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20th Reunion Album 1976-1996

Menioni This Album is Dcbkatett to the Me7,ior4 of those whose lives were lost /44.ati 21, 1976. • Atib in honor of those who stArviveb.

'Debra Abrams Constance Atkins Marla Azim Donnie ViarAelb Ruth Dower' Thomas Brooks *Karen Burrow Rachel Carlson Danielle Cote 'Stew Eberhart Carrie Erich Carlene Engle Sharlene Engle Pamela Engstrom Christina Estabrook •Riekarb Eihington James front; *Valerie Gooch Cynthia GraIWY1 Steven GHSt

Mtlif Hicks *Mark Hughes

Kristbse kluster“ *Colleen Kean /tension Lode Killinssworth

*Robin Love Vern' Martin JoAnne Matson e Sterhah“le MCCAW' *Kahl NACC11015 JON McCoy Maims Melani *Mike Morgan Catherine Ms'oge Dobbs' Ortega *Donna Peacock Robert Ranbolph *Thom ►s Ranbolph *Ian Roberts Lawrence Rooneu Seth Rosebrough *Davit) Sauer Lan.% Shearer *Annette Skromore Robert Stafforb *Robert ► Staple9

'64,4r9 Vausht *Rene' Watt Daniel Wright *Christine Young

Their sweet k417140PfIll prIACCV too ipoicIdy. like *Atte guff Aff,siner the shocking blue OW here. the ',lemon' of those who 0,5shiorfe our brightest joys APO Z•eepest loss dm" persevere. D. Estsbrook

Twenty years, so hard to believe, yet it's true. Twenty years ago who would have thought we could come this far.... and look this GOOD! Honestly, walking around, visiting with all of you that evening, one thought kept nagging me, "man, these people look great". So keep up the good work, by our thirty year reunion, well who knows, maybe that old adage 'You're not getting older you're getting better is true. It's certainly true for YCHS Class of "76! If you happen to be looking through someone else's album right now, and you are kicking yourself for missing the event, well YOU SHOULD BE, because you missed out. Don't let it happen again, because one thing is for sure, "We will never pass this way again" (graduation theme song). I have been privileged to work on three of our reunions, the ten, fifteen and the twenty. I can not begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed tracking and contacting our classmates. I have had some interesting phone calls and correspondence, but best of all I have had the opportunity to get on a personal level With individuals I did not have the pleasure of knowing that well during our four years at YCHS. You would be amazed at some of the things people are doing with their lives. My life has been enriched because of my involvement in the organization of our reunions. Well anyway, in case you haven't caught on, I am trying to sell you guys on helping out with future reunions. If you have some idea's please drop me a line, Ifwe are open to any Er all suggestions, and If you have any information on individuals who have been elusive to us in years past, pleeeeeze share the information, we are always updating the files. That includes any new information about YOU! Well, how does a combined '75,76,77 sound for our twenty-fifth? Let us know. Good-bye for now and God Bless, Vivian Chlarson-Hoffart have a great life! 2


Class of '76, Reunion Committee

Pictured from left:Vivian Chlarson-Hoffart, Marianne Karnegas, Eric Hess, June Arnoldy-Brookins Er Paula Buttacavoli-Tomei (not pictured) Melanie Phillips-Harter C77)


Rini& & 3 nda eDlin-Page

Troy 4 Cindy Calhoun-Miller

Laura Campbell E4. daughter

1( 4r i Carpenter


Tom Infusino



Wen casserty

Kirk 4 Linda CastighauJonger

Gary collier

akaoh Covington-Stevenson


Katie Coyle-Sklenar

Robert 4 Gigi

Lauri raft

MIA Er Janette

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Gepffrey Et Janet Daniej;,

_lames 4 Karen Davis



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Joseph Es Cheryl


Georgia bane

Jeff fbecy

Kirin Darwagsh

Chris Eastwood

Bill Et Stephanie Effstratis

Lori Elliot



Richard Ethington

Ken Er Sherri Fitzgerald-RA:lair

Martin Ef Dori Errirnricn-jansen

Gary Et Kira Fincher

Brad E Rosie 8

Bob Ei Maggie Estrada

Mike 4 Kirnber fitzgeral4

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4 guest

RIR Eir Cathy Foc.n.,m

Gary GilderiLuxe


kinds 6T:sin:Swanson

Allen Fx Debbie Ereriger-Kratz

Bill Fri?* Er pest

Michael fr Barbara Gildersleeve-fairshter Gakn Er Barbara Pottebaum-Gilmore

Dewey 19


Matthew Haile

Audrey H4ma,Ifa-1<oga Er Pam Ready-Rif@

Gene Er Stephanie Hickey

Tina Hopkins

_ vian Chlarson-Hofft Neil Vi


Lori 11ticison-Puerto


Bert Et. Cindy Ithurburn

Cory & Sylvia Johnson lo

Lorraine lohnson

Eric Sandy "lets

Marianne Karnegas

Thomas & Terry Keil

irnerer 6ellinda XL


Marche! Landsrs Burgess

Bill E1 Kathy Kurile

Robcri & Tina Lkyy


Sheryl Hammond-Lawrie Keithfi 12

Diane Lear Andrew tr Judy Lear

Ron E Patty Leiknif-CliernLlerlain

James Eir Lisa Lavine

Bob Maitoery Ei guest

asa Ft Sharon Lee

Karen Licari


k Fara Ready- Riff

Perry Martin

Leonard 4 Regina Marler-Maria

JUT, Et shella Mathews

Mike .5 Deborah Miller

4! David a Maly Mulcahy

Rodger it leri McGinnis-Sprague

Robert Moon

Matt & Estella Misperos Mentink 14

Rosalee Mears Sabado

Holly Mostad-Verhalen

Robert a Magda fsiordahl

Cathy Notestine-Hudson 6r Mice Huff

.Ken & Vicky Page-Mluchuk

Ettore Er Lisa O'Shea-Ram:eau

Tonagget stunt

Koh Pantaleotii Er guest

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"Danny Efr Sarah Powell



Renee Prothero

Gary &I Linda Putman

Ratty Putman-Barlow it 1 om Steven'

Tom Randolph

Tony Er Linda Ruizâ&#x20AC;˘Brunson

Paul Er Facie Radford-Hansen

Corby Ritter Peterson -

Lupe Er Ramona Salazar 16

Aim Er Deborah Rains

Charles Si Bo Roberts



Ec&jndy Judd smith -

Kathy Snodgrass -Caldwell

Ed Eryaula 14gtacavoli


Rob & Tanya vallimont-Patrick


Wendy Wardlow-lellsey & Judy Winfree

Chris vi(Iner-Graben

,EveNu wager-Dodson

Robert Et. Karen Woodward-Atkins

n recd & RekA.ohr3yAt5p ii i-

Sc.:ott & Kathy Wright- Benstock 3 1.4

Sarah Wright- Garrison



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Address update fob *Please mail this form to address below if previous info. changes. Effective Date Yuba city Class of '76 Name Phone Address State Please mail to: Class of '76 PO Box 111 Robbins. Ca. 95676 update-update-update-update-update-update-update-update-opciate-updcrie - apdate-upd

Yuba City Class of '76 Name Address City Please mail to: Class of '76 PO Box 111 Robbins. Ca. 95676

Effective Date Phone State


update-update-update-update update update-update-update-update-update-update-upd

Yuba City Class of '76 Name Address City Please mail to: Class of '76 PO Box 111 Robbins, Ca. 95676

Effective Date Phone State


update-update-update-update update update-update-update-update-update-update-upd

Yuba City Class of '76 Name Address City Please mail to: Class of '76 PO Box 111 Robbins. Ca. 95676 44

Effective Date Phone State

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[YCHS CHOIR MEMORIAL, On May 21st 1996 the YCHS Choir Memorial Committee was formed. On that date, which was the 20th anniversary of the bus accident, the Committee planted a tree in the quad at YCHS. A plaque inscribed "You will always be alive in our hearts", Class of '76, was later mounted beside the tree. The tree was donated and planted by Eric Hess. The Committee was formed Er inspired by a common vision to see a community Memorial built and dedicated in memory of the students who perished that tragic day and in honor of those who survived. Today, fifteen months later, we have completed our design, selected a site, and have begun raising the funds needed to see this project to its completion. We are targeting local business, service clubs and YCHS alumni to assist us in raising those funds, and other sources as well. The purpose of this letter, is to ask you, the Class of '76, to be a part of this long awaited and important project. Volunteers to help with future fund raising events, donations Er prayers are welcomed. We hope that you share our vision, these were Er are special people, and should be forever remembered. If you are interested in helping us make this vision a reality, please write. The address is: Class of '76, PO Box 111, Robbins, Ca. 95676

The Committee Vivian Chlarson-Hoffart Ed Tomei Paula Tomei Bob Estrada Mike Prothero Keith Christie Eric Hess *We have applied for our tax exempt 46

Mike Bohmann Melanie Harter Jan Roberts Torn Randolph jay Borderkircher Xon Burris status

Last Name First Name Address it Zip State Phone # Amount of Donation ********************.*********************************** 4,

First Name Address Zip State Phone Amount of Donation

Last Name Cit y



First Name Last Name Address City Zi I State Phone .# Amount of Donation ******************************************************* '.

First Name Last Name Address Cit State ZP Phone # Amount of Donation $ *******************************************************

YCHS Choir Memorial Fund is a non-profit organization. 47


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1976 Yuba City High School 20th Reunion Album.