Janet Hedlund

Staff Teacher's have homework too



Kenny Higgins George Hogan Regina Hunter

Ernest Huser

Care to join me?

Jesse King

John Kuhn

Terrie Johnson

Harold Katton

Gene Kinman Margaret Knappen

Robert Larson 233

Lorraine Lowe Albert Lukavhch Ethel Lukavich

Jan Mandel


Liz Martinez

Donna Mausen Patricia McDowell

kik Ruth Mitchell Romona Morales Wilbur Morgan Marry Morris David Mulder

Robert Napoli

Sachi Nation

Winston Nelson Ilia Nielson


Helen Perez

Guy Phillips

George Pike

David Powell Edward Powers

Ureta Proserfina Emilia Reduque

Elmer Rice

Rick Russo


Clare Reich

in Memory of Jean Madison

Eileen Rice

Nancy Roach Dorothy Rodgers Caroline Romagno Harold Rood

Sharon Scatena Tim Schneider

Joann Shipp

Gloria Sierra

Carol Sims

PHOTO SHY Joe Kiely Mary Fernandez Rosalio Garza Vic Santora Vaughn Tuttle Romney Todd

Clinton Thelander Truman Tollefson Emilio Tunzi

Dick Tuttle Henry Van Brocklin Domenico Venturini Pat Verbolsky Margaret Villobabos

Mike Welsh Leonard Whitehead Tom Willis


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jan Bryggman, Cindy Livingston, Judy Tregenza

Gary Beck, Brenda Hall



Rabin Crackne[I, Suzanne Guerrero


\like Farr, SUSI(• VLIIIrner 111,,lograi)k b 1305 Rood I r

1,11 r ll

Ilinti , Elsie lespersen



Andy McCormick, Caroline McDonnell


Kim Halfpenny, Debra



Frances Bastnagel, Mary Ann Soares


Don Fukui r Vick i e Camacho



Frank Garcia, Marianne Ririe

LuAnn and Ronda Sheldon




You've got a lot to live. Pepsi's got a lot to give.

dillik PE PS1•COLA NMI. Keith


Tera Taunton



Carolyn Alsept r Scott Schweissinger



Cary Shaw, Annette Violini

Pam Grossman, Judy Scott, Dawn Saari



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Patrons rug-.s itrarrErtr6 -1.ingerie Shoppe Les joselyn Bicycles Kosh Toys Galore inc. Moore Cement Contracting

As I complete this final page, I can look back and realize the effort the staff has made toward each of the 252 pages of this "Seasons in the Sun". I am especially proud of the staff, not only for the individual personality they gave the book; but also their never failing humor in the middle of imminent disaster. I can count (Yes! on my fingers) the times when I entered room 36 only to be greeted by 30 happy, smiling faces. Hal Well we made it gangl Only such a wildly insane staff could endure and still enjoy the chaos of putting together the 72nd Salinas High Yearbook. I thank you all.

laz Julie Sill iman Editor-in-Chief 1975 El Cabilan



A Special Thanks to: Cook's Photography Dolly and Bob's Photography Green's Photography Hurl Swartz Photography Richard Wilson Photography Jeff lida (Homecoming Candidates Pictures) Seasons in the Sun Rod McKuen Mr. Don Hamburger, Advisor Phillip Joest (Activity Photos) Mr. Bernard Minkin (Yearbook House Representative)


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