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So can I just say that I am really enjoying these blogging assignments because they really force me to buckle down and make time to read, so I have something to report back each Sunday night. This week I read, "CROSSED" by Ally Condie. Unfortunately, this is not the first book in this series. I'm actually not sure if this is a series, but after the end of this book I'm sure Condie could continue writing more. The first book is entitled "MATCHED" And it takes place in the future. It talks about America briefly, but only to say that it does not really exist anymore. It's about a society where the younger generations are matched to their significant others by The Society. And without giving to much away, the main character Cassia is matched to her best friend Xander. However, when she goes to read her microcard about him, another face appears. And she knows that face as well. Now "CROSSED" is about her pursuit in finding that guy once they've both been taken from that society. I'm trying really hard to tell you about "CROSSED" without giving everything away about "MATCHED". But all I have to say is that "CROSSED" is a great book that I could not put down and spent a lot of time crying while reading. Which I'm not sure how to justify it, because I'm not a big cryer, but lately everything has just been tearing at my heartstrings. But regardless, I do recommend both books as well. And I really pray that Condie comes out with another! haha. Â

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