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I'm pleased to say I successfully read a book this week. Haha. This week I read "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis. What a find I have to say. I got a lot of perspective out of this book. "The Screwtape Letters" is a collection of letters from "Screwtape" to his nephew "Wormwood" who are both tempters. Screwtape gives advice to Wormwood on how to undermine faith and Christianity as well as promote sin to "the patient" who is most likely a British man that Wormwood has given the task of tempting. It was a very interesting look at the everyday life of humans and how little things can wiggle in and keep us from the Lord. I found it intriguing how Lewish portrayed these characters and how he seemed to take the everyday living of this patient and show the parts in which we all sometimes fail at, and explaining how the enemy can attack us. I found it hard to follow at some points because you don't really get the whole story since we only read Screwtape's letters to Wormwood. And we also do not get the perspective or much insight into the patient. However, I did find it quite thought provoking and definitely recommend reading it. Â

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